There are moments that you stop and go, “Oh, I forgot to go to the love, to be the love, to feel the love.” It is most important that you bring this vibration into every moment…Channeled by Dana Zook

It is I, Divine Mother, speaking again for the entire Council as we all surround you.


 Thank you.

You are correct dear one that you are in the energy when the group meets, whether you are actually present or not. All of you receive this energy because of your spiritual connections, even if you are not actually in the channeling group. What is most important is the energy and the activations. We have said this before.

You think of your body as an entire universe and it truly is if you go to a level of infinitesimal particles. There are vast amounts of space within each atom which is like traveling across a galaxy.

And we are clearing and shifting and activating as was said in your talk. These activations are so important because they help to bring about reality and help you to see reality and pull you out of the 3-D illusion that is so fraught with many distractions.

And it is important that you stop to do this when you can.

This one today [the channel] was working on a big project and getting very frustrated and angry that things were not working out. These are the moments, dear ones that you do not continue to push through to accomplish something. These are the moments that you stop and go, “Oh, I forgot to go to the love, to be the love, to feel the love.”

It takes but a few moments to empty out what you are trying to do, thinking about and to just be. Bring to mind whoever it is that you love or that is on the other (our) side and we will instantly be there to surround you and soothe you.

[This is] because it is most important that you bring this vibration into every moment as much as possible because it does help change the planet, the conditions. It does help bring about a new world of love and harmony.

When you go into the anger or yelling, (this is not a judgment, please understand) but it brings in, or you could even say “feeds” some of the lower vibrations.

And so, you have the power to shift this but it takes awareness. It takes being in the moment and knowing, seeing, understanding and moving forward with it. It means stop what you are doing and if you don’t want to come home for a few minutes then go hug a tree or go lay in the grass.

Each moment is so precious. It is not that it is precious in the sense of you must not waste time; there is no time to waste, for you are in the eternal moment of now. It is precious in that your love, your vibrations of gratitude, your joy in each moment literally goes out in waves throughout the cosmos, throughout your galaxy, throughout your universe and throughout the omni-verse.

Just a vibration of gratitude has this ability! And it also ripples out into the collective unconscious to bring pearls of joy to all humanity; to uplift the hearts of others.

It’s so easy for you to feel separate and feel like perhaps you are not heard or seen. But in reality dear ones, each precious moment you have a choice to help bring in or move into New Earth.

Or to continue in status quo if you are not thinking and you are not being conscious, if you are carrying out mindless tasks. You can actually lower the vibrations by going into anger or sadness.

Sometimes this cannot be helped, but that’s when you call on us. It is a process. The more you notice, the more you practice, the more you step into the love, the light.

So you do have a choice each moment how you wish to vibrate with your thoughts, with your feelings, with your words, with your actions. We come here just to remind you and encourage you to keep making the efforts, dear ones, to stay in that vibration. It can be as simple as having joy in what you are doing.

It does not have to be heavy concentration or focus on the divine. The divine is within you and when you have joy, it comes out. If you stop having joy and gratitude then just stop and ask what will help you move into that.

With that, dear ones, I will step back. We all truly, deeply love you, embrace you and remember that when you hold these moments you are helping to reduce the vibrations of restlessness that you mentioned.

You have great power, dear ones, and it is our deepest desire and hope that as we nourish you, as we surround you with our love, as we activate all levels of your being in the love and in the light that you will be able to step more into your mastery and power that you truly are, my beloved children of the light. I embrace you, I love you. Go in peace. Farewell.

By Permission.