I have never said, “I will give you this little bit.  I will give you an ounce of love.  I will give you ten ounces or a cup of compassion.  I will share this tiny thread of what I know.” No, I have always and continue to offer you who I am.

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love


So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of that deepest richest ruby red that you’ve ever seen.  Go down into your heart, into your heart chakra and into your physical heart, into the seat of your heart. And you can think of the seat of your heart as being at the bottom, the foundation of your tri-flame – deeper – and breathe in ruby.

Breathe in that deep rich luscious red.  The color of the old stained glass, of red velvet, of deep rich tomatoes, of red delicious apples, of dark almost black cherries and red grapes and rich red roses. Breathe in the red rose; inhale that scent and fragrance of the Mother, of the lushness of spring and summer, the red of the leaves of the maple leaf now in late Fall.

Stay in your heart, but feel that red, effervescent, going out into your cells, into your bloodstream, into your solar plexus, into your halion.  Even bring that fizzy red into your umbilical, more – into your sacral tummy.

And let’s take a moment and bring that bright, rich beautiful effervescent red into both our kidneys, and our liver, and our gallbladder.  And bring it down into your pubic, into our place where we create and co-create Nova Earth in physical form.  And bring it into your root, and feel, allow yourself to feel that effervescent fizziness as if your root is tingling and alive, filled with vim and vigor and vitality – with that sense that I’m just so happy to be alive.

And feel that deep red cord that comes out of your root, down through the carpet, through the cement, the foundation, the grass, the soft earth, the hard earth, the rock, the gaseous layers – down, into the heart of Gaia.  See her standing there waiting for you.  Hand her your red cord, your red rope – this old, ancient young wise woman, this archangel.  Ask her to hold it for you, to keep you anchored and creative and reconstituted and resurrected.  Feel her feeding your life source energy.

And bring it up through your cord into your root, into your tummy, into your hara, into your heart, and feel that valentine red heart expand and grow with the love of Mother Earth, with the enormity of our connection.

Now breathe red again and bring it up to your high heart, to your lurion, your throat.  Feel that fizzy red fill your mouth, dancing on your tongue, tickling your tonsils.  Our mouths are so important.  Our teeth, which are our transmitters and our receptors.  So feel your teeth tingle.  And let it come back into your occipital area, to what we call the mouth of God.  Relax your neck, relax your jaw, up your pineal, your pituitary, your hypothalamus.

Feel as if the ridge of what you previously thought of as your right and left hemispheres, as if your head is being cracked open.  This beautiful ruby, this effervescent electrical red is activating and connecting all the hemispheres of your brain, awakening areas that you didn’t know existed.  Up to your crown.  Make it a ruby crown instead of an amethyst one. And out of your crown, up your silver cord, up to the heart of One, up through your fourteenth, your fifteenth, your sixteenth, keep going, up through the Light, keep going.  Up to the Central Sun.  Up to the throne. See the Mother and Father throwing open their hearts – jump in.

Bring them your love.  We always go and receive, but today, let’s bring them our love.  This beautiful rich, luscious, delicious, beautiful ruby love.  And feel yourself giving and filling this trinity of you – Mother, Father, you.  Higher.

Now bring it down as if you’re sliding down a fire pole.  Have fun with it.  Slide down your silver cord, down through all the ethers and layers, all the dimensions, all your bodies – plunk, right down into your heart.  Bring it down into your heart, into your beautiful heart and rest.


Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.  Yes, there has been quite a contest this day to see which one of us would be blessed, honored, thrilled to speak to you.  To speak to you, beloved family of my heart.

Years ago, when last we met in Sedona, I have given you the gift of my ruby heart, the gift of my essence.  Not merely of my knowing or compassion, but the truth of who I am,  the totality of what I have to offer.  That is what I wish to share with you.  That is what I always wish to share with you, whether it was two thousand, eight thousand, fifty thousand years ago, or right now.

I have never said, “I will give you this little bit.  I will give you an ounce of love.  I will give you ten ounces or a cup of compassion.  I will share this tiny thread of what I know.” No, I have always and continue to offer you who I am.  Not a savior or master or ascended one, but as brother, as friend, as fellow journeyer, as one who has walked the Earth, the path, and who understands what it is to cry bitter tears of sorrow and grief and loss.  And what it is to shed tears of joy and amazement and awe.  And what it is to shed tears of thanksgiving, to be overwhelmed and in such a depth and height of gratitude that the tears simply stream.

I offer you my heart, my heart of ruby to vitalize you.  Yes, my beloveds, to give you the energy to continue on, to rejuvenate you.  This is not some myth that has been perpetuated by well-wishers.  It is your natural state.  It is your inherited birthright, it is the DNA of what it means to be human.  Yes, to be filled with that vim and vigor and vitality that the channeler is so fond of.  To be able to run and jump.  But not to run and jump away.  To run and jump for joy out of sheer glee, out of amazement, out of the profound knowing of the faith, the confidence, and the knowing that our Mother has placed in you.  Knowing that, no matter what, through trials and tribulations and victory, that your heart is true.  That is true as the flawless ruby I give you this day to plant in your heart to remind you – not of me, but of you – of the truth, of the magnificence and the might of who you are – bright angels of change, builders of Nova Earth, our co-creators

So yes, we are all in attendance this day to celebrate the victory of you, the wonder, the splendor of you.  And simply to remind you on this day and every day of how deeply, profoundly you are loved.

Take my gift and remember to love yourself the way you love us and the way that we love you.  Go in love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon