Why has Divine Authority become such an important topic, a crucial issue to be addressed in this phase of your unfoldment? Because you are ready. Now, there has been a theme of readiness, and that is not what I am referring to. I am referring past the preparation stage of readiness into the readiness, the ‘ready’ of being in action. You are at a conjuncture where you are able to truly embrace and anchor and be and act in your Divine Authority.

Heavenly Blessings ~ May 16, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 2:23 to 8:52]


Archangel Uriel: Greetings, I am Uriel.

Suzanne: Welcome.

AA Uriel: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you. I am Archangel of the Luminous Silver Flame, I am Archangel of Time, I am Keeper of Time, I am Keeper and Archangel of Divine Authority and it is my honour, my pleasure and my joy to be with you again – and again and again and again, for although I am quiet, I am always present.

I am Bringer of the Future, and as I have said numerous times, the future is now. And you are the anchors of this now, not only the Mother’s infinite, eternal now, but in what you conceive of, that construct of what you feel is your sense of time, of now – you are the anchors of that as well.

No, it is not schizophrenic to be in the Mother’s infinite flow of eternity, and also to be fully and completely present in your moment. And yes, that moment is eternal and infinite, but it is also expressing and being experienced as the moment of now, what you think of as that linear experience of time.

And while it is an illusion, it is also a very helpful concept, a construct which we have given you so that you know and have a sense of that progression within the infinity, for most of you of thousands of lifetimes.

So it is useful and it plays a role. And how it plays a role right now, in your now, is that the actions that you are taking, the sensation of what you are doing and who you are, creates and co-creates, brings forth and anchors not merely the Divine Qualities but the reality of Nova Earth and Nova Being. It is the anchoring in physicality and in form of our beloved Mother’s Plan.

So do not dismiss ever – yes, I will use lots of time references – do not dismiss your being anchored in this moment of now, of your now and our now. And you are fully capable of doing this.

Now, I have asked and been granted leeway, for which I thank you, to speak about this issue that has come to the forefront about Divine Authority. Let me back up a little.

Why has Divine Authority become such an important topic, a crucial issue to be addressed in this phase of your unfoldment? Because you are ready. Now, there has been a theme of readiness, and that is not what I am referring to. I am referring past the preparation stage of readiness into the readiness, the ‘ready’ of being in action.

You are at a conjuncture where you are able to truly embrace and anchor and be and act in your Divine Authority.

We had not – and I mean the Mother and Mi-ka-el and many of us – did not speak of this issue of Divine Authority years ago. Think about this, because now you are in a position to truly bring this to full consciousness.

Many of you in 2012 were both excited and disappointed about that instant lift-off into what you have viewed or thought of as ascension, ascension shift, interdimensional/higher dimensional reality. Now, when you look back, of course you understand the progression that not only you, sweet angels, but the planet and the process has been going through.

In 2012, many of you – and I do not say this in a critical manner at all; I do not have that capacity to be that kind of critic! – but many of you have thought of ascension as escape. And it is not escape – it is fulfilment. It is fulfilment of your plan and the Mother’s Plan in absolute harmony, in tandem, in sacred union.

You cannot be fulfilling and implementing the Mother’s Plan, the dream of the Mother – which means instantaneous fulfilment; our meaning of “instantaneous” is different than yours, perhaps more complex and perhaps more simple – but the fulfilment of Her Plan cannot occur – this is the way She has constructed it – it cannot occur without you, without the fulfilment of your plan, because that is the missing piece, that is the link, that is the tangibility that you and we and far beyond can recognise, witness and participate in.

It is not the Mother’s Plan and your plan – quite the contrary – and that is why I ask and am grateful to speak to you about Divine Authority.

Now before I do, I also want to remind you of my Silver Flame that I have gifted you again and again and again – and will again and again and again. The Silver Flame is gentle and brilliant. I call it “luminous” because it is the Flame of Illumination. It is to bring illumination not only to the planet, not only to human beings, but wherever there is darkness, shadows, uncertainty – and my beloveds, I mean that in the various corners of your heart and your life.

Most of you – and I would almost wish to say “all of you” – have corners or nooks or crannies that while you would not identify it as darkness – and neither would we, by the way – there are areas of your life that you perhaps have ignored or that you avoid or that you don’t want to revisit.

What I offer you from the depth of my being is my Silver Flame of Illumination to go and to bring the gentle silver light to these areas, to these parts of yourself or to parts of these situations – which is truly just part of yourself – that you may have avoided or simply not wished to look at.

And you say to me, “Well, Uriel, why are you even suggesting that I do that?” I am suggesting it, sweet ones, so that you no longer have to give one iota of energy to that area that you are trying not to look at, that everything is an open book to thee. And in that, no energy has to go into concealing.

I am not suggesting that you need to lay yourself, your life and every action or inaction you have ever taken out to the public. I am talking about a sacred contract between you and I. I am the Archangel of the Future – and the future contains freedom, illumination, enlightenment, so there is no space, there is no room for any sense of hiding. I am not necessarily talking about denial; that is a stronger barrier of not looking, not choosing to explore. But each of you have areas that perhaps you would just prefer to ignore or overlook.

Take my hand, as I take yours – use the other hand for the Silver Flame and I will do the same – and together we will wander into these areas so that you may fully understand the beauty of what you have learned, the beauty of how you survived and continued on as brilliant lightworkers and loveholders. Let us show you, with you, not some grand revelation but gently, together, who you really are – because you are phenomenal.

So now we are here, in your time and our time, in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan 2017. What a wonderful time!

What is time? Time in reality is the infinite flow of existence, but because that is incomprehensible – in the simplest of terms, difficult to wrap your head and mind around – there are brackets put on time and that is how you come to define this realm of existence, this framework of existence, this bracket in which… think of this… this bracket contains the shift, the breaking point, the breakthrough point of the Mother’s Plan.

Now, the Mother’s Plan is infinite, and will continue on in further evolution long after this bracket is closed and opened again. But think about what I say to thee. This time within which you have chosen – for which we thank you – to exist is the tipping point, the opening, the breakthrough, the fulfilment of human beings choosing, consciously deciding to be the anchors, the fulfilment, the physical fulfilment of the Mother’s love, of changing a paradigm that has existed on this planet in physical brutality, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. In any reality, my friends, this is remarkable!

Now, what is the next step of truly being the implementation team? It is the claiming of your Divine Authority. Now what is – and we will repeat this because it has been said several times – what is Divine Authority? It is not merely permission, it is not merely expectation. It is you in action, acting with and on behalf of the Mother/Father/One.

Let me explain. I, Mi-ka-el, Gabrielle, Raphael, Jophiel, who is also connected to the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being, stands here with me – well, they all do this day! – we act with and on behalf of the Mother/Father/One. Everything we do, seen and unseen, known and unknown, is done with the Divine Authority that the Mother has bestowed upon us and within us at the very beginning. So I want you – I invite you – to understand the magnitude of what Divine Authority means.

Now, we have started talking about 2012, and look how you have spiritually evolved, matured, rebalanced, regained, re-anchored in these last five years. You are doing a brilliant job! This next step is the claiming, the anchoring, the embracing of your Divine Authority.

Now, when I say “claiming”, I do not mean permission. I do not mean that you need to go back home – although that is always a good idea; that is why you have been given and gifted with the 13th Octave – but it is not something you need to come back home and claim. In fact, I am activating it within each and every one of you right now!

Now, what do I mean “activating”? I am activating the remembrance and the knowing of your Divine Authority within your heart, your cells, your being, your mind, your emotional field. Just as Michael – Mi-ka-el– has activated peace within you in our last visitation, I am activating your Divine Authority. Yes, we know, we are using these airwaves slightly differently these days. Is it not delightful? It certainly is to us!

Now think about this. Every time I take a step – even this step of speaking to you in this way, of doing this activation – I do not run home and ask Mother for permission. She has embedded it. She has given me the Divine Authority to act on and with Her and the Father long ago. That is the alignment. That is the alignment with this overworked, overused term that we call love. It is the alignment and the knowing, not only of the truth of love, not only of the truth of Mother/Father/One, but the truth of who I am – that I AM Presence.

And sweet angels of light, whether you are purple or blue or yellow or green – it matters not – within your infinite, higher universal self, you have been given Divine Authority. But more importantly, in this moment of your now and our now, you in form, in your heart, in that pink diamond flame, you have been given, eons ago, Divine Authority.

It is being awakened within you now because you have reached this level – not a hierarchical level but in the cycle and the realm of existence – you have reached this place of spiritual maturity where that alignment is present so that you will act in your Divine Authority and in Her Divine Authority, in alignment with the love – not to escape; yes, in some ways to destroy, and I mean that in the most positive of ways – to destroy, to eradicate, to eliminate… yes, with a little help from Sanat Kumara… to eliminate what is not of truth, what is not of love, what is not of enlightenment and illumination.

And I am here to help you with this. This is my mission and purpose. That is why I am here. We are anchoring future, the fullness of your plan and Hers, into this very moment where you breathe in and you breathe out.

What does it look like to claim Divine Authority, to allow what has already been within you always to illuminate your actions, your thoughts, your feelings and who you are, your plan? It is gentle. The Silver Flame is gentle. I, sweet ones, am gentle. That does not mean a lack of strength; quite the contrary. You and we are beyond strong, and when you are in the strength of purpose and knowing and alignment, what happens? It allows you, it requires you, it brings forth gentleness.

Strength is not abusive. Truth is not abusive. Power is not abusive. Have they been thought of that way? And when I say to you that you are here to destroy what is not of truth and love, I do not mean picking up guns or going to war or battle. I mean in the truth of who you are – in every word, in every action, in every glance, in who you are. You are coming from this place of your Divine Authority, acting not only on behalf of the Mother but on behalf of yourself.

When I say that there can be no fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan in this bracketed area without the fulfilment of your plan, it is you acting; it is that sacred partnership not only with the essence of love working and operating through you, but sweet angels of light, with you. That is what it means to be in form, to be in this ascension process of full interdimensional reality, not stuck in any closed door – to be in the fullness, in form, of who you are, in the fullness of who you are.

I would not be speaking to you in this way, I would not be doing this activation, if you were not ready in this facet of the unfoldment, in this facet of ascension and the shift. It is breaking down… that is what the Silver Flame does… it breaks down and brings illumination to every facet of the Plan, of your plan – and as you are sitting there as participant-observer, of the Plan – so that there is no sense of separation, because there isn’t!

It has been an illusion – a nightmare in many ways – seeking home, seeking fulfilment, when in fact it was all there, present within you; that that veil, that infamous veil is gone. It’s been gone for some time! So it means being in the flow – and it means, literally, acting with and on behalf of the Divine. That is your Divine Authority.

When you truly accept, activate, implement this aspect of who you are, this quality of who you are, then all the barriers are gone. What you have been dreaming about and hoping for and trusting, it does not eliminate those Divine Equalities – Equalities – but what it does is it allows you to flow in that.

I have gone on and on. Sweet angel of light, Suzanne, do you have questions for me?

Suzi: Well, a comment really… that what you’re saying is we’ve reached a point where, with our intention, we can say that every breath we take is a blessing for all of humanity and the Earth and any such thing that we want; that I can drive in my car and bless people on the road, and absolutely it’s a blessing and an energetic gift, and that’s where we’re at – and we just have to really embrace that and know that it’s true and happening.

AA Uriel: And to feel it – to know it, to feel it, to believe it, to live it. You see, so often as I have stood somewhat on the sidelines waiting for this anchoring of the future, so many of you – and again, I do not say this in criticism – have felt that the unfoldment of the Plan, your plan and our Mother’s Plan, has been big, hard, arduous work, and it was something that you have thought of in many ways as ‘a job’.

And that in itself has been overloading in some ways, overwhelming in some ways, because not only did you have to get up, get dressed and go to work at a job, then you had your second job – which we would always think of as your first job! – to do. So there has been this fractioning, this divisiveness in your life. So you have thought, “Well, I have to take care of my kids, I have to tend to my marriage, I have to tend to myself; oh, and I have to earn some money and I have to do this and this and this.” And it has been all fragmented.

And then you think, “Am I doing enough? Am I doing enough to be the fulfilment of my mission and purpose and the Mother’s Plan?” And you have been overwhelming yourself. So you have brought forth a very important point and that is: it is not merely intention; it is the action, it is the implementation, and as you say, it was never meant to be arduous.

Now does that mean that there will not be moments where you feel like pulling out your hair and go screaming into the night? There will be, because as you observe those who are clinging to the… not even the vapours… to the illusions of the old 3rd, that can frustrate you.

So how do you address it? You address it by holding the intention, by blessing everyone on the road, because those vibrations, those lightwaves continue on all the way, whether it is to Moscow or Istanbul or Washington, it matters not. They travel out and the blessings travel out, and what you are holding is the purity, the clarity and the beauty of the Mother’s grace. And it is that simple!

Suzi: Fabulous! Well, I had a thought and I forgot what it was, and that’s the way it is. You have awareness of things that would greatly encourage us to know about our future selves, and I’m not alone in wondering what’s next for me. All I do know is that it can only be brilliant and wonderful. But it’s very interesting just being here in what feels like a zero-point, in-between space, for what feels like a really long time. [Laughter]

AA Uriel: But it is not, of course! But because we have given you this construct of the brackets within which also the Mother’s Tsunami of Love has been reinvigorated, the resurgence is filling each and every one of you.

The reason we don’t completely write and tell you the script is our divine trust in each and every one of you. If we say to you, “Do X, Y and Z,” then what we have done is tried, attempted – because we will never do it – but we are hinting at usurping your Divine Authority. The Divine Authority means that you have the latitude, the freedom which I have! Think of this!

Suzi: It’s like going to the closet to open a Christmas present before Christmas, okay. You just shouldn’t do it! [Laughter]

AA Uriel: Because Christmas will come and you will say, “There’s nothing for me underneath the tree!” So you are quite right. But what we are doing is we are deepening – and we are being vocal about it – our sacred partnership, our sacred union, and we are walking with you.

Sometimes you will even see us and that is a joy and a gift to us! It is what our future holds. It is you being able to see and talk and be with us, and be aware of it. So I will give you that hint!

Suzi: Oh, okay. Well, thank you. You know we’re all longing for it certainly.

AA Uriel: You are doing more! I am going to correct you [laughter] and that is part of this conversation. You are longing for it, but my sweet one, my beloved sister of silver, you are not only longing for it – and the yearning is a catalyst for intent, so I do not dismiss that – but do not deny: you are doing it. You are doing it! All the various teams all over this planet who have committed their lives and their life force to this undertaking are doing it, and the numbers are growing and growing and growing.

Suzi: Yes. Could we put a little attention on the subject of attention, what we put our attention on? I’ve been told: “You’re doing the ostrich in the sand thing very well,” or of course, “Pollyanna.” I just have this understanding that if I really wanted to delve into politics and pay attention to what Donald Trump is up to and who’s trying to build another pipeline and all those things, that it’s really not beneficial for me to do that. I really would rather pay attention to the beautiful trees outside and the birds that come to my feeders, and these kinds of conversations with you. It makes more sense.

AA Uriel: It ultimately makes more sense as well. Now, each being, every single one of these billions of people and far, far beyond have unique, divine design of what they wish to pay attention to, what they wish to do upon this planet, but it begins with intention.

When I have said to thee, “Destruction” – and this is a phase of destruction, make no mistake about it; it is opening, it is blossoming, it is also destruction; yes, these things happen all the same, all at once. There are those that will pay attention to things, but it begins with intention.

If the intention is not coming from the wellspring of your heart, if it is not coming from the purity, the truth of who you are and what your mission and purpose is, if it is not coming in the claiming of your Divine Authority – all of which is in that first phase of co-creation – then it does not happen.

You cannot skip intention and then jump to action because what is it being fuelled by? You always have to – always! and I say that in the deepest honouring of what we do and what we anticipate and know in your future and current selves what you do – it begins with that purity and clarity of intention. And when you do that, it takes care of…

This is not about picking up a gun; this is not about doing battle. This is about being such a massive energy field that those who have been in denial or what we could call ‘displacement’ – recalcitrants – they are wooed away; they are wooed literally away. They are loved into submission so that they can look back and say, “What was I thinking? What was I doing? I am so much happier and feel in alignment with myself over here.”

So you are wooing them away from that old path of false grids and false paradigms and abuse of authority and power. You are luring them away from that illusion world – not dream world; that is entirely different – from the illusion world to what is true. So yes, intention is extremely important. You never want to act without intention, without a clarity of intention.

You have many sayings on your planet about this: “Think before you speak.” Well, intend before you speak! Intend before you act! Do not be careless with your words or your looks! Do not forget that you, each of you that I speak to, are working with 144,000,000 beings!

It is a huge undertaking, but it is not intended to be arduous. Trying to take on Donald Trump, for example – that is arduous! And let us tell you, it is distracting. He plays a magnificent role in unveiling what it is in the old 3rd that no one wants and he has many fine qualities, so concentrate on those or simply ignore it and go forward.

Suzi: Right, exactly. So there really is nothing to worry about. And why put our attention on things that are troubling?

AA Uriel: Part of Divine Authority is that alignment and in that, the knowingness, the illumination that all is in divine order, divine timing, divine unfoldment within you, with every other being on the planet and with us. So where is the room for worry, for fear? That has been the addiction of the human race. Fear, anxiety, anger – these are illusions and these are core distractions.

“I worry whether I will fulfil my mission and purpose,” so what you are doing is you are worrying rather than doing and living and being the fulfilment of your divine purpose. It’s a waste of time – your time and infinite time! Let it go!

Bring my Silver Flame to your fear and worry and look at it. That is why I talk about the little dark corners that you try to ignore. So when you want to get rid of worry, come with me. Use the Silver Flame. It all boils down to you not feeling worthy enough to be the embodiment of the Mother. And you are!

Suzi: We are.

AA Uriel: You are, each and every one of you – as we are! There are more similarities amongst all of us, so let us focus on that. Let us focus on the beautiful sacred partnership, the friendship, the allies that we have – and you, beloveds. You are our allies. You are our allies, and you are the physical embodiment of the Mother and the Mother’s Plan and your plan. It is… [inaudible].

Suzi: If I might say, maybe it would be helpful for some people to think of it as an ‘Avatar’ – as if you were playing a video game and think of ourselves as ‘Avatars’ of you guys?

AA Uriel: Yes. Be the Avatars, be the superheroes. Choose who you want to be and then live it, but understand you are living in this bracket of time as you. So if you feel a powerful alignment with Wonder Woman, and you know that you can fight evil and hold up your hands and deflect injustice, then do so.

And if you wish to be an Avatar of Gabrielle and be a channel, then do so. And if you wish to align and have your superhero self be the Avatar and defender of Gaia, then do so. Plant! Plant the seeds, talk to the trees, whistle and sing with the birds. Be yourself! Because, sweet ones, you are Avatars and that is why you can claim, that is why we activate your Divine Authority.

Suzi: Lovely, thank you.

AA Uriel: You are welcome. And go in truth. And remember – take my hand and together we will go to the places where you have avoided. I give you my Silver Flame. I give you my love.

Suzi: Thank you. Farewell.