Nova Earth, where peace reigns and love is not a strange expression but the new normal.              

 Mother of Gaia, Planet of Infinite Love

Divine Mother Mary

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love


I am guided to have our meditation start with all of us going to the 13th Octave. So, put your fingers together in the bridge, bring it down to your heart…sink into your heart. Let go of the day, the week, whatever, and feel your tri-flame, feel your beautiful Pink Diamond self. Feel it come all the way up through the crown of your head, and feel the energy of the Blue Diamond of the Mother circling around you, embracing you, and the Gold Diamond of the Father circling you, spiraling, enfolding you.

Now, one of the things we are always free to do when we go to the 13th Octave is to bring whomever we please to this heart of God, to the heart of Mother/Father/One. So, today, together in our mighty community, let’s bring the entire planet, every person, every tree, every blade of grass, let’s go…click…and see yourself in your temple greeted by your circle of guides and guardians, masters, and angels. Click. Feel yourself enfolded in Archangel Gabrielle’s wings, going up that beautiful golden spiral to the foot of the throne, as she unfurls her wings and passes you to the Mother or the Father, along with the planet that you’re holding. And feel yourself entering, being placed, lovingly, into the heart of the Mother…click…into the heart of the Father. Spiral deeper.

Now, stay there with me…feel that love…spiral deeper…feel the connection and the union. Staying put and going down your red cord, feel yourself slide down as if you’re some kind of fireman, right down to the heart of Gaia, and anchor with her. Click. Our purpose is to be on planet, in form, carrying the energy and the love of One.

Now, bring up, from below and from above, bring this energy and feel yourself present in your body, fully and completely anchoring this…click…

We are transforming this planet, regardless of the specifics of what your, or my, individual mission and purpose is! Our mission…together…is creating Nova Earth. As the Mother’s been talking to me all morning, it isn’t just an earth or a planet for humans, but for everybody. When I prepared during the week, thinking about today, I felt that Gaia was going to come forth…but that’s kind of the fun of the conference calls because I was wrong, and I will step aside for the Mother…


Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, Mother of one, Mother of all, Mother of promise, Mother of fulfillment, Divine Mother, and yes, Mother of Gaia, for, beloved ones, I am not simply your Mother, I AM Mother of all. And, of course, sweet angels of light, brave hearts, ascended angels, human wonders, vehicles and vessels of love, I AM your Mother…now, before, and forever. But, I am also Mother of all.

Can you imagine, just for a moment, when this beloved Archangel Gaia came to me…for even in my knowing, I awaited her choice and her decision, just as I await your choices and your decisions…and she came to me and said, “Mother, I know that you are birthing and creating a planet of infinite love for the experience and the expression, the tangibility of love. And, I wish to participate, I wish to participate in this creation.” And, of course, I have said yes, in exalted glee, for this mighty archangel was saying to me, ‘I will change my form, a form of incredible might, of power and wisdom, and most certainly of flexibility.’

Yes, look in the mirror, beloved ones…and she has said, “I will do this!” And I have said to her, “Alright, thank you, but you will be a mighty archangel still, full of beauty and diversity and power and might, carrying the innate wisdom, not only of your sacred self but of me.”

And so, we have created this phenomenal planet throughout the multiverse and the omniverse, the galaxies. Why do you think that this planet Earth, Gaia, is so attractive to so many? It is because of the beauty, the diversity, the love. From the tiniest grain of sand, to a molecule of water, to a breath of fresh air, to a distant horizon, this planet and all the kingdoms upon her have been created to have the expression and the experience of love. Whether it is that blade of grass the channel speaks of, or the mightiest mountains, the antelope, or the snake, or the eagle, the gentlest flower, and the strongest tree…they are all here to experience love. And beloved ones, that is what you’re creating with your Cities of Light…you are anchoring the love, not in some distant future but in the immediacy of your now…which also happens to be my now.

So often you have said to me, “Mother, when?” And I say to thee, “Right now!” Repeatedly we have said to thee ‘this is not a hierarchy’…every kingdom, every being upon this planet – oh yes, and far beyond – is not only entitled to love, they are love. Now, has there been recalcitrants, and departure, and abomination? To even suggest that my sweet Gaia has been always been treated tenderly would be a gross misstatement…it would be a lie! And she has endured, the kingdoms have endured, the fairies were almost obliterated, and yet they have endured.

I did not say this to make you feel less than. I am saying that in your endurance, in your commitment, in your persistence, in your consistency, in your forbearance, you have also endured. But sweet angels of light, you have also flourished, you have grown, you have and you are ascending. You have chosen to anchor the love and you have chosen to anchor the love by being the love, by accepting and acknowledging who you are…not who you are becoming, not who you want to be, but who you are, who you have always been. Even before you came to me and you said, “Mother, I understand you are creating Nova Earth, that there will be a resurrection and a re-anchoring and I wish to participate.”

And here you are! But even before that, you have always been the love, you have always been the love of my heart, infinitely precious to me. I am with you. I am with you in this creation; I am with you in this community; I am with you as your star family begins to appear directly in front of you, not under disguise.

You have accepted your divine authority. The new form of leadership, bright angels of light, is not to be dictatorial or abuse authority, it is to gather in community, in a sharing of your talents and abilities with all. And, you do so, not only in my name but in yours.

I am proud of you. I embrace you. I support you. Do not hesitate to turn to me…that is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength, and it is a sign of family. We are one…we always have been and we always will be…long after this re-anchoring, this co-creation of Nova Earth, where peace reigns, and love is not a strange expression but the new normal. Join with me, invite me, invite all of us to walk with you…in and out of form we are in attendance beloved.

Go with my love and go, not only in peace but in co-creation, in joy, in excitement, in experimentation, in discovery, and the unity of One. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon