Remember us! And remember – talk to the trees, the animals, the birds, the trees, the grass, and don’t forget the stones!

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ December 20th, 2016

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, joins Suzanne Maresca, Host, InLight Universal

St. Francis Of Assisi ~ Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Of Gaia’s Kingdoms

[Meditation from 9:58 to 17:44]

Greetings, I AM St. Francis.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Francis: And welcome to you! Welcome to each and every one of you! And yes, I repeat my invitation: you can call me Frank! You can call me any which way, it matters not, for I am pleased and overjoyed to be with you.

And while you are working at holding dreams and hopes, understand that you may also hold the dreams and hopes and desires and fulfilment of the various kingdoms, just as they are doing for you. And that is one of the reasons I have requested and am pleased that you have accepted my invitation that I wish to speak today.

Often you have been told, and I have certainly strongly suggested to you, that the kingdoms – the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the devas – they have been anchored in the 7th dimension with Gaia for a very long time, and they have continued their journey. And part of that journey, of course, has been to support, and might I say, to bring along the human kingdom, those who walk on two legs in various ways.

They have held your hopes and dreams, and they have held the knowingness of your abilities, your capacities and the truth of who you are. And they have held this in the deepest regard as a sacred trust for each of you and as a collective. The capacity of the kingdoms to serve is, by and large, not fully understood, and in many ways simply taken for granted. And I do not mean that in a dismissive way at all. But let us just say that the various kingdoms have almost been – not quite but almost – been last on the list.

Now there are those amongst you who deeply honour and revere the animal kingdom, or who deeply honour and work with, shall we say, the air or the atmosphere, or the rivers and the streams and the oceans, or the plant kingdom. But it has not been, in a general way, within the consciousness of the human collective about the enormity of the service and the partnership, the sacred union partnership that the collective and each of you have with the various kingdoms. It was not top of your priority list, and that was completely understood.

But as you are expanding, as you are exploring, as you are coming into the fullness of your heart consciousness, you are coming to see and to realise the sacred nature of these various partnerships.

Think of it in this way, up close and personal. If there is a being, a man or a woman, that you have been deeply in love with for years and years and years and years, and while you are known to that person, the intimacy and the relationship, the willingness to truly engage in a soul and human relationship was never really on the table. And you waited and you waited and you waited.

And then one day, that person turns and suddenly truly sees you in all your truth and glory and beauty and might – truly sees you – and says, “Oh, my gosh, I have been blind,” and turns to you in the nature of that relationship that you have been waiting and waiting and waiting and yearning for for years.

You know, my dearest friends, how that would feel; what a sense of joy and great relief and excitement and potentiality, that would evoke not only joy in your soul but a sense of fulfilment and excitement at what really lay ahead. So it is with your relationships, individually and collectively, with the various kingdoms. They have been quietly, patiently, respectfully waiting.

And might I say, on their behalf – no, they have not asked me to add this part but I’m going to anyway – they have endured; they have endured much harm and devastation through ignorance or active abuse at the hands of humans. That has been very sad, heartbreaking. Do not for one minute assume that the plants and the animals, the waters and the air, the fairies and the devas, that they do not experience heartbreak – they most certainly do.

There is a level of consciousness in all the kingdoms that for convenience sake, and might I even suggest egoic reasons, has been ignored by the human race. Again, that is not said in criticism. It has simply been the marginalised, the narrow perspective of the human race, of those who call themselves “Gaians”. But to assume that name, that titular reference, also assumes a level of stewardship and responsibility to be fully engaged with Gaia, with the planet herself and with all upon it.

Now, previously – and I am speaking in generalities, yes – but previously, the human consciousness did not take into conscious daily account the relationship or even the impact of that interaction with the kingdoms. They have served and served and served and been like an unseen butler. But with the expansion, with the beautiful expansion, sweet angels, of your heart consciousness, of truly coming to understand what the unity of love means, then all of a sudden – and it only took several thousand years! – you are in that conscious awareness of the sacred relationship with all the kingdoms.

And it is something that has been awaited for a very, very long time. It is a return, in many ways, to earlier times when that consciousness of humanity knew and honoured and participated, and understood more fully the relationship between what you often term as “animals” or “nature” and yourselves, that interdependence and what I call “intimate sacred relationship” with the kingdoms.

As you are assuming your greater heart consciousness, as you are assuming your interdimensionality, many of you are coming to understand and beginning to participate in conversations with flowers and trees and animals and rocks and crystals, and the very air and water that you breathe and drink. This is such good news. And it isn’t only good news to the various kingdoms; it is spectacular news [laughter] to the human race! Because, my beloved friends, again, with these various exceptions, you’ve been missing out on so much!

Now you all know my story, and doesn’t everybody have a story that makes them so uniquely special, [laughter] and that is humorous! But you know my story – how I turned away, shall we say, from the glamour of a family and a society that was truly enmeshed and in love with themselves.

Now when I departed, I did not really know what I was looking for. I knew what wasn’t working for me, but I didn’t know as that brash young man what would work for me. But as I proceeded and as I entered into the silence, as I began to learn internal and external silence, I began to comprehend and understand and participate in the wonder of this relationship – that I had and that you have, and that all beings have the potential to, and especially now – with all the various kingdoms; that I could finally hear the silence, the quiet, inside of me and outside of me.

And even within the birdsong, I could hear the silence. But at the same time within that song, I could hear and receive the beauty – and sometimes it was a song, a beautiful melody, and sometimes it was just a chat, “Francis, what are you up to? And why are you doing such and such? And if you go to the left 200ft, you’ll find a beautiful bush of berries.” And so I learned to listen to where the squirrels would rustle or the fox would travel. And these beings, these animals became my family – more than friends – my sacred family.

And then when I would work on the church even, and I would hold the stones – and you would think this is a simple repair job rebuilding, reconstruction – but the stones would talk to me and they would tell me the story, not only of how they had formed a church or how they had lain in the field; they would tell me the history of who they were and what they had witnessed in the history of Earth, and how they had been caressed by rain and sleet and sunshine and the deer droppings. And this was precious to me as well.

And this gave me insight as the human beings began to join me; that inside each human being there wasn’t the story as in the drama, but there was a history and an essential essence to be understood and cherished and loved. And so often, my friends, the understanding of that essence comes not in the conversation but in the quiet, in the silence, so that you can really hear what is being said without the dressing-up, the covering-up, the defensiveness.

Now you see, particularly in the mineral, the stones, the dirt, grass, there is not that element of such defensiveness. Now, as I say that, I also say to you that as human beings had developed what I term “harmful chemicals” – I understand your world and I understand the nature of various repellents and fertilisers, etc., and there are many organic ways in which to do that – but if you are applying harsh chemicals to the land, to the soil, to the food, to the grass, you are going to begin to hear that soil and grass screaming – and that is good.

Because if you applied a harsh substance to the skin of an infant, they would cry bloody murder! And that is important that that would be heard because you would never wish to harm the baby. But so it has been. And it is true in the animal kingdom, both what you think of as domestic and certainly wild.

This is a gift to the kingdoms, and that is what they have asked me to communicate this day: is that they are so excited that the sacred union with humanity is coming to the forefront. Yes, I know, you could say to me, “Well, Frank, we as human beings aren’t even getting along all that well. There is still war and chaos and [there] seems to be a lot of mayhem and confrontation.” Yes, I know, you are working out your family squabbles and the issues are at the forefront. But don’t forget, the kingdoms are basically a step ahead of you! [Laughter]

So while they see that there is still that, they are saying “Yes” and they are also saying, “While you are so anxious to be meeting your star family,” – and many of you already have and are part of a star family – they’re saying, “stop looking up and look down! Remember us! Because we are over-the-moon excited about the restoration of the true nature of our intimate sacred relationship, that you may hear us and address us and communicate with us and nurture us, as we love and nurture you.”

And that is true for all the kingdoms, especially… I need to emphasise… the animal kingdom. Now there are many species who either have gone extinct, who are on the edge of extinction, and they are in many ways crying the loudest, although in some cases you will have to listen closely because it is but a whimper.

I also tell you that many extinct species will be restored, but that is part of another conversation… perhaps not. But they are saying, “You are ready – and we are past ready – to truly be in community and unity with us; not in zoos, not in custody, but in cooperative, loving relationship.”

The kingdoms know about balance. Now, you are just beginning to truly learn this, or remember it. The kingdoms know about balance, and protection by the way. And so, the tree and the woodland violet or the trillion – they are in sacred partnership and cooperation to make room for one another. And even the element of fire and the cleansings that take place, or the floods that take place, are agreed to and restorative.

Even the most ancient of the kingdoms which is the mineral have agreement that they will morph and change form as need be. So the lava flows and the crystals grow and this is the evolutionary understanding.

The greatest request of the kingdoms is: “As we begin to engage, stop hurting us.” Now, you are learning – and yes, remembering – through your expanded heart consciousness how to stop hurting one another as human beings. And part of your next steps, your expansion into the creation and co-creation with the kingdoms of Nova Earth, is to stop harming one another.

It takes a dog, a canine, a great deal of aggravation before he will bite you, but bite you he will if necessary. You will stop biting them because your heart, your brilliance, will not allow it.

So there is much expansion on every front, and this is what I have come to say.

Do you have questions for me, dearest Suzanne?

Suzi: I do. Firstly, I would like to say, “Thank you, Frank, for coming,” because it’s such a delight and joy. And it’s always a beautiful invitation to be stewards for those who have little reason to hope for anything, and also to be available for the messages all around us constantly.

While you were speaking of the mineral kingdom, the thought occurred to me that no crystal grows on its own. I’m not sure if that would be accurate to say, but it feels like a juicy metaphor for humanity in that we don’t grow alone in a cave.

St. Francis: That is a brilliant observation, and it is an observation that I have made and that I share with you, and certainly none of you is growing alone in the cave. Are there times when you, almost by necessity, need to go into the cave? Yes, but none of you have signed up to live permanently alone in the cave. That is not the phase of your growth cycle.

So you are so similar to the crystal people. You grow in clusters. The energy that you give each other is support. And even sometimes, a grain of sand or a droplet of water will embed itself into you, and at first it feels like a terrible irritation and then it results in the most beautiful inclusion. So it is perfectly apt.

And that is what I came to realise after a time of solitude. Your way of putting it, dearest Suzanne, would be “that you need your tribe, that you need your peeps” because you did not come to live alone. Yes, some of you choose to physically live alone, but still you yearn to live in community.

And the invitation that is being issued via me this day, as honorary person, [laughter] is that we want to live in community with you; that you cannot really have the community unless you have everybody included. And this subtle degradation of “oh, it’s only a rock, it’s only a bird, it’s only a dog, it’s only a rhino, it’s only a lion” is absurd.

Suzi: [Laughter] It is absurd! And we’re just getting a kick over here about you being “honorary person”. You are a delightful honorary person and we would love to have you back again to talk some more about animals.

So, if I might share. I had a moment with a tree in Sedona, a very big and glorious and beautiful tree – there’s so many wonderful ones. The message was that I can access my trees at home through any tree because they are all quite connected. So when we contemplate, my daughter and I, moving away from New Jersey, we also feel kinship with our foxes and turkeys and songbirds and bears and all the ones who wander through our world here. Does that weaving also remain true as it does with the trees?

St. Francis: Yes. Yes, it does. And that is part of the analogy that you have used with the crystal. There is a collective consciousness that is shared, and then there is the individuation of that consciousness.

So, let me say for a tree, you have a very specific tree and you know… I am going to digress. You think that you name your animals, but every animal, every tree, every crystal, they all have their own names, but in that there is also the collective consciousness. So you may be sitting under the bodhi tree in India and talking to your tree in Sedona or New Jersey, because they haven’t separated themselves out. That is a human trait, not a kingdom trait.

Suzi: Even my cats have shifted. They are more peaceful with one another and are sleeping in one another’s special places, rubbing faces which they didn’t used to. It feels like everybody is feeling the unification process – that’s it!

St. Francis: Everyone is feeling the unity and everyone is feeling the love, even those who are not consciously aware – and I mean the humans – are still feeling it. And it is not simply a seasonal occurrence. It is because the vibratory rate of your entire planet has been upgraded.

And so the animals, let me tell you… and particularly the domestic animals, but all animals are breathing a great sigh of release, “Oooh, thank goodness the humans are really getting it, and so now we are freer to relax and be ourselves!”

Suzi: Yes – Yes – Yes. There’s definitely a relaxing that’s taking place. So if we could possibly do a little historical jaunt, could you perhaps explain the apparent violence in nature, and if animals chose the relationships they have in order to exist in duality with humans while we attend school here on Earth?

St. Francis: Yes and no. Now, what you often see as a violence is not perceived as such. The process of… well, certainly birth is similar… but death is slightly different than, shall we say, your old understanding. When I say to you that there is a balance in nature, I mean whether it is fire or flood or simply drought or one animal violently killing another, there has been an agreement about that restructuring of the balance “that I will be food for you”. And so it is not considered in that realm “violent”.

And yes, having said that, let me also be clear that there has been a great adjustment to reflect back to you and to teach you about the duality and polarity of where the human race was, and sometimes that has been horrific. But the sacrificing of one’s body to feed another is not always considered violent. Now, what is often considered violent is when you simply slaughter thousands for no reason. But that has been a human trait, not an animal trait.

Suzi: Well, if I can interrupt you for a second here. I’ve seen things in nature… well, not directly in nature, but on videos and nature programmes, etc. There are animals that do things not to eat… it’s a terrible thing to see. It’s a survival thing and a territory thing…

St. Francis: It’s not just about hunger; sometimes it is about territory and that is teaching the human beings. You are correct. But let us also say that when there is a carcass, when there is a dead animal – and we are talking about in the wilds – that carcass feeds many.

Suzi: True.

St. Francis: So it is not considered as abhorrent as you may always feel, but it is never jolly to witness that level of territoriality or of simple aggression. Now I am not also suggesting that there have not been animals in the wild, and domestically, who have gotten so fed up with the aggressive nature in the very air that they have acted out. That has happened time and time and time again. But as a collective, it is not the status that they live by.

Suzi: Right. I don’t especially want to get political and this is not really going to do so, but I do want to find out what we have to do to get governments to listen to the people. I mean, we scream and we shout and we protest and we write letters and we do all kinds of things, and they just don’t seem to really give a rat’s patootie. So I’m not really sure what else we’re supposed to do now about the environment and animals and all that.

St. Francis: Yes, and you are seeing some very dramatic examples of this, particularly in the country of the United States of America. But what you are going to see is a separation of ways. I do not want to enter the realm of prophecy, but let me be very practical about this.

I have said that the kingdoms have waited patiently for all of you to awaken and expand. And certainly, in your own realm, the human realm, those of you who are lightworkers and loveholders have waited patiently – and proactively! I am not saying that you have not done what is desirable and necessary – but you have waited patiently for that awareness to turn on the light in the government.

There comes a time when you simply dismiss government and go your own way. And more and more, that is what you are going to see. Many of you – and I mean this in a collective way – you are going to turn away from that realm, the same way I turned away from my community and my family, and go on a separate path and find out what works and create different forms of community.

St. Francis: Okay, alright, I love that; just don’t pay attention to it and create what we want.

St. Francis: You may send it the love and the energy and hope they wake up, but the time of waiting is over.

Suzi: Yes, and it no longer affects me. That’s the way I see it. That might not be a very practical… I’m going to call it realistic because that’s my truth. It does not affect me.

St. Francis: It is not where you choose to live. It is not the dimensionality which you are occupying. So it is not being foolhardy; it is being very realistic and it is saying, “You may follow me but I’m not following you.”

Suzi: That’s right. It’s standing up in our own power and saying, “No, thank you” to that particular reality; “I’m not going there.”

St. Francis: That is correct. So come and join me at the church in the silence with the birds and the foxes, and I don’t mind if you bring along a bear or two!

Suzi: Yeah, we’re coming!

St. Francis: I am waiting!

Suzi: Yeah, good! Well, thank you so much for joining us. I think we’re about up.

St. Francis: Thank you, my dearest heart. Thank you all.

And remember – talk to the trees, the animals, the birds, the trees, the grass, and don’t forget the stones!


Suzi: Thank you. Bye Frank!

St. Francis: Go with my love.