With thanks to Elle for this wonderful Channelled Gem from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Gabrielle ~ Brexit & the Scottish Vote

Let me say one thing, yes, as Lily of Love, and as Central Administrator of the Mother’s Omniverse, about this issue of Brexit and more importantly about the Scottish vote.

The Scottish vote to remain within Brexit and the reason why, beloved one, this came to the forefront is that it was a vote for Unity. It was a heart vote to remain in a place of Unity – like a marriage, like a sacred union, like a partnership – and to work through many of the difficulties that such an arrangement presents.

Now let me be very clear. I am not suggesting that there are no difficulties or shenanigans within the existence of the European Union, where there have been some energies of chaos and also of self-interest in the extreme. But the vote that the Scottish people had expressed was one to remain in Unity, for they felt that the connection of the existing relationship and realm was more important to preserve and to work on than to simply walk out the door. That was in alignment with their earlier decision to try and work things out within the framework of Great Britain.

So it is a consistent vote. The hearts of these people are true. You are correct in so far as you realise that in this situation, at this time, Scotland is not in an ideal position to go it alone, independent of the collective of Great Britain, or divorced from England. That would not be in the highest good of any.

So there will be an accommodation to remain within that Commonwealth because that is what it is – it is for the collective to start anew. It was not a question of a right vote or a wrong vote, correct or incorrect. That is of the old realm; that is of duality. That is why initially you could not decide because it made it either/or, and there was no such thing as that.

And that is what you are seeing more and more: that that old world that exists in polarity and duality doesn’t work. It is truly for a world that works harmoniously and peacefully and lovingly for everybody.