‘The devil’ is simply the personification of human negativity.

This wonderful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

I AM Belle’Anna, guardian and friend, protector, sister, mother – there is no role I will not fulfil! Best friend, welcome! Welcome, beloved sister of my soul, bright angel of light!

And yes, you have, with many, and increasingly every day removed yourself from what you think of, or what you have thought of, as the ‘old world’. For some time now, we have all said that the old 3rd dimension no longer exists; that it is formulated out of whispers and vapours; and that it does not have the substance in which to sustain anything, let alone life!

What you have been feeling, as you are anchoring very clearly in the 7th dimension of the Christ Consciousness and the Love, is that that realm of the old 3rd has no substance, no allure, and is truly not even a reference point for you. And sweet angel, that is exactly what it has need to be.

So when you have ventured forth and have experienced a tremor of that old reality, the vibration has troubled you because it is somewhat of ‘the devil’ that does not exist and has no purpose in the new realm. So you have held your centre, you have held the Love, and you have said, “Do not be afraid. All my beloved [my dog] has to do is to love you.” And you are correct. That is exactly what she is doing: she is transmitting love of the purest sense. That is what the animals do.

So do not worry. You may ask and you may dip into that vaporous mass now and then, but it is no longer where you live. And if you were looking – and you have been – for evidence, sweet angel, of how you have shifted and how reality has shifted, that is your evidence: the sense of dissociation, and that it does not fit your universe, your being, your reality any longer.

So you may observe it, but you will not participate in it. You may take the Love and put it in to help further diminish those vapours, but you will not participate in that illusion of the old 3rd. And for this, we say, “Hurrah!”

You have realised – and yes, it was a lucid dream, this vision with ‘the devil’, this war and dance with ‘the devil’ – and you have seen that ‘the devil’ is simply the personification of human negativity. ‘The devil’ is not destroyed by matching ferocity or hatred or greed or control or bloodlust. ‘The devil’ is eliminated, quite literally, with love.

And you have imprinted not only that personification, but you have imprinted the collective of that energy with love. And you have continued, by the way, to do that. You are very busy with your new toy, a gift from Gabrielle! [a golden stamp with the letters L-O-V-E imprinted upon it] She knows you have the sword of Michael, but as Central Administrator, she thought you would enjoy the stamp!

The sense of necessary vigilance is true because there are still many holes, as you have seen… many open windows and doors through which that negativity can flow. Now, it is not the desire of the Mother/Father/One to close those windows, or to shutter up those doors, because it is through those openings and through those holes that your love and light, your radiance, flows outward.

So we are not attempting to seal you up. You are sealed and protected, let us be very clear about that. But in the sense of the bigger picture, in terms of sealing up, the answer is “No!” Vigilance, yes – sealing up, separating, no – because the love, in and of itself, is movement. When St. Germaine has said that love will flow at the speed of love; that healing flows at the speed of love; that the channelling flows at the speed of love – it is that movement outward and inward.

So vigilance during this time of transition is very necessary. In fact, it is always necessary in terms of this framework of 12 dimensions, because the old 3rd – the memory of the old 3rd dimension – is not going to be fully erased. And the rationale, the raison d’être, is that it will never be repeated, so there will be enough memory to know, “Oh no, we do not wish to go there, we do not wish to repeat that!”