this part of my Plan, the ascension of humanity as One – but certainly led, guided not only by us, by Michael and Gabrielle and Uriel, but by you, by those who hold the love – is underway. There are no more delays.

At the behest of the Divine Mother, Bright Star shares this inspiring channelled gem from his reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All and Mother of You. And I step forth first and foremost and first, sweet one, sweet [Bright Star], to embrace you, to hold you, to nurture you, to reassure you not only of my love, for that is known and a given.

I come to reassure you and many, by the way, of the fulfilment of my Plan.

Yes, it is so that I work infinitely and eternally in what you think of as the grand Ocean of Time. But sweet one, even within that ocean, even within the gentlest and the strongest currents, the changing of the tides, the changing of the seasons, there is a time of fulfilment.

Think of it, my beloved, in this way. All – and when I say “All”, I mean All – is in the infinite process of becoming. You, sweet angel of blue, my son, are also in the infinite process of becoming. But within that process, there are certain happenings, events, undertakings, fulfilments that have need to occur so that the next step, the next phase, can begin.

You do not build this skyscraper upon sand. You secure the footings, you secure the foundations, and then you build. But you do not merely hold the vision of a City of Light, and skyscrapers of silver and gold and crystalline, and never begin because that is not the fulfilment of the entire purpose of Gaia, of why she has a form, why she has – in service to me – assumed this form.

A planet of beauty, of infinite diversity, a planet of love, and what has happened? This has been a planet of war. It is not Mars. It is Gaia. It is Earth that has been transformed into a warring planet for far too long.

There are times and situations, not with me overriding the human free will, but let me put it this way: my influence and my energy, my love, my presence, can be extraordinarily strong.

And so, what is occurring during this time of ascension – and we use that term generically because it means so much more – what is occurring and what you are feeling (and feeling correctly, by the way) is that I am exerting my loving, nurturing, strong and powerful influence over the human race, over the human collective, so that this process of ascension, of coming to the next phase of the unfoldment, happens – and not that it happens in some distant way, in some distant galaxy, in some distant eon.

What you have been feeling, my beloved son, in the sense of urgency – and might I say, in the sense of excitement – is that the tide has turned, and while some do not fully acknowledge or recognize it as yet, it matters not. The tide has turned, and there is an unconscious and subconscious and conscious choice being led by beings such as yourself to proceed with love.

Now what does that look like? You are a commander, you are an emissary, you are an ambassador, and that is why you have come to this life, in this form, at this time, as [Bright Star]. Because it is time for the Planet of Love to emerge, and in so doing, to take your place amongst the intergalactics and galactics.

In the past – and we mean this literally – there has been such fear of your Star Family that they have kept their shields up and stayed at arm’s length. Also, they do not fully wish to engage in a warring planet because they come in peace.

It is inconceivable to them because political structures, shall we say nation-based, financially-based interests on the planet, have been so entrenched in control and greed and the usurping of authority. The delegations do not come to interact with powermongers. They come to engage with you – and through you, by the way – with emissaries that understand the importance of neutrality.

So often, humans have seen neutrality as very boring, as very ho-hum. But in fact, to hold neutrality is to be anchored in love, to be anchored in grand discernment, beyond judgment; to be able to act, quite literally, in form as the balancer; to reassure those who have fears and issues and uncertainties, whether it is about their Star Family or about their own capacity to evolve; and to maintain neutrality for those who come so that you are not seen as in greater favour of one or the other.

You are a rainbow bridge, but more importantly, sweet one, you are my bridge. This is not some distant dream. And that is the only reason why we have begun in earnest… after dropping hints for years… that we begin to truly speak to you of this undertaking so that you are prepared. It is not about a denial of what you think of as your everyday life, but it most certainly is an enrichment.

You have asked your heart question to me. Is there a delay in the working of the Plan? Are they so far out as to be not seen?

And what I say to you is this part of my Plan, the ascension of humanity as One – but certainly led, guided not only by us, by Michael and Gabrielle and Uriel, but by you, by those who hold the love – is underway. There are no more delays.

Now where do you wish to begin this day?

Bright Star: Thank you so much, dear Mother, and welcome to our session. It is a great honour that you speak to me. I just wanted to ask you. You and Mi-ka-el told me that this year is the year of my breakthrough on all fronts, expansion on every front, stepping forward in full Divine Authority, leaving the 3rd and jumping into the 7th dimension.

To put it in a nutshell, is this my ascension or what is it, please?

DM: It is your ascension, beloved one. It is the completion, it is the resolution of your heart’s desires, but it is also the completion of this phase of your existence. And when I say it is the completion of this phase of your existence, I do not mean that you are in departure mode.

Quite the contrary, for the plan is for you to continue on and to be able to be like a pillar holding this energy of the seventh-dimensional reality, the Christ Consciousness, and the dimension of love. This is/these are the foundations of Nova Earth and Nova Being, so yes.

You know when you go to the ocean or the river or the lake, there is always one person that has to jump in first and there is always this worry, “How cold is the water?” Well, you are jumping in, but do not worry. It is my Infinite Ocean of Blue and the water is lovely.

So, yes, this is your breakthrough. Now in that, beloved one, there are times when you will feel like you are literally in the grinder or in the mixing bowl, there is so much swirling around. When you are feeling that, drop down like the pebble into the pond, into the lake, and go to the centre of your heart. Go to the centre of your foundation, the seat of your soul, and allow the currents of change, the tides, to swirl around you – but remain as if you have dropped anchor, not only into Gaia, but into my heart as well.

Because this is, and it is, from that point of stillness that you are literally catapulting forward. It is not that you have to go through a cleansing, an emotional upheaval, having your life fall apart and seeing that everything is in shambles. Quite the contrary.

What you are doing is you are demonstrating, you are role-modelling, you are teaching, and you are leading and showing. Yes, of course, this is a walk of trust and faith, but it is not a walk of chaos. It is a walk of beauty. It is a walk of love. And in the stillness, think of it as if you are walking right through the centre of a cyclone, the centre of a hurricane, the centre of a tornado, and it doesn’t touch you.

BS: That is what my heart is telling me: that this year is very special to me. That was the reason why I was so keen to have this conversation very, very soon with you again.

Michael has told me, Gwen has told me, that the process would take about 10 minutes. It’s just a process, the snap moment of ascension. What happens in those 10 minutes?

DM: In those 10 minutes, you feel as if there has been full ignition. The sense of what you were thinking about or feeling about, what you sense to be true or what you sense not to be true, is all stripped away and you are staring or feeling that the light bulb has been turned on – and it is the light bulb of your infinite self.

It is the deep recognition of who you are, and it is the full anchoring in your heart of the love, so that regardless of what is occurring externally – in the middle of, say, that tornado – it matters not. That you can look at it, observe it, not judge it, simply saying, “Well, the winds are moving this way so I will shift, and I will stay so centred and so grounded, so anchored in the Mother’s Love, that I am invincible.”

Because it is not from a place of ego invincibility. It is from a place of knowing. It is in the place of knowing that you have kept your promise not only to me, to the Father, to the One, but to yourself.

It is in that anchoring not merely of what you think of as your aspects or your higher self or your angelic self or your archangelic self… the 10 minutes is the merger and the anchoring. That is what happens.

BS: It is like a grand party, full of joy, isn’t it?

DM: Yes, it is!

BS: So I’ll be in the 7th dimension. Does that mean that I am finally able to see my guardian angel, you, and my angels, and communicate? Does it mean that I’ll be fully awake, fully aware, and have all my abilities with no restrictions?

DM: Now, first of all, you have always had all your abilities, but you did not know it. So what it is changing is the awareness of it. So are you asking will you become fully aware?

Now think of it in this way. If you have, once upon a time, been a tennis champion and you didn’t play for 20 years and then you went to pick up your racket, you may have a couple of sessions where you feel like, “Oh, my muscles are aching,” and “I’m getting back into shape.”

So will it be immediate insofar as the full array of clarity? It will depend on what your capacities are and, dear heart, yours are many, particularly in the anchoring of truth and peace, and communication of course.

So yes, it will all be on line. Now will you pick and choose which ones you are brushing off and bringing to ‘full Monty’? Yes, you will.

BS: So then, if my understanding of your words at the beginning is correct, you will not postpone my ascension?

DM: Your ascension is not being postponed. You have had your initial heart opening. You have been doing your work. You have been looking at the chaos and understanding, not engaging with the chaos, with anger, fear and outrage but simply observing, understanding that this has been part of the human tragedy but not fully engaged in it. So yes, you are ready, sweet one.

BS: Mother, now I understand what Michael told me when he said to me, “You are part template. I need you to be the light.” Now I understand. There are the forerunners that go and show the rest how it is. Now it makes it all clear.

DM: And you are ready, and you are loved. So what your mantra is, sweet one, what your prayer, what your words are is Yes! Yes! and Yes!

BS: Isn’t it the best mantra that one can have?

DM: There is one better and it is Love, Love, Love.

BS: Of course! Thank you, Mother. It’s the first time all the questions on my plate have been answered. I have no more questions. Is there anything you want to tell me?

DM: Yes, because I AM your Mother. And yes, what do we speak of this day – ascension, graduation, the coming to Earth of new paradigms, new species, new wonders, new help, new science, new technology, new love… a renewal of the Plan.

And all that is glorious and magnificent, but I would be remiss as your mother if I did not look at you and look in your heart and your eyes and tell you, my beloved son, how proud I am of you! You have endured and you have had your moments of doubt, of pain, of shame, of longing and you have continued on.

You have not descended into the quagmire of human sorrow and grief, into the false beliefs. You have allowed not only my light, our light, but your own inner light, your own essence which is supreme – you have allowed it to guide you, to sustain you.

There was no mistake in your being here at this time and in your choice, your decision, to be part of the template. There are those, through the disillusion, who turned away, sadly, and said, “No, Mother, I can’t do it. I give up.” You have never done that and for this, my beloved son, I thank you and I give you my love and I give you my heart promise – you are on your way!

Go with my love, farewell.