Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi. I am the eternal and infinite brother of your heart, the infinite and eternal companion of your soul, and whether you think of me as prophet or teacher or healer, I ask of you this day and every day to think of me as ally, as brother, as friend, as companion. Again I ask you to please come walk with me.

You know, so often I have heard the cries of your heart, we all have. The most consistent and persistent cry of your heart that we hear is that you are lonely, that you feel all alone, that you feel in so many ways that this is a solitary journey and that you are proceeding without the accompaniment you so yearn for. And yet, here I am and I do not even approach you alone; I approach you with legions, not only of magenta but of blue and pink, red and orange, my Mother, my Magdalena, my apostles, my disciples, my friends, all of us…we’re saying, “Hey, will you walk with me?”

In your mind and in your heart, when I pose this question to you, of course you always say, “Yes, I would love to!” And then you forget. We proceed as one circle, seen and unseen (yes I’m talking about us being seen as well) but together – you, as our ‘boots on the ground’ as it were, the Implementation Team of the Mother, the very creators of Nova Earth. I’m saying, “Will you walk with me? Or heck, can I walk with you?” How would you feel if I could just tag along? I won’t make a lot of fuss or muss…and then you will never have to feel or even sometimes believe that you are alone. You will never have to feel lonely, because my beloved friends, family, brothers and sisters, you have never been alone.

Now, I know because I have walked in your shoes, yes size 10! I have walked in your shoes, I know your position and I know what it is, even with your beloved by your side, to feel that you are alone and forgotten, that somehow the plan went awry, got screwed up, the angels and the archangels forgot or didn’t do their part and here you are stuck on this planet of bitterness, hatred and greed. That is not the truth; that is not the truth of love; that is not my truth and that is not our truth. So, think of me if you would as your constant companion, I will honor your privacy, I will honor your sacred space, but I am with you…we are with you.

Now, let’s talk about a few things from my perspective, from the channel’s perspective, from the Mother and Father’s knowing. This has been nothing short of an extraordinary year. Yes, there are times when I joke and tease and say it is an extraordinary year because I wrote a book! But in fact it is a book is a handbook for you to help guide you so that you know the tools and the perspective that you carry to bring forth the love and joy that is not only your birthright, but is the natural state of being…that is your natural state so why would you not want to live in it?

Now, does it appear that there is a great deal of chaos still upon your planet? The answer of course is yes…I am neither blind nor deaf and we would not wish to pretend that the chaos is not present and we have talked already to you a great deal about this. But, let me suggest to you again, not only is your natural sense of being full of love and joy, you are naturally, inherently, in your very beingness, not simply spiritually but physically, fundamentally an inter-multi-dimensionally being. That is the construct of this planet. That is the very definition of what it means to be human. So, it isn’t something that you need to learn, it isn’t something that you need to be taught, what you are doing is remembering and embodying it in ways that it hasn’t been embodied in thousands and thousands and thousands of years. To be inter-dimensional is to be very fluid and Einstein has given you some wonderful explanations…yes, that you will find online on the Council of Love…he has given you some explanations and ways in which to conceive of your inter-dimensionality.

But let us start with this very point of you asking what lies ahead for 2017. Your sense of inter-dimensional slippage that many of you have been experiencing, of spaciness, forgetfulness, the I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing feeling has been growing. However, remember that the clarity of the Mother is always and constantly being infused into you. It was part of Her Tsunami of Love and it is part of the Tsunami of One that is continuing to this very moment.

This sense of clarity of being inter-dimensional, of being fluid, in the flow of dimensions, is becoming your normal state of being in 2017. This is particularly true for you who are light-holders, love beings, because you are slightly ahead of the wave, you have already brought into your being that heart consciousness. This is an enormous expansion, yes, what the channel has referred to as explosion. You are the light!

Let me digress for a moment…Gabrielle has told you very clearly, particularly with her recent attunement, you are in the throes of ascension. Now, Gabrielle is the communicator; her usage of words and terminology is very specific. So, when she said ‘you are in the throes of ascension’ what do you think she meant? She is not talking about the smooth passage, the process of ascension, she is talking about the final push, the birthing and the re-birthing of you, my beloved family, and of this human race that we refer to as Gaians.

What is ascension? You know when I spoke to the people 2000+ years ago I tried to keep it simple and that is a good rule of thumb even today in 2017. Ascension is the conscious heart living of love, it is the expanded heart consciousness. When you are fully in your heart consciousness what happens? A number of things get triggered…your intellect, your mental capacity and what you think of as emotional capacity is cleared. Your intellect, your mental capacity expands phenomenally, your ability to understand, to perceive, to see and to truly feel the love, not simply romantic love that you begin to engage in…and so did I at around twelve or fifteen or twenty-four…you become the love, you are the love. This isn’t something again that you are needing to be taught, it is your fundamental self, it is who you are.

My beloveds, you, each of you that I speak to, that I walk with, you are the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream, the Mother’s Promise. You are the fulfillment of the Plan. Now, we have said this to you in so many ways…what I began and I might even say in a modest way compared to what you are going to do…what I began all those years ago – and I do not just mean me, I mean Mohammad and the Buddhas and Shirdi Sai Baba, St. Germaine, St. Teresa, St. Catherine, Joan of Arc, Sitting Bull – what we began you are finishing. Now I do not mean the end of the world – quite the contrary – I mean the restoration of Gaia. And what does that restoration mean? It of the means the fulfillment Mother’s Plan.

You and I were never just an experiment, it wasn’t ‘let’s try this and see how it works’. Now, with the element of free will, have there been some experiments? Yes, but they have been of human making. In various discussions, it was important that you understood that the false grids and the paradigms of the old third dimension (lack and limitation, death, destruction, poverty, blame, shame, abuse, control, you name it) were deviations, scenic detours that the humans took. But that’s not the truth of who you are, of who we are, of what this unfoldment and Plan is all about. So, while many of those things have and are playing out, they are doing so that they can be eliminated, so the illusion can be eliminated…not the memory…it is important to remember these things, not as front and center but enough that you don’t repeat.

What is coming forth is that courage and kindness, comfort and joy, for you to be the fullness of that heart consciousness, so that you take the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles of this creative chaos and you mold them, you shape them and you bring them to the form of structure, of institutions, of buildings, of environments, of relationships, that are based on love, where there is simply no room for anything else. It isn’t about a lack of tolerance for anything else, it’s simply the choice to live in joy. It’s the choice to proceed in ways that you promised the Mother and I certainly promised the Mother eons ago. Before you got here each of you, each of you were chosen and selected and yes, volunteered because there is no coercion on this side –  there never is. It was each of you saying ‘it’s important enough to me, as human, as earth-keeper, as hybrid, as full blown star beings, what is about to happen and transpose upon this planet is of such enormity, Mother, it is important to me, not only in service to you but to me that I go and that I be permitted, allowed, encouraged, supported to be part of this Implementation team.’

This was you saying “I want to see Peace on Earth. I want to see the end of violence. I want to see economic freedom; I want to see political freedom. I want to see stability. I want to experience and taste and know what Peace on Earth is, including peace with our star family as they share the wealth of their experiences with us. So, it is not just the humans as you think of it who said ‘oh I’ll go’, it was many.”

So, in so many ways 2016 was a clean-up year; it was a year of extraordinary change for everything that has been hidden…and I don’t mean false news and false accusations, I mean what is hidden in the hearts of human beings, in the egos and the egocentric’s behaviors has come to the surface. It was time for this to come to the surface so that it can be readily identified. Change is in the very air you are breathing. Of course, there is always that internal/external breathe in/breathe out; that is change in its most fundamental patterning, and that my friends is the pattern, the grid, of the Mother. So, you are born and reborn in every breath. But I am also talking bigger than that simply breathing.

Everything has coming to the forefront. You say, “Well, Yeshi, not everything…we didn’t have the fulfillment of what we’re waiting and hoping for.” How can you have a beautiful party and a global celebration if you haven’t cleaned house? That is what has been going on and you have been learning and accepting this expansion, this redefinition to your core of who you are. You’ve been having these senses of such love, not just emotion, or ‘I think I’m in love’, I am talking about the truth of love, I am talking about extraordinary love, I’m talking about true love and the true love that I feel for you.

In 2016 you’ve been trying on your set of creator clothes…and darling, you’re looking fabulous! They fit you to a tee. Now you are ready to go out in the biggest sense, whether it is through a smile to a neighbor or to address the United Nations. You are prepared to go out and model these clothes, you’re prepared to go out and show the truth of who you are, gently and kindly.

There were times, and my trusty apostles were very good in reporting such, when I felt anger and distrust, distain and disappointment. These are not criminal acts, but it is also, my beloved friends, not where you want to live. So, there is that shedding of that old skin, there is the shedding of your old self and the embrace, the acceptance, the allowance, and the anchoring of your huge interdimensional, multidimensional self who lives in the fullness of heart consciousness. As you are doing that, you are doing that for millions.

You had surprised us when you had said you were going to ascend as one collective. As one who has walked as man and known the trials of that, I was touched to the core of my being because it was what I worked for, it is what I have always hoped for. When I have said ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ I wasn’t saying well, love some of your neighbors and leave the rest behind. Those I had difficulty with, some of the Romans, some of the Pharisees, some of the Rabbis, heck, some of my relatives, I wanted them all to know love. And that’s what you’re doing; you’re the fulfillment, in this year, not some distant time, you are the fulfillment of what I started so long ago. Thank you.

That is why I asked to tag along. That is why I offer, why I hold out my hand, my arm, in love, friendship and kinship. You are doing this in form, as humans, but never, never (think of it – that is a long time!) never have you been more accompanied in and out of form. More and more of you are seeing us and I tell you, I can’t wait to be seen.

It is going to be a year of extraordinary fulfillment…so get ready! You’re dressed, put your boots on because we’re ready. I love you, I have always loved you, I always will love you. I also have this enormous faith in you…we all do. So, go into the silence, go into the spaciousness, reset, as your year of extraordinary change comes to a close and get ready, my beloveds, for that extraordinary fulfillment.

Go with our love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon