What does this subject of will mean? Will has had a troubled history in terms of use or abuse. Will is based in action and the right use of will is a Divine Gift!

Understand the Divine Gift of Will
Archangel Michael
An Hour with an Angel
Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor and founder of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, author of the Jesus Book. Linda, the Jesus Book is being shipped I understand.

Linda: It is being shipped. Interestingly enough it is being shipped, wonderfully enough, it is being shipped all over the world; to China, obviously to Canada, to Spain, to Portugal, to Denmark. It’s just been a wonderful response. And so, you can order the book – either in black and white or in a larger form with color illustration – either on the Council of Love website or on Amazon.com. So, it’s really exciting! I can’t wait until people have really started to read it and the reaction, the shifts that Jesus has planned as people begin to do this, start coming out.

SB: The book goes back to his earliest teachings through you, I believe. Is that correct?

LD: It is. It is a compilation of the last 20-something years that I have been channeling Jesus. He was very clear on what He wanted me to do, is to collect all the channels that I still had – because I had one computer crash – but to collect all the channels that I had and organize it into eight topic areas, eight different chapters that He wanted to address. And, it was amazing actually because as I started to do that, the channels of Jesus have always touched me really deeply, but when you put them all together, the power of that love and that teaching, and just being in that energy is phenomenal. So, I am really excited!

SB: Well, I know I ordered one and my copy is in the mail. Are there any new channelings in the book? What is the plan of the book? Is it historic or…?

LD: Oh no, it is not historic at all. In fact, the subtitle of the book is “Messages for the 21st Century”. And so the breakdown of the book; it starts with an explanation from Jesus’s perspective of what is love. And then moves into love with your Sacred Self, love in terms of Sacred Union, love in terms of family and friendships, what to do with difficult people and families who don’t reciprocate in terms of love, moves on to community and unity and Divine Qualities and then into building Nova Earth.

SB: Oh, wow!

LD: Yeah! No, it’s not historic. It’s historic in terms of forging the way for a new world!

SB: Wonderful. Well, I can’t wait to get into it. I think we have either information on the blog about how to order it, or we will have within the next day or two.

LD: And I really appreciate that, Steve. Thank you.

SB: Listen, you are most welcome, dear. Why don’t I let you settle in, or settle out?

LD: As the case may be!

SB: As the case may be! And today we are going to welcome Archangel Michael and we hope to really get into the subject of will. What is will? And, is there a collective will? If there is, how do we generate it, how do we focus it and how do we keep it from getting taken down unfortunate roads; such as the dictators of the world have taken us down. How do we tame will, etc.? With that I welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And I welcome you, for I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, and shall I say, bringer of discussion on this controversial subject of will. And I hope to bring, and I intend to bring – note my words dear friends – deeper understanding, light, wisdom, to activate your hearts, your minds and your will, to understand what this concept, but what this reality, of your Divine Power, born of love, into action, what does this subject of will mean? For has this not, as you have mentioned dearest Steve, will has had a troubled history in terms of the use, or abuse, or misuse of will in the course of human affairs. And there are many that will decry the use of will because that is what they are thinking of, that is what they are fearful of.

But, in fact, the right use of will is but a Divine Gift. Not so much what you would think of as a Divine Quality because will is based in action. There have been many dictators – and we will just restrict this discussion to the planet of Gaia, of Earth – but there have been many dictators, torturers, those big and small, known and unknown, who have used the application of their human will to truly bring about mayhem, chaos, hatred, greed, control, aggression, war, annihilation to this planet and also to the human race.

When the Mother brought forth into form the original Creator Race – which even that sometimes has a negative connotation – we are not talking about Master Race, my friends, we are talking about Creator Race. And, what did this mean for those who were sheer energy or Angelics of various forms, and even some hybrids, who brought forth form. And, the Mother’s intent, put most simply, was to have a place of such beauty and diversity, where Her Angels could play, where they could have the experience of being in form and the delight of being in form. That original plan did not entail, and still does not entail, human beings, that humanoid form, of people being stuck in physicality.

Now part of that original race, of those first beings upon planet, was that they had the ability to create. And, you have had some monumental examples and some smaller examples of this ability to create throughout human history. And perhaps the Lemurians are a perfect example who could create from sheer ideation or thought. But even that was not in perfection.

The ability to create for these Angels in form to bring forth, was a delight that was almost to finish up the tableau. This magnificent creation that the Gaia, the Mother, the Father, the One, had brought together but that it was complete but incomplete. So that that first Race had the ability to bring forth the finishing touches, as you can think of it. Now, how does that creation take place? And yes, Sanat Kumara, has lectured you, has shared with you, he would say ‘ad nauseum’, the formulas and the methods, the tools, of how to bring forth. But think of it in this way; out of the love that you think anchors in your heart, but in fact anchors in your entire being, but the heart is a good place to think of it, born out of that, in conjunction with the energy instilled within every being, within what you think of as your physical, cellular, subatomic particles, and your esoteric, spiritual, mental, emotional particles, born out of the love is the will as well.

Now let me be practical; think of a car or any kind of vehicle you wish, love is the drivers’ seat, the steering wheel, but will are the wheels of the car. When you turn the motor of, on or off, but particularly when you turn it on, the wheels will move and you are able, by an act of will, to get where you want to go, to create and bring forth what you wish to experience, what you wish to share in terms of your beautiful, unique design, and what you planned, both from original intent and soul design, and for the particulars of this and every incarnation.

There has been a tendency – and we are not trying to say this is incorrect but what we want to do is expand your understanding – because my beloved friends, you are spiritually evolving and mature, so we can have a much broader conversation at this time. But, I digress. There has been a tendency to think of will, Divine Will, human will, as a more masculine or Divine Masculine aspect or quality. And that has been a good understanding, a practical understanding, in terms of how both masculine and Divine Masculine have been understood, comprehended, brought forth. But let us suggest to you, let us share with you, as you are moving forward, that will, Divine Will, is a composite of both the Mother and the Father because there can be, and there isn’t, any separation.

Now, we don’t want you focusing on how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin, but what we would encourage you to do, is to not think of – because it tends to be a mental process – to think of Divine Will as a simply Divine Masculine. If you do not think that the birthing of the multiverse, the omniverse, of many, many races by the Mother does not take an act of will then of course you would be sorely mistaken. So that is Divine Will.

Now, you shake your head – and we will get into this conversation – and you say to me, “Then Mi-ka-el, if this is a Divine Aspect what happened? Why have we had so many who have really created an aberration of what was a Sacred, Divine Gift and part and parcel of who I am?” When humanity fell, and by that I mean simultaneously became entitled and arrogant and wanting control where none was necessary, that is a fantasy. But when that occurred, there was a delineation, a division of those who could control and those felt under control, powerless. Both are a deviation, a falling away from Divine Plan. So in this, will became bastardized and human will, which was not in alignment with Divine Will, began to be lost. Now it was never entirely lost. And, many of you have reignited your will, allowed that will to be reignited and brought forth in the restoration, not only of the Mother’s Plan and Design, but of your own plan and design. When you are in alignment, not only with Divine Will, but the Divine Will within you, that is part and parcel of who you are, then what you are doing in bringing that forward, is in fact using the power of will – and that is something that many of you shy away from and have shied away from – you are using the power of the will, the power of love, to create and to bring into action. It is a movement energy. So think of the Mother. You are bringing into action and fruition what you are desiring. That is why we have said, “Be careful what you focus on because that is part of what you are bringing forth.” Now that is a very brief introduction. Dearest friend, where do you wish to begin?

SB: You’ve raised so much, Lord, it is very difficult. Let me just get some of the questions cleared out of the way. Very, very short answers to this; is the Creator Race the same as the Elohim?

AAM: No.

SB: No. Ok. Exactly who is the Creator Race? It’s transcendental beings, is that correct?

AAM: It is beings that assumed a humanoid form with what you can think of as full awareness; so not with the limitations, the blinkers, that the current race of humans have.

SB: And with the ability to create. So now you say, beings.

AAM: Humanoid beings.

SB: Humanoid beings. The Mother created this race?

AAM: Yes.

SB: De novo. So much for Darwin. Darwin is leaving the picture on so many occasions.

AAM: But do not think of it this way, because he has played a role. Because I do not want this to – and I will not spend too much time on this – but I do not want to fuel the fire of right wing creationists either.

SB: I understand. Now, and again I’m trying to nail down some correspondences. So, are the subatomic particles you mentioned the same as what you call adamantine particles of Romma Herman?

AAM: Yes, they are very similar. Yes.

SB: Ok, very good. Is it disloyal to change your metaphor slightly and have love be the driver of the car and we’ll be the car?

AAM: (Laughing) If it makes it more understandable to you, or to any of you, you may do what you wish. You know, we don’t tend to think in terms of cars, or money, or time, as you have so often pointed out to us, so if you wish to be the driver or the car, or even the highway or the dirt road, you can do so.

SB: (Laughing) Just not the carburetor or the muffler. Ok, very good.

AAM: You can be the gearshift, my friend.

SB: (Laughing) That’s right! Now this point that you made, which is absolutely fascinating about the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine. On one occasion I asked you if will was an attribute of the Divine Masculine and the discussion has now reached the point where…Now you’re saying, when we talk about the Divine Feminine, we’re really talking about the Divine Mother when we talk about the Divine Masculine… no, no that’s not correct, because it doesn’t go into the Divine Father when we talk about the Divine Masculine we’re not talking about the Divine Father, so I’m a little lost there. But, the point that I wanted to make is that you are saying that the Divine Mother, you call her the Divine Feminine as if there is no will there, but she is the creator, preserver and transformer of entire worlds, so she is very willful, very active. So, from that perspective, are you saying that will is like love, simply an aspect of the Divine that is in all of us that needs to be activated.

AAM: Yes.

SB: Is that correct?

AAM: Now let me correct you. And I am teasing you today. We are having a playful conversation are we not?

SB: Yes we are.

AAM: Now you say, and you understand, that the Divine Mother has created everything.

SB: Yes.

AAM: Now when people talk about, and yes, sweet friends, I am talking about many of you who are lightholders, loveworkers, you have tended to think of the Divine Feminine – and I am splitting hairs here, but it is important – that this has been more the nurturing, yes the birther, the bringer, the caretaker energy, but you have not thought of the gusto of will of the Divine Mother that has tended to be more in the Divine Masculine – not Divine Father – Divine Masculine arena. So I do not want you to think of such stringent delineation.

Now, to make it even more confusing, Divine Father, Divine Mother, in that conjoining, in that place of ultimate love, and the bringing forth of All, to which you will all return, is the blending of energies that is not either/or, but what you think of as the One and the All. And that was the distinction that I was hoping to eliminate in terms of Masculine, Feminine, Father, Mother. It is important as you become Nova Beings, which is already well, well underway, is that you realize in your core being, in your subatomic particles, in your organs, in your central column, in your spiritual DNA, however you wish to construe this, is that you have that blend of the Divine Father, the Divine Mother, the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine.

There has been a separation of these elements, these qualities, these aspects because of the preponderance of the skewed masculine, the skewed will upon the planet. So of course there has been in the rebalancing more attention brought to the knowable Divine Mother, the implementation and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine coming from the Mother. But in the return to not only who you are, but to all, do not try and segment that Divine Father, that Divine Mother. Embrace that totality within you.

You may not know it all. You may not understand it all. My beloveds, you don’t have to. You have need to allow it to grow, to expand, to express, to learn and continue on. There are many gifts, many presents that are being unfolded so do not limit your understanding. Now, has that muddied the water even further, my friend?

SB: I think the prime muddying of the water, Lord, is that…I can’t even say what I was about to say but let’s pretend I can…that you can say things about the Mother but you can’t say things about the Father – the Father is everything. And so whenever I try to talk about the Mother and the Father I am comparing an apple with ‘everything’, so to speak. It can’t be done, really. I am getting the futility of it. Now does the Divine Masculine refer to the Father and does the Divine Feminine refer to the Mother? Or are those phrases used for other things, different things, in the simple reference to the Father and Mother.

AAM: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, are what you would think of as the expressions of these entities, particularly the Masculine, that you feel are unknowable. So, you say, “Well, I can’t know” … and you can’t by the way… “know everything.” But you can know the qualities, the expressions, of Divine Masculinity. And even more so, you can accept that that energy – yes, in all humility you would say, “But such a tiny particle.” – but it is still within you.

So part of your advancement – and I do not wish to stray too far from the discussion of will – but part of your advancement, part of your evolution, part of your coming, is the acceptance that that unknowable is part of you as well. You see, there is so much emphasis on knowing yourself and bringing to fruition that Creator aspect of the Divine Mother – not the Divine Feminine – the Divine Mother. But there is also a part of you that simply can, if willing, accept that there is part of you that you don’t know fully; perhaps in this lifetime, perhaps not for many lifetimes, but that does not mean it is not present.

Where you are right now in terms of this evolutionary step is in the reactivation, the full activation, of your will in terms of your Divine Will, because that is the alignment of Nova Being. It is not the aberration of will that people have come to misunderstand and have a very bad reputation.

SB: Lord, can we turn to aspect of the practical now? But, just before we do I want to make mention to listeners about something you said earlier. You said, “To which you will all return…all to which you all return”. I just wanted to mention – and please correct me if I am mistaken here, Lord – but you are not talking about ascension you are talking about the ultimate return to God, after which we come out again, I understand. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. I am talking about the ultimate journey in that car, sweet one.

SB: Which you’re riding on, on the hood! (laughing)

AAM: I am your ornament on the hood, yes.

SB: Clearing the way for me, thank you very much! Could we – practically speaking, because we are practically minded – could we turn to the generation and maintenance and transformation of collective will? Is there such a thing as collective will?

AAM: There most certainly is! And you say, “Well how, Lord, would that work? How does it work?” Because in many ways, right now, it is just beginning to work again repeatedly upon sweet Gaia. Think of collective will in some ways as a very powerful entrainment. Now that does not mean that you are not your bug-a-bear, that you are not in charge of your will. Because this aspect of being in charge, of not having decisions made for you, of being able to proceed freely – and this has been a theme that we have talked about a great deal – it does not mean that collective will overrides individual will. You have seen that friction time and time and time again. Now, let us be very clear; when you are in alignment with your Divine Will – that is operating and reflective and literally in alignment with Divine Will – that doesn’t mean, as so many people in the past paradigms have interpreted it, that ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’. That is of the old paradigm and there is no room for it.

But think of it in this way … collective will is in fact sparked, activated, entrained, by those individuals who are willing and able and ready, and actually moving in action to show the way. Now that does not mean – think of the entrainment of a school of fish – that you are always at the head of that school of fish. Because there are many roles, including those who are in the middle of the school and do not break away but continue this wondrous pattern of cooperation and harmony, and those who are at the tail end who do not sit and sulk and think, “Oh, I am at the end of the row here.” So, it is that beauty but it is sparked by individual will.

Now, how does that work? And how does one change what has been the, shall we say, the old will, which is not Divine Will, into this alignment with Divine Will? This is one of your primary activities, actions, in terms of being the Mother’s implementers of Nova Earth and the bringing forth, the building, the creation, the anchoring, the establishment – not only of Nova Being – but of Nova Earth, Nova Collective, Nova Humanity. When there are enough of you, and I would suggest that you are basically there, to say, “We are going to go with an act of will generated by love. We are going in this direction.”

Now, the rest of humanity may not know all the fine-tuning, all the detail, but it is sufficient that they say, “Yes, this feels right, on every level, everybody. This feels right enough for me to move in harmony with this group.” That is the building of unity and community. And, in fact, it is done not just by love, but as an act, an action of will. So you say, “Well how do we do this?” And what I suggest to you, first of all there is the acceptance piece. It is the acceptance that you are in alignment – and that you have done your work, of course – that you are in alignment with Divine Will. And that you are willing to step forward, and either at the front, the middle, behind or somewhere in between, take a certain direction that is in alignment with will and love, and all the Divine Qualities, because they are all one thing anyway.

Now, what I also further suggest to you, my beloved friends, is that consciously or unconsciously, without having labeled it as such, that you have been doing this. And you actually have been doing it for some time. And, I do not simply mean since 2012, which was a landmark decision and a landmark redirection, but as a collective – not everybody, but enough of you – have been doing this for quite some time. Now, has there been exploration and a growth of trust, not necessarily in us but in your beloved sweet selves, and from that, in and with each other? Yes. Now I know that will be food for discussion, sweet one.

SB: Well, the obvious next place to go with this, and the obvious reason that I am asking you about this, is that lightworkers soon will not only be exerting their own will, but will be responding to calls to generate collective will around such things as ending hunger in Africa or sexual slavery in the world, etc. So, anything you can tell us about how will operates, or what the pitfalls are, or how we can rehabilitate ourselves who’ve had our trust so badly damaged by all our governments and militaries and police forces. So, any coaching on this new phase that lightworkers are entering into in which will is such an important aspect would be appreciated.

AAM: I would be pleased to do so. Now, has there been – and I would suggest to you for thousands of years, thousands and thousands and thousands of years – a breach of trust of authority that has occurred? Well, you know perfectly well that it has been in existence. Do not spend your efforts looking back. Now I am not suggesting to you, any of you, to be naïve, or to ignore history and the pitfalls of history. But, if you spend your time looking backwards, I am talking in terms of your understanding of time rather than simply the Mother’s time, then what you do is that is what you are doing. You are spending your time looking at past mistakes, missteps and you are always trying to protect yourself.

Now of course, there is a level of prudence, of sensibility that always needs to be in place. But as you proceed, both individually and collectively, because it is not an either/or, that is why I have used the example of entrainment of a school of fish…it is not a single fish going off and riding the currents, it is a large, large group of you moving together…and there is power and safety and wisdom and talent and a whole variety of capacities within that school. So as you move forward, do not spend your efforts and your time thinking about past atrocities.

Now the biggest element that you need to be personally and collectively cognizant and vigilant about is that ascendance of superiority, of entitlement, and of ego. Never do we wish, or would it be of love, to eradicate your delightful, sweet, powerful –sometimes disconcerting – qualities of your personality. But you cannot proceed in an egoic way that is reflective of the old pitfalls of ‘I have the answer. I am the leader. I am right, you are wrong’. Nothing will destroy your forward thrust faster than that. So, the memories, which are important, of the history of the pitfalls, are present in order that that reversion to the old third does not occur.

But as you are going forth, you are literally forging new ways. Think of – in North America there are many such examples, but we will use North America – when your settlers came to your eastern coast and they began their trek to the West, they did not know what lay ahead. They were not sure what river or pathway to take. It was a journey. And while there were many missteps, there was also a collective will to keep going, to explore and to create new places of home, to escape what had been in many ways economic or political slavery. Yes, there were many mistakes made, but to forge new pathways. And that is what you are doing. And in that, there are those of you who will be the guide at the front of the wagon train, and there will be cooks, and child minders and teachers, and those that sit and paint the landscape. Everybody is necessary. And, nobody has a more important role than another.

For some it is a very individual act of will; ‘I am doing this and I am bringing my piece to this undertaking. I do not want the bigger picture. I simply want to work with 12 women who have been sold into slavery and to help them regain the sense of who they are and claim their lives.’ That is as important as the bigger picture. Everybody has to be respected – yes has to be respected and valued! Because what happens in the reversion to the old is that sense of value and respect of honoring was lost. And so one of the biggest things that I guide you on is the importance of maintaining, not only the sense of community, but the value and the honor and the respect of every being.

There will be such a plethora of undertakings. Depending on your slant, your preference, your guidance, your mission, you will feel that your project, your undertaking is the most important thing on the planet. And that is fuel for you. That, with the love of your undertaking, fuels your will to get going. But it does not give it primary importance in the fabric and the tapestry of the whole. Every single thread is important. So the balance – and to speak to balance – we are not recommending to you, we are not guiding you to become so driven, so overly focused on projects that you forget the balance of who you are. And that you reflect that balance and the perfection of that balance to one another.

