This thought provoking piece is shared with us by Steve Beckow. Thank you Steve!

The work of Ascension in its simplest form is to complete our issues and emerge, to clear all ties and attachments and open to the wonderful energies that are lifting us up.

When we remove the overburden, the treasure buried in the field makes itself known. It’s there wanting to be revealed.

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll see that never in history have so many people been aligned on one commonly-desired outcome: Ascension.

The same cannot be said for world peace or abundance or even Disclosure.

This alignment of so many people itself builds momentum.

Combine that with the tsunami of love coming from the Mother/Father One and we have a spiritual climate unlike any that faced the ascended masters of generations ago.

Theirs was a solitary climb. Ours is greatly assisted.

The only thing that we’ve been asked to do is to clear ourselves of our core issues or root vasanas.

And why do that? To answer that I have to start with the fact we are consciousness in essence. These party suits we wear are strictly rented gear.

As we go higher in dimensionality, we reach a point (and many of us came from these regions originally, anyways) where we no longer wear a body or any kind of form and exist in our formless essence. Viewed from that perspective we have no difficulty seeing that we’re nothing else but consciousness.

If we are in fact consciousness, then we can see that the real obstacles to our rise in dimensionality, or Ascension, are what can be thought of as knots in consciousness. Collectively we call them our core issues or root vasanas.

These knots in consciousness are prior to any physical manifestations and cause them.

The knots in our physical form will lift with Ascension and are no obstacle to our ascending.

But the knots in consciousness will not lift and in fact are the only obstacle there is.

They are the cause of the knots in our physical body and much more.

Our resistance to something translates into bands of muscular tension, which in turn become an “itis” (arthritis, bursitis, colitis, etc.), some other form of pain such as backaches or headaches, or, in the worst-case scenario, cancer. Resistance causes dis-ease.

It all starts with a thought. The thinker sees himself (or herself) as separate from the object of thought, reaches a conclusion about it, takes a position towards it, makes a decision about it, and, if that position is resistance, reinforces its decision with bands of muscular tension.

These bands of tension “steel” us against unwanted contact or consort with the thing in question. They allow us to mobilize our inner and outer resources to resist it. They lend force to our words and actions of opposition.

But they also pinch off awareness, block love, and cut us off from our joy.

To increase our awareness and liberate our love and joy, we have to stop resisting things. And for that to occur we have to complete with our core issues.

Complete, complete, complete – that’s always the work. Far past this Ascension, we’ll still be completing with anything that separates us from walking with the Divine.

Pope Innocent said, in Brother Sun, Sister Moon, “In our concern for original sin, we too often forget original innocence.” Without core issues, there’s no thought of original sin; there’s only original innocence.

The space that then exists when the mind no longer goes into resistance, all muscular tension is released, and the doors of perception are wide open is itself what we’re looking for. That space is itself who we are.

Recovering that original innocence, we’ll have become again like the angels we already are.

Our assignment was to do this work slowly and talk about it as we go so that the mass of people from the Third Dimension could have demonstrations of clearing and role models to follow.

To do that we had to have a few core issues to complete and, so, many of us have lived hard lives, which we’re now digging ourselves out from under. And as we do and as we rise, we provide an example for others to follow.

Complete and emerge. Clear and ascend. Release and fly.

And of course, if you prefer life in the fast lane, then concentrate on loving as you do all this. Whether you’re resisting or allowing, breathe up the love that lives in your heart and send it out to the world. That acts like a supercharger, like jet fuel, propelling us on our way.