Let us sweep away all that you perceive as mistakes you’ve made in the past. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am the Divine Mother. I come to you today in all my glory, in all my love, in all my Blue sparkling Diamond…and that diamond is you, beloved. Oh, you sometimes question, why would I have any interest in you? You are my beloveds. You are the children of my heart. You are the ones that bring my love out into the world. And you question, am I really chosen for that? Am I really capable of that, Divine Mother? Can I truly follow my heart? What about all the mistakes I have made in the past?

Let me reassure you that you only need to take your hand, which is a magic wand, and when you take your hand, know that my hand is with yours, just one hand. And just let it now sweep away all that you perceive as mistakes with the past. Because there is no such thing as a mistake, for it can be transformed, changed and be looked at as a stepping stone, as a way to grow, as a way to understand. But it is not my wish that you carry the sorrow or the guilt or the heartache. So take my hand now and put your hand up.  And come, let us sweet it away. Come on, sweep it away.

And feel how it has turned into my diamonds, pure crystalline diamonds. The diamonds that you would find in the blue of my ocean, the diamonds that you would find in the blue of my sky, the  diamonds that you find and see inside your heart. Follow the diamonds and see where it takes you.   It takes you to a place of pure love and that love is me, beloveds. Let it come to you now. Feel it. Feel every part of your essence. It has always been there. I only help you now discover that it has always been there.

You are the children of my heart. How can you be anything less than love? Forgive, forgive all that you perceive as errors, as wrongdoing and I will gather up those who are still in the sorrow, that are still in the heartache, that are still in the yearning for my presence. I will gather up all those parts and I will bring back into my heart.  You only need to wave your hand.

I leave you now with my love, my love that is eternal, my love that is always you. Farewell.

By permission.