How could you possibly be in that depth of connection to our sacred Beloved Mother and not be in the depth, the height, the width, the breadth of joy?

An Hour With An Angel April 12, 2018
Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow, Host for InLight Radio

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Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor in chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, council….haha, I thought I’d say that; council for the channel…hahaha.

Linda Dillon: Hahaha!

SB: Channel, hahaha, oh dear…channel…no!  Hahaha

LD: Hahaha!

Steve Beckow: Channel for the Council of Love. I, Linda, I need to tell listeners that we have been, I have been, laughing offline and we may still be laughing because of a legal notice that I got that was just so ludicrous. Hahaha. And I’m not going to name the company because it would have an effect on them, right? But nevertheless, some person unfamiliar with the company itself sent out this legal notice, which is just a hoot. So I am in joy, which I believe is something that Archangel Michael is going to be talking about today. How are you, Linda?

LD: I’m just fine.

SB: You’re in your car, right?

LD: I’m in my car. We have some work people at our house that are banging away on our roof trying to fix it and repair it for hurricane season.

SB: Wow, oh boy. It’s no laughing matter.

LD: Well, I don’t know. Maybe it is. It’s kind of funny because I’m sitting out on the street in my car, so yeah, if you hear traffic noise or something you’ll know exactly where I’m at. But it’s interesting because I put Gabrielle, you know, on the hood of the car. The car is surrounded by the archangels, so I think we’re good to go.

SB: Right. Okay, well I think we’ll just fold that in; take that into consideration. It might have a slight impact on sound or something like that. But I remember hurricane season about two years ago when all of us were putting a bubble over your house and the storm passed…

LD: Yes, and didn’t it work!

SB: It passed over with no damage to your house as far as I know.

LD: No damage, no damage.

SB: Isn’t that remarkable?

LD: It’s really, and even last year when we had a hurricane here, and as I’m sure our listeners remember that Isaac and I were on our spirit quest to England and to the stone circles, and my sister was here taking care of my little dog Eliza. And she weathered the storm, but we lost a lot of shingles. And so when the repair companies came and were looking at the roof, they said, “you know if you look at your roof it looks fine. But if you were in a storm and across the street looking at it in the wind, it’s completely flapping. Like it’s amazing that it didn’t take off and fly like something out of, you know, the Wizard of Oz. So it was protected last year too but we’re playing it safe and…..

SB: That’s great!

LD: …the bubble can only do so much; you’ve got to do your part. That’s part of our part of creation, right?

SB: It’s one of the steps of creation to take actions consistent with the intention. Haha, oh my.

LD: And my intention is to keep my house intact.

SB: Oh yes, absolutely. I totally agree. I was given a lesson some years ago when I bought a new computer, and it was bigger than my old computer, so my reach was kind of off and I spilled coffee on it. And later the point was made I need to pay more attention. So, you know, that’s fine; need to slow down.

LD: The thing’s very physical and being present in our body, and I’m sure many of our listeners are feeling that. You know I know your inbox is probably crammed, and so is mine, as people are feeling these incredible shifts in energy – the renewed Tsunami of Love, which is knocking us all sideways. And trying to stay as integrated vessels of unified love is…

SB: Challenging.

LD: Can be a physical challenge.

SB: Um-hum. At this time it’s not as if we’re being squeezed, but it feels like we’re being squeezed. You know, like something is emerging. Well, I guess that’s what a birth feels like. This is like a birth.

LD: It is like a birth and, you know, as I’ve been preparing for our time together with Archangel Michael, you know he’s showing me about his grid, which is so massive. And it’s like if I was looking at it I’d say a billion points of light. Where all those points of intersection are on the grid, it’s like we’re birthing ourselves and we’re coming into this massive grid. And we’re just adjusting; we’re just not used to it.

SB: Gosh, boy as if everything else wasn’t enough. There’s a lot going on.

LD: Hahaha. Yeah, there really is a lot going on.

SB: Well, why don’t we ask Archangel Michael to tell us more about joy? Boy, I think we’re all pretty conditioned for a talk on that subject. If that’s what he intended to talk about, let’s welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Yes, and I know that you had questions about Michael and his essence and how’s he’s a million places at once and…

SB: Yes, I do!

LD: …paints the sky and all this good stuff.

SB: I do; how he can do all that. I have questions about, oh, there are so many things that have been said about him too, yes, so we have time.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome my beloveds, teachers, channels, counselors, and shall we add lawyers? Ah yes, it is a fine day. It is a fine night. It is a fine season. Everything, whether it appears to you this way or not is in divine order, divine beauty, divine joy, divine truth, divine right.

As you step forward this night and every night – always I am beckoning you to come and work and play and be the peace. But I also beckon you this night to come and be the joy, for how can there be love, how can there be peace, how can there be the experience of any of these Divine Qualities, these Blessings & Virtues, without joy, and without the sister – the twin – of gratitude; because if you are in joy, you are in gratitude.

As that font overflows, the golden essence that comes forth from the wellspring of your heart is gratitude. But it is also joy! Yes, joy is found deep within. It is part of the essential essence of who you are; of your divine and human DNA. But it is also intended, by its very makeup, to be shared; for what can be sweeter, my friend, than sharing the joy. And in this yes, sometimes it will express as happiness that is reactive that is about something. Joy is that infinite sense, not only of well-being, but of knowing.

Now what do I mean by this? For you know that in this last year or two we have placed great emphasis on the acceptance and the dawning, not merely taking your mantle of Divine Authority and hiding it away in the recesses of your darkest closet, but the dawning of that mantle and of stepping forward as the speakers of Saedor, the warriors of truth. And, in that, in perfect alignment is the joy of your divine knowing.

When you have reached a place where you have accepted and surrendered to the fact that your internal knowing, when you have surrendered and aligned with Divine Heart, Mind and Will, there is such an experience and a presence; not just the experience, but a presence of joy. How could you possibly be in that depth of connection to our sacred Beloved Mother and not be in the depth, the height, the width, the breadth of joy?

It is not only the remembering; in the acceptance it brings it into what you construe as your current reality, your current existence, but also that existence within the infinite eternal experience and realm of time and of the energy of One. When you are there, and beloved ones you are, all the hardships, what you think of as setbacks, delays, are insignificant. Now, I can already feel some of you say, “Oh, please Archangel Mi-ka-el, please do not tell us that there are more delays, more setbacks, more recalcitrance, more disinterest.” That is not what I am saying, but I don’t want you to go there – at least not yet.

With me in this infinite moment I want you to set aside the temporal, and to allow your heart, your mind, your self, your being, your massively expanded field to conjoin and merge with me in this joy of all. It is from the joy that you have the fuel; you have the desire to actually live your life in the most miniscule ways, and in the broadest ways.

I am not asking you, the Mother is not asking you, to ignore the details of your life; quite the contrary. When you embrace, when you own, the details of your life with joy coming from that state of being of joy, then what you think of as challenges or as distraction even, disappears because the essence and attitude of how you undertake your daily existence completely shifts. And in that experience, in that reinforcement of joy in the small things, it literally gives you the oomph, the fuel, the ignition to, in fact, begin with the bigger things.

Beloveds, you are the implementers of our Mother’s Plan, building Nova Earth. Yes, and I will say it – a world that works for everybody, a world that works for everyone. And, in that, everyone does not just mean the human beings or a particular group or a certain select minority. Everyone includes us because we are all part of One, of everyone. You are not simply conjoined and part of Divine Mind/Heart/Being. You have been given renewed grit. You are part of us. We are part of you. The Mother is part of you. What strange delineations would someone wish to make? It would be absurd. Now having said that, where do you wish to begin, my beloved friend?

SB: Well, I think the only one you left off in your list of worries, love, etc., was Buddhism-mirth, Buddhism-joy. So, Sri Ramakrishna said about love, he said the ocean of love – it doesn’t matter how you get in it, walk in it, run in it, dive in it, be pushed in it, it doesn’t matter. Just get yourself in the ocean of love. Is the same thing true about joy?

AAM: Yes, you cannot separate these. Understand what I say, and this is also why our Beloved Mother speaks in terms of the infinite ocean of time. This is why she works with the Tsunami of Love. Tsunamis come in the oceans and they will take you and clear you and refresh you and renew you.

You know the love is as big as an ocean, as big as a planet, as big as a universe, a galaxy, an omniverse. There is not any separation – that is an illusion. So think of it in this way – when people try, and it is a human and some other planets still in evolution, but there is a human trait to try and see how many angels are dancing on the head of that pin, in that infinite ocean – they say, “Oh there’s a joy piece, oh there’s a piece piece, oh there’s a surrender piece.” It is all of one thing.

Every time you submerse or immerse yourself into the infinite, consciously, into the infinite ocean of love, you are immersing yourself in joy. Now this factor of discernment and of free will, think of it in this way: there are times when you may go into an ocean and you look for the golden sand or the little effervescent bubble, or the sparkling fish that are of joy. And that is exactly the experience that you are choosing to immerse yourself in. Now, that does not mean that you’re not simultaneously being immersed and submersed in the placid currents of peace, of a deeper understanding of wisdom or the gentle flow. Think of the sea turtle or the whales that are bringing you compassion – it is all in there.

But at different times, depending on where you are, what you are wanting, desiring, paying attention to you will have some different experiences. So you cannot carve out, “Well, this is where joy is, this is where humility is.” It is all part of the infinite ocean of love. But so often, and that is why we are speaking of joy this night, is that human beings, and I would say in the deepest reverence – you lightworkers and loveholders – you tend to take yourself and your mission and purpose, as do I, seriously. And that simply means with reverence and the level of attention that it deserves, but never, never has our Mother’s Desire or Her Plan been about burden.

So it is important, and that is why we are talking about it, that we speak about this refreshment of joy, so there is a sense as you go forward; and yes, as both of you have said, there is so much happening, that all the actions and the attitudes and the precursors to the actions are done in a depth and a knowing, an embrace and an embodiment of joy.

SB: Lord, can I interrupt for a moment?

AAM: Yes.

SB: I’ve had experiences where I’ve noticed bliss; it’s as if bliss were personified, and I was in a room full of people and I’d notice bliss. And the minute I would notice it, it fills me up or, you recall we discussed on another show the experience with the thoughts going by which you said was interdimensional travel, and I saw a particular peace, a particularly peaceful person, a face, and the minute I locked, you know I engaged with his gaze, peace arose in me. I recognized him as peaceful – as very, very peaceful, and that peace rose in me. Is it necessary for us to be aware of the Divine Qualities before they really fill us up?

AAM: This is a very good question. Now, is it necessary for you to be aware before you can activate? What is occurring right now as you are ascending, as you are already inhabiting your ascended self, is that the level of awareness – what you are calling awareness, and what I will also say and use as synonymous with conscious, is becoming increasingly relevant and important.

Before, there are times like as you watch an innocent child or an infant who’s absolutely brimming over with bliss and joy, and lying in the crib or lying on the floor or crawling and discovering a new toy and they are exploding with joy – not happiness, but just joy because everything is in divine perfection. And you most certainly know from them when it isn’t. There is, and in that there is a consciousness before it has been burnt out of them, of that joy factor.

As you are becoming the fullness of your ascended self, that conscious awareness of the divine quality is essential because it extends that level from that state of conscious awareness that you are bringing forth the best, the highest, easiest, the clearest creation. So, this is why I have talked and mentioned about not having a sense of burden or obligation. Responsibility is not meant to be tedious. It is meant to be an incredible, incredible joyful experience, so bringing to your consciousness, having that connection, is very essential.

Now, you say, “But it does not seem to be in consistent conscious awareness as yet.” Don’t worry about it because what you have is that moment to retrieve, retrieve, retrieve  and bring in to your daily experience so you are holding on to what you know to be true. And that what you know actually serves you as you serve the Mother. So is the growth of this conscious, consistent presence of the Divine Qualities necessary? The answer is yes. Perhaps in old man, hu-man, wo-man it was not; but you are not the person any longer.

SB: Well now, you’ve just mentioned that we can remember those moments of joy and thereby recreate them, thereby be in them again. But I’m not necessarily sure that all listeners are aware of the fact that we can, well for instance, I can draw love up from my heart and by doing that I become again in the fullness of that love, right? Now, you’re saying you can remember it and that can also bring it about, but we haven’t done a lot of pushups in this area. I think it’s, I don’t think it’s necessarily plain and obvious to everyone.

AAM: No, it is not, and that’s why we’re having this conversation – we are forging new ground.

SB: Um-hum.

AAM: Because we are at a point where this level of awareness and engagement is your next step, and so, no. Now let us suggest to you, no – let me just tell you; we are past the point of suggesting. So, you have all these Divine Qualities in the capsule shall we say, of love, which is in your heart, which is your divinity, which is not only reflective of the Divine, but completely connected and part of the Divine within you.

Now where do you start? You have a tendency, and this is also part of the evolving physiology of humans, you have this tendency to think that your memories and your access to memories of joy, of bliss, of peace, of surrender are stored in your brain. And this is accurate.

But they are also stored in your heart because that is really where it gains potency and accessibility because it is – think of it as entrainment. Those memories of bliss entrain to where the leader of bliss is, and that is in your heart. So when you are pulling it up, you are pulling up your memory and conjoining it with the knowing of divine joy and you are sharing it.

You are Nova Beings, you are ancient angels, you are ancient hybrids gathered from the far reaches of the Mother’s realm, gathered here on beautiful Gaia. Yes, as the implementers of our Mother’s Plan, but also as the anchors of love, the builders of Earth, the re-creation of this world of joy. It is such a supreme gift. You know, I work, I play, I serve, I exist for the Mother. It is my deepest joy – the meaning of my existence is to be in that union, that sacred partnership with the Mother and that is exactly what is being offered – consciously offered – to you.

Now there have been many discussions, and we have hosted them, about ascension, the meaning of ascension, the steps of ascension, but what is the true meaning? It is being in the union of love, in the acceptance of that love, of that joy, of that peace, not only with the Mother, not only with us, but with each other.

This planet, and particularly this planet, which was birthed and created as a place for angels to play and to know the physical experience of love, was intended to be joyful. The task at hand is truly embodying it. Yes, with the repertoire of Divine Qualities under that massive umbrella sky of love. But that is your ascension. It is not leaving, it is not departing. It is actually being your angelic self in beautiful human, physical form, playing with us. And, dear hearts, friends, allies we are ready to play.

SB: Lord, just want to clarify for our listeners. When you say brain versus heart, you’re talking about the spiritual heart, not the heart chakra, not the physical heart, correct?

AAM: No, we are talking about your spiritual heart.

SB: Okay. Now can we talk a little bit about the mechanics of joy, because I notice about myself that when I laugh these days, I’m laughing deeper. You know it comes more easily; it has a kind of a lilt to it. And now why would I be laughing easily and fully today and not, say, two years ago – when compared to two years ago. What is it that has lifted, or is it the energies themselves? What is, what are the mechanics of what has changed and how can I accelerate – well, you’ve told me how I can accelerate that process already. Why?

AAM: The more you access it. This is a human question is it not, my friend?

SB: Oh, yes!

AAM: And let me tease you, because maybe you will laugh.

SB: Aha…Hahaha!

AAM: Hahaha!

SB: Aha.

AAM: So let us talk about this, yes, because it is a funny human question. It’s like, can you give me the reason that I am happier and I can laugh fully with my heart, with my field. So it is not just one thing. But let us at least touch on some of the things that have significantly changed.

SB: Um-hum.

AAM: First of all, you have expanded and you have accepted, because it is not done to you, it is done with you. So the Mother’s Tsunami, the Tsunami of One, the Porlana C, your acceptance, your growth, your ascension process has expanded your field significantly.

SB: Right.

AAM: So think of it in practical terms – there is more of you to access. You literally are drawing upon more of you, so when you come to let that laughter well up, might I even say to you it is more genuine because it is more you.

SB: Ahhhh.

AAM: So that is one thing; that is your expanded self.

SB: Now, I’m asking this question on behalf of all listeners; it’s not just me.

AAM: Oh, I know that, but I’m using you as my case in point.

SB: Yes, please. Yes.

AAM: Because all of you listening have this experience. Their fields, if you take a moment and simply feel your edges, which are several miles out at many times, you know there is more of you. The second is you have had these experiences in your memory banks of heart and mind of bliss, of joy. You have had these glimpses that you are anchoring; of what it really feels like, of what that depth of connection truly feels like. And it isn’t a momentary fleeting glimpse. It is truly anchoring, and it is anchoring into that expanded field of your reality – so that is another point.

SB: Um-hmm.

AAM: The other thing that has happened and this is why we have been literally years talking to you about sacred union, sacred partnership, and what that truly means. You are in a deeper, broader, higher form, not level but form, of sacred partnership with us, with me.

Think of it, the dozens and dozens of times I have met with you in the platform sharing our vibration. Yes, there are words but really what we have been doing is conjoining heart to heart, being to being, and our sacred partnership has expanded. So my joy, and through me the Mother’s joy, through me the entire Archangelic Seraphim realm of joy is being shared with you. So you are drawing on that experience as well. So it is growing, growing, growing.

SB: Can I add one? This is what I thought was happening and that is that I have cleared more and more vasanas and that means less and less muscular tension in my body. And so therefore my body transmits better than it does when I’m all hard like India rubber, and so I’m….

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Okay, so that’s another. Okay, I understand.

AAM: And may I add to it?

SB: Oh, please. I want to understand this.

AAM: So as you expand, think of it because the Mother’s Tsunami, it comes in. Think of the joy as this massive wave and you are in the ocean of love up to your knees. And here you are being bowled over by the joy. It pushes out the vasanas. So yes, have you in your human experience often reverted to, “this is how I clear a vasana” and you have done wondrous work and I do not just speak to you Steve. I speak to all the loveholder community. You have let go because there’s a better choice and when you are letting go of that India rubber ball, shift yourself and your literal subatomic fibers are sparkling. And so because of that, it is so much easier in fact to access because you are not rigid.

Do you know how, for how many years you have been standing there and I mean all of you, like a cement wall, like a wall of granite, like the Rocky Mountains that you gave out at? Now you are saying, “You know, I don’t really want to be like that. I want to be, I choose to be, I will be more fluid.” And what happens in that? Not only is that joy more accessible within, in the fluidity you are sharing it more freely, more expansively in the without.

SB: I certainly do feel the expansion of the Divine Qualities. I, you know you say that our fields go out miles but I’m not aware. I don’t see any evidence in the people around me that they necessarily feel joyful around me but I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I’m not aware of it. I don’t know.

AAM: You are not aware of it. Often you are not aware of it.

SB: Aha, okay.

AAM: But let us talk about this. Now there is this law, as you know, this principle of free will. So you do not and neither do we override others free will. But that doesn’t mean, think of your energy – yes, miles out beaming, in fact you have the full capacity to beam out not only as far as across your planet, through your planet, above your planet, but out to the universe. Your star brothers and sisters speak of this all the time.

So there can be, as these waves travel, someone who is feeling joyful, someone who is feeling shall we say neutral, and someone that is feeling distraught. Now your conscious self, because you are in this – you like to see results, and you don’t always see the results of your joy because your expanded vision/consciousness isn’t quite there yet.

But that joy travels out. A joyful person feels even more joyful, the neutral person looks up at the sky and says, “Look at that bird. Look at that tree. Look at that sky” and there is an ignition of joy. The distraught person receives the energy and may begin to see that there is hope, that there is joy – that there is a shift, an internal shift. They do not know why – none of them! Perhaps the joyful person does, but not always.

None of them know that this came from you, so they are not turning to you and saying thanks. That is not how this is working. You think that everyone that is traveling upon the planet is turning to me and saying, “Thanks, Mike, for a wonderful day!” No they are not. It does not mean that we stop. In fact, if anything we continue on more vigorously. So it is happening. You are just not fully conscious or aware that it is happening.

SB: Now, of course, hahaha, we humans would say, “Well, that’s easy for you to say because you exist in total bliss, total joy, total love, and so you’re fully fueled.” And what’s the fuel for us? You’ve already probably characterized it, as the carat is more joy. People, individuals, humans, everyone knows about joy, right? And everyone wants joy, it feels better, so there is this push for a draw, is there not? An innate, well it is innate, an innate…

AAM: It is innate and there is a deep yearning in every single being upon this planet and far beyond; there is a yearning for love, there is a yearning for joy. Think of it that you are metal filings and joy is the magnet. You cannot, as hard as you might try, and you know there are beings that deeply try to achieve misery.

SB: Yes, professionally. Hahaha.

AAM: …try to make everyone around them miserable.

SB: Absolutely!

AAM: It does not matter. Everyone is programmed, and I use that word specifically, it is your internal GPS, you are programmed for joy.

SB: Right.

AAM: So there is no avoiding it. You have a saying, “You can do it now, or you can do it later.” Well, that is exactly what the choice is. So do not think that you are not programmed and that you are seeking joy. Now you say, “Oh, but we are not always conscious of it.” Yes, you want the reinforcement. What you don’t always want, and that is why we have begun this night by talking about your dawning of Divine Authority mantle and your acceptance and surrender to your divine knowing.

In every millisecond of every day you have a choice to be in joy or not. It is a choice. It is us saying to you, the Mother saying to you, “Beloved, what do you choose?” And you say, “Well, that’s very easy to ask when you are in full consciousness and bliss. What am I supposed to do when my back aches or my rent is due?”

Now there is a choice here. And the choice is, “Do I choose to trust and be in the joy of knowing that not only am I self-sufficient, not only am I a part of unified grid, that I’m taken care of?” or do you want to sit in the misery of feeling that perhaps you are abandoned and forgotten. These are choices and you have not been historically used to making these choices in the milliseconds of existence.

But when you choose the joy, when you say, “I am Creator and co-creator with the Divine and I am going to allow for the spaciousness of joy to bring me, yes with me doing my part, what I desire and need to continue on in human form.” These are decisions. This is your Divine Authority and knowing.

SB: Well I have to say, Lord, that I hit a roadblock around the term Divine Authority. And it stems from the fact that, in my view, there has been so much abuse of authority around us for, well for millennia, but within the last hundred years; just so much abuse of authority. I mean it’s caused the death of tens of millions in world wars and so it seems to me that our, my generation anyway, seems to have backed away from asserting authority. What have you to say to us who find even the word authority to raise a few tremors?

AAM: Yes, it is similar to the word responsibility, but you also know that part of the undertaking, and I bow to my sister Gabrielle, part of the undertaking of this council is the redefinition of language, of meaning, of hope, of trust. We use this word very specifically because there has been such abuse of authority, of power; power, similarly totally wrong connotation. So what we are doing is reaching out to you with our full embrace and saying, “Come over here and look at the real meaning of authority, of your ability and choice to act on behalf of.”

You see, this is why we marry these two words: divine, authority. When it is not combined, then that is where all the aberrations have taken place because it has been individuals or a group, acting on behalf of the lowest aberrant, recalcitrant, egoic self. That is what we are talking about; the decision of some to live in misery.

Now, why would you do that? Oh, we know the backstory probably far better than you do. This is why I’m the Archangel of Peace. But truthfully, you’ve shied away because you’ve seen, witnessed, and continue to witness by the way, the devastation that that abuse of authority has caused a decimation.
But what is required, and you don’t hear us say that very often, but what is required of you, my beloved lightworkers/loveholders, is for you to say, “No, that abuse of authority is not the paradigm, is not the model that we use for the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth. We act on behalf of the Mother. We act with Divine Authority.” Not personal authority; it translates, yes, but it has to be just as the work that I do is in alignment with Her Authority. It can only be thus. But for you to say, “I can’t claim authority because somebody abused it” is copping out.

SB: Okay, well let’s take a second case, Lord. I claim Divine Authority, I claim authority. Somebody comes up and questions my authority. What do I say? I mean, I don’t have a certificate of authority, I haven’t earned a degree of authority, do you know what I’m saying? On what basis do I claim authority?

AAM: You claim authority on the basis that you have been delegated, deputized directly by the Mother. That is your authority. If you would like a certificate or a badge, we will give you one!

SB: Hahaha!

AAM: It will be a five-pointed star, my friend.

SB: Right. Well, of course, if the other people don’t share my point of view, for instance that I was speaking to the Divine Mother, and by the way, received permission from her to use that phrase. I don’t know how well it would stand up in a court of law for me to say, “I have the permission of the Divine Mother to use this phrase.” Do you know what I’m saying?

AAM: Yes, I certainly see what you are saying. But do you also see what I am saying? Is that this is part of the reworking, literally, of humanity. I’m not saying it is easy. You are the strongest, most valiant, bravest souls in the universe and you have incarnated into what you think of as a limited physical form. No, it is difficult but the conversation, the Saedor conversation, or even the Perro conversation, especially in your courts of law as they currently exist, need to take into account the redefinition.

So when someone says, “My point of view does not match your point of view,” what you are doing is you are taking that responsibility to truly begin the conversation – long before it goes into a court of law.

SB: Well, I’ll have to, either you will have to, give us a redefinition, or I will have to seek out a redefinition because that job awaits us.

AAM: Yes, it does, and that is why we are talking about joy.

SB: Yes.

AAM: Because when you approach it with joy, when you can approach it, you see we talked about these last and you have all experienced the cynical sarcastic limited laugh, the snide remark; it has nothing to do with love. But when you can approach a conversation with truly the joy, the bliss, the wellspring, and say, “Let’s talk about this, let’s not damage each other. Let’s find the commonality and the common ground so that everyone can proceed.”

It’s not an either or; it’s an “all of the above” respecting each other. And it’s not taking the marker and moving it ten miles down the road. It is several yards at a time and that is all right as long as you keep going.

SB: Yes. I’m afraid I think we’ve run out of time, Lord. I must say I very much enjoyed the birds in the background. It’s a strong suggestion that this venue for recording is quite a good one. Is there any…

AAM: I have enjoyed it as well.

SB: Is there anything you would like to say in closing, Lord?

AAM: Go forth with joy! See yourself as a Mount Vesuvius of joy. See yourself in the ocean with the golden sand and the effervescent bubble. Wave hello to surrender and compassion, but embrace the joy.

SB: Thank you so much.

AAM: I am with you.

SB: Thank you, Lord, and I am joyful. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon              © 2018 Council of Love, Inc.  

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