for there is work to be done and there are many waiting...

Reminder: Come Together in Love

Archangel Uriel

Saturday Conference Call  20180804

Linda Dillon                 Channel for the Council of Love


So, today belongs…well, it belongs to each and every one of us…but today we’re really being guided by Archangel Uriel, the bringer of the future, the anchor of the now, the holder of the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Time, divine authority, divine knowing, and our Inspired Self. The Ray of Archangel Uriel is silver and grayelsha.

So, let’s begin our meditation, and then we are going to move into a prayer and a channeling.

So, let’s begin by relaxing, by having a really deep out-breath, and blowing out all the angst and frustration and feelings of ‘I’ve got to get going’, and breathing in the silver, that beautiful Silver Ray, and filling our hearts, our beings.

So, look up and see the storm clouds, either that ruddy gray, that old iron gray, that pewter gray, and how they roll and change and move, and announcing, sometimes, the coming of huge storms, of massive change. And sometimes announcing just the most delightful summer shower, sun shower.

So breathe in gray, breathe in the old iron. Bring it into your heart, and breathe in the paler gray, the gray of the feathers on a Great Blue Heron or a distant horizon. And breathe in the silver, the bright silver of an ice skate blade, the sparkling silver of the sun through the clouds onto a pristine lake where it turns into a sheet of silver. And feel the quiet. And breathe in the mist on that lake first thing in the morning. And see and feel and taste and smell raindrops…big, fat, beautiful raindrops. See how they sparkle and shimmer.

Now, into those storm clouds and into every one of those raindrops, let’s co-create and let’s infuse those clouds, those big, full, juicy clouds and every one of those droplets with love. Let’s put restoration in there, that resurgence of inspiration, of vim and vigor and vitality, so as that rain falls gently to the earth, not only the human beings that it touches but the ground receives the love and receives the reconstitution and the inspiration.

Today we work with the wildfires on the western edge of both Canada and the United States; Alberta and British Columbia and Montana and Colorado, Idaho, California, Utah, Sedona, Alaska. And we also go to Sweden, particularly to northern Sweden; and we’re going to go down under to Australia. And we’re going to take these huge, juicy rain clouds, and with our hearts and with our love we’re going to nudge them and ask them to cooperate, to bring rain to every sweet place on Mother Earth, on Gaia, that would benefit from it. And we’re asking for the gentle rain, not that it acts as pellets to the earth, punishing and harsh, creating mudslides, but the gentle rain to quench the fires, to quench the earth, to quench the plants and the animals…the animals that are caught in these horrific fires and dropping down dead because of the draught.

Join with me, go into your heart…deeper and deeper into your tri-flame, into the seat of your soul…

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, angels and archangels, beloved saints, ascended masters, wise prophets, enlightened beings, star brothers and sisters, and Council of Love. We are your children and your companions in co-creation stepping forward, gently, as Nova Beings on Nova Earth, in full partnership to bring forth calm and peace and succor, comfort, gentleness, refreshment, renewal to this entire planet, to every human, every kingdom, to Gaia, and far, far beyond. And we seek and we implore your help, and we implore the help of Archangel Uriel in our endeavor to bring the gentle rain to exactly where it’s needed…not in an override of Divine Mother’s Plan, but in fulfillment of that Plan, as we, hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, as co-creators of Nova Earth, as the implementors of Nova Earth come together to cooperate with the elements and the elementals, with Mother Earth and Father Sky, with the elements of water and fire, to bring forth peace and calm and harmony and rebirth of what looks and feels and is known as love, as nurturing, as caretaking. We seek the assistance of all who bring the light, who bring the gentle love, who bring the Silver Ray and every ray to remind Gaia and our kingdoms and each other of how much we care, how much we love. In this we join our hearts and pray. Amen.

Now see those storm clouds opening up over Sweden and Alaska, the western part of Canada, the U.S., over the plains of Australia, the Outback. See those silver droplets gently falling to the earth with our love and our divine inspiration.



Greetings, I AM Uriel, pathfinder, archangel, and bringer of the future. And yes, beloveds, the future is now and you are learning and you are doing and you are navigating the infinite oceans of our Mother’s Time. And it matters not whether you use the visual of the mighty Pacific, or the nurturing Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, it matters not.

It matters not whether the waves are gray and angry and the troughs as deep as Inner Earth. It matters not whether it is a calm sea. You have always known of this time and of this time of new beginning, of what Yeshua has termed ‘the extraordinary times’…when humans remember what they have been taught, by Gaia, by Mother Earth, by nature, by the animal kingdom, to come together in love, in co-creation, in divine knowing based on divine authority, to bring forth, to birth the new.

The old is dying and you may have moments of grief or sorrow or even terror as you look at what passes away because you are out there on that infinite ocean and you do not quite see land as yet. But land is there and you are navigating, and you are navigating perfectly and mightily…and your rudder is love and trust and hope and knowing. It is always peculiar when human beings claim they do not know…especially for a race that truly demands certitude.

You have come with knowing, implanted, and now activated deep within you. You know the horizon and it is familiar and you know that this is not the time for scenic detours…for there is work to be done and there are many waiting.

You are the wayshowers, you are the pathfinders, you are the teachers, the healers, the channels, the pillars. Do not tarry… no, do not rush…be in the rhythm of your own being, of your own heart, but put it in tandem, match it to the rhythm of Gaia, to her heartbeat and to the heartbeat of One. And come with me and travel along that silver moonbeam, for you are traveling to Nova Earth.

I will help you with the rain, we all will, for it is time for refreshment, renewal. It’s time of the new beginning and we are with you as you, with us, co-create.

Go with my love and go in peace, my beloveds. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

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