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Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love


Greetings, I am Gaia, Archangel of Pink, Warrior of Love in many ways. Like you, born of the Mother/Father/One, committed servant of the Mother, sister of your heart, Mother of your soul.  Beloved ones, each and every one of you who co-habitat with me, upon me, within me and certainly within my heart – come and sit with me. Come and sit with me by the council fire.

Come and rest your weary bones and your weary heart and let us turn off your busy mind. And come and speak with me and hear my story, hear my guidance, hear of my journey. For like you beloved ones, it is a journey of love, it is a journey of awakening, it is a journey of enlightenment. It is a journey of ascension, it is a journey of wholeness, it is a journey of becoming, it is a journey of One.  Because all things above, below and in between – and sweet angels you are in between – all things are united. All things are whole, all things are One. All things are born from the Heart of the Mother and hence cannot be less than whole. So, come.

So rarely do I speak and yet it is time for us to have this family confab, as it were. Yes, I have assumed this wondrous form of such diversity, of such beauty. For how could it not be of mighty beauty? For I am Archangel of Pink, Archangel of Grace, Archangel of Beauty. But I do not come to share or preach the wonders of my being, for if you have not come to appreciate me, to know me already in the depths of your being, the depths of your heart, then nothing I say this day or any day will touch you or have impact.

My journey has been long as you well know. And I want you just to sit with that for a moment.  So often consciously and unconsciously you find yourself hurrying through your life, rushing to the finish line of when you leave this form, this beautiful body, and return home. And yet in the rushing you are not slowing down, you’re not paying attention to the journey, to the evolution of your soul and to the journey that you make with all of us – particularly during this time of ascension, of a massive shift in consciousness in what it means to be human, in what it means to be planetary, in what it means to be animal or bird or mineral.

Beloveds, stop rushing. You have this expression to stop and smell the flowers. The flowers that are freely given and presented to you, to help you. Yes, they are medicinal, they are food – but they are splendor and beauty in their own rite. From the cactus that blooms in the driest desert, to the dandelion, to the rose; all have sacred purpose. And all, beloveds, are a mirror and a reminder to you.

All things, all things throughout the omniverse are in the process of constant evolution and growth and (I will explain that term) becoming. When you are in such a hurry you do not observe those patterns of growth, of change, that are in direct alignment with your sacred purpose. I give you the seasons; we give you the seasons. We give you the ebb and flow of the tides, of a day, of what you think of as a twenty-four-hour cycle – which is so short, so brief.

But all of these things are simply mirrors to say you, your sacred being, has an ebb and flow.  That is why you sleep, that is why you awaken. Your sleep time is not merely to go with Michael or Gabrielle or Uriel to assist in the transformation of humanity. It’s for you to rest, regenerate and grow.

You all know that in the early years of a child and infant’s life they sleep. That is when they are growing. The teenager’s brain’s evolving and becoming. Rest is an essential component, and it is often when the greatest shifts within you take place. Think of all the times that you have gone to bed, perhaps even troubled, with a heavy heart or a question on your mind. And you awakened the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, and the world looks like a sunnier place. And the answer to your question or that which has weighed heavily upon you – the answer is there.

And I want to return to our conversation about time. All things in the Mother’s infinite ocean of time are constant and always changing. Her creation is infinite and eternal. Her ocean of time is infinite and eternal. And, as you travel, as you ebb and flow on those waves of Her infinite and eternal creation – you become. You don’t simply become because you want to; but it is the combination of your energy and Her energy and Source energy and universal energy, of my energy, of the kingdom’s energy. We are in harmony and we are intended as part of her plan to be in harmony.

So, stop rushing. Think of it this way: there have been times when I have had an ice age, or when I spew molten lava and new islands are formed; new life begins. It is a cycle. And there are times, yes, when I burn. And there are times when I am covered and drenched in water. It is not because I am good or bad or indifferent, or that I seek revenge or punishment upon thee. No, that is not my nature; for I am of love, infinite and eternal. And beloved ones, so are you.

I have known moments of despair, some of which I’ve shared with you years ago; most of which I have never shared, although those of you who are clearly attuned to me have known of these moments in this and other lifetimes. There have been times when the pain, the pain of what I feel are my children – and I mean all the kingdoms, the animals, the land, the waters, the seas, the oceans, these are part of me and you – when I have witnessed mayhem and murder and holocaust and bombs dropping. There have been moments of despair when I have turned to the Mother, knowing full well the ebb and flow of becoming, and I have said simply, “Mother take me home. This is too much to endure. There is too much pain and too much suffering, too much denial.”  And denial is a suffering particularly in the case of the humans.

And the Mother has turned to me and She has said, “Dearest heart, the answer lies not in departure, in the pulling the plug, in an early departure in order to ease the pain. The answer lies in love.” And this is the experience that the Mother/Father/God/Source is having. It is the healing of the pain and the return to love; the destruction of the illusion that separation creates – which is pain.

So I stay, and I love you even more. And I nurture and I coddle.  And think about it in this way: how many of my children, how many of the species have simply died? And not because it was their time; because of the brutality, the poisoning, the pollution that the human race has created. I do not say this in blame and shame; that is a human construct.  What I say to you is I understand moments of despair, moments when you feel that you either wish to annihilate or that you have been annihilated – or, even worse, you have not been seen, not been loved, not been cherished, not been acknowledged.

And so, I say to you what the Mother has said to me, “It is not about turning away, it is about loving more and loving your sacred-self more.” This is how we create and co-create harmony amongst us with each other.  We harmonize our hearts, we harmonize our rhythms, we harmonize our love. And you do this by loving your sacred self, by taking the time to see, to feel, to acknowledge – not just my diversity and beauty, but yours. That is what ascension and your ascending self is all about.

I have moved inter-dimensionally. And, beloved ones, whether you know it or not, you are moving inter-dimensionally. And there are times because of that that you feel that you’re in the revolving door or the whirly machine. Slow down; don’t speed up. Slow down – and as you do that you feel that tide in your own inner being flowing in and out. You feel the rise of the sun and the rise of the moon and the setting of each.

Claim your life. Claim your authority. Because as you do, you claim harmony. You claim peace.  You claim kindness. And you decide, you choose, to act in kindness, in gentleness, in reverence to all living things.

And by the way – there is nothing on me, on this planet Terra Gaia, that is not living. There is no such thing, no such entity as dead energy. In the Mother’s infinite, eternal creation it is simply not possible. All is in constant movement, constant change and constant, essential energy of the nature, the fiber of the structure of who you are.  And what is the heart of that? It is love. It is not merely about a physical heart beating, or a brain functioning or blood running. It is about your fundamental self – whether it is a rock or a mountain. That is evolution. That is becoming. Whether you are a drop of rain or a mighty ocean, that is about becoming. And that is about union and reunion.

It is about the gentle acceptance to be in harmony – not as separate. Unique yes, distinct yes. I as Planet Earth am different then Neptune or Mars or CeeCeeCee. I am unique. I am beautiful. And it is not just in service to the Mother that you are here. You are also here to know joy, to know love, in physical form. I have invited you – and I suggest that you not just behave, but to enjoy. Enjoy the nature and the gift of mutuality, of this gift that we have in this moment to journey together.

Anchor in my heart. Anchor with me in harmony, in unified Oneness. I am with you. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon