Andrew shares another inspiring gem from his recent reading with Linda.

Andrew: While on the subject of projects, another that is dear to my heart is Project Trident – to generously endow my old school, which you also assured me you support. This year of 2018 being the 150th anniversary of the founding of the school as we discussed before, it would be a very appropriate time to be able to do this endowment, and I’m still hopeful that it will be possible before the year is out. But I wonder if the former Headmaster of the school when I attended would approve of the plans for Project Trident?

Archangel Michael: There is no one – and him included – that would not approve of the Project Trident because it is… what it is, is not merely an endowment… yes, humans may tend to think of it that way, but know what we are talking about today – and the theme of the current day – is about hope. And you know, when you think both of Trent College, but also of education – yes, it is the exchange, of the download, or the remembering, or the learning of much information – but truly what is the purpose of education? It is the anchoring of hope and it is the anchoring of unity and community.

Your world… and actually it is not the world that you occupy… but I am pointing to one of the difficulties with the human race where they have gone off track and where secret societies and cabals, etc have existed has been this belief that information is power. And that is correct – but information was always intended to be shared – that is the purpose of education. When one, as a young man or woman – or even as a senior citizen – goes back to school, it is because there is hope in building and securing a future; that in the diligence and the application of one’s talents and abilities, that one becomes what one feels they are supposed to become. And I don’t simply mean in terms of career preparation, for that is a very ‘sidebar’ of what education is truly about.

It is about the instillation of hope. It is about the continuity and the building and the sharing equally and openly of information, of wisdom, of knowledge, so that all human beings who have a desire to explore this or that, to go on an intellectual, mental, emotional adventure, have access. So what the Trident Project is about is literally setting a paradigm – and in the paradigm of sharing is a paradigm of hope, is a paradigm of access, is a paradigm of unity and community. This is an important undertaking and again, it is not simply about an endowment. And yes, we are still aiming with you for this year.

A: Oh – yes, that’s wonderful. Yes, it does seem that in recent years education – particularly the public education in the State schools – has been really denigrated and distorted to bend people to the recalcitrant ones’ way of thinking. It would be such a refreshing change for all that to end and for education to be brought back to what it should be.

AAM: Yes – because it was never about control or bending one’s agenda onto others to make them adhere to a plan of abuse. That was not what education was about.

A: Absolutely. It’s likewise with Project Trident – I hope that I’ll find the right people to carry it out. It’s not something that I would personally get too involved in – it’s I think up to other people with far more expertise than I have to carry it out.

AAM: That is correct. What you are – and it is not just financially – you are a catalyst, my friend. So you get things ignited and get them going!

A: Yes, and let others who are more capable carry on with the running of it.

AAM: And those who are really interested in the running of it.


Channeled by Linda Dillon