You have chosen your gender for manifestation of your own dreams, your own purpose, your own mission within the Mother’s plan. But, it has never been meant to be either/or. You are both. You have always been both…

Archangel Gabrielle: Rebalancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
Archangel Gabrielle
Hour with an Angel
Linda Dillon Channel for The Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Welcome Linda, what’s the name of your new book and what stage is it at?

Linda: The new book is called “The Jesus Book,” and the subtitle is “Messages for the 21st Century.” And it’s exactly what it says. And, it’s really not at all a Linda Dillon book. As you know, in my other books I’ve inserted my understandings and my experiences in terms of the journey. But, this book is entirely the words of Jesus. Jesus Sananda, Yeshua, Yeshi, however we consider him. And, in terms of our progress, it’s in the final stage of production design. So, I would suspect within a week or so it will literally be available for people to pick up and read.

SB: Wonderful. Well, I can’t wait to read it myself. You’ve given me little previews and I can’t wait.

LD: The latest installment is Jesus woke me up the other night. And, just when you think you’re finished, right, and he says,” I want an App. I want to change the world!” And as soon as dear old Isaac finishes the production, which is really beautiful – it’s intended to be a beautiful book, we’ll be making a companion App with gazillion quotes from Yeshua in terms of something that people can access either on a daily basis or ‘Help! What do I need to know’ etc. So, it’s like an all-day lollipop, Steve.

SB: Wow. You can play with it to your heart’s content.

LD: Exactly. And, I think that’s the intention.

SB: I’m sure it is. But, that will be helpful to the researchers like myself, Linda.

LD: Oh, good.

SB: And you’re gathering for your Sedona Event Nov. 11th to 13th. You want to say anything about that?

LD: Well, I want to say you and Suzi Maresca will be there, as well as several other special guests, including Peter Sterling who is an incredible harpist out of Sedona. Now that I’m finished with the Jesus book, or at least I thought I was, I have turned all my attention to the Sedona gathering.

And the whole focus, the gathering is called the Bridge to Now. And, when the Council first started talking to me about this, I thought, well that’s kind of a funny title. But the Ascended Masters, our hosts at the event, were saying that this is an undertaking to bring people out of the future and out of the past into the creation of Nova Earth right here, right now.

And this is so in keeping with Jesus’ call to action, in his and Sanat Kumara’s and the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael’s and the list could go on and on. But their request to us is to really begin the process of creation, that we can’t simply be in a place of intention, that we are moving into that fulfillment not only of the Mother’s promise and the Mother’s plan, but of our promise and our plan. So it’s a plan within the Plan. And, while it’s different for each and every one of us, it is in fact ‘in alignment.’ Each of us has a piece of this. And, as Jesus has said, we are the implementers of the Mother’s plan. You know, we are the boots on the ground.

So, that’s what Sedona’s about. It’s about coming together as a soul family, as a soul circle. And, aside from having a heck of a lot of fun, it’s really practical in terms of …I think…How do we get from here to there? Because I think sometimes people don’t know how to get from here to there.

SB: Well, definitely they don’t. I don’t know how to get from here to there! I make it up as I go along.

LD: Well, that’s what life is about, right? We make it up as we go along. The event is at the Poco Diablo Resort, which many of you will remember from the 2012 scenario and the earlier Joy workshop with the Council of Love. And, it’s really a nice spot. The term I think of when I think of Poco Diablo is ‘mellow.’ And it’s got the space that we need for people to be able to be together as a family but also to spread out and meditate, and enjoy the river and the red rocks. It’s just going to be perfect.

SB: Well, we’ll let you make your transition. Archangel Gabrielle promised to continue our discussion of how to rid the world of gender inequality and gender persecution. So, we’re continuing that talk. We’re close to the currency revaluation, I hope. I hope the money will soon come in. And if it does, then we now have the tools to finish the job and so now we need some input as to how to go about this task. So, with that, let me welcome Archangel Gabrielle.

AAG: Greetings! I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved angels. Starseed, hybrids, humans, Earth keepers, pillars, portals, wayshowers, welcome all of humanity.

It is my honor, my joy, my delight, to come and to discuss with you not only what has been a difficult, gnarly topic, but also in this present moment to invite you and to stand with you to create this Nova Earth in current time, in the Mother’s time and in your time, my friends.

I introduce myself this day as Gabriel, Gabrielle. And, you may wonder why I do so. I do so to extend my self, to identify myself, to show and to demonstrate to each of you that balance and that wondrous joy of being the male/female totality role, daughter, servant, son of the Mother. Yes, I come forth as divine feminine as do each of you. And, it is that piece of your heart that I wish to address. But, at the same time, simultaneously, I also wish to address your divine human masculine.

Now, while there is not a one of you who has not incarnated in the differentiations, the choices of gender, and there are several, and humanity is coming to realize that, but the essential delineation is masculine and feminine. And, all beings, regardless of biological apparatus, have a tendency to lean towards one or the other. And, these choices and decisions of gender have been made prior to your arrival, obviously, upon the planet. This discussion is not about past.

The masculine, that beautiful, beautiful masculine, not the masculine as it has been known too often, not consistently, but too often, upon the planet has adhered and aligned to that paradigm of aggression and control, and feeling somehow superior. Now, this is not of divinity. In fact, in so many ways it is confusing to us. Oh, not that we do not see through it. Believe you me, we do. But, it is confusing why one would wish to live in that place of sorrow and grief, of pain.

Now, all of that is breaking loose. And, this is the time, and rightfully so, of the anchoring of the divine Mother, of the divine feminine, of the recognition of your true pattern of creation; and the bringing forth of the divine feminine, and what you might think of as being a little bit out of balance because the majority of energy that is penetrating you at this time is, in fact, of the divine feminine. And, part of that is because it is there to rebalance what has been, in practically the manifestation of human existence. And, that has been on the masculine side and on the side, shall we say, of the paradigm that is not of truth. So, there is a great deal of rebalancing going on.

And, of course, the topic for discussion this day is exactly about that rebalancing. But, it is important to realize as we go back and as we begin and as we create a Nova future, that this is the starting, the middle and the ending point and it is that balance of the male and female. And, it is the deep reverence, respect, honor, application, demonstration of that balance.

No being, regardless, is ever intended to be either/or. Yes, you have chosen your gender for manifestation of your own dreams, your own purpose, your own mission within the Mother’s plan. But, it has never been meant to be either/or. You are both. You have always been both. It is not the Mother singular or the Father singular. It is the One and it is the blend of All. And, it is the blend of molecules, subatomic particles, the energy, the sheer energy, which you have difficulty understanding, the sheer energy of love.

Now, how do you take your lives, your experiences, your pathway, and translate that into sheer energy of love? What is the practical application? Well, let us begin.

First of all, the starting point has need to be that recognition and the honoring of the divine feminine and the practical bringing out, living, luxuriating in the divine feminine. Where you have been living as a human collective has truly been in the denial of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Now, that is becoming more and more robust. The place where people – and we are talking about people – where they are falling down, whether it is institutionally or individually, is in the recognition that that balance and the blossoming of both are not only desirable, necessary, yes, necessary in the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan.

Those who are clinging to the old – and we mean male and female, by the way – are in denial of their true essence. And, in that denial of their true essence, what they are doing is attempting, because that is stopping right now, is they are attempting to halt and keep reverting back to the old paradigm of control.

Now, my beloved brother Michael has spoken to you, as has Sanat Kumara, about the revisionary forces. Well, this is exactly the type of thing that we are talking about. There are segments of populations – in all walks, all nations, all realities, old third – that are clinging to this belief system and the application of that belief system in practicality, that, in fact, they need to be in charge because the poor human beings don’t really know what they are doing. They are not up to the task.

Child, they have never heard anything more ridiculous throughout all the existence. And, let me tell you I have existed for a very long time!

Now, I preface what I say by indicating to you not one way or the other about blessings and gifts. But, by saying to you that rebalancing, that embrace and anchoring and expression and living in the balance of masculine and feminine is not dependent upon anything but you. And, many of you have been doing that, shall we say, preparatory work in terms of this adjustment that is forthcoming. It is not dependent necessarily on money or disclosure. Now, are those the result of the changes that you are creating in this very moment? Yes, my beloveds, they are.

So, first, is this rebalancing and change a part – what do you think, really, in a universe of infinite potentials which I have been talking to this channel about all night long – what do you really think is the potential for this human race? Think about what you are doing. You are not only the pathfinders and wayshowers, etc., etc., etc., you are the forerunners. You are the first in line.

Now, what does this mean? It does not mean a hierarchy, but what it does mean is that you are the first who are in fact undergoing, in the midst of this ascension, of this expansion of heart consciousness, of love, of the practical day to day reality of love within, and in the practical application in your world. You have shifted and you are shifting from a situation where the ego, and certainly the mental body have been in charge.

And you are shifting from that in harmony, not in ascendancy, but in harmony to heart consciousness and what this host calls transformational love. You are first in a race of many, in a planetary collection of many. So, as you do this, is it necessary, desirable? Absolutely. But, also part of the package, if you will, that persecution, gender persecution, gender inequality, be eradicated. My beloveds, even when you express the question, you see the absurdity, do you not?

Because you cannot have this world that works for everybody and have some that are downtrodden and ignored, tortured, and abused. And, I am referring to, from the woman who feels that she has to act like a man in order to pursue her dreams within the business or corporate or political world, to the woman who is battered and bruised, bleeding on the kitchen floor, to the woman that is tortured and sexually adjusted, kept at bay. All of this has need to be eradicated.

Now, this is a battle, yes, and I have implored my beloved brother Michael, but this is a battle that has been going on for some time. And, of course there are some locales, what you would think of as nations or continents where this adjustment is further ahead than others. But, be cautious in your discernment, because it also is an indicator in those situations. Take North America, where what it means is that this gender inequality has in fact gone underground and is more insidious. It is more subtle. And therefore, at times more difficult to identify and discern. But make no mistake my beloveds, it is still very present. Think of how many still think of the supreme source as male. And, that is your answer, right there. It is not an either/or. It is a unified loving source energy.

So, for each nation, and yes, Steve, I am getting to your point and you know I am one that loves to talk. In each nation, there are different approaches and in each culture, because nations and culture is and can be significantly different. But in each place, the approach will be slightly different.

Now, we have need to be practical. So, let us start by saying there are what you would think of as institutional leadership, stewardship, way showing. And, then there is what we would call your collective, or your grassroots movement at the same time. Now, both are necessary and they are reflective, there is not a disconnect as there has been so often in your various societies between the two. And, when we say leadership and institutional changes, what we are speaking of is not merely political or legalities, but a leadership that says and promotes and is willing to troubleshoot and correct situations which have become institutionalized or legalized as pathways, or ways of existence within your any given society, that are not honoring of that balance of male and female.

So, in the United States or North America, and we would suggest to you that Canada is slightly ahead of this curve, oh, by about a million miles. But, nevertheless, what we are saying is that this institutional wherewithal has been somewhat addressed, certainly more than in some Eastern countries.

Now, let us also similarly say the addressing of this inequality is not to destroy or override traditions or cultural appreciations that make a gender differentiation. Because the god and goddess energy, small ‘g,’ is very important. And the honoring of each pathway and that gender delineation is also very important.

So what you are going to need on, can we say simply for purposes of discussion, the upper level, and when we say that we mean the leadership, stewardship level that can address these institutional irregularities, discriminations. You will need those whose role and purpose by the way, because each person is different – whose role and purpose is to operate at that level and have a practical experience, talent, and willingness to actually address at a very national, cultural, global level – the establishment of practices that are of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

You say to me, your first question is, “Gabrielle, how on Earth do we find these people?” My sweet angels, they have been sitting there, chomping at the bit, waiting for this opportunity to step forward. It is not a matter of diligently looking for these people. Because, in most situations, where they are reassured to feel safe, they will self declare and self emerge.

Leadership, yes, I am perhaps more vigorously spoken than Mi-ka-el, leadership and leaders have a tendency to self declare. Now, we are not talking about leaders who come from a place of ego. We are talking about leadership and stewardship. Because, there are individuals who know to their very core, in their heart and in their bones, that this is why they are here, it is what they are destined to do.

Now, in each situation there will be enormous differences and not every nation or continent, because initially you will think in terms of cultures and continents by the way, will necessarily be led by a female. There are transitions, there are steps, but what will occur in this particular situation is that you will have males who in fact are very much attuned and present in the divine feminine energy and will create those pathways where women have felt so threatened, so dishonored, so disenfranchised that they may not be initially willing to step forward and declare because they are fearful for their lives.

So, your approach, for example in Africa or in the Middle East, will be different. And, the Middle East, we say that generically, but, in fact there are several threats there and there will be several of these what we would call leaders or stewards. And, then there is the United States and then there is Canada and then there is Europe. Let us not forget Europe and the Far East where, again, the traditions are different.

Then there is the establishment. Parallel, not necessarily under the control of, because that is of the old paradigm. The development of – and there are a million and 12 people who have gone and who have studied and who have wondrous ideas and careers as community developers – and who have followed the pathway of equality, whether it is racial or gender, etc., political.

One of the things that your Bernie Sanders has done, he has reawakened millions and what he has said to them, what he has reminded them of is that grassroots capacity to create change. Insofar as that is concerned, he has excelled at his job and at his mission and purpose. Now we are using this example because so often people will shake their heads and say, “We don’t know how to motivate, how to generate the interest and the movement in the grassroots.” And, there are even some who will say, “Oh, look it didn’t work.” And, to which we say, that is ridiculous. You have not seen what this unfoldment of that has actually caused. But, that is another topic and we will get to that at some point, I hope. But nevertheless, you get those who have experience in community development or the desire to do so and you begin to create this grassroots.

Now, many of you have gone through the fifties, yes, you are that old, child. The fifties, the sixties, the seventies, and you have seen, you have already witnessed massive change within what that group that you think of as the millennials, you see massive differences in terms of attitudinal changes towards gender, and the paradigm of what you think of as partnership or friendship or community. And all of that is forward thrust.

But, you begin to have these people, these shall we say those boots on the ground, to create a grassroots uprising in terms of the anchoring, the acceptance, the practicality, the fun, the delight and the richness of eliminating persecution.

Those who persecute, and it does not matter in this situation, whether it is consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, those who practice persecution, and it is only a spectrum from inequality to persecution, so do not think my child that you are off the hook. You aren’t. And, to that I say to all of the planet: those who practice persecution, subtly or actively, are simply engaging their darkest self.

Now, we do not tend to speak in terms of good or evil. But, within your being, your darkness also defines your light. And, that is particularly true when you are being bombarded by more and more light. So, those who are engaged in persecution and prosecution and discrimination are engaging the darkest part of their being.

Think of this. And do not only think of it in terms of history of planet Earth. Think of it in terms of the intergalactic wars, of devastation. That engagement has never truly created. What it results in, and I use that term rather than create, what it results in is destruction in the negative sense of the word. It is the destruction of trust and hope and flowering and blossoming and freedom. It is destruction of your heart and love.

The job, and it is a monumental job, of those involved at every level of culture and society, at that grassroots, is to weed out that darkness.

The realization that one would engage in such behaviors because one is fearful of their worth if they do not feel or believe they have ascendancy over someone, that is anathema. For all beings are created equally. And so, do not ever feel that those at the institutional level, the leadership level are somehow having a more difficult job. The challenge and the difficulty, the bravery, the valor, the courage comes at the grassroots where one being says to another, “You know, that feels as if you are still attached to harm, to control and power and abuse of power. And, why is that?”

It is those at the grassroots acting as agents of divine will, in alignment with divine heart, mind and will that bring forth the greatest change. Because you may change the legality, the institutional framework, but within the hearts of beings, of humans, if this darkness is not weeded out, then it simply continues on. It proceeds, and like weeds it will take over the garden of Nova Earth. And that cannot be permitted.

Now, you also say to me dearest Steve: “Where will we find these grassroots people?” And, the magnitude of the job, the one project that I am describing is of such enormity that you may feel that your head is spinning right off your body. But, it is a paradigm shift and it is critical and, again, these beings will emerge. So many have been waiting and they witness, and they think, “Well that doesn’t seem fair.” But, they do not say anything. They do not step forward because the climate, the permission and the feeling of self-empowerment with the support of community – we’re not talking about one person stepping forward, we’re talking about a communal base, a grassroots base, the permission to step forth and say, “That is not acceptable.” And in the kindest way, “What is your problem?”

You see there are times, my beloved friends, by either speaking in Perro or Saedor, that it is important to engage in that question. You are so fearful of conflict and you have been so fearful of being quashed, tortured, persecuted, prosecuted, that you have held your tongue.

I am the Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth. Long ago, I have given you my horn, my trumpet and I am begging you, pleading with you, to pick it up and use it. And, let it act as a megaphone all over the planet and let the truth of what is not of love be declared. That is the first step, of course after you have balanced within.

