This is a roundtable discussion with Linda Dillon, Steve Beckow, and Suzanne Maresca about the changes that are happening to us and around us.

An Hour With An Angel ~ March 29, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Universal – An Hour With An Angel
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal – Heavenly Blessings

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Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to An Hour with An Angel. And in this case, it may be some embodied angels. Linda, Suzi and I have discussed having a roundtable tonight. Because there’s so much happening out there. And there’s so much happening in here. We thought we do a kind of … I haven’t had a car in ten years, Linda. What do they call it when you take the car in for a check? Check-up, right?

Linda Dillon: (Laughing) A check-up.

SB: A check-up. (Laughing) So, with me tonight is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love. And Suzanne Maresca, host of Heavenly Blessings. (I was going to say beyond something). Heavenly Blessings. Welcome, Linda and Suzi.

Suzanne Maresca: Thank you.

LD: And welcome to you.

SB: So before, we were discussing just changes inside ourselves. We were discussing difficulties of waiting for the reval and trying to last financially. And we decided that we would discuss a bit about what tools we’ve been given, the shape of our internal space. Linda, do you want to amplify on that a bit?

LD: Okay, away we go.

SB: And away we go.

LD: Our plan for tonight had been a conversation with St. Germaine, and St. Germaine certainly has been present – really present for days. But when we started talking about the topic that St. Germaine was going to address, it was about the I AM presence and how each one of us is really being invited to embody our I AM presence. Like I AM a channel, that’s what I do.

And the feeling I have, and I think it’s a mood, and probably a lack of sleep. But the feeling, the mood that I’ve been in, is that it’s like I’m sitting here and I can feel. I mean, it’s a miraculous gift, don’t get me wrong. But it’s this sensation of so much information, so many tools, so many attunements including the renewed Tsunami of Love, have been given to us. And in some ways, I just feel that we’re pushing the replay button. And I’m looking around and I’m thinking, “Why aren’t we doing it?”

I know that we are doing it to some extent. And there are so many differing opinions on where we are. So, it seems like a good time for us to just really, the three of us as InLight Radio to be talking about where are we and what are we feeling?

Because I’m sure the myriad of each one of us is experiencing is also being experienced by our listeners, and by the lightworker communities. So, I thought, “Well, let’s have at it.”

SM: One of the things that’s come to me mostly about this. And like I stated this morning, the people who, you know, we all have our own path, so the best we can do is to pay attention to our own path actually, and our responsibilities.

SB: I am in a slightly different phase. Rather than the analysis phase like “What’s going on here?” I have been, for about the past four or five days, working on all the personal readings I’ve had with you, Linda. The initial impetus was to figure out what I should be doing after the reval, what does this look like. But it’s widened. And consequently, as a result of it widening, and taking in all of the readings period, I’m in an integrative phase.

And so, I’m becoming aware. Like I’m sort of waking up to what’s being asked of me. And asked of us, generally. And kind of saying to myself “My God, you know, I need to get in action.” I need to grow up, for one thing. You know, take myself more seriously for another thing. Stop acting as if I’m a bit player, you know, or have a walk-on part in a very large movie. No, No, No, No. No, I actually do have a part. And I need to be playing it.

SM: That’s a good point.

SB: So, I’m in a slightly different phase.

LD: Yeah. I would say, if anything, I’m more leaning towards where you’re at, Steve. You know we’re doing this class. The three of us are doing this class on creating with the Divine Mother. And certainly, in that process, I am looking at what other people are creating and co-creating with our unseen friends or, as Suzi would say, “our friends in the rafters” is that I’m seeing that not even requests, this agreement, this divine agreement, I guess is what some people would call your soul contract, your mission and purpose.

That the request is that we’re stepping forward into those roles. And that we are realizing the import of what we’ve agreed to. And, you know, St. Germaine came on in on the webinar class on Saturday. And talked about this – we are God having a human experience. And that is just, you know this isn’t something that we haven’t heard a million times.

But for some reason at this point it’s like “Well, if I’m really divine and we have all these super powers then what are we doing?” And yes, I can say we’re creating. And I mean we’ve got one hundred and twenty-two people really actively creating. And the ripple effect of that in the collective is massive.

But as I said in our chat beforehand, I almost shudder at the thought of having the money conversation again. Or they show us and the when is it gonna happen, and what about the event. It’s like I am so ready in my ascended, ascending, shifted, non-shifted self to just get going. It’s like we have all the tools. And it’s like “What are we doing? What are we doing?” And I guess that’s my frustration point. What are we doing?

SM: You know, if I could make a point here and say that some of the energetics behind our concern for others who aren’t getting it, who aren’t using tools, who aren’t listening, who aren’t whatever. That it would lighten our load somewhat if we would just let go of what other people are doing and trust that they are also on their path. And like you said earlier, you know, they just have a different method, perception, timing all that. We just have to let go of what’s happening with other people.

SB: That’s similar to a conversation I had Suzi, with somebody who was going to, was trying to change the views of her Christian community right. And what occurred to me is the hopelessness of that kind of effort. Right? Just as you say, it’s time for us to build rather than try to convert other people. I mean, if they’re not converted by the Tsunami of Love, my gosh, they’re really tightly holding out, I think.

LD: And there’s an assumption there too. And I think one of the things that St. Germaine has in the past talked a lot about is that there’s an arrogance in our assumption that perhaps someone who is on this quote-unquote “religious path” isn’t exactly where they need to be. They are doing their thing.

One of the things that certainly has been emphasized as we’re working our way through the Universal Laws has been that we can’t write or predict or demand or command the outcomes. That when we’re doing a creation process, that the outcome is usually, and I would say probably definitely, much bigger, much greater than we are imaging.

And I think, Steve, you referred to that when you realized, “Oh, my God, I don’t have a walk-on part, I have a leading role.” And it’s a little intimidating when you think about it. Because it’s like “I have to get serious about what we’re doing.”

And there is this bit of angst. And I know we can only be responsible for ourselves. I mean, that’s the deal, right? But we came as a collective. We didn’t just come as one person on a planet. So, it’s almost inevitable that we get concerned about what everybody else is up to as well.

SB: Well, at the same time that I felt concern, I was also aware that I’m well equipped you know, and the Company of Heaven. In my particular case because I have access to Michael through your readings, Linda. He has given a lot of reassurance over and over.

But there’s another source of reassurance that I’m becoming aware of. If I might just refer to that for a sec. And that’s that I’m becoming aware that objective reality has changed. Right. And I’ll tell you how I’m becoming aware of that.

I’ve got through, just in the process of completing some core issues that came up. Vasanas associated with shame, grief, fear, the list keeps growing. Every time I face into one of these feelings and expected to really, you know, go through a storm, the feeling has just disappeared like that. Every time I’ve faced into it. The part that I’m creating, the feeling of shame that I have is not being reflected back to me by objective reality.

It’s like biting into a chocolate Easter egg and it only has that chocolate shell. You bite into it and there’s nothing else inside. And this to me is evidence that we are going up in dimensionality. That these old feelings associated with third-dimensional scripts have no… are showing up for me as having no objective existence any longer.

Sorry, go ahead, Suzi.

SM: But maybe the key there is that you were willing to look at it.

SB: Well, but I have always looked at my vasanas. This is the way I’ve handled them for decades. And earlier if I looked at them, I’d go through an emotional storm. Like shame, “Oh, God, this feels awful, do I have to really sit here going through this?” You know, it was really quite rigorous and hard. But not now. If I face into my feelings now, they disappear rather quickly, and that’s highly suspect to me.

LD: I think that really is an indicator of how all the energy that’s been downloaded to us or with us, on the planet, all over the planet, is really changing. Not only how we feel, but really where we’re living. You know, we don’t live in that old 3rd anymore. We can look at it, I certainly, sometimes, I watch the TV news and I think, “Oh it’s still there”. Hah.

SM: Yeah.

LD: But we don’t live there.

SM: You know what I wonder though is how it looks for us to continue to have kind of 3D life situations happen to us. It’s sort of, you know, so we spend our time and we live in an elevated kind of consciousness state. You know, breathing good energy and just by our presence we’re here.

And at the same time, some kind of life situation comes to really demonstrate to us that we are still really tethered here. So, I’m not sure what happens to cut that tether.

LD: I’m wondering if in fact that tether is just a reminder to us where we’ve chosen to serve and perhaps even something that we still need to look at in our big part in the movie, as Steve was saying, is that we’re here to really heal that issue.

SM: Right.

LD: And that’s just Linda free thinking.

SM: When are we done?

SB: I think we’re always going to be… I think we’ve chosen the route of being tethered. Have we not? I mean, we’ve chosen to ascend in our physical bodies. So, it’ll be a more refined tether. A better tether.

SM: Right.

SB: But have people noticed?

LD: You know, its, it’s this sensation. And we’ve had this discussion but I think we’re still, I would certainly say, in the discovery phase of what it really feels like, what’s the real experience of being multi-dimensional or inter-dimensional.

And part of our agreement of course is to be in human form. But not being attached to the old paradigms of what we, how we defined the 3rd dimension. The 3rd dimension, what is it? Time, space, spatiality of being in physicality. But it was never intended to be the lack, the limitation, the greed, the abuse of authority. All those things.

SM: Right.

LD: So, I think that what we’re discovering is that we’re still in physical form and, Steve, you mention of looking at an issue and it doesn’t have the same charge. And I would suggest that that’s because you’re really coming at it from a higher dimensional reality, like the seventh dimension, which is the Christ Consciousness or the love dimension. Or even a higher dimension than that. The eleventh which is mastery. And we’re feeling this spaciousness and yet, as Suzi says, we’re tethered to the physical reality where those remnants of the old are still fading away.

So, it’s confusing. Sometimes I certainly, to quote the Mother, feel like “I am an angel in form just having an experience of being on Earth.” You know, talking to the birds, hugging the trees, making my rose garden, talking to the air, breathing. But there are other times when I think, “This is really a drag.”

SM: Yeah.

LD: It’s that feeling of where we’re anchored. So, we’re in the seventh in some ways and then, even as I’m talking I’m thinking…well, you know, the sixth dimension is creative chaos. And maybe it’s not the 3rd that we’re experiencing at all. Maybe it’s just that creative chaos dimension that we’re really feeling. Because, boy, it feels like everything is in the blender.

SM: Right. And, maybe, as you’re saying that, it’s just coming to me that maybe we just have to shift our perceptions to everything being an experience and an education, and that we are always absolutely safe, no matter what happens.

LD: You can’t write the outcome.

SB: That’s a wonderful place to come from. I have a little difficulty with that myself.

SM: Yeah. I… you know.

SB: Michael called me a worrywart. (Laughing)

LD: Well, if the shoe fits…

SB: It did. It did fit. It did. Quite did fit. I’m wondering if other people are having or noticing changes in their bodies, or their body. And the reason I ask is I just stumbled the other day upon the fact, you know, my mattress is a bit soft. I often get up in the morning and I’m a bit stiff from the way I’ve been sleeping. And I, and so in past times I would exercise you know I would do twenty-minutes of exercising and then I’d feel better. And now I find that I can just take my arm and I can just snap it. Right. And that condition goes. Or take my leg and just snap it and that condition goes too. And it’s like “Whoa – what is this?”

SM: Super powers coming online.

SB: Yeah, it seems like we’re going to have to stumble on these things, you know, an evidence of progress in higher dimensionality.

Sorry, Linda.

LD: No, I’m agreeing with you and it’s certainly what I’m hearing from people. But the other thing that I noticed again, in the form of the class that we’re currently doing, is, surprisingly, well, just surprisingly for yours truly, the number of people that in their creation work have turned their attention to their physical body.

You know, I think if we were having this conversation, I don’t know, five years ago the theme, the soup de jour was “I want my energy body, I want my crystalline body, I want my body, I’m out of here.”

SM: Yeah.

LD: I think we’re all there. Suzi, I heard you very clearly. And we’ve been at this for years now, right? It’s that I don’t want to have to eat, I don’t want to have to pay attention. And now I’ve heard you, Suzi, saying how much you’re loving Pilates. And how much you’re loving having this strong, healthy, beautiful (by the way), vibrant body.

And so we’re really seeing not just that are are things that we can snap out of it, but that our relationship with our beautiful bodies has really been changing. That we’re really… I think that whole idea that it took years, at least for me, to sink in that we needed these bodies because this was the deal that we signed up for.

SM: Absolutely. Absolutely. I wanted to forget about my body. And I was working on it. And it didn’t work out so well. First, it took my daughter and I looking at pictures of ourselves when we were… my father died and we went out to California. And looking at pictures of that because we all got together, said “Oh, it’s time to take care of weight loss anyway.”

But after losing thirty pounds then we started having these terrible, severe intestinal pains that brought us to go to a nutritionist. And, you know, it’s a story from there. But the bottom line is now we’re strong and healthy and feeling really good. And it’s been a long journey. And it’s a hard one, but totally worth it. Absolutely worth it. You’re a better, more clear conduit. And I’m sorry for going on. But it’s like, I’m very passionate about it now.

LD: And that’s a real shift. Sorry, Steve, go ahead.

SM: Totally.

SB: Well, I wonder, you know I wonder about the process of discovery here. Obviously, our sources through channeled messages are busy telling us what to expect and all the rest of it. But in the end, it really is us discovering. You know what I’m saying?

SM: Yeah. Exactly.

SB: I mean, here I am discovering that my emotions have no, well, not my emotions, but the residue has no substance any longer. The world doesn’t support my shame, or my worry, or my fear any longer. And I’m discovering that my body seems to respond in slightly different ways. You know, in the end we have to discover every bit of this ourselves, right?

SM: Totally. Oh, boy.

LD: We have to experience it ourselves. And I think you know, in sharing what we’re discovering, is that it’s not just discovering, it’s also, it feels like almost childlike. This sense of wonder, of really what is possible. You mean, “I used to have to do twenty minutes of exercise and now I can just snap my arm and it’s okay?” It’s amazing.

This amazing shift in our bodies and I think what we’re experiencing in our bodies is reflective of what our bigger self, our Universal Self is really experiencing.

You know, I was having this conversation yesterday with someone about how our nutritional needs and desires have really shifted as well. And in terms of what people want to eat and what you feel like eating.

I gave up sugar. Oh, sugar’s never been my big downfall. But I just basically gave it up before Christmas. You know people talk about the sugar blues and all the effort blah, blah, blah. It just wasn’t an issue at all. And I certainly don’t miss it.

But what was interesting was just this inner feeling like, “I don’t feel like eating that stuff anymore.” And it was no more profound than that. It was just like “I don’t feel like doing it anymore.”

SM: Yeah. It’s true. And I think too, also speaking to what you were talking about just before that. The more we pay attention to the changes and acknowledge them, and say “Thank you and I’m grateful,” the more will be coming into our awareness for it.

LD: And it’s that gratitude piece. I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head. I mean, I have to say that in terms of giving gratitude to my body, I haven’t been the best little person in the world. Because everybody knows about the trials and tribulations of Linda’s various illnesses and surgeries.

But, and so often I think… for all of us, and my heart goes out to the people who have these chronic illnesses or diseases, is that the focus becomes on that rather than the gratitude for how this form has really stuck with us through thick and thin. And it’s getting not older and creakier, but actually better.

SM: Yeah.

SB: For sure. Another aspect of this is, I was mentioning earlier the negative feelings like shame, fear, worry and that, that seems to have very little objective existence anymore. But the other side of it is how we feel every day. And that is getting better and better. The floor keeps getting raised, right. And that’s another way, and probably the most important way that I sense the changes. I’m feeling better every day.

I just saw a message the other day from the Company of Heaven in which they stressed that the way we feel is all important. I mean, never mind that we have money or don’t have money. If we’re happy, then, that’s the important thing, right? Our internal experience.

And my experience, internal experience, is that my floor keeps getting raised. I mean I haven’t been feeling depressed in years. And I’m definitely feeling happier every day. I’m even starting to become a little social. For me. Which is quite a big deal.

SM: Oh, oh, oh.

SB: Does anybody else feel any change in their emotional interior space?

LD: I certainly do. And it’s funny because we’ve had how many channelings on joy. I mean, there’s probably a whole book there on joy. But. And I tend to think of it as my joy factor has certainly come up. Because it’s not that I’m happy about this or that. But I do feel my internal and my external, my within and without, seems to be more harmonious. And that there’s a sense of wellbeing and unfoldment and being on track. Regardless of the drama of the moment.

Because certainly there continued to be, I won’t even call it drama. I’d call it life challenges. And sometimes life challenge is “Forget about the RV, do you have the money to pay the rent. Or do you have the wherewithal to go to a doctor if you need one.” It’s not about going to the spa. It’s about taking care of some really basic things.

But I feel, as you would put it Steve, happier. More joyful, less worried. There’s this sense of I do live in a loving, kind, harmonious universe. And I may not know what the Mother or St. Germaine or my Guardian Angel or Archangel Gabrielle is going to deliver, but I do have this sense that they will deliver.

SM: Yes. Yes. I mean for me what it comes down to is faith. Absolutely. That whatever happens you know; you’re going to be ultimately okay. That, bottom line foundationally, I would say that if I was going to go down into the pit of despair, that it would be that this is all for nothing and that we’ve been lied to and blah, blah, blah.

But that does not ring true in any way at all for me. So, what it comes down to is “Do I have the faith or do I not?” And I absolutely do. So, that would be the bottom floor that “Yes, it’s gonna happen.” And we just might have to wait longer, which, you know, that is a little troubling for me at this time because I don’t want to wait anymore. But bottom line is, I’m never going to be so depressed that I feel like it’s all for crap.

SB: It’s a good point. Go ahead, Linda.

LD: This sense of waiting. Like I know I said it very vigorously to you, Steve. I know a couple of conversations ago that we were talking, I think it was in the context of the RV, and I just said, “I’m not waiting anymore”. And I really feel that.

I don’t know what other people are doing. Well, I know what some people are doing. But it’s like I don’t have a sense of waiting. And I put that in the context of before, you know years ago, I guess. I used to feel almost that sense of vertigo you know. Like I’m standing in the middle of my street in the suburbs waiting for a bus. And there is no bus service in Port St. Lucie.

So, I don’t have that sense of waiting. I am doing everything I can with the tool kit that I have at my disposal. And part of that is really working and telling the Universe. Because I think they’re waiting for so many of us to say “We’re good to go”. And I think that’s why we have the renewed Tsunami of Love. Because it’s like the final rinse cycle.

And I don’t think it’s so much about us. I think it’s about us doing absolutely everything we can, which includes this conversation. And reaching out to our listeners and saying to them “This is how we’re feeling, and how are you feeling? And what are you doing? And what are you planning to do?”

But I feel like this waiting, waiting, that weakens our entire life. You know, I’m sixty-seven, and I could spend the next sixty-seven years waiting. I’m not doing it. I refuse to do it.

SB: Umm hmm. Now for me, given that I’m a writer, it’s fairly easy for me to get to work, but I want to add another dimension to just simply getting to work. You know, not waiting. And that’s that I discovered recently that if I focus on what I really, really, really love, that my work that I’m doing while not waiting just takes off.

And I’d like to give an example of that to Linda. In your course, I was creating. I have three projects that I was creating. Turned out later that they were really ‘should project,’ right? They were what I should do.

And then I got this idea that I’m working on now that I would go through all my readings and take out what Michael had advised me to do after the reval, and really get clear on that. And I loved doing that. You know I was in seventh heaven with all these pages of quotes and taking this out here and putting that there and reorganizing the whole thing. So I’d add to the suggestion that we find a way to get to work instead of waiting. That we also concentrate or discover those areas that we really love.

It’s not like work for me. When I’m working on this particular project, the hours go by and I resent any phone call, you know, I’m having so much fun. So that transforms the whole situation as well.

LD: Yeah, I think that’s really true. It’s sort of like “What do I want to do?” And this is amazing because, again, and I know we keep referring to this class, but I think that was the biggest question is “What’s your heart’s desire? What do you really want to do?”

I think that so many of us, and particularly this broad couple of generations, we were indoctrinated for being the responsible citizens and doing what we thought we should do. You know, “I should be a good parent. I should be a good husband. I should be having a good career.” Blah, blah, blah.

Instead of saying “What makes me feel like I could work for twelve hours and not want to quit because it’s so much darn fun?”

SM: And also, what about things that maybe aren’t productive in a conventional kind of a way? Like taking your very fine markers and coloring in a grown-up coloring book? And really, what’s going to come of that? But just the fact that you’re making a pretty thing – there’s a lot of value to that too.

LD: Oh, I totally agree. You know, I often will talk about my “stare at the wall” time. Because I think you know I have an absolute love affair with my bed. Ha ha (Laughing). And I find that the time that I take to just, not quite meditate, maybe ruminate is a better word. But that I just let my mind drift. And let the issues float away and the desires well up. And just listen.

And it’s not like I’m trying to channel. It’s not like I’m going into deep meditations and “Okay, Archangel Gabrielle, come and talk to me.” It’s just that “stare at the wall” time.

And so, I think if you’re adding magic markers or crayons, you know those wonderful coloring books are just fabulous. You’re creating more beauty on the planet. And I think that’s really, really productive.

SM: Well, that’s a good thing.

SB: Hmm.

LD: Yeah.

SB: I’d like to introduce another topic and that is “What have we gotten out of this?”

If nothing, if none of the events ever materialize, none of them. The Galactics all said “You guys are never gonna get it, so we log on home.” And nothing else ever materialized. What would you have gotten out of all this? Have you grown? Let’s put it that way. Have you expanded? Are you the same as you were five years ago?

LD: Not even close.

SM: No. Yeah.

SB: How have you changed Linda? How have you grown, expanded?

LD: I just keep following, and it sounds funny, the guidance. But the dream almost, of creating, and living, and doing what I think that I’m here for.

So, if by some chance the Mother came to me you know in one of those three a.m. wake-up calls and said, “Well ,dear, it’s going to take another two hundred years,” I would be okay.

Because in this life, and I’m far luckier than many, I have had some really amazing adventures. And I have. I mean, I have this fabulous family, I mean, I really lucked out on that score. I have a really good, solid, caring, supportive marriage, relationship. I have the neighborhood. You know, living in thirty different places since I became legal. I have this wonderful suburban neighborhood with awake people that I live with. And I wouldn’t change it.

I wouldn’t change what I do on a day-to-day basis because what I see is that I share with people that we’re not alone, and that we have these helpers.

This is a little aside. Bear with me. I was, was it last week? It seems like months ago. But I think it was last week on Heavenly Blessings? That St. Germaine did come and we were talking about, this is before we did the show. I’m talking to him and he’s showing me about our soul purpose, our sacred purpose. And how it was determined at the very beginning. So, I’m sitting here with him and I’m looking at thousands of lifetimes that were all… not fated in the predestination kind of way… but that agreement with the Mother and the adventure with the Mother was that big. And so, if she came and said “Well you know, another two hundred years.” God forbid. I don’t want everyone listening to..

SB & SM: Laughter.

SB: No, no, no. no.

LD: I’m saying that that is what she’s saying. I’m just saying if that happened. Because you’re saying, “what’s your take-away?” I would be okay. Because I still feel, and I would, you know – and I’m projecting onto you two too – is that, and to so many of us that, we’re doing it. So, it’s okay.

SM: It is okay.

SB: What about you Suzi?

SM: Oh, gosh, over the last five years? Wow. Lots have changed. My goodness. I fully believe that all these things are going to happen. But if that was the situation, I’m very grateful for everything that’s happened. I have deepened my relationship with everything around me is what’s happened. So, it’s a beautiful thing. I mean, it’s very good to have altitude in perspective to get the big picture. And I have most certainly been gifted the big picture over the last several years. And that’s what helps me to be calm and stable and trusting. Really. Because I have that connection.

SB: Wow.

LD: And what about you Steve?

SM: Yeah, what about you?

SB: Well, two things. Two things are prominent for me. One is what I’ve been calling over the years “emergence”. You know, the degree to which I have emerged. Because, even though nobody should necessarily know this, but I spent fifty, no, wait a minute now, I think about fifty-eight years, something like that. Fifty-five perhaps, years of my life dissociated. With two sides of myself that never met, that didn’t know each other. And even once they met, it was still many years before they integrated again. And I felt that there was firm ground under my feet. So, I’ve only been around, you know, maybe a decade. Or maybe fifteen years or whatever it’s been. And in the last say five years, the process of emergence has really accelerated. So, I feel more present. I feel more confident.

But the big event that I would say has made it all worthwhile, and if I woke up and it was all a dream tomorrow, that event alone would be repayment is the heart opening that I had in 2015, experiencing the nature of higher dimensional love. You know, not the love that we talk about, which is like very weak tea compared to some really strong caffeinated beverage or something.

Higher dimensional love is amazing. And I just hope this heart opening – which some are calling ‘The Event’ – I hope that happens soon so that the whole world can experience this. But that alone has made it worthwhile.

I grew-up fifty-eight, sixty-years, however long it was, without knowing what love was. Not at all. You know, not at all. So, I have reached a point where I say, “You know, if I woke up tomorrow, that was a great dream and I really enjoyed it. And I benefited a lot from it.’’ So, I feel complete. You know, I don’t feel as if something’s missing if I woke up from the dream.

LD: You know, I think that too, what you’re saying is that the takeaway piece is that the Mother has said, and several of the Council of Love has said that we’re really in our ascension. And that we need to claim it.

And for me, it’s that love piece. It’s really knowing the love. And really experiencing in form what love looks and feels like. And the rest to me is, and by the way, I do believe, that everything that we’ve been told, it will come to pass. I know timing’s always an issue. But I think timing’s an issue because of humans, not because the divine can’t deliver. But the heart opening, as you’re saying, that alone is worth the price of admission.

SB: No doubt. Definitely.

SM: Yeah

SB: Definitely. The inner Tsunami of Love. You know, the Tsunami of Love that’s always flowing through us but we’re not aware of it. Mostly. You know, there’s various reasons for that. But one reason is we simply don’t pay any attention to it.

You know, I, I feel love arise in me. I feel bliss arise in me. And I notice that, when I’m going about a day, that I don’t pay any attention to it.

LD: Isn’t that bizarre? I mean, we all do it.

SB: It is.

LD: It’s bizarre.

SB: Yes, it is. It really is. It’s tragic actually.

SM: What do you mean not pay attention to it? Okay, so if I’m driving along, and I’m really loving the blue sky that’s got not a cloud or a chemtrail in sight. And the beautiful trees and whatever else. And I feel love come up. What do you mean not pay attention to it?

SB: Well, I’d have to give the context for that. I had an experience, I’ve had two experiences actually. One was watching my thoughts go by as if I was on a train. And I suddenly saw a face that was so peaceful that looking at it awakened peace in me. Now, I paid attention to that face. Right?

There was another situation which I was in a room and there was one either face or energy source, I don’t remember what but that I recognized as bliss. And the minute I turned to it and kind of locked on, I felt blissful. Right.

So, that’s what I mean by paying attention to it. Bliss may arise, but we don’t sort of fix our attention on it and let it fill us up. And consequently, it just goes by.

SM: Hmmm.

SB: So, that’s what I’m referring to specifically.

SM: Okay.

LD: I think it’s not being in the busyness. And our societies have been constructed, you know, in ways that we have been encouraged to really be busy, and that we don’t take the time, like you were saying, Suzi, of taking the magic markers and coloring. And so, if something’s coming up that we can actually be with it rather than saying, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to pick up the kids in ten minutes.”

SM: Right.

LD: The way it’s constructed is that we’re not… we haven’t programmed ourselves or our societies in ways that allow for that spaciousness or that latitude to really pay attention to our own internal dialogue, the inner Tsunami of Love.

But also, the messages that are coming and are all around us, you know, 24/7.

SM: Yeah, you know I bet there’s a brain thing involved with focusing on art that frees up another part of your being and your field to receive information. I mean, oh, what am I talking about? Absolutely. You’re a channel when you do art. It just comes through you. Oh, that’s great, okay.

LD: Yeah.

SB: Same with listening to music, Suzi, you can lose yourself in music as well.

SM: Oh, yes.

SB: And playing some games.

LD: And being in nature. Oh, my gosh. To me, that’s an automatic “I’ll be in a different realm.” Because nature can talk to you.

SM: Yes. I’m looking forward to being outside more. I’m not a big winter and snow person. So yes, we want to get out of New Jersey, but there’s still snow all over the ground. I’m really looking forward to getting outside more. When it’s nice.

LD: Again, it’s that claiming your joy piece, right?

SM: Yeah.

SB: Yes.

SB: Do you think creation is going to get easier as we go forward? You’re teaching us the creation skills now. And we’re “working” at it so to speak with quotation marks around working. But, I imagine our powers are going to expand and it’s going to get more routine and easier to create in the future. Is that not the case?

LD: I think that is absolutely the case. And I thank you for saying “I, Linda” are teaching, but really it’s the Mother. We have this contract, co-habitation thing going on.

But what she’s really doing, you know she’s doing it for a small group of us, that’s contagious. It’s doing it for the collective. She’s reminding us. So, it’s funny because I was having this conversation with her. Was it last night? Or the night before? You know when it’s… remember the first time you got into a car and you were going to learn how to drive? Now, I learned on a stick-shift, and so that was the example she was using for me. That you got in the car, and you had to adjust the seat. And then you had to coordinate your hands and two pedals. And the gear shift. And it seemed so much going on at the same time. That there were all these steps that you had to take.

But then she said, “After a while didn’t it just become completely automatic?” And of course, for all of us it did. And so, you can hop in the car and you don’t even think about it. You turn the key or you push the button and away you go.

And that’s how creation is coming. She’s reminding us how to drive.

SB: So, in the beginning, we’re going to be a little bit clunky.

LD: Exactly, we may stall out a couple of times.

SB: But the sooner we start to learn, the faster we get out of that phase, right? Is that correct? I’m hoping.

LD: Exactly. Yeah.

SB: Well good.

LD: And that’s exactly what she’s saying, “Okay, now you know you take the Universal Laws, and you take the creation formula. And you chunk it in. Today you know we’re focusing on how to shift the clutch”.

But when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. And it really does become, you know, less than five minutes and you’re materializing. This isn’t just creating Divine Qualities or working, you know, to become a better person. This is literally, tangibly, creating Nova Earth. With them.

This is the other thing – is that we are such good students, that the other thing that I’m seeing in the class. And I see it in myself. Is that I think that I have to do absolutely everything. And I don’t even leave room for the Company of Heaven to get in there.

And you know, they’re the engine. They’re the gasoline. You know that new saying for the Council of Love, “powered by heart, fueled by love”. They’re doing it. But we have to let them in.

SB: I joked with Michael once that we grope and gripe and complain and all the rest of it. But when it’s all over, we’ll take full credit, right. And he agreed.

LD & SM & SB: laughing.

SB: We’ve reached the end of our hour folks. Does anybody have anything they want to say by way of closing?

LD: I think that we are finished with waiting. I think that we really are, you know, maybe going forward with training wheels. But I think we’re full steam ahead.

SB: Suzi. Sorry.

SM: Well, all I will say is that it really is very important what we pay attention to. And keep our own frequency as high as possible. Pay attention to our own clearing and our own process. And try to let go of what everybody else is doing.

SB: I can only say for myself that I don’t think, I just don’t think I can wait any longer. And I’m doing whatever I can think of to prepare myself. And in that, doing only those things that I really love and that really spark me, so that it doesn’t even appear like work.

SM: Beautiful.

SB: Thank you, Linda and Suzi.

LD: Thank you.

SB: That was a wonderful, wonderful check-in, wonderful check-up, wonderful inventory. Thank you and that’s our show for tonight. Goodnight. To the both of you.

LD: Goodnight you guys.

SM: Bye.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
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