Who is the ascended/ascending self? What are its essential components, and how do you recognize this multidimensional being, the heart of who you are? And what does it mean to be ascending and descending all at the same time? Join Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, with special guest, Archangel Uriel, for an illuminating exploration of who you came here to be.


Welcome my ascended friends! I am Archangel Uriel – Keeper of Time, Keeper of your ascended self. And that is where I wish to begin this day. That is where I wish you to begin every day. Come with me into the silver dream, into the silver screen, into the silver stream where all your being is meshing and flowing, and intermingled, interwoven, intermeshed with the Divine Mother’s Dream. Because there is no difference – there never has been, and there never will be.

For so long the illusion of separation, of density, of difficulty, of discord, of disillusionment – the list is almost endless – that illusion was so strong upon the planet, my beautiful sister Gaia. And it weighed her down and it burdened her, and she transmitted and transformed, transmuted so much of this energy. But the humans, these wondrous beings in form – some sheer energy, some angelic, some archangelic, some from other solar systems and planetary systems, it matters not – the humans were so ardent, and so fixed and strong in their determination that life was a certain way. That life was based on hardship, and lack, and limitation and the game of blame and shame, and fault and guilt.

It’s a terrible game. And what was peculiar in all of that was that it was no fun. But there was a belief system that somehow it was based in love – which if I put it in the most mild of words, I can say was most peculiar. I will make you feel guilty, and I will blame you because I love you; that will lead to course correction. You’ll change your ways! You’ll change your behaviors! You’ll learn, because I will punish you, and I will ignore you, and I will shun you. And whether it was murder, or mayhem or family dynamics; it’s very peculiar. And it is especially, was very peculiar given the fact of your lineage.

So many of you when you speak to us want to know, “What is my lineage? What dimension am I from? What planet am I from? What was my past life history?” When in fact your lineage since the very inception is of the Mother. You were born literally again, and again, and again, and infinitely, eternally, in the Mother’s infinite ocean of time. You’re born of love. You’re born of the Mother/Father/One – and your essence, your true lineage is nothing other than love.

So when we have seen you, we have prodded you; we have supported you; we have taught you. But when we have seen you, when we have witnessed the genuine yearning of your heart, of your soul to say, “I want love; I want to be love. I am sick and tired of all these distractions,” because that is what they are – they’re your egoic mind distractions, based on a powerful few who want to keep you downtrodden. So when we witness and see you say, “No!” this has been cause for hallelujahs, not only throughout heaven, but throughout the multiverse and omniverse. Because in that – in that declaration, in that heart declaration, that yearning for love – is the recognition of your truth, and of the truth, and of the peace, and of the One.

But it has also marked a time of victory. Let’s not underplay this: the victory upon Gaia at the time of ascension had begun. It wasn’t merely a random here and there declaration. You came together in unified voice in 2012 and said, “We choose love. We wish to proceed, in and out of form, in love.” The significance of that declaration has been massively understated – but not on our side, because that’s truly when the floodgates opened. And you, my beloveds, who have come back to this planet again, and again, and again, and have returned home and said, “No, I’ll go again. Mother we can do this.” And you have – and you are.

So the floodgates opened and your perception – which is more and more coming to full consciousness of your power, your ability, your right to be, and to live and to experience, and to express love – has been growing stronger, and stronger, and stronger. And in its most basic explanation, the ascending/ascended self is a sweet soul in human form, because I am speaking to you who chooses love. And who chooses love above everything else, and in so doing – simply by the state of your being – is eliminating, destroying, transmuting, transforming hatred and greed, and abuse and authoritarian rule.

You have claimed; you have claimed your birthright, and you have claimed your pathway. And you are the restorers of earth, of all the kingdoms that are already in full support of you, and of your sacred self, of your beautiful sacred self. Previously – and I am speaking about thousands of years – so often when one chose love it was a life of hardship; sometimes of martyrdom, of seclusion, or withdrawal. That is not the form of conjoining in sacred union and partnership with us that is required. Full participation, full Divine Authority, full inspired self, full multi-inter-dimensional-realities self. This is what is required with the full ignition of your lightbody, which is coming on very rapidly. It is all well underway.

It is not a matter of you awaiting ascension – and this is particularly true, let me say, in the lightworker love-holder community; the tipping point has been reached. So you, my friends, are in ascension. You are in your ascending/ascended self. And that is why I say to you: Claim and call yourself ascended! Because this is who you are, and this is the paradigm that you are anchoring on Gaia for all, and this is the transmission that you are doing for all.

So, as the quiet archangel, I say to you: Congratulations! But I also say to you: Own it!
We are with you; we are with you in every single breath you take. So breathe silver and know of my love. Farewell.

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