Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love


Channeling Excerpt from Love+ Podcast:

Greetings, I am ZenZuriah. And thank you and welcome. Thank you for inviting me, for I come on behalf of many. And I come to talk to you and to address you about ZenGaia, ZenTerra. Yes, the future of this planet – this beautiful planet of Terra Gaia that is known as ZenTerra or ZenGaia. And I speak on her behalf, and I speak on behalf of all of us. We are you. We are your potential. We are your path. We are your future. And we are a part of you. And we are a part of you that loves you, cherishes you, honors you, protects you. But we do not control you. We never have; we have no desire to.

For we are ascended beings of love, and for each and every one of you that has ever wondered about, “Are we going to make it? Am I going to make it?” The answer is, “Yes, beloved ones.” And so I come to you with that good news, and that good news of the future – of Gaia, of humanity and what is transpiring.

When I was last invited to speak to you, we spoke about the anchoring of these Cities of Light, literally, all over your beautiful planet of love. These are cities of love. These are cities of joy. These are cities of truth. These are cities of healing and radiance and creation. These are cities not of urban decay; not of mayhem and chaos. They are places of gathering, of cooperation, of creating. And whether it is art or healing or governance, it matters not. Because what you think of as these Cities of Light are places of unified consciousness, of love, of cooperation, of harmony and of peace.

And I reinforce that, so that each of you knows deep within your heart, and certainly within your head, what lies ahead. And, my beloved ones, potentially it is beautiful. So I am calling out to you this day because we are in a stall pattern.

When last I was invited to speak to you in this manner the Cities of Light of your sweet selves were about eighty-years in the future – and that was rapidly moving to a full anchoring in what you conceive of as physicality and form. Now, I do not wish to diminish or in any way deflect the incredible progress that has been made.

Think of it in this way: in a period of a mere less than twenty-years you and we have travelled from eighty thousand years in the future. The beauty about you (and one of the things that we love so much) is you are an impatient lot – and that is music to our ears. So think of it that you have shrunk time, in the Mother’s infinite ocean, from eighty thousand years, to eight hundred years, to about eighty years.

But with the rise of all the debris and all the chaos – all the hatred, all the greed, all the meanness, all the cruelty, all the abuse that has come to the surface, as it had needed to – we have been stalled. Because it is the light quotient, it is the love quotient, that draws us into this sacred union in form and physicality with you.

Now, I need to be clear. Has the future been destroyed? Most certainly not. Has it been shelved? Most certainly not. Has it been put to the side? Most certainly not. Which is why I am addressing you this day. We need this project of ZenGaia reinvigorated. We need this project of Nova Being and Nova You and Nova Earth reinvigorated.

So, as you – as your future light-self living in harmony – we are asking for a closer association relationship. We are asking, we are praying, we are begging for a sacred union so that the completion of this comes to fruition.

Now let me be very clear. The future and the anchoring of what you term and think of as your Golden Age, the future of your Wingmaker ascended self, is fully possible. The anchoring of this is not dependent on institutions or politicians or finances or any of what you think of as the mechanisms of old Earth, of the old 3rd; that will never get you where you, and we, want to go. The determining factor for the anchoring of us, of you, of the Cities of Light, of ZenGaia, is dependent upon the collective light quotient/love quotient of the human collective; of each heart individually and, yes, amassed collectively. And that is what’s going to make the difference.

Each of you has been stalwart, consistent, persistent, filled with valor and courage and fortitude in this journey – in this journey that you and we undertake in service to the Mother, that your star family undertakes in service to the Mother – in our love, our devotion, to the Mother.

And how we do that is by allowing each of you the full quotient of your light; not merely esoterically or spiritually, but literally by allowing your quotient to grow and to be fully incorporated and anchored. But to put it forth in action we are asking, and we are offering, to work with you to break this log-jam to bring forth this glorious time of such joy and harmony and peace and love; for humans and all the kingdoms to be able to live physically in the way that our Mother intended.

It is important; how this construct works is for you to come to us. It is not a power structure. It is us not imposing or interfering in any way that could be interpreted or construed or felt to be an interruption of your free will. And let us be clear about that. It is your free will – your free will choices, your free will decisions in every moment of every day in this infinite ocean – that are determining what comes to pass; and in fact whether we get to exist. Yes, it is that big. Yes, it is that significant.

So the method of our union is, quite literally, you coming to us. Now, I must say to you that this Wingmaker self exists within you and exists in your without, literally in the future cities – in the future hills and meadows of ZenGaia; in the busiest places; in the places where no one has ventured for thousands of years. So we invite you.

And why do we invite you? It is not merely for self- interest. We have heard your cries and your pleas for help. We have seen how you are struggling with the letting-go, the differentiation, the surrender – and yes, the clearing of all this massive debris. It must be cleansed from Gaia and from the collective; the Mother above and the Mother below demands it. But you are the agents of change; you are the angels and the agents. You are not only the implementation crew – you are the clean-up crew. And it does not matter if you are pathfinder or wayshower or portal – dear hearts, you are the clean-up crew.

But we can help you. When you come forward to meet us – yes either in the meditations that Linda has dictated (that we have actually dictated), or in your own journeying – come and access the collective energy, intelligence, love that exists in these cities that is fully present in your Wingmaker self. And let it blossom. Implement it. Do not tuck it away; use it.

You all yearn for what you think of as galactic and intergalactic technology, intelligence,

presence – but in so many ways, beloveds, your Wingmaker selves has all that. So come and meet with us, sit with us, laugh with us, love with us. Use the community collective consciousness and yours, and bring it back into your current time to break this log jam. So that when we next speak I will not say we are stuck in eighty years; I will say, “Here we are! And let us proceed in the joy, in the triumph and the victory, that is yours and that is ours – and most importantly, that is the Mother’s.”

So come; we are waiting. We have been waiting a very long time. Go in love and go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

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