…they carry the love, they carry the balance, and they teach how to live in harmony with oneself, with one’s companions… But it is especially true of the animals that accompany upon the journey of life, because what they hold is the unconditional love, is the essence of that balance of give and receive.

At the behest of St. Francis, Elaine shares this beautiful chanelled gem from her personal reading with Linda.

St. Francis: Greetings, I am Francis, Francis of Assisi, but you may call me Frank, for I am old friend and new friend and constant companion!

And yes, beloved friend, it is true that there is much work that has need to be done with the collective and with the healing of that collective, for you know that. For much of what you do, and what you have done throughout this entire life, has been the clearing, the healing, the clarifying of grief, of sorrow, of lack, of limitation for humanity, and to expand them into the knowingness not only of their being but of their potential.

One of the greatest gifts to humanity from the Mother and from the Father is the gift of animals. I do not merely mean what many will think of as ‘domesticated’ animals, but all animals, for they carry the love, they carry the balance, and they teach how to live in harmony with oneself, with one’s companions, how to establish workable boundaries, how to breathe and eat and feed, and lie in the sun, and hibernate. But it is especially true of the animals that accompany upon the journey of life, because what they hold is the unconditional love, is the essence of that balance of give and receive.

And so this sweet one, yes, your T, but we – and she, more importantly – embrace the name of Emma and the gentleness of Emma to remind her that her essential soul is one of grace, of peace, of compassion, and of balance. This one, much like your beloved BR, has beckoned to you across the miles, across the air, across the environment to come and conjoin, not only for the overlighting of M, but in the bringing forth and the fruition of her own sweet self, for the sweetness of this being is, and will be, extraordinarily nourishing to your heart.

And her ability to nourish your heart and for you to nourish hers is a mutuality gift. When you do so, yes, of course, you are creating family, but what you are also doing is building, and constructing, and reinforcing, and supporting the bridge between the kingdoms. And the three of you – yes, the small horse, the big horse, and your dragon self – are forming a triad, and it is part of the portal, and it is part of you, and it is part of them, and it is part of the gift both to you, and through you, and from you to this collective that we call humans and Gaians.

Far too often, what has occurred with humanity is that they have lost trust, and they have lost trust in their own ability to both give and to receive love. It is an extraordinarily sad state of affairs that any person does not trust themselves to love or to receive love, that they anticipate being hurt or betrayed, ignored or overlooked, undervalued.

In this transition of what it means to literally be a human, humans are learning again to trust and to have hope. This is the gift of the Mother. But there is a very practical implementation piece, and part of that implementation is with the animals because, so often, humans will allow themselves to trust, and to be loved, and to extend the fullness of their heart and their being to an animal, and particularly to a dog. So it opens them to the grander experience. It begins to teach them, to remind them, to renew them of what is truly possible.

And when you think of it, beloved, the equines – yes, even the most secluded, excluded thoroughbred racehorse to the wild ponies – in many ways, the horses are also the intermediaries between what you think of as the ‘wild’ and the ‘domesticated’. They are the totems, they are the messengers, they are the carriers of the energies between those realms. And what they are also doing, they are also teaching the elementals – what people have thought of as the ‘unseen’, who very clearly inhabit the planet – to also trust humans again.

So there is an enormous not only undertaking but transition between the kingdoms that is taking place. And sweet angel of light, you are contributing magnificently!

Now you also know that this does not eliminate the very important portal that sits on your property, and that you are guardian and trustee of, and yet, this is again another species – it is your brothers and sisters of the stars.

So what you are doing in no small way is acting as an emissary, as an ambassador, as a helper, as an assistant, as a go-between, as a bridge between many, because all are intended in the Mother’s Plan and in the immediacy of that unfoldment, of this part of the Plan, to share this beautiful planet, to live in love, to live in joy.

So often, when people think about me, they think that I left civilisation behind, that I somehow dismissed or wished to exit from civilisation. That is not the truth. What I did as Francis – and what you do, my beloved friend, in a current, modern way – I left behind the avaricious society to truly find not only community but myself. I could not be in harmony with anybody, including my beloved family, until I became in harmony with my sacred self.

When I went to the countryside, it was the animal kingdom – and it was also the elementals, particularly the fairies – that taught me what the harmony was about. And in seeing that balance, the give and take, and witnessing that sometimes there was discord and violence, but not for its own sake, I came to understand how to live in harmony first with my community of the animals, of the four-leggeds, and the winged-ones.

This is what humanity is re-learning. It is the balance. And what that teaches them is how to love themselves – and that is the quintessential balance that all beings require, regardless of what kingdom or species they emanate from.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.