At Archangel Michael’s behest, Earthbound Star Soul shares this uplifting gem from his reading with Linda on Dec 19, 2017

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

EBSS: Greetings!

AAM: Welcome welcome, beloved friend! I come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. I come as ally, as brother and as friend to reinforce you.

You are already regridded and there are physical adjustments that are also being made, even as we speak this day, in your physical reality and your physical form.

It is important to know that these energies of 12:12 reflect – and think about it: if it is into the mirror, it is 21:21 – and on the 21st and through the 21st you will feel a magnificent shift, but also a substantial improvement in your sense of physical wellbeing.

You are on and part of a secret mission to Syria, a clean-up mission to eliminate those that would like to perpetuate the chaos and upheaval in that area of the world – and this can no longer be permitted. It is time, my beloved friend, for peace on Earth, the peace within the hearts of humanity.

And it does not matter whether it is Washington or Mosul, or Moscow for that matter. The desire for peace is within the hearts of the people – not necessarily what you think of as the political leadership, but the hearts of the people.

People are yearning for change, but they have become more specific. And rather than simply hoping and dreaming and praying for peace or for change, they are saying, “We want this change to be peace; we want this change to be true; we want this change to be abundance in the real meaning of the word for everybody; we want rebirth of what is decent and kind and valuable in the real meaning of the word.”

So the tide has turned – not merely because of the completion of 12:12, but because of the shift in people’s hearts. Yes, the collective is tired. Yes, they feel worn down. But they are also demanding change, demanding shift with a greater sense of worth, of worthiness, of deservingness. They are thinking to themselves: “We do not deserve this type of inadequate behaviour, this type of thievery, of lies, of abusive authority, of cruelty and injustice.”

So it is underway. And I bid you, yes, to share this good news but also, sweet one, to take heart – to take heart that the new beginning has begun!

Yes, there is much disclosure of your Star family, of the brothers and sisters of the various forces. And those who have been reticent to declare themselves – reticent because of threats not only on their credibility but threats on their very lives – now are willing and able to step forward. This is part of the clearing and the opening in the energy that you are seeing.

So, sweet one, it is all good news! Even when it looks disastrous, it is good news!


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.