You carry the capacity of Divine Will within you.

An Hour With An Angel:
Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Before we go off too far, I think we have a guest today, waiting in the wings…no pun intended…who wishes to speak to us about the impact and meaning of the expansion of our free will. I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to hear about the expansion of our free will…so, Linda, why don’t I give you time to make your transition and after that we will welcome in Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings Lord.

AAM: Welcome dearest friends, sweetest allies. I address you, not only as Archangel of Peace, I call to you as bringers of peace, anchors of love, creators of news. When I call to thee and I say that we are allies and friends and family, and of one circle, that there is no such thing as hierarchy, seldom do you believe me. And I say that in a way of teasing you, to make you chuckle and laugh, because beloveds when you do, when you open your heart, it is instantaneous balancing, expansion, and moving into the awe and wonder, not only of us, not only of the Mother…who is completely awesome…but of your sweet selves.

The recognition, the credit of who you are and that you are part and critical part of an infinite infinity, a chain of love, a chain of beings – above, below, and everything in-between. But you, sweet ones, are creating heaven on earth and you are doing this with your hearts; yes, in concert, beautiful harmony, with your minds, even with your egos…balanced… with your physical forms, with your communities, with your families, and with your sacred other, and your sacred self, because it begins and ends with your sacred self.

We always encourage you to extend yourself to others in patience and kindness, compassion and prudence, but you can only do that when you are truly anchored in the fullness of recognition and embrace of yourself.

Now, I have come this day to speak about the expansion of your free will. Note what I am saying…Yes, I address it as yours, as collective, human collective regardless of lineage, of free will. But I am also addressing you, your sacred self, with the Mother’s renewal, intensification, and might I say ‘infinite’ Tsunami of Love with all the physical signs…some of you ask for astrological signs and you have ‘Lion’s Gates’; you ask for geophysical signs and you have complete eclipses; you ask for political signs and they are all around you…to know where you are at, how you are doing, that you are heard and paid attention to and that you are in that collective energy of All. But All also rests within you – it always has, it always will.

The Mother, and all of us on Her behalf and I speak on Her behalf this night, has repeatedly told you that you are based on Her pattern, that you carry that pattern of Her infinite self within your very core…not only within your tri-flame, but in your cells, in your skin, in your hair, in your eyes, in your feet. And She has spoken to you about how you are Her breath and that as you breathe in, you breathe Her energy and as you exhale, yes, you exhale your debris because nothing that is not of love can really survive where the Mother penetrates. So you breathe out not only your debris but you are also breathing out Her breath and sharing it with the entire universe, not just your neighborhood or your planet, but the universe. Yes, you are that big!

Let us speak of that other element so often associated with the Father…but you also know there is no such thing as separation so you know that you are born of the Mother/Father/One. Will is often associated with the Father and with the Mother, with the One, with the unity of All.

What does that mean? Regardless of how you might look at it, whether it is esoteric, spiritual, mental, physical, you carry that capacity of Divine Will within you, you always have. And we have led you, quite literally, through a process of growth, of massive expansion, and massive greater understanding of who you are. And that is why we have talked about the ultimate importance of never overriding your free will.

Now, why is that so critical and important? Because we would never assume to override one of the most precious gifts you have which is the installation of Divine Will within you. And that is why we have awakened and expanded your assumption of your mantle of Divine Authority which is based not only on your heart knowing and love, but your actions, which come and are born and directed by your will.

Now, what is happening upon this planet to each and every one of you, but make no mistake about it, this…to use your terminology…is up close and personal. There is an expansion that is occurring right now in you, beloved, of your divine human free will. Now, what does this look and feel like? For many of you you actually have been feeling confused, irregular, not present and fully present, because you are expanding not only your heart, but if I can be so clear, as what you’re doing with your heart. Your will is your action piece to bring into fruition, not what is decided on-high or outside of yourself, but what you wish and choose to do. Are you guided? Most certainly. And may that guidance be feeling new or outside your realm of comfort? Yes.

Too often throughout the history of this planet, since the fall of the Creator Race, since the instillation like bricks, mortar, and steel of these false belief systems, you have said, “Oh, I would like to do that, but…” or “I can’t do that because…, I would do that if…” Each of these positions has been a limitation, a self-imposed…you may think that it is coming from the outside, but beloveds, you are buying into it…therefore it is self-imposed limitation.

Now, how does that work on a planet where you are literally the new template of what it means to be in form – the embodiment of love in action? There is no place in the new realm for that ‘if’, ‘but’, ‘if only’. So, this is being literally wiped from you. Now, can you reclaim it? Why would you want to?

Now, we are in sacred partnership. Perhaps now you are a more conscious and even conscientious partner with me, with all of us, but we have always been in sacred partnership. But now you understand there is no denying the nature of this sacred union, that we are creating this Nova Earth. No, we are not doing it for you, we are doing it with you. And this is important for you to understand, you are also doing it, creating it, anchoring it, living it with us.

This expansion of free will may leave you feeling slightly adrift and yes, Steve, as you have said, ‘what happens in this expansion of your Divine Authority, you have been given the mantle of authority.’ There is this almost simultaneous clearing and shall I say ‘need to clear these core issues’, because that is also not perhaps conscious but certainly sub-conscious self-limitation that has come from a variety of circumstances and you know, it matters not, there is no room for it.

Now you say, “Well, I am uncertain, dearest Mi-ka-el, what I want to create with this expansion of my ability to bring forth what I desire.” That is alright. We are not suggesting to you to leap thoughtlessly or willy-nilly without a plan into action. A plan and an action that is born truly of Divine Free Will and love, is meticulous; it is not only planful but meticulous. So you find yourself refining and refining and refining what you want. And some of you will say,…and I beg you to not do this…”I think I should do x-y-z. It’s not really what I want to do, but it’s what I feel I should do as a good citizen of Gaia, as a servant of Our Lord, as an implementer of the Mother.” That is not the expression in action of Divine Free Will, it is you trying to behave as a good child, as an infant without that latitude of free will, and that is not what we are activating and it is certainly not what we are requesting.

The refinement to the point of sublime happiness, of joy, that is what we are asking, that is what we are partnering in is the bringing forth of what makes your heart sing!…whether it is sitting in the garden, working in the garden, baking cookies, or saving the world. And might I suggest, all of these activities are equally important. And you say, “Michael, how can I give equal weight to making cookies to feeding the hungry?” If making the cookies and baking them with love fills your heart and the heart of those around you that you are feeding and sharing those cookies with makes your heart sing, then as you go about your next project you are filled with the joy, you are filled with the delight, and knowing that you have, not only divine permission but internal permission to do what makes you joyful, which makes you feel like this life, every breath, every expression is an expression of love.

There will be moments, I can assure you, of what you and your human judgement will call drudgery… ‘oh, I hate paperwork; oh, I hate working with large groups of people who don’t know what they’re doing.’ The point is that you are anchoring a new paradigm and it is coming up from below, you are fully supported by Gaia, and it most certainly is coming down from above, not only from us but from your star family, and it is coming from the collective, it is coming from each and every one of you.

This expansion of free will and the expression is not ever to override another. Your free will and the expansion of free will is infinite cooperation…there is room for everybody and everything. It does not mean that your desire is greater or has higher priority. That is why we keep emphasizing ‘this is not a hierarchy’…you are not more important than another. I am not more important than you, than what you have chosen in direct communication and agreement with the Mother to do!

What I am saying is the changes upon this planet, of beloved Gaia, and what is going on are happening very rapidly. So you need, beloved ones, to truly sit and become more familiar embracing your free will and what that really means, without impediment to you.

Now, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Wow. Well, it’s interesting what you’re saying, Lord. It reminds me of a remark that Suzi made before the show that the Agarthan Symposium was life-altering. We seem to be going through one life-altering circumstance after another and just connecting with our Divine Authority is life-altering and connecting with what you are saying about the expansion of our…I’m going to give it a name that I used long ago…our domain of functionality, our realm in which we can actively impact things, and just what you’re saying about that is life-altering. We are being altered right and left.

How does one surf this wave? How does one move with this when ones very core is being altered, the limits of our ability to express ourselves are being extended, how does one orient towards this kind of tremendous change?

AAM: One of the things I would say to you, to each of you, “Have you ever tried to surf a Tsunami? It is not advisable and you may well get caught in the undertow.” What I suggest to you, as a physical analogy is to find the higher ground. And I do not say that in the means of escaping, I mean find the higher ground within you and allow the inner and the outer vision to truly emerge. Many of you, and yes, if we had an encapsulated term for what our job right now is, it is the life-altering project of humanity. So, you are correct. Now, we are not overriding you, but the Mother is most certainly activating you – you call it ‘your functionality.’ We call it the fulfillment…and the functionality…of your potential.

No more hesitating. Now, hesitating means not trusting yourself, it does not negate the need for planful, meticulous undertaking. No, that is not spinning your wheels, that is claiming your Divine Authority to truly proceed in ways that are clear and kind, considerate and of love. Go to the higher ground…no, you do not need to retreat to a mountain top or a cave in Tibet…your higher ground is right there within you and allow yourself, first to anchor within you.

It is hard in many ways for most of you to even communicate…and life-altering is the perfect term…it is hard for you to communicate, particularly to others who are not, shall we say, in the same awareness path, what is going on with you and why you feel the need for action and contemplation, refinement and contemplation.

Long ago, yes in Core Issues, we have talked about and given the blessing of Refined Balance. And that is what you are doing, that is what you are bringing to the forefront with this expansion. How do you proceed? We are not suggesting that we are – ever, but certainly not now, not ever – withdrawing our guidance. In fact, in many ways our guidance, our input…even at times, which you may think of as opinion, which is rather comical…is expanding our connection, that ability to communicate is expanding because you are cleared of this sense of bondage and limitation.

So think of, in your higher ground, what you are doing. You are having a conversation, yes, with your heart and with your hara, but start with your heart and be keying in to your higher self, keying in to that Divine Will within you, that Divine Knowing within you, first of what you truly desire and then consult, let us guide you. Let us say to you…yes, you will hear us, you may think it is your own intuition, we don’t mind… “Well, I was thinking that to start this project I would go to Texas and take care of all the displaced people.”

Then you may consult with us and we may say, “Yes, bravo, excellent idea.” Or we may say, “Dearest heart, what about all the displaced people? What about the terrible displacement in Venezuela? Or Ragga? Or South Africa?” We may say, “South Africa is a better choice for you at this time.” And you will say, “Okay, I will book my ticket.” And then we may say, “No.” And then we encourage you to ask yourself…’Do I really want to get on a plane, whether it is Texas or South Africa or Ragga…do I want to get on a plane and put myself in a situation where I am there as the helper and I don’t have the foggiest notion of the culture, the people, the organizational set-up, the politics, the dangers, etcetera?’ Well no, that would be absurd.

So then you, in your meticulous way, start to plan the things you have need to do because you are not wasting your energies in what you think you should do, but almost in what makes sense. And you hold that in your heart and you feel it, as human, angelic, star-being self. And does it make you feel excited, peaceful, joyful? And then, of course, you drop that into your hara and you move into action that is in accordance not only with Divine Will but your will…because there is no difference. And that is what you have been stumbling on for eons.

“What is Divine Will? What does the Mother want me to do?” The Mother wants you to do what you want to do…and we don’t mean eating a pound of sugar, because I can guarantee you that your eternal higher self does not want that. What do you really want? And that will be in alignment with your sacred mission, purpose, and promise to the Mother.

So, that is where you start, and by the way, that is also where you finish.

SB: Lord, can I interrupt for a sec?

AAM: Yes.

SB: When you say, “Find the higher ground”, is that what I mean by saying that I, under certain circumstances when I just can’t handle it from the level in which I am playing things, that I expand, I get bigger? I’ve done that on a couple of occasions…for instance, when I was contemplating evil…could I forgive Hitler? And to do that I had to get bigger than what I was, I had to, in imaginative terms, put my arms around the whole thing. Are we talking about the same thing?

AAM: We most certainly are. Now, we are always telling you how much bigger you are than you think you are…and I am not just talking about your various outer bodies. So, you always know that your physical body is like the seed within a giant plum. So, that is…but the sense of being massively huge, expanding and you have used a perfect example…so that you feel that you are big enough to literally wrap your arms around what, as the small self, you may have deemed as unforgivable.

Now you are in a time of ascension, we keep talking about this, yes, but we have also talked about how, in this transition, there will be many who you will have deemed as evil, as having embraced the dark side, as it were, and having done outrageous, atrocious things. And then you are going to find they are the stragglers at the end of the line and that is also, dear friend, the role of pillars is to gather the lost sheep as they go. And in order to do that, you have to be massive. And it is not… ‘well, you have to do penance for your missteps, your sins, your misdeeds before you enter’… No, you have to be big enough to find that forgiveness and that love in your heart.

SB: I have another question, if I may…How big is too big? Now, after we’ve been activated and we’re going about our work, if I wanted…just being completely free with my imagination…If I wanted to give $100,000 to every Canadian, is that too big, is that too poorly planned or thought out?

AAM: No. Now, let us go back to the operating system and that is…does that feel what gives you such joy and such love? Now you see, the small person, the small self, would say, “Well I can’t give $100,000…this is a good example…to the guy who is in jail because he raped twelve little girls. You would say, “Oh no, no, no. I can’t do that because he is evil.” You may put it in a trust that he is working towards a renewal of his ‘self’.

You see, the Mother, and therefore we, do not look at any individual and say, “You are beyond saving! We don’t love you!” That is not the way of love. Do we see the atrocities that are committed by ego and forgetfulness of the divine self? Yes we most certainly do. And often we intercede, but often the human beings are ahead of us. But we never, the Mother never rejects and casts out. Those beings are the neediest, and we use that term in the real sense…not of co-dependence but of need…they are the neediest and they require that helping hand.

Now, if you had said to me, “Michael, is it too big to feel that I am expanding to the size of the multiverse?” I would say, “Well perhaps.” Some of you have been planets; some of you even carry planets. Some of you have been mountain ranges or oceans. But it is in accordance and alignment with the truth of who you are. So, for some of you it is taking, for example, that $100,000 and saying, “I’m going to provide free medical assistance, both traditional and allopathic and homeopathy and energy healing, to this entire community. And I will set this up that it is ‘Come and Be Served’. And that is your mission, you have decided on a very distinct, manageable undertaking. But that would only make those whose undertaking it is, it would make their heart sing.

If I suggested to you, dearest Steve, “I want you to set up a medical center for the downtrodden of Vancouver”, you would say, “That is not my forte, Lord” and you are correct. So, it is your undertaking is in alignment with your will…again, you are getting rid of this terminology of should because should is limitation and it does not align with the expansion of free will. And Divine Free Will, which is the expansion we are talking about, is kind and loving, not controlling. It’s not filled with requirements, it is meticulous and particular, not only to the plan, but to the individual, to the group, to the community, and so on.

SB: Well, I’m still trying to press against the limits here to find out…is there such a thing as too big?

AAM: No.

SB: No, okay.

AAM: When you feel…I will tell you what too big is… Too big is when you permanently lose…and there is no such thing as permanence, as you know, but I will use that term so that you will understand what I am saying…when you permanently lose your sense of self. Now you have had this experience where you expand and you know, not think, but you know that you are part of everything – because you are! So, that is not too big.  But, if you remain in that state and have no reference point back to your self, your sacred self that is in human form, in body, then what happens is you lose your ability to act from will and get things done, in terms of creating and building Nova Earth.

So, there is this expansion as if you are a balloon – out into the entire universe, back into your self, out into the entire universe and back into your self. Does that make it any clearer?

SB: Hahaha, well, it as with so many things, Lord, and until you experience it they are not at all clear… hahaha…I can only imagine what you might be saying…but… We’re just going to be so challenged in the time ahead that I’m looking for a…how can I say it?…a kind of a survival manual, I guess…survival in the bush here where all your normal points of bearing and direction finding apparatuses are not anymore going to do the trick. So, yeah, I’m just looking for any counsel on how to make judgements in this rapidly changing world that we are about to enter.

AAM: You mean your life-altering events? Yes, now I am going to challenge you, sweet one: What makes you think…and it is judgement and it is limitation and we understand that but we are bringing you along…what makes you think that as you arrive through that doorway of many life-altering events, that you don’t have absolute clarity about where you are…north, south, east, west…how to proceed and what you want to do? Do not make the assumption that…and we understand that this is a complete walk of trust…but do not make the assumption that, in fact, you will be adrift. Now, are there challenges? Yes. But do you have, innately and externally, both in physicality and with our partnership, the GPS, as it were, to go forward? You most certainly do!

Things are going to be easier, not harder, because what you are doing at the same time in all these expansions is, you are opening yourself to more support…including support of self to self…but of more support in every regard – from the kingdoms, from your star family, from Agarthans, from us!

So, your survival manual is that conversation… “Do I think what I’m about to do is right?” because you have this reference point of right/wrong, and we would call wrong as spinning your wheels and doing things that are not necessary, not productive, and certainly not satisfying. You have that internal knowing and you also have the consultancy with all of us. The change in pattern, your survival manual is that you have…and when I say ‘you’ I mean each of you, beloveds, but I also mean the collective.

There is a tendency, a false urgency, to act because you think you need to act, rather than to consider and then act.

SB: I notice that I am projecting into the future thoughts that I have about the way I am now…If I am in the future the way that I am now, then I cannot make this big decision…

AAM: That is correct. But what I am asking of you is to allow this expansion…and this sense when I use ‘expansion’ I do mean that term of spaciousness…allow that sense of your big self to be ever-present, not barring you from acting but as a partnership to acting.

SB: Wow. Well, I think, Lord, that we are going to have to wrap up the discussion. Is there anything that you want to say before we go? And this is ‘go-ing’ for a month…

AAM: And it will be a busy month for all of you. The thing I want to say, and again on behalf of the Mother, on behalf of the entire Council, on behalf of the Company of Heaven, “You are doing amazing work. Let go…and you would say, ‘How Lord?’ Give it to me…Let go of pressure. Expansion of will, moving into action, the full assumption of your Divine Authority, is not borne from feelings of stress, or pressure, or ‘I’d better get going’, or ‘what am I going to do?’ Let the calm, as if it is a new dawn of a perfect, peaceful day, where you sit in a meadow and watch the clouds drift by, let that sense of calm pervade your being. And allow the shifts, knowing that you are in perfect alignment with the Will of the Mother and the will of your sacred self. You are doing wonderfully. Keep going, we are with you.”
SB: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon