These blue particles of peace and calm go into the air and then are absorbed by others and become one with their DNA. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am Michael, warrior of peace, brother of blue, bringer of information for thee as we all do, beloved. For whenever you ask, you have a question, you have a query, this is shot out into the universe and it is each of our joy to answer. And I can say all of our joy, for [when] one answers we are all answering, for as you know there is no separation.

So, you are asking about the blue breath which I take upon myself to answer, for this is my realm, and what you could say that just as you have signed up for things I have signed up too. And I ask you to take my blue breath that I have breathed into you and breathe it out. For what happens, beloveds, is that the streams of blue energy go into the air and they intertwine with the particles…yes, you have heard this before about the particles of air…and they begin to make their journey. The more blue breath that is breathed out, the more there will be intertwinement with the particles.

So, when a child or even an animal comes in contact with those particular particles of air, the animal is calm and the child is calm. And they then bring, or I could even say, they ingest or integrate or even inherit these blue particles of peace, of calm and it becomes one with their DNA. And as they travel or come in contact with others, that is then absorbed by others that are around them. So it is just not that the blue streams stay in the air. They are breathed in by others and not only does that have an effect on those who have breathed it in, but it is then able to be magnified as that is radiated out.

Now, if you take what you call a light worker or love holder who is religiously working with this and I do not say religious in the sense as you understand religion, that there is a set way of doing this, for religion was never meant to be set in stone. It was always meant to be open and to be an evolvement and to be of exploration as you would go into the deeper realms.

But for those who take it upon themselves to work with me and to take the blue breath that I have given thee and breathe it out, not only with each breath out that you are doing with the intention that it is being breathed out into the world, you are amplifying and magnifying that peace within your sacred self. And so, not only are you breathing it out and letting it intertwine with the particles of air so others may breathe it in, you, at the same time, you are radiating this peace, for it must and cannot do anything else but affect all parts of your being as well, beloveds.

So when you breathe in be conscious of what you are breathing in, for you may come to a patch, particles in the air where it is not of the highest vibration. There may be some lower vibration that has come from thoughts or words or actions, so be aware of what you are breathing in. What does it feel like to you?

But if you set the intention that you are going to breathe in the peace as you have breathed it out, you are going to breathe in the love, then those particles are going to be attracted to you, for you are like a magnet that will bring them to you. And when you are caught in the place that you may term as the lower place, and what we would term as well, consciously take the blue peace streams of breath that are within you and breathe them out into that situation.

You have many tools that you may use and yes, the violet flame of St. Germaine, Gabrielle’s golden bubbles and Raphael’s green healing elixir. But I am filled with joy and quite proud, proud of all my warriors who remember to breathe out and breathe in my blue breath of peace.

So now go in peace, for you are loved beyond measure. And I beloveds, am in your debt, your debt for love, for you have given with love this blue breath and so I bring back to you the same. Farewell.

By Permission.

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