Turn to us – we are here and we are here to help, and just like you, to serve.

 At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew shares this lovely gem from his personal reading with Linda.

Greetings, I am Michael.  Welcome, my beloved sweet brother of peace, dear brother of love. And yes, I come as Warrior of Peace and Warrior of Love and Bringer of News and Anchor.

So often the human beings tend to think of us as distant entities floating high above, sweeping down now and then – me with my sword and shield, my brother Raphael with his elixir, Gabrielle with her horn. Let me tell you: we are not some distant energy force – we are very very present. No, not walking in form because that, in so many ways, is so restrictive, so limited. You are very patient beings to be able to manoeuvre in that reality, that constricted form! Yes, it is to know and be the love and express and experience – but let me tell you what I have come to say.

Do not think of me – do not think of any of us – as a distant hierarchy. Think of us as your anchors, as your attendants, assisting you not only in esoteric or spiritual ways, but in the physical reality within which you operate, and that you are breaking through from this very restricted view of one ‘dimensional spot’ and beginning to understand and open your hearts, your minds, your beings to the twelve dimensions that are fully available to you.

And yes, I invite – we all invite – all of you … [to] think of us as your anchor keeping your feet firmly on the ground, but also allowing you to truly access – to help you access – the fullness of what was always intended to be the human experience.

We are not simply interested in anchoring esoteric or spiritual truths and principles. Yes, that is part of our mission, our service to the Mother – but as those truths, if the deep knowing of peace, if the deep knowing of hope and freedom is not a practical reality, then we have not accomplished what we desire to bring forth, and what you desire not only to bring forth but to experience.

So turn to us – we are here and we are here to help, and just like you, to serve.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.