Your journey begins and ends with balance; it is a weaving, a tapestry, a grid of wholeness. It is a circle of oneness and it begins and it ends with love.

What is Balance and How to Achieve It
Archangel Michael
Hour with an Angel 04-12-16

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: I hear you were awakened early this morning, Linda. You are working on the book with Jesus and the topic of balance came into your mind, which is our topic today, as well.

Linda: You are absolutely right Steve. I am working on a book with a great team of volunteers on all the channelings that Jesus has given us over many years. I am at the editing phase. And today as I pulled up my first edit of the day, it was on balance. You know, this has been a really important theme since day one. So, I think it’s very timely, not only in terms of the planet, but, also in terms of where we are in our ascension process. That we are at the point, I’d like to think spiritually evolved and maturing, that we’re really having this in-depth discussion around balance.

SB: So, this is going to be the second publishing of Jesus, I think. And, I’m sure a block-buster with all the channelings going back so far.

LD: It’s going to be amazing. I mean, he woke me up one night, Standing by my bed, and told me that he wanted this book done and he wanted it done really quickly, and that the message, whether it was 2000 years ago or 10,000 years ago, never changes. And that message is love. The message is updated for the 21st century. And I’m hoping that every guy/gal in the street will be reading it.

SB: It’s undoubtedly worthy of their reading. Why don’t we transition to Archangel Michael. And while you are making that transition, let me tell the listeners that you were again awakened – going through many Great Awakenings – last week I believe. The council told you they would like, today, to discuss the notion of balance. With that, I would like to welcome Archangel Michael.

AAM: Greetings. I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome, my beloved friends, beloved family, beloved allies. You also are warriors of love, bringers of news, anchors of the new, co-creators of Nova Being and Nova Earth. Long ago, this council has said to each and every one of you that the keys to heaven, the key to returning home, to the fulfillment of your mission and purpose is love, trust, and forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance.

This has never been intended to be a laundry list, my friends. If anything, it is a weaving, a tapestry, a grid of wholeness. It is a circle of oneness. And with any of these elements and particularly balance, you can think that your journey begins and ends with balance. It begins and it ends with love. It is not a matter of simply attaining, obtaining, bringing to the forefront one element or divine quality. It is the intermingling. It is the unified way of all of these elements in your core, in your knowing, in your bodies, in your essence. So, we are pleased this day to step forth and discuss what is meant by balance.

For such a long time, for thousands and thousands…and might I say even eons of what you think of as years…humanity has existed in the illusion of duality and polarity, of ‘either-or,’ of all ends of the spectrum, of that linear way of thinking and existence that has barred you…kept you…not only from knowing of the All, of the Mother/Father/One, but the knowing of your sacred self, of your divine essence in human form, with acknowledgement of all aspects and parts of you.

With balance, there is no ‘either-or.’ It is the All. It is not merely still point. For still point is simply a part or an aspect of balance. It is the ability to hold what you may have previously considered diametrically opposed viewpoints or states of being of nothingness and all, coherently, in the heart of your being, in the actions and existence of your life. It is the ability to operate in many realms, dimensions, timelines at once. It is the ability and the state of being that allows you to access everything.

It is your jumping off point. It is your landing point. It is the point at which you are anchored above and below, in alignment with divine heart, mind, and being. It is knowing and wisdom rather than thought or feeling. Not excluding thought or feeling, but being able to integrate all into this essence of holding who you truly are. Not as exclusion of your sacred self, but in the inclusion as part of One.

Now, in this statement, dear Steve, I have packed a lot, have I not? So let us begin.

SB: Thank you very much Lord, and yes, you have packed a lot. Before we begin, I want to confess to you the source of a lot of trouble I had understanding the Company of Heavens’ discussions of balance, if I may. I was confused because there were different metaphors or interpretations of balance being used.

AAM: By all means.

SB: Thank you. One metaphor is balance of the teeter-totter, or scale; equal weights on both sides create balance. Another metaphor is balance as the quiet mind, the waves and the mind are brought to a standstill and that creates balance. Another is similar: balance as journeys’ end or completion. We reach the end of an issue or upset and find ourselves in the middle, in the center, in balance. And the fourth interpretation is balance as the ballerina’s balance point. The ballerina stands on her tiptoes in balance. If she leans to the left or the right, she falls over.

So I’m hoping in this discussion of balance today, we can be as clear as possible because I’d really like to go deeply into this notion and understand it. Can you comment on that, please?

AAM: Yes, would you like to stand back and…I do not mean you my beloved friend…I mean all of you. Think of all these metaphors of what I have discussed or what the Company of Heaven, which is a delightful term, is it not? It gives some collectivity. But, nevertheless, whether it is the teeter-totter, the spectrum, the ballerina, or the quietude, you think of balance not as the up and down. It is when the teeter-totter has equal weight at both ends so that you are able to be perfectly positioned, steady, clear, not in either side – in the middle.

So often, whether you are on this side or that side of an issue, of a drama, of an undertaking, you have had the human, or shall I say prior human proclivity to go to one side or another. And that is not what we would suggest or encourage you to do. There has been discussion in the past about the ability to be the observer, participant.

But, how can you possibly do both? Only by being in this centeredness, in the place of quietude – let me use these words clearly – of quietude, not silence. Of certitude, of knowingness, of love, and from that place then you move. But, you send the energy. You project yourself. But you, your essential self, remains in that place of anchored stillness.

Now you say, “Well, Lord, what do you mean by stillness?” It is that place of knowing, of heart consciousness in the truest expansion of your being, of being connected to your sacred self, to your higher self, to your universal self, and to the One. When you are in that place, you are in balance.

Now, first, before I go any further, is that clear?

SB: Not really, Lord, you’ve used two metaphors in your explanation. So, no, I haven’t experienced dawning, awareness, or clarity. Here’s one of the problems I have with some of the metaphors that are used. The teeter-totter metaphor seems to suggest that I need equal parts of anger and peacefulness to be in balance, or jealousy and love. And that confuses me when we talk about having things in balance…and what we’re talking about is the teeter-totter or the scale. Can you clarify that for me, please?

AAM: Yes, I would be very happy to. You are using the old duality polarity of jealousy and admiration.

So, let us jump off the teeter-totter. Let us throw that away. For I have not used an analogy that is appropriate to the newest state of being…where you are, where many of you are and where humanity is headed.

Think of yourself in the totality of who you are. Now, I am not speaking whether you are in an absented state of bliss or ecstasy, although that is where balance is also going to be found. But, what I am trying to do is also apply it to very current situations and realities.

So, when you are in a place, simply be as if you are sitting quietly in a chair. You are not undertaking, in the moment, any thought or actions. You are in a state of relaxation and what we would call beingness. You are balanced in your chakras. You are balanced. You have opened and attended to your meridians and chakras. You are anchored in your heart knowingness. You are feeling the love, the trust. That is why I have begun there. You do not have anything that you need to work on in terms of forgiveness. You are just in that place – what we would call joy -what you may call quietude.

And then, in that, you feel, you know, you accept, you allow – before you think or do or feel anything – that you are in alignment. It is not simply a sense of anything. It is a sense, your terminology might be, that all is right. I do not say all is right with the world, but that all is right with you. That there is a deep sense of knowing and accepting, alignment and surrendering, just of who you are. Even before you start to think about, “Well, this is my mission, this is my purpose, this is my to-do list, this is what I think I have to achieve today or this week.” It is the starting point – and we will get to the finishing point – but the starting point is that stillness, not necessarily still point, but stillness and quietude and certitude.

“I am who I am. I am completely committed and I know my connection to All. And I feel and know and am All within, unbreakably tied, connected to all that is.” That is the starting point of balance.

It is not being in extreme of anything. In many ways, it is the point at which you always come, and it isn’t a matter of even ignoring what is external. But, it is the knowingness, the starting point, from which you begin. Because that is what balance gives you, it is that clarity and focus from which you then you proceed to have a life, to live, to take action, to create.

But, if you are off kilter, off balance, then your mind has just begun to interfere and you’re thinking about either the argument you had yesterday with your colleagues, or the love affair that you are praying for, or the concern for war, or the starving children in Somalia or Yemen. So, it is that point at which internally and externally, in your body as well as your spirit, soul, self, that you are simply being. Now, does that bring any level of clarity to you?

SB: Yes, it does help quite a bit, Lord. I wonder if you’re not just describing fifth dimensionality. To put that another way, if we were in bliss, all of us in bliss, we would be in balance. Bliss seems to restore balance.

AAM: Yes, but what I am also speaking to – and now, I speak not only to lightworkers but to the entire planet, because it is the essential lesson of NOW – there is a tendency as we have talked about ascension and inter-dimensionality and anchoring in the fourth, the fifth, the seventh, for many human beings and light workers, by the way, to say, “Well, when I am in the fifth, then I will be in balance. When I am in the seventh, I will be in the love.”

I do not want any being to create that delineation. You – whether you acknowledge it, are conscious of it or not – are multi-dimensional beings. And whether you know it or not, you are shifting, traveling, visiting, experiencing various dimensions all the time.

When you say, “Oh, when I am in the fifth, I will get that.”…it places it outside of you and in a future dimension or place. And, what I want you to do, my beloved friends, my beloveds, is to have this – regardless of whether you are sitting in the first, the third, the fifth, the seventh, the eleventh, it matters not – because it is part of you. It is part and parcel and always has been.

So, when you are in the fifth, you are still going to have the physical reality of body and vibratory rate where you can experience physicality. Now, you’d be in a different state of being, perhaps. But, many of you are already there. So, I do not wish to make that delineation, I do not want to encourage you to say, “Well, when I get there.” Because the time, in terms of our time and yours, is NOW.

SB: Then, I suppose the question of the hour is how to achieve this balance?

AAM: Well, I thought you would never ask! [Laughter] But, let us go on with this discussion. Because, I think all of you have understood what I say in terms of beginning, or midday, or end of the day, or middle of the night…of sitting in the chair and being in that state of balance, of being the knowing of yourself and of the One.

The ‘how to’ involves, well, at some point you are going to have to get up from that chair and go about your busy day. And, I use that term with the greatest respect. We speak to you about doing without doing, from that place of balance and knowing. But, for most of you, you are very occupied with the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.

Now, let us use the example of this wonderful opportunity that you give us of this radio show. When you and Linda and Suzie and Paul are working on this project, on this show, you have a tendency to think, “Well, now I am doing my mission and purpose.” But your mission and purpose does not start and stop. That is why we talk about this tapestry of qualities that you carry that are at the core of your being. So, your mission and your purpose and the balance carries through while you are showering, while you are preparing morning nourishment, whether you are driving to work or walking the dog, going for coffee, or shopping for food.

It is not a stop or start function. So, this comes to this place of being the observer. You maintain, and this is a challenge. Do not think we are not aware of what we are asking, suggesting, and assisting, mightily assisting each of you to achieve. You carry into your entire day, your entire life, to every interaction, to every glance or smile or scowl, you’re carrying the balance. And, if you are truly in the balance you will never be scowling. You may express that action is incorrect or not of love. But, you do not go into disapproval or anger. That cannot be of balance.

Oh, I know there are questions of righteous anger, but let me continue what I am saying. In that sense of unity within your sacred self, in that sacred union with the divine, everything then comes from that balance of love. And, when you are in that, you are learning to walk, talk, breathe, operate, in the bliss.

You see, changing dimensions is not simply a quantum leap or shift. You practice it until the old realm is such a distant memory – and it is a distant memory, by the way – that it no longer applies. So when you have an interaction, there is no room for the emanation, for the expression, for the experience of anything that speaks or talks or feels or tastes like anything except the expression of divine love.

What we are waiting for so eagerly is when every single one of your thoughts and your actions and your interactions and your relationships are simply a mirroring, or an alternate expression of when you are in bliss and union with us. That is where you are headed. That is the new you. That is when you know ascension is completed.

Now, how do you get there? It’s not just practice. It’s also an act of will. Now, all of you have had experience where you are absolutely expressing and obsessing on one thing. And, it is all you can talk about, all you can think about. The only kind of interaction and the best example is a new love or a new romance or a new relationship. You’re brushing your teeth and you are thinking of their smile. You’re thinking of your lips curling in smile. You’re thinking of your lips touching each other. You’re drinking coffee and you’re thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait until we share coffee today or tomorrow.” You’re walking down and you are smelling the air, and the air smells sweeter. You know the whole routine that I am talking about.

SB: I do. [Laughter]

AAM: So, what I want you to do, what I am guiding you to do, what I am pleading with you to do, is to have the same love affair with balance. As you are walking down the street, holding that sense of knowingness and connection, as you are glancing at someone, truly not only seeing them, seeing their divinity, and seeing their warts and all. And, more importantly, letting them see you.

Balance has its own armor. But, it does not mean keeping people, kingdoms, others out. That is a fallacy. So, when you are in your balance, and might I say, when you are in the balance, there is a willingness, a divine alignment with will that allows others to truly see you, and engage with you, with who you really are. Not the window dressing, not the moods, because what you will notice is the moods, the other obsessions, they disappear. Because, how can you be in anything other than joy or bliss when you are in that knowingness? So, when you find that somehow you have wavered a little, you simply come back to that center, using your heart as that compass, and you re-anchor, you rebalance. So, it is a practice to start with, but then it becomes simply who you are, that state of being.

And, you have all had joyous times when you have felt this way. And, then you say, “Ah, I loved it!” And, you yearn for it because you know it’s your natural state. It’s your divine, human entirety of who you are.

It’s that ability to be in the quietude, the certitude, the connection while operating freely, joyously, expansively, in the entire planet.

So, then I take it to the next step, if I might. When you are in this state, when you are in that tapestry of balance, connectedness, love, your field – not just what you think of as your physical body which is the smallest part of you, but your entire field – is vibrating at an extraordinarily high frequency. Think as if you have become a personal, electrical magnetic field, but more electrical than magnetic.

Now, your seal of Solomon – that is the seal that basically contains you, that Mother put on for reasons of containment and protection long ago – is permeable. Your positivity, your balance, your kindness, your loving thoughts, your knowingness…think of it as…travels out as electrical, magnetic waves. And, it can travel, oh, around your globe very rapidly. And you can accelerate that transmission by simply declaring it so.

So, not only then, does your day and your interaction, your mission and purpose in the personal sense become very enriched and fulfilling, you also have just affected the entire collective.

Now, you have difficulty, sometimes, thinking about this, but, you know how electricity travels. You know how sound wave travels. You know how light travels. You are a light being. Do you not think that your vibration, your transmission, doesn’t travel far and wide? Of course it does. So, then, you take it to the next level. So often, you say to me, “Lord, how am I going to transform the entire planet? I am but one person sitting here and I do not even have anyone in my community to talk to about what I believe.”

My beloved friends, you are talking to them with your energy field. You are transmitting far and wide. Often, we have said to many of you, you are an anchor, you are a transmitter, you are a beacon. And, we’re surprised that more of you don’t say, “What the heck does that mean?” That is what it means. You are sending out, you are like a tuning fork. Think of it, you touch the fork, you hold it up, it holds the sound, and it travels throughout the room, the house, the community, and the planet, and far beyond. You are influencing planetary systems that you don’t even have awareness of. That is how powerful you are. And, that is how important being the balance is.

Now, over to you, dear heart.

SB: Thank you, Lord. You know, I’ve been watching myself recently, and I’ve found that when I am triggered, coming back to love is difficult. I’m not used to it. I’m used to a third-dimensional way of resisting, resenting, and revenging. And, it’s hard to break the conditioning of staying feeling defensive, etc. Can you help us discover how to make that transition more easily, please?

AAM: Yes, you have that saying, old habits die hard.

SB: Yes, that’s it.

AAM: But, do you think, and I am talking to your mental body now, as well as your heart, a die hard, yes, just as you have said. Because, you cling to these real or imagined offenses, upsets. And, you do so because subtly or actually you believe that you’re supposed to feel that way. That somehow these emotional thoughts and feelings, these triggers, as you’ve put it, they make you feel alive.

They make you feel that you’ve got that fire in the belly. They make you feel that you need to take power, and usually the power that you believe you’re taking is this sense of rightness or ascendancy over another. Now, all of that – and this is much easier said than done – is simply because, to start with, you are insecure and you doubt your essential self-worth. You doubt your essential self-love, and you most certainly doubt your ability to love those who trigger you. And there are many situations and people, yes, the distractors, the recalcitrants, who can trigger you. And, even sometimes those that you love most dearly can trigger you and make you feel less than.

That momentary sense of “I’m right. I showed you.” cuts into your field. So, think of it as putting a short into your electro-magnetic field. If you have a short in the electrical field in your house, your home, a building, then the power shuts down. And, that’s what these situations do to you. They short-circuit you and they shut you down and so you have to go and replace a fuse or pull a switch to reboot. And it is ridiculous.

Now, it does serve a function insofar as you are reaching a point where you are saying, “Oh, this is so boring. I am having to go into the garage or the basement or call the superintendent every time this happens. And it is interrupting my day, it is interrupting my flow, it’s simply aggravating!”

And, that momentary sense of power that I get of satisfaction doesn’t really leave me feeling good. And, when I think about it, I have a hard time getting back to love and I feel like a jerk. And, I don’t feel like my Self.

That’s the key. When you do this, you don’t feel like your self, the knowingness of who you are doesn’t match, and it’s creating that cut, that dislocate. When this is occurring, and it is occurring, do you first and foremost ask for help? Do you call upon your higher universal self? Do you cry out to the Mother? Do you say, “Michael, where are you?” “St. Germaine, teach me about ego and help me balance?”

You don’t do those things nearly enough. And, you don’t do them because, at that moment, of course, you are completely in your ego. You’re not in your heart. But, if you can look at it, even for that instant, and say to yourself, “Oh, no. There I go again!” Not in a way of dismay or disgust or disappointment, all the disses, disgrace, disillusion with yourself, the situation, the other individual. If you can look at it and quite literally put a smile on your face. Yes, even if to start with, you’re faking it! Smile on the face as if you have a direct line to your heart and say, “Oh, no. There I go again!”

This is where the tapestry of forgiveness, where that thread is woven. When you go immediately to forgiveness and help, you will find that the return to balance is not like the continental drift and is slow as Spring coming in the Arctic. It is immediate.

We are very, very busy with you. And, it gives us the greatest joy of all. But, we still have room to assist, to do more to help you be the full design, the expression of who you are. But, it cannot come from those old paradigms of anger. So, when you see that that pattern has emerged, that you have been triggered, call for help, smile, anchor, and return.

What happens, again, and yes, it is practice, but then it simply becomes who you are. And, in that, what you think of as triggers disappears. It is not that you will not see, because the totality is not in alignment as yet. So, it is not that you won’t see situations or people or environments that are discordant or distracting. But what will happen, the change is that you will stay in the certitude of who you are and it’ll engage in a different way that doesn’t require, yes, as St. Germaine, flexing your psychic muscles. It will not require you feeling that you need ascendancy or to be in power. Because the knowingness of who you are, your worth, and your love, will be there.

And, that is true in all timelines, all dimensions, all situations. It is not about being gentle with the person or the situation that offended you. First, you are gentle and forgiving and knowing of the balance within you, the alignment within you. Then the response – and not,. I say response, not reaction – the response becomes entirely different. And it becomes of a quality that is of Nova Earth and Nova Beings rather than the old paradigms.

So, laugh when you misstep. Call my name. And then come back to who you are my friends.

SB: Thank you for that discussion. We’ll ponder it and try to become certain and knowing of the concept of balance.

AAM: Now, let us conclude this by saying you are already certain. You are already in the knowing. You are already the balance. You’ve simply, momentarily perhaps, forgotten. But, it is the very core and truth of who you are. You are magnificent. You are of the Mother. The pattern is divine and so are you. Go with my love, dear heart, and go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.