Open your heart to the experience of the Divine Mother, not only talking to this group but talking to you, and touching your heart, and hearing your heart, listening to your soul and our very human self.


Greetings, I AM Mother. Mother of Love, Mother of One, Mother of change, and Mother of all, of infinity and eternity and the vastness of One. I invite you, sweet ascended angels, children, partners, inhabitants of Gaia… beloved daughter, Archangel Gaia. Do you know of my love for Gaia and how she has answered my call…for one of my archangels to assume a different form, a planetary form, to be the place of love?

And then, do you know, in this time of restoration of love, how I have chosen the brightest, the truest, the kindest, the gentlest, the most loving, the most capable to come, not to rule but certainly to reign and to show, in human form, to this collective, what love means? Yes beloved, you have volunteered, and yes, some of you have stood in line waving and shouting and saying ‘choose me, choose me’…and I have.

I have not selected you, and you have not self-selected, in order to fail. This human concept of failure…let me be quite clear beloveds…I do not fail! As Yeshua has told you, “Failure is not an option. It is not part of love!”

So, are you working, are you clearing, are you eliminating this human dross belief that failure is a potential, that it is a given, a human reality? Well, it may have been a human reality of the old distant third (dimension), of the old paradigms and the old grids, but sweet angels of light, it is not a potential for you now.

I have beckoned you to assist you with what you have termed your ascension, and I have named it, and you have thought of ascending…and you are. I have come, and I come this day, to ignite the knowing of your ascended self deep within, beyond question.

Does that mean that the chaos of the human existence, of the collective, immediately dissipates and disappears? No. What it does mean is you have the power, the might, the gentleness, the knowing, not merely to maneuver, not merely to remove yourself, but to truly be the wayshower, the portal, the pathfinder, the guide for humanity to find their way back. And it does not matter whether they call it Shakti or Shekhinah, or Quan Yin, or anything. What matters is they find their way back to the essence of love and the essence of creation!

You think of this class of Core Issues has been true house cleaning of your sacred house. And you have gone into corners that, perhaps, you have not visited, forget years, ever…for you have been cleansing, and I, and we, have been working with thee, not only to cleanse current reality but all time, all dimensions, backwards and forwards, so that you may proceed, not only in your divine authority, not only with your indwelling spirit, but with the joy of who you are, with the bliss of what you came to share, what you came to reawaken and reignite.

Why do we start or call it Core Issues? It is to remove the dross and to reveal the core, your beautiful core, which is only of purity, only of grace, only of love. Yes, each of you carry many divine qualities and traits, and you have your preferences, and that is the diversity of My Plan and your plan. Beloved, can you imagine eating the same breakfast for your entire life and the spectrum of all your lifetimes? It would be extraordinarily boring. You are many things, each and every one of you…but sweet angels, you are not boring! You are diverse and complex, brilliant, and you have brought that brilliance, all of your talents, all of your abilities, the truth of who you are, you have brought to this lifetime, to this time of rebirth. You do not proceed in a vacuum and you most certainly do not proceed alone.

When you have begun this class…it is a funny word…I have stepped forth and I have said and reassured you that I would be with you, practically and sublimely, every step of the way. I do not renege on my promises or commitments…ever! This is important for you to remember. Are there sometimes interruptions caused by human detail? Yes…I do not override free will, but we most certainly infuse maneuver and bypass. There are many alternate pathways and there is only one destination! And that destination is to come back and to create with me, to anchor the love, not merely esoterically, in hidden corners praying silently, but to truly have every expression of love…not only for the planet, for Gaia to say ‘finally’, but for you, for you my beloved child.

I want you to know the laughter, the outrageous joy, the quietest sense of peace, and the celebration of victory. I want you to know, not only abundance given to thee but your unlimited potential to create abundance in every meaning of that word…for yourself and for many.

You are in the final wave of my Tsunami of Love. It comes to completion…My Love never comes to completion…but this phase does. We, you and we, begin a new chapter of existence, and I welcome you to it.

Fear not! Let go of the fear, of the doubt. Can you see it, not as monsters but as silliness? Can you see that fear is unfounded and a distraction? Can you accept, not My Divinity, but yours? Because that is what I am asking of thee…to surrender to who you are. No, not lying on a feather bed but dancing in the streets, declaring the victory.

Go with my love…always, infinite, eternal. I am with you, we all are. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon