A couple of sweet gem excerpts shared by Steve from his reading with Linda and Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael: Expectations, Climate Change & Disclosure

Expectations are often viewed by various people … in a negative way. But very often expectations are merely an indicator, as you well know, of what you truly within the deepest core of your being desire.

So you are projecting it out because the yearning is almost like a compulsion, and the yearning is so strong that you are broadcasting it to your beloved – and really to many, many upon the planet – that this is a “worthy” (your word) “legitimate” expectation.

What the expectations do, sweet one, is simply inform you of what you are wanting and, in many cases, both in you and for many human beings, it is an indication, an expectation of what you are refusing to give yourself.

*  *  *

Steve: The advent of a worldwide temperate climate… Some sources say a second sun will arise; some say it will be Jupiter that will become the second sun. Is there truth to the rumours of a second sun?

AAM: No. There will be no second sun. Your sun is well intact for a very long time, and there is no need or requirement and it would not be beneficial for Earth to have a second sun.

S: How will the worldwide climate be made temperate if there isn’t a second sun?

AAM: There are many adjustments that can be made climatically with Star technology, with what we would call Earth engineering, with subtle adjustments to the energy frequencies of the level of vibration on your planet. That will be one of the strongest indicators, in fact, of a temperate climate – and the shifting, the minuscule shifting, that has already been underway in your polar axes.

S: Shifting … so not a total shifting, but a little shift?

AAM: Correct.

S: And so this will await disclosure, right?

AAM: Yes, disclosure, which is very close at hand.

S: Okay, I probably should get going on producing literature on disclosure.

AAM: Yes, you should.