If you think there is no movement, drop into your heart and just feel the love. That love creates universes. That love is movement. I am movement. Channeled by Dana Zook.

I am Divine Mother and I come here, my beautiful children, to enfold you in my arms, in my heart and in my cloak.

I hear your distress and I wish to soothe you with my love and remind you not only that we are with you, but thank you for heeding my call to walk this difficult path, to journey upon the Earth. It has its challenges, I know this.

And yet I know deep in your hearts, you do this out of love for me, my beautiful children. It does not go unnoticed, nor shall it go unrewarded, although that is not the reason you do it.

It is the love in your hearts for me that inspired you to jump in, to make this choice to go through these challenges, to transmute the energies on Earth, to help Gaia in her ascension by working on your own ascension.

And you all feel like you are never getting there fast enough or not even at all, maybe. But know dear ones, you are constantly moving forward or shall I say higher and higher. And you are fulfilling your missions. Remove your doubts and your judgments of yourself.

Your commitment to this group and to channeling is key in this movement right now. And yes, it is to help ground you even though we are from the heavenly realms and you feel floaty, you are grounding our energy into Gaia, even as we speak.

There is always confusion when you operate from your mind. This one [the channel] is constantly, “should I do this? Should I do that? Should I live here? Should I live there? Where do you want me to live? What you want me to do? I need to know exact details…” and sometimes she has spent too much time in this space.

It is so much easier to drop from the head into the heart; to sit inside the heart and to feel the light and the love of your I Am Presence there that surrounds you, that just enfolds you with love.

And so ask your heart; your heart can speak to you. Your heart has intelligence. Your heart will never, ever misguide you. Your heart knows and you can ask your heart to please be in charge and to help guide your mind to know the next steps, to know what the direction is that you are to take.

And this is only done by being in this now moment, by being in this now moment and being in your heart and feeling the love.

We designed this and it is like the Father and Myself, we are one and we are different. We operate differently but both are needed. Both in balance are a beautiful, magical orchestration.

The mind, the energy of the mind is the Father’s essence. The energy of the heart is My essence. You need both, dear ones.

But when you are stuck only in the mind, you go around in circles. It is like having a cart with only one wheel that moves…it just goes around in a circle. But when you have both wheels, the mind and the heart, it goes forward. Both wheels move. (Or backwards; you get to choose.)

I love you so much beautiful children. We all embrace you. And as a Mother I wish to lift the pains and I can help with this to some extent, but know that as you walk through these pains and these struggles, you are transmuting and shifting energy for Gaia, your Earthly Mother. You are helping release her pain and being stuck in her grief.

It is not a small task, dear ones, and you did this out of love for Me and love for Gaia. She is so grateful to you for the pain and struggles that you go through to help release it for her so she can move into higher vibration.

Trust, my lovely children, that all will be well. It is magically unfolding and will magically unfold and even if you think there is no movement, trust that there is.

If you think there is no movement, drop into your heart and just feel the love. That love creates universes. That love is movement. I am movement.

With that, I will say farewell. Bless you.

By Permission.