You are the pathfinders, the wayshowers, the Christopher Columbus of Spirit [laughing], and you are not engaging in war or annihilation so it is even better!

Another delightful Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Belle’Anna ~ Being the Christopher Columbus of Spirit!

Greetings. I AM Belle’Anna, guardian, sister, friend, mother, daughter, beloved watcher, protector, and defender of your sacred, beautiful self. Welcome, beloved one!

Elle: Hello, beloved!

B: You are doing extraordinarily well! And this sense of peace, of communion, of rightness, of going forth – you are not simply imagining it or working on it, you are living it! And you are in the Unity of One – and you are in the Unity of the Mother’s Heart – and you are anchoring that Divine Feminine because that is who you are, and you have deeply accepted and integrated that factor.

The Mother, as you know, in all her power and might – and even as She walked the planet as Mary – was never boastful, is never boastful, is never filled with what you would think of as conceit or ego or self-importance, for that is not of kindness, that is not of unity, and that is not of soul circle.

Those of the higher dimensions, even your Star beloveds, your Star Family, do not look down and say, “Oh, those people down there…” Quite the contrary! As has been spoken in many venues with this Council, you are honoured, yes, because you are the pathfinders, the wayshowers, the Christopher Columbus of Spirit [laughing], and you are not engaging in war or annihilation so it is even better!

But the Mother is of kindness and generosity and compassion. She does not approach, insist on embracing you, saying, “Now I will take care of you because you need nurturing.” No. She holds her arms out in a welcome embrace, waiting for you and for all to run into those arms and to bury your head in her chest, by her heart, and to feel that love and that sweet embrace, that acknowledgement of who you are.

And not just in the current reality of “can you please list your resume of accomplishments”, but in the totality and erasing of the pain and suffering and grief that one thinks of when one thinks of the scenic detours or the missteps, because that does not become the purpose of the Mother’s embrace, the conjoining. It is to ease and erase that self-judgment and the harsh judgment that has so often come from others.

And while I say this to you, sweet angel of love, I mean this for All. Nova Earth, Nova Being, yes, is surely interdimensional – what many are still thinking of as ‘higher-dimensional’, which is in fact an error, because you do not have beauty unless you have had and participated in the idea, the notion, the knowing of what beauty is… and that is first-dimensional/second-dimensional.

What the Mother is doing, and what you as human beings and your Star Family are doing, is erasing this sense of striving, eradicating this sense that is a human obsession – and not a good one – of striving for more, and better, and higher, not always recognising the divine perfection – as you would say “warts and all” – of how and who you are right in this moment… not only as divine, angelic, starseed selfbut as the human self who has journeyed, and persisted, and practiced fortitude and prudence and outrageous excitement!

All of you – ALL of youis Divine Perfection! This notion that so many carry: “If I do X,” and it doesn’t matter whether it is losing 10 lbs or meditating 10 hours a day, “if I do X, then I will be spiritual, holy, complete.” Now, we encourage you to follow your heart’s desires, but that determination, that harsh judgment – that “if you do X, then you will be sacred” – is not true!

You are already sacred – you always have been, you always will be – and we don’t just mean as Angelic Self out of form; we mean as the human being in form. You are divinely perfect! How could you be anything less when you are the sacred breath, the Blue Diamond breath, substance, Essence of the Mother?

So you know this, bright one, and that is why we tell you – you are doing stupendously well!