“Freedom: Stand and Claim It”


Saturday Conference Call  11-03-2018

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

An incredibly strong and moving channel from Gandhi – not to be missed! “What I speak to is the freedom of spirit, the freedom of resistance, of not being coerced and not allowing yourself to be coerced in any way, shape, or form. Practice resistance. But if you practice resistance in silence nobody knows what you are resisting. So, my friends, it is important to speak up, to allow the truth of your heart to be known.”


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So, let’s begin this beautiful, perfect day…first, let’s bring ourselves to the 13th Octave, to that place of love, to that place of Divine Union, to that home of wholeness.

And one of the things that has emerged out of the Ascended Self Master Class is that there has been another click added to our mantra mudra. And so, put your hands together, fingertip to fingertip, and form your electrical, magnetic, rainbow bridge and go deep in your heart. And feel your tri-flame, feel your bright, beautiful, Pink Diamond self-caressed and embraced by the Gold Diamond of the Father and the Blue Diamond of the Mother anchored in the seat of your soul, in the depths of your being.

And on the first click…click…feel yourself being greeted by James, James the Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior, Son of God…that is how James always announces himself. And that you’re going over your rainbow bridge…whether it’s a path of flowers or a bridge to infinity…and you’re going into your sacred temple, surrounded by the masters and your Circle of 13, and receive the blessings and the gifts they have to share with you.

And you see yourself leaving, and while you’ve been in your temple a huge gold spiral has formed over and around your sacred space. And there is Gabrielle, our beloved Gabrielle, Lily of Love, and Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and she is lifting you up and furling you in her arms. The second click…click…is we go up that golden spiral, [to] the foot of the throne, and Gabrielle is unfurling her wings and placing into the arms or the knee of the Father and you are being welcomed he and loved. And He is picking you up, and ever so gently, tucking you into His heart, into the protection, and strength, and wisdom, and gentleness. He’s tucking you into the silence of the All. But now He is beckoning and holding out His arms for the Divine Mother and She is stepping into him and conjoining with you.

Click…third click, full union…Father/Mother/You…the infinite and eternal Trinity. Feel it and go deeper, don’t just stay on the surface of the 13th, go deeper as if that spiral is continuing on, inside, deeper and deeper. Go. And anchor here.

But we also know that we’re Nova Beings fulfilling Mother’s Plan, on planet, now. And so, with the fourth click, while leaving yourself there, you are bilocating, bringing all your energy down your silver cord, through your crown, out your root, down your red cord, to the heart of Gaia…fourth click…click…and feel the connection with Gaia and how she holds your red cord, how she anchors you so that your feet, and the fulfillment of your mission, are firmly planted on planet.

Now we’re going to do a fifth click…we’re going to bring all that energy from above and from Gaia into your heart…click…up the red cord with everything you got and into your heart.

And breathe green, and breathe red, full of that vim and vigor and vitality. And breathe the silver of your above cord…deeper…and now, together let’s take a deep breath of that beautiful, rich magenta. The magenta of compassion, and compassion for ourselves, and for every other being that does and has ever existed.

Channeling: Freedom: Stand and Claim It

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Greetings, I AM Gandhi Ji. It is my honor to speak to you, my friends. At one time or another I would have said my fellow countrymen, but now I say to you my fellow planetary citizens, what you are calling yourselves these days, as Gaians…it is a very good term. And yes, I come to teach you and to walk with you, for even as I was human, I am much the same, for I do not really have any worldly goods or possessions to offer you. But it is good because there can be no consideration or talk of bribery, uh?

It is a time for those who truly believe in freedom and in independence to stand clear and to claim their freedom and independence. And yes I know, from the experience of an old man, that this is not always easy. For whether you are declaring freedom merely for yourself from your family, or from the societies that think that you should behave in certain ways, or follow, rigorously, traditions or pathways, or whether you are attempting to liberate yourself and millions from the shackles of treachery, of abusers of power, it matters not.

Now, let me be very clear…when I say abusers of power, I am not speaking in some mysterious code, I am not speaking in a way that makes you think you must check behind every bush and under every stone, for that is not where conspiracy lies anyway…it lies in the hearts of man, it lies in the soul waiting like a tiger to pounce and destroy you. This is a way that the human beings allow themselves to be manipulated…it is by these paper tigers and the actual tigers and the people that say they are tigers but, in fact, when challenged are simple pussycats.

Now I know because I have walked, and I have walked a long way, and I have walked as man, and I have walked with some, and none, for there were many in the beginning that did not wish to join me or even acknowledge what I had to offer. Because you see, I had none of those possessions in which to offer any bribery. So, what I speak to is the freedom of spirit, the freedom of resistance, of not being coerced and not allowing yourself to be coerced in any way, shape, or form.

Where there is tyranny it must be identified and resisted against. In our situation, and for the first time, it was the British. Now, do you really think that there was massive conspiracy with the British? No. Do you really think that my work, in fact, resulted in the British evacuation and the return of India to India? No. It simply became too tiresome for them to continue on a pathway that was abusive and authoritarian and that did not acknowledge the dignity of every person, yes, regardless of caste or creed.

And so, they departed. They departed and maintained their dignity, which, when you are working with an adversary is very important to allow them to maintain their dignity. In this way they do not have to continue their role of abuse or to feel that they have to be defensive in order to withdraw.

It broke my heart when we could not find a commonality, a middle path for the Hindus and Muslims. There was much violence and much hatred. And you see, why I speak of this is that in this, in all the people that were cross-migrating…close to fifteen million…there were always accusations of banditry, of abuse and rapist, of murderers and many thieves. But the truth of this was that it was individuals and families, it was the small children and infants, the mothers and the grandmothers, the fathers and the sons attempting to find a place on this planet where they would be free, where they would be safe, where they could pursue, not only their religious beliefs, but their dreams without fear of retribution, without fear of interference.

Every person on this planet has the God-given right to a place where they may worship, and pursue their trade, and protect their family, and live in happiness, for them to allow their dreams to become some form of reality… and it is different for everyone. It does not need to result in bloodshed. It does not need to result in hatred. And my hope is that after seventy, eighty, years, that, in fact, humanity has learned something about the desire to be free and about the compassionate ways in which to achieve this!

Resist those who tell you that freedom is not possible, that you do not have an inalienable right…no, not as dictated by governments, but dictated by the human spirit. That you do not have the freedom to pursue what you know to be fair and what you know to be right. And in justice, justice is divinely orchestrated…I was a lawyer, you know, and I practiced in many, many places…it is not the legalities of courts and rulers, it is the knowing of fairness.

And so I say to you, yes, to practice resistance. But if you practice resistance in silence nobody knows what you are resisting. So, my friends, it is important to speak up, to allow the truth of your heart to be known. So, this is what I ask of you, not only in your meditation but in your everyday life. You are the forebearers of the future; I am but an old man speaking from the past, but I have this perspective that I wish to share.

Go with the love of Gandhi Ji. Goodbye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon