The Magdalena steps forward to talk specifically about the love of thy body for thy self. One way you can visualize this love moving between your self and your collective of bodies is the infinity symbol…

This Channeled Gem was provided by Micki M. Mercurio who channeled the Magdalena while taking the How To Channel class offered by Linda Dillon. Thank you Micki for sharing this powerful message.

Greetings, I am the Magdalena. Yes, I am Mary. Breathe in my ruby gold. Breathe it in so that we might establish our connection even more deeply. And breathe in also the magenta of my beloved Yeshua. Feel our energies deeply penetrating, deeply and vibrantly into every particle of thy being. It feels like love, does it not? And this is so, for love is what I come to speak with you about today, specifically the love of thy body for thy self. (And yes, when we speak of body we refer to the collective of bodies within the Seal of Solomon.)

Yes beloved dear one, you have begun this communication between yourself and your precious partner, your body, establishing and strengthening the relationship between you. This shall serve you well, as it will also serve others who shall benefit from the messages you will bring forth in this regard.

I have asked to come forth and speak on this matter because, as you know, I have been in form. I have had the experience of inhabiting the physical body along with the other bodies that emanate within the Seal of Solomon. And my experience of being in physical form as the Magdalena was one in which I brought great power and conscious acknowledgment of the relationship between the I AM Presence and the physical form.

And yes, as the channel knows, I was in friendly competition with St. Germaine to speak on this matter today. I won out for several reasons, one being the way in which I embraced, in full expression and full partnership, my physical form as female during a time upon the planet in which it was not, shall we say, popular or acceptable for a woman to be so outspoken and so comfortable with her physicality and the joy of her physical form.

Now did this make me a target? Yes, of course it did. A powerful woman comfortable in her own skin was viewed as a threat, and still is to some degree – but that is changing. What I wish for you to know, my beloved sister – I wish to applaud you, to support you, to affirm with you these messages that have been coming to you, channeled to you, from the collective of your precious bodies.

Yes it is true – and this is why these messages are of such great import – that this process of Ascension in physical form absolutely requires a full acceptance of, welcoming of, and embracing of the love shared between each being and their body – of the forms in which each have chosen to incarnate, the design of which was carefully and lovingly chosen and constructed for this most important incarnation upon sweet Gaia.

This Ascension process has an absolute need for the fullness of the Divine Partnership, yes, Sacred Union, between the self and the physical form which the self embodies. Why do you think we have spoken so much about embodiment? Why do you think this has been a theme in the last while, the importance and necessity of embodiment? And yet we have not been clear enough, we have not given the full picture of what this embodiment requires.

Yes, there has been a missing piece for many if not most of you that we have not spoken of. My sister, we bow to you and to your sweet body for bringing this missing piece forward, for it is truth. How can this Ascension process be completed without the full acceptance, embrace and conjoining in Sacred Union of thy selves and thy bodies? It simply cannot.

And so I have asked and I am pleased to reiterate what your sweet body has so clearly relayed to you – and that is the absolute and unconditional, ever present love of thy body for thyself. It is as your body has told you: The body’s sole mission and purpose, sole reason for being is to love you, to care for you, to provide for you the perfect vehicle, the perfect partner in this Ascension process so that it might be completed in form. This cannot be done until and unless you embrace and accept and open your heart fully to this love that is being offered to you in such great measure at every moment of every day, of every night – unending love and devotion!

Yes this is what completes the mission and purpose of your bodies, this is their joyful service to you and to the Mother, to the All, to the One. This is the exquisite fulfillment. When we, and in particular my beloved Yeshua, has said this is the year of fulfillment this is one of the things we have been speaking of. For there can be no true fulfillment without the love of self. And there cannot be the full embrace of the love of self without the full acknowledgment, acceptance, allowance, and embrace of the love of thy body for thy self.

Equally, in tandem with this must be the full allowance, acceptance, acknowledgment and embrace, the offering of the unconditional, unending devotion and love of thy self for thy body.

Yes beloved sister, you are correct in the feeling that this is a great love affair that you have embarked upon. And the joy of this love, of this Divine Partnership, this Sacred Union, is beyond measure and shall deepen over time. And yes, as with any relationship it requires dedication, devotion. It requires the coming back to one another at least a couple of times each day – at least upon awakening in the morning and upon lying down to bed at night. At least those times, to turn to one another as self, as body, and express and receive thy love for one another, to renew the commitment you have for one another. To revel in, for those few moments in the quiet, in the stillness, your choice to be in partnership with one another. This helps strengthen the bond, helps to nurture and nourish it, so that it remains steadfast, constant, throughout the ups and downs of any given day.

This is a practice that both my beloved Yeshi and I undertook. We did so not only with one another, reaffirming, nurturing, nourishing, acknowledging, every morning and every evening and any time in between when we had the opportunity – with a look, a glance between one another, a gentle touch of the hands on the shoulder – that said with words or without, “I love you. I love you. I am with you, always.” So not only did we do this with one another but we each did this with our bodies as well because we knew what a gift it is to be in form, and we knew, we understood the importance of this relationship, this partnership between the body and the self. And so, we took time each day to nurture that relationship just as we did our relationship with one another, to acknowledge and to give and to receive that love.

And yes my sister, it is the infinity symbol that your body has been showing you that you have been weaving between one another, strengthening your bond with your body, your love for one another. And this is indeed one way that you can visualize this love moving between yourself and your collective of bodies, this infinity symbol that you have been shown – and that yes, has become so utterly beautiful in the garden that you have been creating within together, filled with infinity vines bursting with the exquisite beauty of every ray! This is truly, truly a magnificent expression of the blossoming and fertility of your love for one another.

You have as yet no idea of the creations you shall bring forth as this bond strengthens – and it is doing so quite rapidly. We are, quite frankly, in awe and in wonderment with you at this rapid unfolding. And although it is rapid I suggest to you that you take your time. Allow yourself to sink deeply and luxuriate in this love, this new love that you have found and that has been there all along. But you had no knowledge of it because you walled yourself off. This does not matter, for here it is now in perfect divine timing, beloved one.

We are in joy with you, Yeshi and I. All of the Company of Heaven are filled with joy at the revelation of this piece that has been brought forward, this missing link for many. We give thanks. Enjoy, as I most certainly did when I walked the earth, this expanded, beautiful, exquisite relationship between thy self and thy body. This shall empower you into the fullness of the expression of thy divine potential.

Yes, to answer your question, sweet sister, that I have just heard: This has been a piece of thy body needing to catch up with thy self that has been a large part of thy struggles, the physical ­­expression of illness and debilitation that you have experienced this long, long while. For when you have declared yourself ready to step fully into your much bigger shoes, into thy divine potential, thy spirit was ready, willing and able but your sweet body was not.

It has been a healing, a massive monumental healing on behalf of so many of your aspects, of so many lifetimes. You have no idea, dear one, of the quantum leap you have taken through the integration of this piece. It is massive and simply phenomenal! ­

Again, we bow to thee. We celebrate with thee. We stand next to thee, behind thee, in front of thee, within thee to assist thee in the strengthening, the nurturing of this bond of partnership between thy self and thy body. We are here to support and assist, as always, but we are particularly excited to assist with this piece, this fundamental and key piece.

I bid you farewell now, but I am always here. So call upon me, and upon my beloved Yeshi, anytime. We love you, precious radiant angel, sister of our hearts. Farewell.