Sanat Kumara explains that creation is our intent plus application of Universal Law and Divine Qualities.

An Hour With An Angel

Linda Dillon                      Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow                   Host, Inlight Radio

Steve Beckow: This session is on the intertwining of the Divine Qualities and the Universal Laws, so with that I’ll welcome our Planetary Logos and well-beloved friend, Sanat Kumara, Raj.

Sanat Kumara: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you far and wide. I am Sanat Kumara, and yes, as you have so warmly suggested, I do often prefer to be called by Raj, Planetary Logos, Keeper of Universal Law.

Planetary Logos…why do I emphasize this? Because I do not simply say to you that I am entrusted this honor by the Mother to work with those in the east or those in the west or north or south, or those who follow the path of Buddha or Yeshua, Jesus Sananda, or who find their own path. I am Planetary guide, assistant, master, helper, brother, ally, friend, and there is not a single being, not a single element or creature or species that I do not include in this sacred trust – not only that I am working on, but that I fulfill and you fulfill.

So welcome, my beloveds, welcome. The Mother, in Her infinite wisdom and mercy, has shared with you, yes, not only Her heart, not only Her DNA, not only Her essence, but this tool kit, this dynamic process that you and we refer to as Universal Law. She has also imbued, not merely inspired but imbued within you, planted within you, the knowing, the willingness, and the ability to create and to create, not only in your likeness but in the likeness.

Now, this is not an ability that is simply given carelessly or without full intent and thought and everything else that you can imagine. And is it complex? Yes, it is. Sometimes you feel that it is more complex than you wish to work with and yet, in essence, beloved ones, it is also extraordinarily simple and extraordinarily straightforward. And yes, you utilize the various Universal Laws together, individually, as a group, it matters not, and you work with those, yes, in the Mother’s infinite wisdom and mercy, and hope and joy, and prudence and fortitude.

And the channel has said to me, “But SK, you have been talking to us about this for a decade and some.” And I would suggest to you that I have been talking to you about it for many millennia…
and some.

And so, I am not going to halt my discussion about these Laws, about the Divine Qualities, about the interdimensional reality, about the creation formula, not even until it is done because, sweet angels of light, it will never be done…there will always be the continuation of creation throughout the universe. When we say it is infinite and eternal, that is exactly what we mean, not merely dramatically inferring some grandiose plan, but the stable reality of infinite and eternal expansion. And even when there is what you think of as elimination or shrinkage, as getting rid of, we do not consider this shrinkage, we do not consider this ‘less than’, because it is an infinite creation that continues on throughout.

My primary, or shall I say, one of my primary…and the Mother would correct me and say my primary role as Planetary Logos is to teach you, to guide you, to assist you, to fully embody…not merely practice…but to become and to return to the Creator Race, to be the creators and co-creators of Nova Earth, Nova Humanity, Nova Being, in that there is so much that is incorporated.

When I guide you, and when you agree and choose and surrender and accept and move into action of creation, then you are automatically, in truth, working with the Universal Laws. You are anchoring and becoming the living embodiment of the Blessings & Virtues, the Divine Qualities, because you do not create…and this is important so please heed what I say…you do not create, not lastingly, not deeply, not positively, you do not create from a place unless you are coming from the embodiment, the environment, the internal environment of the Divine Qualities.

You do not create from frustration or angst or hatred or despair or disregard. Now, you might take exception to me and you might say, “But Raj, we see creations from hatred and despair all the time! So, what are you saying? You have made a mistake. You are incorrect.” True creation, creation that is in alignment with Divine mind, heart, and will, creation…shall we call it sustainable creation…does not come from an emotional state such as hatred.

Now, let me explain. So, we are going to what we think of as the negative side first off and I hope you will understand why as we progress. You may see momentary creations – and I am not saying they cannot be absolutely horrific, and that is on a spectrum – but they do not endure and they do not create, not only sustainability, but what we would call building…it does not build upon itself, it does not gain legs, as it were, when it is built upon what you think of as the false grid that has been so entrenched in the human condition for so long. That is why you see these creations, whether they are economic systems or war machines or gender inequality, why they cannot sustain themselves because they are not anchored in the fuel of the universe and in the essence of you, sweet angels, they are not anchored in love and they certainly do not come with an aura of joy.

Now the creator, whether it is a Hitler or an Idi Amin, may think that they feel a moment of joy…which is truly simply the rush of power and the abuse of power…that is not divine, that is of the lowest human vibratory rate. And when that type of creation takes place it brings, not only the individual but the collective down, it lowers the collective frequency and that is why that type of creation, in fact, fades away because it is not sustainable.

So, what makes a creation…using the creation formula which I will review quickly…what makes a creation sustainable and one that you can actually build Nova Earth upon? And this brings us to the Divine Qualities, to the Blessings & Virtues. And yes, sweet angels, there is a tie-in…not a rigidity, and that is important also for you to comprehend…there is a tie-in between your Divine Qualities, the Divine Qualities, and the creation and the utilization of Universal Law.

Now, before I go any further, sweet Steve, do you have any questions?

SB: I’m madly writing down what you’re saying, Sanat. Well, I think, I hope that we’re going to emerge from this discussion with an idea of what a person looks like who, in terms of the Universal Laws, not human laws but Universal Laws, is law abiding. Are we going to build a picture of what a person looks like who does live by the Divine Qualities and the Universal Laws?

SK: I would be happy to do so because that being that you are asking about is Nova Being. I will not spend time talking about core issues, the elimination of false grids, we have covered that…oh, and we will talk about it again in another forum.

But let us begin…let me briefly remind you of the creation formula: It is, as I have said, very simple and enormously complex. But the complexities that the human mind adds to this process are often what makes it what people think of as difficult when, in fact, the Mother has given you Her power, Her formula, Her process of how She births and brings forth. She has not merely taught it to you…and to us, by the way…it is instilled within you. And every now and then you glimpse it, you get a hint. But now what we are doing and what I am assisting you with is literally to turn around completely, sideways, front, back, it matters not, and fully embrace this process…very briefly.

So, it starts with intent and that can be a prayer or an inspiration, a brilliant idea…we do not care how you think of this, how you feel this, but the key is to truly, firmly, anchor this in your heart as intent. Now, think about what we are saying, even if you are deciding, intending, to work with a particular Universal Law, it starts with this intent and the declaration, either mentally or verbally or spiritually with the anchoring of that intention.

So, it may be to heal hunger in Africa or it may be to find your perfect sacred partner or it may be for a single day to simply eat in ways that truly nourish every aspect of your being. So, from the grandest to the most particular, it all starts with intent and you feel this, you experience it, you may flush it out and then you bring this to the stillpoint of your heart. This is a necessary component and because your human race…much of your human race…has lost the understanding of the value, not only of stillness but of stillpoint, this is often the most challenging portion of your creation.

But, think of it in its most simplest terms: If this is something that your heart, your soul, your alignment with Divine heart, mind, and will truly desires, then it is also what the Mother desires. So, you bring it to the seat of your soul, to the depth of your heart, and you may think of that place truly as the womb of creation, male, female, androgynous, it matters not. You bring it to the womb of your heart and this is where, not merely the act of creation but the fertilization truly takes place and in the stillness, in the silence, that kernel of life, that kernel of whatever you are bringing forth…and it is unique to you, it is your expression of your love and the Mother’s love. So, you hold it there tenderly…you would not wish to rush it, you are given the perfect example in your own bodies, in your own reproductive processes, in nature…and you hold it and it grows and then it explodes and that explosion is you, sweet angel, moving into action. And that is creation in its simplest form.

So, let us add some complexity to it! You, as a human being, want to be in alignment not only with what you term your light body but with your physical self that is an expression of the vessel that you have chosen to be on earth, the implementer of the Mother’s Plan. Now, there is a mixture, it is not just one or the other and – a quick aside – every human being tends to have, shall we say, a handful of Divine Qualities, of Blessings, that they are more clearly expressive of – but let us go back to this example…so, you are hoping to nourish your body, just for one day, setting a new paradigm.

You approach this, certainly with hope, this deep expression of your hope that you have the strength and the stamina, the common sense, the harmony, the fortitude, the trust that you will do this. And you approach it, not with the sense of ‘oh, I have to eat well today, I was so bad over Thanksgiving.’ No! You approach it with a sense of peace and of awe that you actually have this body that holds the Divine DNA and that your intention to create is related to the respect and honoring of that vessel.

So, in such a situation you aren’t going for the Law of Elimination or even, perhaps, the Law of Continuity, or Attraction/Repulsion, you are choosing your laws and because it is organic you would, in that state of intention, with hope, with trust, with a knowing of your inner fortitude, you would call forth…and compassion for your sacred self, by the way…you would call forth the Law of Change, to change the pattern of what you are feeding yourself, or not feeding yourself. And you would call upon the Law of Intent so that that intent is married to the Law of Intent so that it expands. Every time you are doing this there is expansion, expansion, expansion, so you may well feel, in the seat of your soul and your heart, that you are already birthing quadruplets. And you hold this, and you allow this to be birthed, and in the birthing is the action. It does not work…let me be crystal clear…it does not and it will not work, it is not sustainable if you do not take appropriate, accordant actions.

So, if you are holding an intent, formulating an intent, calling upon your choices of Universal Law, holding hope, living hope and never take the action, then you have not created. So, if you do not match this very simple example with taking the actions of either making and eating healthy food…and when I say healthy I mean food that is appropriate to you, to your body, to your vessel, and that is slightly different for each and every human being upon the planet and that would be an entirely different conversation, one I would be delighted to have. But, if you do not take the actions of creating and eating the food, and by the way, blessing the food so that as it comes into you that Law of Change is already underway, then you have not created.

So, it is not simply a matter of wishing and hoping. Fundamental creation is accompanied by action and that is why Mi-ka-el and the Mother and all of us have been saying, “This is a time for action” on the largest scale and on the smallest scale because there is also…and I do not want to get too far away…but there is cohesion, there is a cohesion factor in your creations. When you are anchoring your Divine Qualities, when you are, dearest Steve, that person who lives in peace and harmony and joy and awe and compassion, you cannot, on the one hand, do a creation that is to feed yourself in accordance and honoring of that sacred vessel and then leave the house and go and work in a job where you do nothing but steal from people.

Do you understand what I say thus far?

SB: Yes, I do.

SK: So, let us talk a little about how you tend your garden of the Divine Qualities, what we have called the Blessings & Virtues, the gifts, the reawakening, that each of you has received and reignited with your work to the 13th Octave.

You have all had experiences where you have had to deal with someone who, your words would be that they are all over the map, that there is an inconsistency, that one day they are kind and loving and the next day they are difficult to get along with or ripping out your throat. That is not a balanced or integrated individual and as you would say, dear Steve, that is someone that is still working through their vasanas; they have not accepted or integrated, anchored, the fact that their essence is love and their expression is love and joy, etcetera.

So, the creator self…let us bring it down to the personal…instead of talking merely about the Creator Race, let us talk about the creator self as Nova Being. You are anchored in your Divine Qualities. You are anchored in the deep knowing, acceptance, surrender, and action of your sacred self.

Now as I have said, every person tends more towards a handful, a collection, of Divine Qualities that you have nurtured and grown and anchored lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. And this is in alignment with your soul design, your sacred self, your mission and purpose, your divinity. So, you have all met individuals who are holders of hope…and this is very often those who are very blue in nature…they are holders of hope, they are nurturers, and they hold the ability to work with change in a very gentle and profound manner, and they have this ability to carry trust and faith regardless of what appears to be going on.

These individuals are not simply…yes, dearest Suzanne, what you would think of as Polly-annas – and that has become a very derogatory remark. It began as a teasing but in your parlance it has become a dismissive term and that is the lower vibration of being dismissive and jealous because the person who is making that type of comment yearns for hope but is not willing to admit it and feel that they would like to claim it but are not willing to do the inner work to allow that adjustment to take place.

Nova Being, creator self, the ‘hope person’ shall we call them…it is not what often has been termed blind hope, although blind hope is a sacred adventure because it is the trust that you know, not just think or hope, that lesser-age hope that there is a Divine Plan, the Mother knows what She’s doing, it is that translation to knowing. And you hold this for yourself and you hold it for the collective.

Now, no being is uni-dimensional…and yes, dear Steve, we will have that program on the dimensions…

SB: Wonderful.

SK: …no being is merely uni-dimensional, so you can’t say even to what you think of as the ‘hope person’ that they are lacking in say prudence or fortitude or the joy factor. They hold a bouquet of Divine Qualities that they embody and emit and transmit and anchor for the collective this Divine Quality. Similarly, you think of a joy person, a hummingbird person, and it seems that no matter what is going on in their life they always have a sunny disposition, they have a smile on their face, they will make you laugh, they will make you see the absurdity and the beauty of the human experience and in that, in the joy of knowing what they are capable of. These are the ones that tend to truly take on massive projects – the sky isn’t the limit for those people! And so there is a quality about that individual. Now, that joy person is not blindly optimistic either; they temper, literally, their joy with humility and compassion and a little-known quality called patience!

Now you begin to see, as we talk about these Divine Qualities, that it isn’t either/or and that really when you scratch the surface of all of this that you could say, “Well, that’s love, that’s love, that’s love, that’s love” and dearest hearts, you would be absolutely correct.

But think of the wide array of Blessings & Virtues and what you have to call upon…now I want to emphasize this…what you have to call upon in various traditions, particularly religious traditions…there are many prayers that speak to the assigning or calling forth certain Divine Qualities such as hope or patience or stamina, etcetera. But, you have within your sacred self, within your unique, snowflake, soul design, the full ability to call forth, invoke, not only Universal Law but the Divine Qualities…now I am taking you further down the road…

So, let’s say, let us take a practical example…so many of you are waiting, eagerly and patiently, for a significant shift – shall we put it this way? – in your financial situation. Now we’re using this example specifically and do not forget, please, utilize St. Germaine’s Violet Flame…he is sitting here asking to be remembered, and so I make that aside on his behalf…but you are sitting and you are finding yourself edging into disappointment, despair, disbelief, etcetera. And you are saying, “This is not logical; this doesn’t make sense; this is never going to happen” etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Now, what are you doing in that regard other than making yourself miserable? What you are doing is you are edging away, not only from the Divine Qualities but from your power, your stillpoint, and your ability to take action in terms of the Laws. You are drifting back into the old paradigms and because you are so close to that disillusion, you remember them and they are familiar. So, it is easier in some ways to be disenchanted than to be hopeful.

So, let us use that example. In your morning ritual, in your morning meditation…and yes beloved ones, I am making the assumption and giving you the very deep, strong guidance that there is a morning meditation…you say to your circle, to me, to the Mother, to your guardian angels, you say, “You know, I truly need to call upon the Divine Quality of patience. I need to call upon the Divine Quality of trust.”

Now, you may be a joy person doing this, you may be a compassion person doing this, because you are seeing, in your own matrix, that you need the infill of this Divine Quality. Because as you are starting your creation day – not creative – but creation day, you are seeing that you are not in the fullness of that alignment with Source One. And your deepest desire and your deepest desire of creation is to be absolutely in that alignment. I know you! This is not a point of discussion. I know you and I know this is your deepest desire as Nova Being, not Nova Being in training. I am speaking to you as spiritually mature, evolved adults in that you assess and know yourself and you do not say, “Oh, I’m feeling a little disillusioned today, I better beat myself up.” You say, “No. I am calling out of the air, from the Mother, from the universe”, it matters not, “I am calling for a deeper sense of peace and patience and trust.” And you allow this…as if it is filaments of light, as if your room simply filled up with blue…this to enter within you, and this is the beginning of your formulation of intention.

You haven’t even begun to think of what or what environment, etcetera, you are going to create that day. But you know the starting point has to be that sense of deep peace, of alignment, of love and it is very simple for you to think of this as simply a bouquet of flowers…think of it as a bouquet of roses and there is a blue rose, and there is a lavender rose, and there is a yellow rose, and there is a deep ruby red rose, and a soft pink, and a peach.

Think of this bouquet that is sitting in front of you and you can pick what you need for the day…forget the next ten years, think of this and get in the habit of doing it for the day. It does not negate the fact that perhaps you are a joy person or you are a compassion person, it simply adds to the splendor and the beauty of who you are. And with this sense of deep peace and alignment and love…you know whether you are feeling love or not…then you think big picture, small picture, medium picture, what am I choosing to create? And when you are doing this, we encourage you, I encourage you, to start with something that you can see, in tangible form, and also work on what you think of as your bigger picture.

So, you are thinking to yourself, “Today I am going to nourish my body because now I have my bouquet that I need to do this. And today I am also going to create and bring forth the RV.” So, you have the individual and you have the big picture. And these can be done simultaneous, you are more than competent to hold many creations. But start simple so that you know and you are getting your reinforcement that you are actually doing this. And you hold that intention and you create that prayer and you create that inspiration, and sometimes it is like the quiet dawn of a new day, and sometimes it is like the 4th of July…it matters not…it will change every day. So do not try and determine ahead of time…this will always be my process… and what flower you choose from the bouquet will change as well, depending on where you’re at.

And then you will go forth and you will bring this to the seat of your soul and you will conjoin it. Now let us talk a little bit about that…that conjoining…you brought the peace and the trust, the joy and the love, and you’ve invoked a Universal Law of either Immediate Transmutation or Instantaneous Transmission – that is more in alignment with what you want with RV – and you are bringing it forth and you are allowing this to implode and explode in the place emanating from the stillpoint.

Now, what is that explosion, that fertilization, that creation moment about? It is your alignment with the Mother’s Plan, the essence of all that energy with yours. It is the sacred union culmination and in that moment you are literally bringing, birthing into what you can think of as form, that what you create. Now, when I say ‘in form’ it can be a change in universal, global attitudes but it is still going to exhibit ‘in form’. This is how you are changing the planet with me, this is how I am guiding you to create Nova Earth. And then you take the actions throughout your day.

You do not sit and feel disempowered…quite the contrary. Now, is this clear?

SB: Yes it is and I did actually have a question I wanted to ask you about…

SK: Please do.

SB: Hahaha…but with my memory the way it is it went in and it went out…I need reassurance that I can take action which has the possibility of affecting the big picture, as you put it. And of course, I was using that phrase this morning before the show…I was very interested in hearing you use it. Do I really have the ability to affect the big picture in my invocation of Law?

SK: Yes. That is the short answer.

SB: Okay, yea, okay…the long answer???

SK: The longer answer…and you have touched on what we would call a core issue, not only of the individual but of the collective…and that is why I am very clearly using this day, and I would encourage each of you to claim and to use this term – your creator self.

My biggest challenge in fulfilling my mission and purpose as Planetary Logos and my promise to the Mother is convincing all of you that, in fact, you do have that Divine Authority and what you think of as power and impact on the collective. It is time beloved ones to stop creating, dreaming, thinking, desiring, small. Do you have the ability, the capacity…and let me throw in the Divine sacred purpose…to impact the collective? Yes, you do. Now, I hear many of you even as I am saying this, declaring to me, ‘Raj, I did not come to work on a global level, I want to be the nurturer of my family, I want to be the anchor of the hearth and the heart.’

Sweet angels of light, when you do this, when you say, “I am doing this for my family” and it can be a biological family, it can be your soul family, you are doing it for the collective. The rigidity…and this has been borne out of, can we call it miscreation…there has been a rigidity that has grown up in so far as you believe – and it is a false belief – that you can only create within a given sphere. Some of you will claim a desk, some of you will claim the office, some of you will claim the room, some of you will claim the whole office building or even downtown New York, but you don’t believe in the fluidity of the energy to affect the entire collective.

And yet, one of the reasons why we have been talking so vigorously about Divine Authority is that you have the Divine Authority, when anchored in Divine Qualities, to affect the entire collective even when you think…and it is a thought process, it is a mental process, not a spiritual process…when you think that you are only operating within a minimal field. When we have said to you, when we have the honor and the delight of speaking to you on these shows and we tell you…whether someone is listening or not…that tonight our voice travels all over the planet and the energy that we carry touches and imbues and instills and passes through the entire collective.

Now, why do you think we’re telling you that? We have no need to be boastful. We are demonstrating, modeling, for you the power of what you create and the impact of what you may think is a small thing but that energy continues on in the Mother’s infinite ocean…and it goes, actually, far beyond your planet…it continues on. So, do you have the ability to impact the entire planet? The answer is yes.

Now, what would you do? Simply because I tell you, you aren’t going to immediately anchor that belief…so, what can you do as Nova Being to shift that paradigm that you have in your mental construct? Well, what you could do is you could call forth the Divine Quality of wisdom and truth and what I would suggest to you is you might want to add humility and purity so that you understand that your actions, the fundamental basis, the energy of your actions come from truth…and we are talking even before you have invoked the Law…that it comes from a deep alignment with Source wisdom, both innately above and below, within and without, and that it’s coming not from a place of boastfulness or ego but the deepest humility that you are a servant of the Mother.

SB: Raj, we’re nearing the end of the program. I have one bookkeeping question to ask you at this time…is there any sacredness to the order in which you presented the Universal Laws in the programs with Heavenly Blessings? Can the Universal Laws be rearranged in their order or is there some rationale to the way you presented them?

SK: There is great rationale. If you do not understand and learn how to implement, for example, Sacred Purpose, then you will not be able, literally, to jump, say, to something asking my assistance in Elimination, so there is a rationale. Once you are familiar and steeped in the Law, then you swim…there is great fluidity but there was firm rationale in how these have been presented.

SB: Okay, well we are at the end of our program. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing? By the way, I very much enjoyed it, it was a rich feast that I will be feeding on for quite a while. Thank you for that

SK: You are so welcome. I would like to tell you, ask you, beg you, plead, guide you…
Choose the flowers from your bouquet. Go and anchor and call within your sacred creator self perhaps those Divine Qualities that you have not been thinking of. Perhaps you have skirted around beauty; perhaps you have skirted around grace. Go and choose and explore dear hearts. It is time! Go with my love.

SB: Thank you.

SK: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon