A COL Community member suggested that on this Heart Call we join together in a group meditation to lift each other up, to encourage, to love, and be unified into the heart of One, to continue together refreshed and joyful and thankful.


So, let’s begin by going into our hearts. So, close your eyes and go into your heart, and let go of the day, the week, all your worries and woes and excitements, your to-do list. Go into the base of your heart, to the seat of your soul, to your beautiful tri-flame. And feel your beautiful Pink Diamond self. See and feel that radiant being, that incredible, incredible angel that somehow has managed to take this human form. And feel that Pink Diamond Flame, that beautiful pink rose, surrounded and loved, spiraled by the Mother’s Blue Diamond self, by her essence. And the Father’s Gold Diamond self, by the Divine Masculine.

Sink further so we can go higher. And feel your intention today as we go together as one circle to the 13th Octave, to that place of sublime, divine union that you will allow and open to be the transmitter if that Divine Source energy, that you will come and put your hands on our shoulders and give us the blessing of One.


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