Today during our Saturday Conference Call, we had an inspiring conversation regarding the Syrian refugee situation and the role that ISIS is playing on the world stage. After much discussion, the group decided to take action, to do our part in helping with those situations by going to the 13th Octave and sharing Peace and Love from the heart of One. Below is that meditation. It is powerful, so embrace it and enjoy it.

Let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of violet; the violet of the Violet Flame, of the I AM Presence. And let’s call in St. Germaine for his help and breathe it in nice and deeply, down through your crown and in through your mouth and push down into your heart.

Now, let’s do it with the gold, with the gold of Gabrielle, the gold of Yahweh, the gold of Sanat Kumara, the gold of JOY! And breathe in the gold and again, go deeper into your heart, deeper into your core.

And seeing that Yeshua is with us today, let’s breathe in the magenta, that deep, rich blend of blue and red and breathe it in. So, over-lighting your tri-flame you have the rays of the violet, of the gold again, and of the beautiful magenta.

Now, this is a meditation to bring all those who are suffering, in any form, by the Syrian refugee or migration situation. So I want you to think of all those waiting in Turkey, about 17,000, waiting to board ships; all those who are traveling from Syria to Turkey, all those who are trying to get through Hungary to Germany, all those traveling in fear and desperation not really knowing what lies ahead but knowing what lies behind.

I want you to take those thousands and thousands and thousands of people and let’s put them in the center of our circle. And together, put your fingertips together and feel James and Archangel Michael join us as they begin to guide us to the 13th Octave.

And today they don’t take us to our sacred space, they take us to the mosques, to the temples, to the churches, where so many are cowering and collecting and living in fear.

And rather than us receiving gifts this day, let us extend our arms and hands and send peace and reassurance and compassion to all those that are suffering, all the families that have been torn apart; the heritage and the homeland that they are leaving behind. Send them Love.

And on the first Click, let’s send them together…Click…and let’s gather them and move to the base of the Golden Spiral where Yeshua and Gabriel await us.

See this mighty Archangel gather us all up, it feels like 100,000 strong and let us go up the spiral together as one…Click…And we are at the foot of the Throne, Mother and Father standing there with their arms wide open welcoming all of us. They are joyful that we have had the insight and the inspiration to do this.

Look at this group we’ve gathered; look at the faces with awe, the tears of joy. Mother and Father are infinite and there is room for all of us, united in the heart of One, right now! Click…and let go, feel the meld.

Now once again, feel Gabrielle with her mighty wings of gold and her arms outstretched as we fly back out of the heart, leaving our imprint in the heart of One so that it can feed us, as we gather again as one circle, one group, and allow her to bring us back gently and smoothly to Gaia in the 7th dimension now! Click…

Now stay with me, there’s further yet to go. Now we will go back and bring all of ISIS, the leadership and the troops, to the13th Octave.

Now breathe magenta, breathe golden valor, breathe the blue of Michael, and see, as one circle, that we have encircled all of these troops, all of this leadership, all the energy of confusion and power-lust, and a belief that they are reclaiming and redressing wrongs.

And let us, on the first Click, go with Michael and St. Germaine and Yeshua and our beloved guides and our entire Circle and let us bring them to the Golden Mosque…Click…Let the gift be Clarity. Let the gift be Love, right into their hearts. We are all Gaians and we are all children of One.

Now feel that we are encircling them again and bringing them to the foot of the Golden Spiral were Mohammad and Gabrielle are waiting…no, this is Gabriel, in his full, mighty golden self, gathering us up as one circle, up the Golden Spiral, higher, higher, higher…Click…

And again we are at the foot of the Throne and the Mother is welcoming us all and reminding everybody involved of the Divine Mother’s nurturing. But this circle turns, right now, to the Father, in permission and obedience, and he is throwing open his arms and welcoming us all in…right now…go…and reminding us that we all need the Mother’s Love, the Mother’s reassurance and her nurturing to go forward. And so, we merge right now…Click…

And with clarity and determination and valor we reemerge, all of ISIS, all of us, as one circle.

Gabriel is gathering us and bringing us back…down the Golden Spiral to the 7th dimension, now…Click…

Dear Mother/Father/One, Michael, Gabriel, Yeshua, St. Germaine, all the mighty ones who accompany us, Mohammad, we give thanks for the opportunity to participate in this conjoining and to anchor community and Love, and Peace on Earth, on sweet Gaia, right now.

We step forward as the light-holders, the light-bearers, the wayshowers, and we commit our hearts, our souls, our bodies, our missions to the anchoring of peace within and peace without and peace for all people. Please guide us and show us the way. We’re at your service.


Channeled by Linda Dillon