Maree’s Guardian Angel, Anastasia, offers the following insights into the Tsunami of One and Time of Extraordinary Change


We are in your sphere. We are holding the energy, we are filling you, we are feeding you, we are restoring you, we are reconstituting you, we are activating your markers. And so yes, in many ways, you could not possibly be at work because you are far too busy! And that is exactly what has need to take place at this conjunction of the Mother’s Time and what humans interpret as ‘time’.

You are unifying with the grid, with the Pattern of the Mother, with the energy of the Mother. And while in human terms, that is often difficult to comprehend, the magnitude and the blessing, it nevertheless is well underway. Now think of it this way. The Mother does not have any health, physical/mental/emotional, tangible or intangible challenges. All is in alignment, all is in perfection, all is perfect!

So as you are moving – and we know you have a difficult time at moments accepting this, and then at other times you are simply bathing and languishing in the knowing of this – but it is the quiet allowance, it is the surrender, it is the blissful knowing that part of your mission and purpose – which is very broad and grand – is this alignment and this reconstitution.

That is exactly why you have been, can we say, removed from the hustle and bustle – never as punishment or fault, but in the grandeur of her Plan and the fulfilment of your plan within her Plan. It is an extraordinary gift.

So while you are healing well, we are not rushing it or hurrying it along because the blossoming of the flower is just that. You do not force the petals open or pick them off and then say, “Oh, all that is left are a few seeds.” No. The full blossoming requires time and space, and sunlight and moonlight, and air and water and nourishment from the Mother above and the Mother below – and if I might say, a little love from the Guardian Angel thrown in!

You are doing well. And while there are moments when your patience has been tried, by and large, sweet angel, you are doing well, and you are doing well in this time of extraordinary change.

The energies that are penetrating the planet in this very moment are stronger than have ever been felt. For many, it is creating a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but you are manoeuvring the anchoring, the integration, of these energies perfectly, not just here and there, but perfectly. And that will stand you in excellent stead as you go forth, not just in standing and walking, dear heart, but your entire life.

And as you sit or lie – or hobble! – you are anchoring Victory Victoria [City of Light], yes, with [Archangel] Michael. And so it is not that these unseen projects – right now unseen anyway – are halted in any way. … It is that they are progressing in ways that are not fully seen as yet by human beings. But that does not mean much because, as you well know, human beings have been blind for thousands and thousands and thousands of years!

But their eyes and their hearts are opening. They are beginning to see – not that there is an error in their ways – but the yearning for a better way, a different way, a way that is more fulfilling and richer is stirring the hearts of most. And for those who are saying, “Sorry, we’re really not interested, could you please turn it down a little?” Well, the answer is no!

So, many will leave the planet, and that is alright as well. You are not among that group!

Channelled by Linda Dillon

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn