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What occurs upon death? What are soul families, soul circles and soul groups? What about reincarnation, and the continuity of our soul’s journey?

In episode 9 – Love+ Life and Death, Linda and the COL combine personal story with direct guidance to address these compelling topics contemplated by every one of us. Universal Mother Mary wraps up this informative and priceless gift by speaking to why it is we leave the higher realms to incarnate in the first place. You won’t want to miss it!


Channeling Excerpt from Podcast:

Linda Dillon      Channel for the Council of Love

Greetings, I am Mary. I am Mare, Universal Mother; Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy and Mother – sweet angels, sweet humans, sweet Gaians – of each and every one of you. When you think of soul family, think of me. Think of those you love, yes in the unseen realm – although that begins to shift as well. Think not only of those that you cherish, but of those who cherish and love, admire, honor and nurture you.

Your question truly, to me and to the Father, is, “Why would I incarnate? Why when I am home in the love, in the Heart of One, in the infinity of existence? Why would I choose to venture forth?” How could you choose, my beloved children, not to? Think for a moment in your wisdom vision, in your heart wisdom, who I am; Infinite Creator Source. What I do with what you would think of as breathe, in and out, is create.

Hence you, born from My Being, from My Essence are infinite creators. Yes, many humans, Gaians, have forgotten this – and this is the purpose of this current phase of human existence, of growth and the unfoldment of My Plan. The fulfillment of My Dream, My Creation, and certainly yours within that greater fabric and Tapestry of One.

I have given you the gift never before known of the 13th Octave: of the ability to be home with Me; fully, consciously aware and to be in the fullness of your body consciousness, of your human self, of physically occupying a body presence. Of knowing the joy, and hopefully not the pain, of being in physical reality in the fulfillment of My Dream and your dream. Now I have done this so that you may literally not have to question why you would leave home – because you can carry home. You carry the love, you carry the fullness within your sacred being constantly and consciously.

I did not ask you to incarnate to leave the love behind. I did not ask you to incarnate so that you may know grief and sorrow and pain, and suffering; that is not of love. These are human creations, wisps of an old reality that has been far too long in existence; and that we now eliminate, erase and recreate according to Universal Law, according to the Laws of Love, the Tapestry of One, the unity of all in glory and grace and joy, in sweetness and gentleness and kindness and compassion, in play, in fun; knowing the sweetness.

There are those that say that you, my beloveds, exist because I wish to have an experience of myself; that I wish to learn various things, to know various things, to experience various things. That is only part of what I define as truth. You do not have an experience that I am not fully cognizant, aware of and participating in; yes as part of your soul family, much like your twin flame. But let me be clear: you also do not have experience – a lifetime, a soul journey – without fully experiencing Me. There have been many attempts to deny, to shut down, to eliminate the awareness of love, of My Essence and My Divinity. It doesn’t work; it is not possible; it is not the way I have created. Oh it can be denied, but it does not eliminate your experience of the divine in your life, in your incarnation.

You do not come merely to serve Me. You come to be the love; to experience and express the love; to know the love in this incredible body consciousness, physical form; to be the unique, precious delight in form. In a form that is different than the seraphs or the angels or the trees or the rocks, the oceans, the planets. You have incarnated to know the joy of love, the power to create and to co-create with Me, in My name and in your name, that what your heart desires in the fulfillment of your dream and My Dream. That is why you come.

Your greatest service to Me is joy; is that peace within and without; is the compassion within and without, above and below. We are unified, we are One – there is no separation. The illusion of being stuck, trapped on planet is ridiculous. We are united, and what you are coming to more fully understand as Nova Being is this reality of our unbreakable, inseparable, sacred union. That is why you incarnate – to be the love. Go with My love, within and without, above and below. You are so cherished. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

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