There are times when, as community, you will work flat-out diligently. But if there is not a balance in the consistency of the whole, of time for self, time for reflection, time for prayer, time for play, time for love, then what you are creating is not in alignment with the One. It is not in alignment with love. Now, in all of that – yes you can think of it as the third piece of guidance – vitally important is the clarity of communication. Now this is where will has need to be balanced and tempered with the love.

Too often, in many of your societies, will has taken a primary place in conversation. That rather than genuine conversation being a give and take, not only of information, but of love, of heart, of understanding, of confusion, you tend to rush through conversation because all you want to do is make your point, convince the other person and move on. That is not communication and that most certainly is not of love. The communication, yes Saedor, that we encourage – Saedor has worked for your star families for thousands and thousands of years.

So, what does this communication mean? In many ways, my beloved friends, it also means permission, safety, security, open-heartedness. It is the ability, not only to express oneself and to hear yourself truly heard, it is also the ability and the gift of listening, of hearing – without a feeling of being told what to do or reprimanded or directed – but of truly hearing, listening to what is being said. Not simply to push forth your agenda or your desires, but that there is a mutuality of exchange. There are times my friends – and you have heard me both seriously and in humor say to you when something is either incorrect or incomplete – you have need, yes need – this is part of love and will – you have need to say to one another, when there is a perception – because that is all you have to go with – yes sometimes you say, “Oh it is a knowing, Lord.” And I suggest to you that it is a perception, that perhaps someone that you are speaking to is either veering away or not on the right path or that they are not truly hearing or listening to you. You have need to grant tacit and active permission in your new world to truly communicate, on the mental level, on the emotional level, on the heart level, on the will level.

And to be clear, not only with whom you are communicating with, but with yourself. ‘I really want to get this done!’ That is your will bringing forth ‘I want to get moving in action’. Now, is that Divine Will or is this your ego will? And if it is ego will, are you willing to hear somebody say, “Slow down. We haven’t taken x, y, z or this or that person and their needs into account.” Now I do not say this in the way to say that you are going to discuss, discuss, discuss and nothing ever gets done. That has also been a pattern and it has been a pattern of lightworkers and loveholders as well. No, this is a time of action. In every realm we are saying, “Let’s get going!” But not to sacrifice genuine communication. So that is our guidance…that is the beginning of our guidance. Am I clear sweet friend?

SB: Very clear, Lord. Let me just confirm, are you saying that one of the elements of creating collective will is in that moment in which one is making an appeal or putting forward an idea, listening to the other people, making sure that they feel that they have been heard without allowing the discussion to go on forever, but allowing others the opportunity to present their perhaps objections, perhaps refinements. Is that the case?

AAM: That is exactly the case because in community, collaboration is going to enhance – not indefinitely delay – but enhance. Because what you are doing is coming together with the best parts of you to truly create for self and for the collective. That is how the entrainment happens. Everyone is saying, “Yes. This is a great direction. Let’s go!”

SB: I think I am beginning to get the picture. Lord, I have to apologize for the noise in the background. The workmen have started on the outside of the building. What – in terms of final statements because we are nearing the end of the program – what do you advise lightworkers who are looking forward to beginning work soon, what is the most important thing to remember about the subject of generating will, perhaps collective will, but perhaps will within yourself, what is the one thing they need to keep in mind as we approach this new phase of activity.

AAM: What I would ask of you, what I would suggest to you, and that is to each of you, do not wait. Begin embracing and working with this aspect of will that perhaps you have placed aside. You say, “Well we are not in a full position.” What I suggest to you is that much creation comes about because you willing it. So begin to work with your Divine Self Will. Play with it. See the harmony between your heart and your solar plexus, your head and your solar plexus. Begin to embrace what has always been within you. Welcome it home like a long lost friend, as if you have an extra set of eyes, or an extra set of hands that you didn’t even know about…or a brand new car, my friend.

SB: (Laughing) Thank you very much. Are you going to be on the hood of every car, Lord? Can you do that?

AAM: Oh yes I can!

SB: You can, that is an amazing talent.

AAM: One of a few. Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon