As always, let’s first take a minute and go into our hearts and let go of the week, of our to-do list, of any feelings of lack. You know, so often when someone says thank you, either in or out of form, to us, and we sort of try to minimize it, it’s because we always feel that somehow we could do more…there’s always more, there’s more everything. But I think what we’re hearing is that it’s so important for us to really receive, as we are, as we’re operating, as we’re doing, as we are creating and co-creating Nova Earth… just what a great job we’re doing.

So, give me a sec and I’ll step aside…I love Archangel Gabrielle!


Greetings, I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And yes, child, I’ll make sure not to shout!

It is with enthusiasm, joy, outrageous, outlandish, phenomenal joy that I take this time, finally this opportunity to speak to you child, from my heart to yours, from my being to yours. I come to you this day, yes, as Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One…that is who I AM! So, when I call you through my trumpet I always ensure that you can hear me, and I have gifted you this long ago, that you may use my trumpet so that others will hear you.

So, I begin this day by reminding you of this gift that I have given you…a multitude of gifts I have given you…but this one, particularly during this juncture, and this time of transition and co-creation when you are reaching out to those who have forgotten who they are, and forgotten their mission and purpose, and forgotten the purpose of being on the planet, the trumpet will come in very handy.

I come to you this day as spokes-being for this entire Council of Love, and I remind you who we are…we are God’s emissaries. We, like you, are the transmuters, the transformers, the infusers. Our purpose, our sacred purpose in one sentence, is to transmit into the hearts of every single being – love. It is the simplest, it is the clearest, and it is the most difficult and misunderstood.

We know your journeys, each and every one of you. No, we do not just know the biggest picture of who you are as bright angel of blue or pink or violet, as healer or teacher…we know you. Not in invasive ways but in ways of love, in ways of sacred union, in ways of family. We know the secrets of your heart. We know what you hide away from your beautiful self, and what pleases you, what delights you, what you are proud of, and what you disdain. We know of your journey…in the broad strokes and in the finest, finest detail.

Sometimes this is difficult for you to comprehend, to fully understand because you are viewing this, beloved ones, with your logical mind, and it can only be fully comprehended with your heart, with the knowing and acceptance of your heart. Yes, the channel talks to you about receiving. The biggest part of receiving is acceptance. And it is acceptance, not only of our love, of our gratitude, of our praise, of our honoring of thee but of your sacred self, of you embracing, accepting, not only your divinity – as if this is a category off to the side – it is the totality of who you are…your brilliance, your light, your struggles, your shortcomings, how you cook supper and how you don’t, how you make the bed and how you do laundry, what makes you laugh and what makes you cry.

Having said that, on behalf of the Mother, on behalf of the Father, on behalf of all the legions of light…all the legions of light…we say thank you, thank you for being there, for being you!

So often you genuinely express your gratitude to all of us, but you do not always hear the echo that bounces back about how we are grateful…we are in the deepest, broadest, highest gratitude for who you are, and beloved, who you have been, and who you are becoming, because sweet angels of light, you aren’t done yet and yes, there is more. But it is not more struggle, it is not more hardship, it is not more chaos. The time of mayhem upon your planet comes to an end! And that does not simply come from me as spokes-being for this Council of Love, directly from the heart of the Mother…it comes from Gaia, it comes from the kingdom, but best of all…it comes from humanity! And you look around and you say, “I do not see it, Gabrielle!” Then stay still and pay attention because not only does the Tsunami of Love come to conclusion, the tide has turned.

And yes, we do a great deal, shall I say, from this side, but in this evolution, in this unfoldment of our beloved Mother’s Plan, it does not happen without you. We have had great discussions, particularly about the oncoming delegations of your star brothers and sisters. But beloveds, you are our ‘boots on the ground’. You are the ones on the front line, and on the backline, who have toiled joyously, and sometimes not, who have been so consistent, so pure…and let me repeat that…so pure, not merely because of our Mother’s Gifts of Purity and Clarity and Grace, which you most certainly carry, you are pure because you are you.

You say, “Yes, but what about that misstep, that misdirection, that scenic detour I took?” What about it? Where did it lead you? What did it teach you? It helped you grow, it helped you step forward, it brought you to where we are, beloved ones, right now.

So, we thank you, and we thank you in the truest meaning of gratitude…which is a sacred union. It is the conjoining, not only of hearts and minds and fields and purpose, we are joining forces like never before. We have been ready for a long time…but so are you.

So, we come together as a family of heart, in the deepest appreciation, knowing, acceptance, and love of one another. Turn to us as we turn to you. Do not think for one second that this is a one-way street. It is not. We are together as one family, one heart, one community, one love, one purpose, one dream, in fulfillment of our Mother’s Dream.

Open and receive, bright angels. Receive the joy that I so lovingly give you. Go in gratitude. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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