Universal Mother Mary has asked me to re-post this information today – for us to remember that we are living in a new reality. The old 3rd dimension has faded away. It’s ancient history and energies can only be resurrected if humans persist in the old patterns of hatred, destructiveness and limitation. Embrace the new, embrace the kindness that sits within each of our hearts, and let us go forward together as 1 race of Gaians, united in heart.

This is information that was channeled in the final class of the Core Issues series. This is new channeled information – what great news!!!! The old false grids are being replaced as we emerge into our Divine Authority and claim the truth of who we really are. I don’t know whether to say yahoo or alleluia!

The old major false grids listed in order of priority are:

L – lack, limitation, loss – this includes abandonment, isolation, loneliness, lack of self-worth and self-love, and self-doubt  Replaced by the new grid of Love

D – doubt, death, destruction, disease, despair – includes disbelief – the ability to never believe – lack of faith and trust; depression, disgust, disappointment, disillusion  Replaced by Trust & Discernment

F – fear, fault, blame, anger; self-doubt and denigration can also appear here; failure (this can also be related and found in the fear – but here the COL means a belief system that nothing ever works – failure is inevitable)  Replaced by Fearlessness & Valor

G – greed, lust, control; includes abuse of power, jealousy; mercenary or stingy belief and behaviors   Replaced by Generosity & Genuineness

C – cruelty (think of people who have had many lives of war or torture), cynicism, critical  Replaced by Kindness, Consideration & Creativity

E – ego (as king), excess, exclusion   Replaced by Expansion & Inclusiveness

H – hatred, harm and hubris (inappropriate pride and narcissism belongs here) Replaced by Harmony, Happiness, Gentleness & Peace

A – addiction; all addictions are addictions to pain, to the belief system that human existence is meant to be hard, painful and without joy  Replaced by Acceptance, Allowance & Surrender