Janet lovingly shares this beautiful gem from her reading with Linda and Archangel Michael on Dec 29, 2017

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Truth, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, brother and ally. Welcome, my beloved one, softest blue, softest pink, softest lavender, strongest of the strong.

There is no doubt about your ability not merely to complete, sweet one, but to bring forth, to be the anchor and the beacon of the changes that are and which must be anchored upon this planet during this time of new beginnings.

Seldom will you ever hear any of us use this word ‘must’ or ‘should’, but there are certain elements that are necessary in the creation and anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being. You do not bake bread without flour. And so it is necessary that the truth and the might, the gentleness and softness, the beauty and surrender of who you are and who humanity is, is truly anchored and blended in with the most beautiful elements and ingredients that create the fulfilment – not only of the Mother’s Dream and your dream but also the basis, the foundation, the upliftment, the completion of what has been planned not merely for the planet herself, for sweet Gaia, not merely for the elementals and the kingdoms, not merely for the intergalactics and galactics, not merely for human beings and hybrids, but for you – that this is the time not merely of the fulfilment of the promise but, truly, the new beginning.

And yes, beloved, it does start and end with the fulfilment of your heart’s desires. And yes, you are correct, for you have felt that shift, shall we say, out of your head, even out of your outer field – which is beautiful and necessary – into your heart centre.

So often there has been a tendency, particularly in the lightworker/loveholder community of which I count myself a part of, there has been a tendency to think of this implosion-explosion into Nova Being as happening in the outer realms and drifting like mist or snowflake or a gentle rain into the inner reality, the heart reality.

In fact, that heart opening, that implosion-explosion, takes place in the heart centre. And in this occurrence, what is taking place is there is an implosion in fact breaking loose the spaciousness, the energy of your divinity. So there is a grand expanse suddenly discovered and then there is an explosion simultaneously, and it is going out into all your outer fields, into the outer reality, into the planetary systems and far beyond.

But all of this begins with the anchoring, which you have completely noted, of the anchoring in the heart centre because this is the beginning, the middle, the end. And so that is what has been occurring. It has never been the intent of the Divine Mother to negate or minimise any of your other faculties… not your brilliant mind and not your digestive system, not your reproductive systems.

But the intensity of the focus that has been brought to the heart centre was not only necessary and desirable but a basic requirement for this heart opening, this implosion-explosion. And it could not occur, either in your mental body, your emotional body or even in your root-sexual area. It had need to occur, and is occurring right now even as we are speaking, in your heart.

And you are doing this magnificently and from the purity and the sweetness of who you are, bright angel of love, bright angel of beauty, bright angel of purity. And this is necessary. And it is not the precursor; it is the occurrence of Ascension.

And this is how you go forth into the new beginning, because as you are walking already back and forth through this portal, you are not the same individual as you were. You are in the expanded, exalted self of your truth, of your power in the truest sense that I use, and of your might.

And, beloved one, that is also why there is this sense for thee that you can’t simply let what is not of truth, what is not of love, which is not of integrity – that you can’t simply let it go unacknowledged, let us put it that way. It is not that you are falling into judgment or discernment or punishment or retribution – for that is not of love.

But there is a necessity for those that have fallen by the wayside, shall we say, those that have taken the scenic detour – there is a necessity for those that are standing on the pathway of righteousness of love and of light to say, “Come over here. It is beautiful. It is the willingness of my heart to share with you. But you cannot bring those old paradigms of greed and control and lust; they do not exist. So you have need to surrender those and then come over here, because where you have been living in this rocky landscape of desolation is unacceptable and I will not join you there.”

And that is what you are doing. You are not seeking retribution; God takes care of that. But you are the physical voice not only of love but of sanity, and of the sane structure upon which Nova Earth and Nova Being is based.

So to this I say, sweet angel: Bravo!


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.