Words of encouragement on an array of topics such as Brexit – Vigilance & the old 3D – Sacred Union/Partnership & Twin Flames – Star Family – Sharing – Nutrition & Extra Protein – Scalar Energy Healing…

With thanks to Elle for sharing this wonderful selection of Channelled Gems from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Gabrielle

Brexit & the Scottish Vote:

Let me say one thing, yes, as Lily of Love and as Central Administrator of the Mother’s Omniverse – let me say one thing about this issue of Brexit, and more importantly about the Scottish vote.

The Scottish vote to remain within Brexit and the reason why, beloved one, this came to the forefront is that it was a vote for unity. It was a heart vote to remain in a place of unity – like a marriage, like a sacred union, like a partnership – and to work through many of the difficulties that such an arrangement presents.

Now let me be very clear. I am not suggesting that there are no difficulties or shenanigans in the existence of the European Union, where there have been some energies of chaos, and also of self-interest, in the extreme. But the vote that the Scottish people had expressed was one to remain in unity – and they felt that the connection of the existing relationship and realm was more important to preserve and to work on than to simply walk out the door.

That was in alignment with their earlier decision to try and work things out within the framework of Great Britain. So it is a consistent vote. The hearts of these people are true. You are correct in so far as you realise that in this situation, at this time, Scotland is not in an ideal position to go it alone, independent of the collective of Great Britain or divorced from England. That would not be in the highest good of any.

So there will be an accommodation to remain within that Commonwealth because that is what it is – it is for the collective to start anew. So it was not a question of a right vote or a wrong vote, correct or incorrect. That is of the old realm; that is of duality. That is why initially you could not decide because it made it either/or, and there was no such thing as that.

And that is what you are seeing more and more: that that world that exists in polarity and duality doesn’t work. It is truly for a world that works harmoniously and peacefully and lovingly for everybody. So that is what I have to say about that.

Belle’Anna, Guardian Angel

Vigilance & the Old World of the 3rd Dimension:

I AM Belle’Anna, guardian and friend, protector, sister, mother – there is no role I will not fulfil! Best friend, welcome! Welcome, beloved sister of my soul, bright angel of light.

And yes, you have – with many and increasingly every day – you have removed yourself from what you think of, or what you have thought of, as the ‘old world’. For some time now, we have all said that the old 3rd no longer exists… that it is formulated out of whispers and vapours, and that it does not have the substance in which to sustain anything, let alone life!

And what you have been feeling, as you are anchoring very clearly in the 7th [dimension] of the Christ Consciousness and the love, is that that realm [of the old 3rd] has no substance, no allure, is truly not even a reference point for you. And sweet angel, that is exactly what it has need to be.

So when you have ventured forth and you have experienced a tremor of that old reality, the vibration has troubled you because it is somewhat of ‘the devil’ that does not exist and has no purpose in the new realm. So you have held your centre, you have held the love, you have said, “Do not be afraid. All my beloved [dog] has to do is to love you.” And you are correct. That is exactly what she is doing: she is transmitting love of the purest sense. That is what the animals do.

So do not worry. You may ask and you may dip into that vaporous mass now and then, but it is no longer where you live. And if you were looking – and you have – for evidence, sweet angel, of how you have shifted and how reality has shifted, that is your evidence: the sense of dissociation, that it does not fit your universe, your being, your reality any longer.

So you may observe it, but you will not participate in it. You may take the love and put it in to help further diminish those vapours, but you will not participate in that illusion of the old 3rd. And for this we say, hurrah!

You have realised – and yes, it was a lucid dream, this vision with the ‘devil’, this war and dance with the ‘devil’ – and you have seen the ‘devil’, which is simply personification of human negativity. The ‘devil’ is not destroyed by matching ferocity, or hatred, or greed, or control, or bloodlust. The ‘devil’ is eliminated, quite literally, with love.

And you have imprinted not only that personification, but you have imprinted the collective of that energy with love. And you have continued, by the way, to do that. You are very busy with your new toy! And it was a gift from Gabrielle. She knows you have the sword of Michael but, as Central Administrator, she thought you would enjoy the stamp! [a golden stamp with the letters L-O-V-E imprinted upon it]

And you have and you are… the sense of necessary vigilance is true because there are still many holes as you have seen, many open windows and doors, through which that negativity can flow. Now, it is not the desire of the Mother/the Father/the One to close those windows, or to shutter-up those doors, because it is through those openings… it is through those holes that your love and light, your radiance, flows outward.

So we are not attempting to seal you up. You are sealed and protected – let us be very clear about that. But in the sense of the bigger picture, in terms of sealing up, the answer is “No!” Vigilance yes – sealing up, separating, no – because the love, in and of itself, is movement. When St. Germaine has said that love will flow at the speed of love, that healing flows at the speed of love, the channelling flows at the speed of love – it is that movement outward and inward.

So vigilance during this time of transition is very necessary. In fact, it is always necessary in terms of this framework of 12 dimensions, because the old 3rd – the memory of the old 3rd – is not going to be fully erased. And the rationale, the raison d’être, is that it will never be repeated. So there will be enough memory to know, “Oh no, we do not wish to go there. We do not wish to repeat that.”

Sacred Union, Sacred Partnership, and Unity with Star Family:

Now let us explain about your beloved Plaed’or and the certainty of your sacred partnership and union. There is the Plan of the Mother – and we will start with the bigger picture – that humanity, in their anchoring of love and being a planet of love, will be in full unity with their Star Family, your brothers and sisters from afar and not so far. And that is truly on the books, as it were, for now – not later, not soon, but really now.

And that is part of humanity, and those who are fit and ready and willing to assume leadership, to take their place at the Intergalactic Council. But, as you well know, your star friends and family will not create the awareness – the what is so often called “disclosure” – until such time as humanity is ready for it, so that there is not a fear and a retaliation and the use of force and arms, because that is not of love. That is not the anchoring of peace. That is not the anchoring of anything that is of a positive nature.

If that full disclosure and the back and forthing does not occur shortly, Plaed’or will insert – what you think of as a walk-in, insert his energy, what we would call “overlight” his energy – into a human being so that you may still proceed together. Is that likely? No. Is it the fallback plan? Yes. And that has been the reference. The certitude has never been a question. Is that clear?

E: Yes, thank you beloved.

B: It was important that this be clarified.


E: I feel some of what both Archangel Gabrielle and yourself have had to say would be lovely to share with others?

B: Yes, it would be, but it is always your choice and decision. But yes, share the good news – and it would be the nature of your generous heart. That is the light that you send through those windows, dear heart.

E: We receive such beautiful, inspiring messages of love in so many forms. I feel it’s a shame to shut them away just for me.

B: Thank you! And let us be clear: our love for you is up close and personal but, yes, love is intended always to be shared far and wide and far beyond. And so, yes, you are correct in your understanding, and in the brilliance of your inspiration to share these words of encouragement.

Nourishment – More Red & Green, Programmed Water, and Increased Protein:

E: As you know, Belle’Anna, I’ve been chatting with you about health and vigour and vitality. I’m not enjoying being so heavy, my eating patterns are completely chaotic, and I feel I’ve lost my way a little. I guess I used to think Plaed’or would only arrive when I’d got it together with my 5D lightbody and was back to a youthful, vital, healthy body. I hadn’t really realised I’d aged so much externally, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I think “who is this person?” because it’s not what I feel inside. [Laughing] Can we talk a little about this?

B: We absolutely can. Now, your beautiful lightbody, your beautiful crystalline form, your inter-multidimensional self is and always has been fully present. And you know this and you are ready, not impatient, but certainly ready to allow her to come forth in the fullness of her beauty, her strength, her endurance, her vitality, her playfulness.

This is why you are feeling this. This is why we are having this conversation. Dearest heart, you could weigh 500lbs and still be the beauty and the angelic being that you are. Nothing is going to change that. You do not always see your beauty but we do – and Plaed’or most certainly would, regardless. So let us start there.

But what you are feeling is that you want to anchor into form because that is the timing – is now – to bring into form the truth and the experience and the expression of who you are, because you are such a brilliant… not just bright… but brilliant, radiant light.

And you are ready to reclaim the perfection of your form design. You have already allowed the brilliance of your soul design to blossom in so many ways. Now what you are saying is, “I want my body not only to hold all these tremendous vibrations, I want it to reflect and be who I am, and who I want to be, and who I have always been.” So it is time.

Now, have you fallen into some patterns, habits – and let us be very clear, we are saying ‘habits’, not addictions – that are not in alignment with this overpowering desire for your body? Yes. I do not give you news; you are fully aware of this! But let us start with some ground rules. You are good at this. No judgment – there is no room, for as soon as you turn your mother’s critical eye to yourself, it is defeated; you are trying to quash the light that is yearning to express. So no judgment… no “shoulds”!

And while we are at it, let us eliminate the context of what so many people have called “diet” because diet has that sense – or has come to have the sense – of deprivation, of negativity, in many contexts. “Diet” is simply what you are choosing to eat, to drink, to breathe – and the human diet requires air and water and light and nourishment.

You did not come to this planet of diversity to not experience the treat, the splendour, the taste, the fragrance, the bounty of Gaia. Now will you at some point have the choice of what to eat or if to eat? Well, you are halfway there. You most certainly have the ability of what to eat, but you must eat because that is anchoring all this energy into form.

So what we have need to do with you – never to you, but with you – is to rearrange some of those nourishment patterns. Everything you eat: pray over, intend over, fill with light, so that in addition to nourishment, you are always eating light, literally; you are always eating love, literally. And it does not matter whether it’s ice cream or cake or vegetables!

And that is the other thing we want to be clear on. Let us also eliminate this “No”. The power of “No” is extraordinarily powerful. You know this. But this sense of, “Now I will be good with my eating,” so it will be no sweets, no cake, no tasties – that is absurd! It is the balance of all things, including what gives you pleasure.

Now, increase – yes, increase – your eating of green. You can never eat too much green because it is the vibration of life force, of love force. It will nourish every particle, every cell, every piece of yourself.

And by the way, the Scalar Energy (1) is helping you with this very thing of claiming your perfect form, so keep going.

So more green and more red. We have said this to thee before. The red helps anchor you not only in your form, but in that sense again of life force and vitality. It matters not what the red thing is. It may be cherries or cranberries, juice or hard substance. It may be strawberries, tomatoes, apple, it matters not, but more red.

More water, programmed water, energised water. You may use crystals in the water or surrounding the water, but simply place your hands on the jug, on the glass, on the cup, and simply in your heart say “love”. Use your golden stamp [of L O V E], dear heart! And it is as simple as that! [Laughter]

Let go of the judgment, let go of “No”, open to the green and the red and whatever else fancies you in terms of balance, and a little more water. Let us start there.

And your mantra is: I release; I release that which is not of my true beauty, my true strength, my true form.

Begin with that and you will see transformation very quickly.

E: Wonderful! I’ve even been drawn lately to eating meat. I don’t know what’s gotten into me!

B: It is you craving protein. This is important and we are glad you have brought this up. The energy that is penetrating the planet directly from the Mother and all of her Legions is dependent – holding the energy is dependent – upon protein.

There is a marriage that you do not, as humans – we do not mean you personally – do not fully comprehend as yet. The electrical nature, the vibratory nature of what is being downloaded into you requires and is supported by protein. And so you require and you are craving more protein. Bless the animals, thank them, and eat it!

E: I was a little shocked with myself, but at the same time I allowed…

B: It is important that you allow and that you are compassionate with your sweet self. Do you really think that those who have sacrificed their life force to feed you do not understand? Of course, they do!

E: But I don’t really want them to have to.

B: It is a temporary situation at best.

E: Yes, thank you beloved.

Scalar Energy Healing: (1)

E: The Scalar Energy Healing – I am feeling it very beneficial, subtle yet powerful…

B: It is very powerful. Not all are completely open and receiving as they might, but it is a very good match for you. Yes, it is truly helping. And what it is doing in terms of these downloads… think of it as if your battery has been recharged, filled. You have the charge on overnight, but you still need the jump-start. And so what the Scalar Energy is doing is giving you that jump-start.

E: It is quite expensive for me, but I’m thinking of signing up for perhaps 3 months?

B: Yes, go ahead and do it. We are spending your money! It is an investment in you, in your sweet self.

E: Although the minute I thought of investing in myself, I immediately wanted to include my entire family. I can’t do it for me and not for them, can I?

B: Yes you can! Don’t forget – listen to what we say – your windows and doors are open. As this energy is coming to you, filling you, jump-starting you, you expand and it flows out the windows and doors, the cracks in the universe, and they will receive it as well!

Our beloved Star Family are working overtime:

E: So Plaed’or is in principle still planning to come forth as Plaed’or in his…

B: That is correct – in his beautiful, humanoid, galactic self.

E: Yes, exactly! And only as a very last resort would he do a walk-in?

B: Yes. Everything is in place, everything is in unfoldment. Is there still some truculence in the human collective? Yes.

E: There are so many variables…

B: Yes, that is true. But there are a few things that you have written, can we say, in indelible ink in your contract – and this is one of them!

E: Oh, thank goodness! [Laughing] How is Plaed’or doing?

B: He has been very busy as you know. Even though the humans think that there is not a great deal transpiring, there is an enormous amount. They are also working with the Mother’s Legions, and very much with Archangel Michael in terms of the anchoring of Peace on Earth.

So they have always been working, but they are working overtime, particularly with the dismantling, the redirection, the diffusing, the elimination of missiles, of bombs, of what you think of as the equipment of war. So they have been doing that. Plaed’or is assigned and working, as you well know, with the Intergalactic Council and so that is a full-time job, and then some!

Because there is also a great deal of shifting that is taking place as humanity truly gets ready. Now, they have been initiated into the Intergalactic Council around 2002, but they have never fully accepted. It is like they have been a junior partner at the UN, but now they are preparing for full partnership. The training wheels are off, sweet angel.

So Plaed’or is an Emissary to the Intergalactic Council, working with what has need to be put in place because he works a great deal with the human race, with the Earthly connections. And so that is what he has been involved in.

He is busy, but he is yearning. Not that it is disabling him, but he is also aware of what you think of as ‘time’. Do not worry. You will be as young as you want – and he is timeless! But he is eager for the time when you two will have your refuge.

He does not wish – he will be busy enough with his assignments – but he does not wish to live in the busyness of a city; he does not desire to be in the throngs of people. That is considered for him the assignment that he has volunteered for and that he will be fully engaged in, but he is very eager for your quiet time as well.

E: I feel his love so strongly…

B: His love is true, sweet angel. His love is enormous. It is the love you have always felt and wondered where it was.

*     *     *

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