By Linda Dillon

One of the things that was suggested on the Forum is that as we mix our Saturday calls up, our new Heart Call, that perhaps sometimes we can start with a healing meditation and sending each other some healing meditation. So, we’re going to begin. I’ve been guided to read and to join with you to do the LaHoChi prayer. So, we’re going to begin with that and then just stay quiet for a couple of minutes or so as we both send and receive. Remember this is for us. So, make sure your heart is wide open and you’re ready to receive.

So, close your eyes, drop into your heart, and let go of the day, of the week, of whatever is on your to-do list. In fact, I strongly – in fact, Jesus strongly recommends – that you let go of anything and everything that you may be thinking of – what you need to let go of, what you’re excited about, what you might be looking forward to. So, just go down, sink down like that pebble into the sweet pond. The pond of your soul, of your existence, and we’ll begin with the 13th Octave LaHoChi Invocation and Prayer.

LaHoChi Prayer and Invocation:

Divine Source, Mother/Father/God, we call forth ourselves into the light. We call forth the clearing. We call forth the illuminated radiant force of our souls to the Light of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to guide, direct and take us into the spiritual heart of God. And to bring forth joy, peace, and love within ourselves individually and collectively. We call forth the cooperative spirit of unity, the light, the love, and the wisdom of the LaHoChi, the LaHoChi Master, the Council of Love, the angels and archangels of pure consciousness, and all beings of the light of the highest to assist us individually and collectively.

We call forth the healing and that which is our next step in spiritual growth for our highest good. We give thanks to the Holy Spirit for our transmutation and transformation to the Divine Light.
We give thanks for perfect alignment within our spirit, our soul, and personality. We come together in one unifying energy, as one circle, one heart. As one heart, one mind, one will, and one light. Amen, amen, and amen. Now open, send and receive.

And together we give thanks for all the gifts we do receive each and every day in all kinds of forms and ways. Sometimes we know it and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we remember and sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t matter. We give thanks.

Let’s just do another little meditation.


Go into your heart; go into your beautiful tri-flame. Let’s all go together to the 13th Octave and let’s stay there. Put yourself in Gabrielle’s torpedo. Click…click…click…

And let’s take a nice deep breath of our perfect, luminous, gorgeous Pink Diamond, regardless of what ray we travel on. Our Pink Diamond Flame is the essence of who we are – always surrounded, spiraled, with the Mother’s Blue Diamond and the Father’s Gold Diamond. And while you are sitting in the heart of the Mother, feel those two essences holding you and caressing you and loving you. Inside that Pink Diamond Flame are a million gazillion sparkles of silver and white light luminesa. Feel those sparkles. It’s like you have your own team of Healers of Tralana within you. So, feel it. Reclaim it. Reclaim your Pink Diamond. Love it up.


Greetings, I AM Melchizedek. Welcome, my beloved friends. Yes, of every ray, every color, every denomination here and elsewhere. And know that I see within thee the purity, the brilliance, the beauty, the grace of your Pink Diamond self. You are luminous.

I come this day for two reasons but to speak to you, my beloveds, my friends, my allies, of your divine authority, of your divine knowing, and might I suggest, your divine right. For in all of this as king, as ruler, as priest, as master, as prophet, you may call me M. Do not forget, overlook, or place to the side your divine right to live, to believe, to breathe, to flourish, to blossom as this channel says, to become the expanse of who you truly are.

The difficulty with definition, the challenge with what humans have put into definition, is not only restriction, think of it in this way – it is binding, it is shackling, it is limiting. And if you begin to limit your definitions, to limit your external world, to limit how things are defined, then what you are doing, my beloveds, is limiting yourself, your potential, your grandeur, your right to be.

And part of that right to be, my sweet priests of long ago and right now, is your divine authority. It comes from your divine right to exist. And in that assumption of your right and of your authority, as you assume, not just the tee shirt or the mantle, but as you anchor within your knowing, in this you are aligning, beloved, not only with yourself, you are aligning with truth, you are aligning with Source, you are aligning with One, you are aligning with Mother/Father/God. And, you are giving yourself the permission, the authority, to speak on behalf of, to act on behalf of, not because of misaligned beliefs about yourself but because you know the truth of love.

The Mother has repeatedly, repeatedly said, “Is what you do, what you say, what you speak, what you feel, of love?” I have said this to you as priests many, many, many times. If it is not, turn away. If you do not know, turn away. If you are in the slightest bit uncertain, turn away. No, I am not suggesting you turn away from the assumption of your divine authority, but I am suggesting that you come back to me, and you sit with me, and let me, with the keys, remind you. I will not say re-educate, I will not say re-induct, because you have been part of this for far too long.

But I will remind you. I will remind you, not only of our promise to the Mother, I will remind you of who you are and your divine right to yourself. To be the amazing, utter, complete, anchored, present, physical angel-hybrid that you are. So yes, I step forward yet again because I wish to walk with you. Yes, our beloved priest, Yeshua, takes one side but I would be honored to take the other.

Please call me. Farewell