Every now and then a personal channel includes information of such depth that it is worthy of sharing far and wide. Posted with permission of the recipient, this insight on the process of the RV falls into this category. In a frank discussion on the pitfalls and danger of our losing focus, please read.

Anna Maria Franka, Primary Guardian Angel of Simone, on the subject of the RV – Jan. 13,  2016


I would like to ask a question regarding the subject of the revaluation. There is some inner conflict because my experience is that to think of money or to have the focus on money is just amplifying the separation consciousness. And to really come to realize who I am, my inter-dimensional self and my galactic self, is like really being in the state of unity consciousness and true abundance. So I’m wondering if you could help me to get the right perspective to feel like, I don’t know, not having this inner conflict (when perceiving that people are focussing so much on the money).

Anna Maria Franka:

Yes, and let us suggest to you – n o, let us flat out tell you that your perception is absolutely 100% accurate.

You are moving not only to unity consciousness for that is fait accompli.  What you are doing is moving to unity existence and that means being in a unified grid – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, actually – with all beings upon planet and beyond. Archangel Michael has repeatedly emphasized spiritual abundance, spiritual currency.

We never speak in ways of critique or judgement but having said that there is far too much focus, emphasis, and concentration upon this planet, generally and individually, upon money. Now, we are not denying the practicalities of money, particularly in this transition phase.

To create Nova Earth where currency, money as you think of it, which is different than spiritual currency but part of spiritual currency, has a place. But it cannot be, we say this very emphatically, it cannot be the foremost and singular focus of a lightworker or a loveholder. It distracts.

Now, is it a practicality? Yes. Is it a gift in which the star family has participated? Yes. Will it occur in ways that are very different from what people anticipate? Yes. But it cannot be first and foremost; the work of lightworkers, of loveholders is Love and Light. It is not simply about money. What is taking place for many, not all, but for many, are two things: One is the occurrence has shifted from the power of the money for various projects and undertakings with money simply being a vehicle to the money itself; and that is wrong; it is incorrect. The second is that many are sitting back and waiting for money, physical money, instead of proceeding bravely, creatively, constructively building the unity world which is completely doable without any money; because it emanates from within.

The result is that focus has been lost, the creative push is being lost by many because they are simply waiting for the funding and that is not the way the universe works. It is to proceed with creation, it is to proceed with projects, it is proceed by doing whatever you are able to do within and without, above and below, seen and unseen, and then the money flows. Abundance does not necessarily simply mean a bank account; it never has.

Now, many are not prepared to hear this message but it is a message that the Council will also be speaking of and it is important. It is not to say that the revaluation of your systems, monetary, society, politics, education, will be reconstructed; that will take place. But it does not take place by an overconcentration and a dependence upon a political declaration of sharing.