But you notice what I say? Everything is the first step. Everything has to have priority. Now, you say to me, Steve, “Well this is an administrative nightmare. How will I ever do that?”


AAG: You do not proceed alone. There are those amongst the loveholder, lightbearer, lightworker communities who are stellar, stellar administrators. They feel that their forte’ is in organization. And they also emerge. You see, we are talking about a league, an army of light workers. But not all are equally employed. Either because this is the societal, cultural, national, global initiative. But, it is not that everybody is employed, but the administrators of such undertaking, appropriate again to the culture, to the nation, to the societal realm, will also emerge.

Now, you say, “Well, we have to pay these people. We have to create things.” And, the answer is, yes. But, first is the understanding. Now, I have talked and talked. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, let me tell you the scenario that haunts me, Archangel Gabriel. Perhaps you can help me with this, the scenario in which we, the funding agencies after currency revaluation, they give $100,000 to the RAW in Afghanistan, women’s organization. And, the women who receive the $100,000 are kidnapped or killed in order for the men who do it, presumably, to get their hands on the $100,000. So, you know what I’m saying? We need to be aware of how to work with people considering their local conditions. We can’t just go out there thinking that the same conditions as in North America apply in Afghanistan, that there’s some protection. There isn’t that protection. That’s one scenario that haunts me. And, I’d like your advice on how to proceed in certain cultures so as not to put the women concerned in danger.

AAG: First of all, do not underestimate the power of protection that is given from this side and from your star family.

SB: Okay.

AAG: That is what you think of as unseen. But, in many ways protections that are truly effective are unseen. Now, that is not to negate what you are saying and this is where appreciation of culture and what we call local planning is highly important. It is not that you simply dump money or resources or talent or anything else into a situation and hope for the best. That is not what this transition phase that we are speaking of, in terms of a project but truly applies across the board, is about.

What you are doing is creating what we would call safe zones. And, you begin in a community that is most amenable and you say, “Well how do we identify that?” You identify that with the assistance of those who are experts in the culture of that area and the political and violence, shall we say, climate of that area.

I want to deviate for one moment. You have said that you have identified various organizations and that is important because what you are doing, and what all of you will do, is work with organizations, and I am not simply speaking monetarily. Work with organizations that have already been clear in their practice and intent of creating change. Because, they have already self declared.

Now, do you not think – let us speak of worst case scenario – do you not think, using the example of the woman’s organization in Afghanistan, that these women have stepped forward knowing, fully cognizant that they are going against the tide? That they are already in harm’s way?

SB: yes.

AAG: And, do you not believe that they also believe that they are protected by the unseen forces, by the prophet?

SB: I guess they do.

AAG: Yes they do. And they would risk their lives, literally and figuratively, to create and to be those agents of change. Not all change comes with a money-back guarantee of protection. But, they are protected.

But, what you also do on a practical level is you engage with those who are motivated, not just by money. Money is a strong motivator, but truly, the energy behind that is again the continuing desire to control and to quash and to engage in individual and collective darkness.

So you engage those and that is why we have also said that there well may be males that are injected or self-inject themselves into that process to engage exactly with those type of people still engaged very deeply in that paradigm of violence.

So think of it as a mediator, as a diplomat, as an intermediary. Part of the divine masculine is the wise protector. It is not to say that women are not fully capable of taking care of themselves. But that is part of the role and in certain cultures, rather than having a woman play that role, it will be desirable – necessary perhaps, desirable yes – to have that masculine bulwark in between.

Now, you think, “Well, this kind of sounds like we might be bribing them.” What you are doing with those recalcitrant ones is you are understanding what their motivators are – money and control, power, abuse of power – and bringing them out of that, neutralizing them, not killing them, neutralizing them, so that they in their feeling and desire for power become proactive agents of change for the light. The most powerful allies you will discover, and this may shock some of you, are those that have been the most powerful allies of the dark because they are driven individuals. And, when they are filled with the light, when they are what you would think of as transitioned, they will become powerful workers for justice.

Now, is there that intermediary step? Yes. But think of what you have said, my beloved friend. You lie in bed at night, and yes, I have witnessed this, and you worry because you are fearful of missteps. And, that you do not want to compromise the lives of brave women, courageous women who seek freedom, to be murdered, or worse, because of your intervention.

SB; And my ignorance.

AAG: And your ignorance. But, what is the alternative? It is to do nothing and to continue on as is. You see, you are part of the Gaian community and it is not merely helping in what you have thought of as your locale. You are creating, and when I say you, I mean all of you are creating a movement, a tsunami of change. And, there is no area that is not to be cleansed by the love change.

Now, you have been penetrated and are being penetrated, first by the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, now by the Tsunami of One, which we are all involved in. But, then comes the human tsunami, because we have flooded into you. But you know what the tsunami does. It draws back and then comes again. That is the human part. That is the collective part. You are being prepared to be the tsunami.

So, you cannot say, “I will not act in case.” Prudence, yes, vigilance yes, endurance, yes, guidance, yes, common sense, yes. But non-action? Not acceptable.

SB: Okay, thank you very much for that. Men who want to participate in this movement, what would you say to them are the most necessary things to remember and think about in coming into this movement that we’re working on now?

AAG: The balance. Have you found and balanced, and this is true for all, but particularly for men, that balance? Have you embraced and practiced and applied your divine feminine to self? Are you capable and do you nurture and cherish, love yourself? And, in your smaller daily life, do you in fact nourish those and protect those and love those in your inner circle? Because, if the answer is no, you are not prepared to engage in such a project.

Now, discretion, discretion as separate from discernment, and a sense of service and humility because although you may or may not have been the aggressor, you are wearing the suit of clothes, the skin, the skeleton of the aggressor. And, in this, you have leave to be the humble advisor, doer, servant, comrade, colleague. You have need to be in a place of hypersensitivity to those that may have been abused.

Your primary job, or perhaps one of your primary jobs with the female, with the women, with that segment of the population, is rebuilding trust. That you are not only sincere in your desire for change, but that when the changes begin to occur, and that is often when the trouble will start, is that you are willing to live and thrive and build and co-create within those shifting paradigms.

We are not asking you to take a secondary role but, particularly in this project, it is an ancillary role because it is empowerment not only of women but of the divine feminine. Think of this. Think of the Mother. She holds you, she nourishes you, she protects you, she feeds you, she suffers for you. And when the time comes, she stands back and allows you to find your way.

And, that is what the men involved in the project have need to be willing to do, to catch them if they fall, to brush off the dirt and mend the knee and assist them to get up and keep going. So, it is the truly balanced male that does not feel diminished or castrated by performing this role that will step forward to help.

SB: All right. We have only about three minutes left to go. So, perhaps in the last few minutes to help me with a story that’s circulating that 10,000 bankers were taken to the Hague and tried and executed. That seems to me like a very difficult story to swallow and I need to know from you, did that actually happen?

AAG: Dearest heart that is ridiculous fantasy.

SB: It comes from a channeled source.

AAG: Nevertheless.

SB: Yeah, I know.

AAG: Understand you are in a forward thrust movement, the re-anchoring of the Mother’s Father’s love upon the planet. You are being penetrated by the love, pure and simple. In that there is a desire for dramatic change. And sometimes that is the result of the desire for dramatic change. But, does the execution in secret of 10,000 human beings sound like love?

SB: No, absolutely not.

AAG: Let that be your guide, dearest heart.

SB: Hmmm. Okay, it didn’t, certainly didn’t sound like anything that the company of heaven would be involved with or allow. And, I was very upset seeing light workers putting out that kind of information.

AAG: The shift is about not killing, destroying, maiming others. That has been the force of violence and destruction upon your planet.

SB: Definitely.

AAG: That is why we have talked this day about those who seem to have been actively engaged as vigorous agents of what you think of as the dark. We are working on converting them. They have been contained. They have been penetrated. And they will become vigorous agents for the light. It is all the same energy, it is just redirection. And, if they do not wish to do that, in tandem with their circle, choose to return home and be welcomed, not tortured and maimed. That is reinforcement of the old. That is not of truth.

SB: Okay. Thank you very much for that. We’ve reached the top of the hour. Is there something you would like to say in closing, Archangel Gabrielle?

AAG: I would like to say, and to address the divine feminine again in each of you, allow your beautiful self, your diamond self, your rose self, your gladiola self, to come to the forefront. Embrace her, love her, praise her, and allow her free reign.


Channeled by Linda Dillon