My beloved friends and family, how do we live together if it is not all “ours”? If your planet is not our planet, if our ships are not your ships, if it all becomes an “ours”?

The most important thing that we would ask all of you to do, our beloved brothers and sisters, is to start thinking as we have requested: Start thinking, referring, and living in the unity of “OUR”.

Conversations with Galea of Neptune, Part 6

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Our lovely friend, Galea, will be joining us today. She’s been nudging Linda for many days now, so I think we’ll be getting an update on some of the things happening now on our wonderful planet. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi! I wonder how all our listeners are doing, so we’re saying good morning to you too. It’s a funny time of really high energy for a lot of us who are feeling as if we … the expression the Council is using is “have our fingers in the light socket”; and then a lot of exhaustion at the same time. So it really is riding the surfboard or the roller coaster, but there’s just a lot going on.

Suzi: There is, and it’s vital that we keep at least an even keel if we can’t manage the joy and the bliss which is a little difficult, but at least neutral. Try to keep the best attitude possible and know that everything is really going to be okay.

Linda: Absolutely. In fact, I am in the midst of preparing for the Joy! workshop that’s coming up at my house this coming weekend. One of the things we’re going to be doing in that workshop particularly is working with the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. And one of the things that have really hit me deeply in the last week is that the 5th dimension is the dimension of change and the management, us as a human collective and as lightworkers learning to manage change.

What I’ve noticed and what the COL have been talking to me about in the past little while is that we’re really experiencing the energies right now of the 6th dimension, which is the dimension of creative chaos. If you look around at everything that’s happening in China, with the various stock markets, devaluation, no valuation; with Syria, Hungary, the migration to Germany; with our stock market…

If you just look at the globe and what’s going on, it really is a period which feels like chaos but it’s really 6th dimensional creative chaos. And if you think in terms of the Big Bang, that’s part of what you can envision when you are thinking of creative chaos.

Now Gaia herself, as she has told us time and time again, is already anchored and tethered in the 7th dimension of the Christ Consciousness. So what we’re doing is we’re moving through, even though it may not feel like we’re making huge progress in the outer world. But that outer world and that outer chaos is really an indicator to us that we are transitioning into the higher realms. So it’s a matter of hanging onto the seat of our pants because we’re going!

Suzi: And be careful what you pay attention to – it is so important what we pay attention to right now. We do need to let ourselves have our emotions, anger, whatever – they all have sacred purpose – but let yourself have it, express it, and then let it go and get back to the better feeling and thought. It’s so important how we feel right now.

Linda: It is vitally important how we feel. So we can look at that chaos. And when I’m talking chaos, we could be talking Donald Trump as that’s chaos, or we could be looking at the tragedy of children being swept up dead on the beach and that is terrible chaos. But it’s the same thing.

We can’t fall into the extremes of anger or sorrow or grief, because what Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother and all the Masters are asking us is to begin to step forward in action, to attach to the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being, the New You, but at the same time, do not get stuck in the drama because if you do, it’s like quicksand. It will suck you up and swallow you.

Suzi: Yes, exactly. I was given a choice point in meditation recently, being asked if I wanted the higher perspective of being able to be a compassionate observer rather than let myself be pulled in by lower vibrations. Of course I said yes, and it does require a change in perspective… “Yes I do, thank you very much. Higher perspective please!”

Linda: And it’s not that that feeling of being the compassionate observer isn’t that you don’t care. In fact, when you move into that position… because compassion is the ability to really see somebody else’s situation, or your own for that matter, and really understand it but not take it on. So you assist however you can, whether it’s energetic action or actual action. You send the energy that will help and assist, but you don’t get stuck in the mud.

Suzi: Yes, exactly. I know we’ve done this many times, but maybe Galea will be reminding us of just how important our energy work is because a lot of people are doing it and are not feeling any difference. Their lives are still really hard and maybe they’re surrounded with people that don’t believe in them or see what they’re seeing, and in fact want to have them committed and beat them up. So it’s not easy for anybody right now.

Linda: No, it’s not very easy, but I want to give a plug here too. One of the reasons I was guided to start the website was exactly for the reason you’ve just cited.

Here we are, a lightworker/loveholder community, but very often we are so spread out that there are situations where we really do feel isolated. I’m in the burbs of Port St. Lucie, Florida, you’re in the wilds of New Jersey, Steve is in Vancouver, Graham is in Vermont, Geoff is in northern Sweden, and I know that that’s true of all our listeners – so often we feel separated.

We know we’re not; logically and in our hearts we know we’re not. But we’re often surrounded by people who, even though they Love us, are not interested in the conversations we want to have. And so we do feel like we’re out here dancing on a dime all by ourselves, “and maybe I am crazy!” Maybe I’m crazy at worst, and at best I just feel all alone.

One of the things that the Nova Earth site does is that it’s a place for people to come and simply have conversation about whatever is on your mind, whatever you’re working on or thinking about. And there’s only one rule/principle by which the website is governed, and that is that the conversation has to come from love. So there’s no nastiness, you are safe, and it’s a quasi-private site and a place where you can talk to other lightworkers and just find out what’s up.

Suzi: Yeah, share stories and love and support. I’ve been sending people from the Inbox [at GAoG] to your new Forum.

Linda: Since I’ve been having trouble typing lately, I haven’t been on the Forum as much as I would like. But I read it and I see how people are connecting on a really deep, heart level, so it’s really warming. So if you’re feeling alone, go to!

Suzi: Exactly! Are we ready for a fabulous galactic meditation?

Linda: We are, and I can feel the whole room actually filling up with halion, so let’s begin!

[Meditation from 10:58 to 19:10]

Galea of Neptune, UFOG Communications Officer ~ Conversations with Galea, Part 6

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you! It is my pleasure as Communications Officer to return to our conversation. Although I must say, we have all enjoyed the extreme blessings and attunements that not only you and your humanity have received, but we have as well. You know, there is a belief system that we do not participate fully and completely in such occasions, and that is incorrect for every attunement is a welcome adjustment.

And these attunements particularly – the ones that St. Germaine has done to increase the expansion and the healing capacity and the direct healing of humanity – have also been received by us, but gratefully received by those of us who have been on mission upon the ground of sweet Gaia, because the frequency of your planet, of humanity, has been raised, which is ideal.

But it has also helped us in our healing of what we would call “dissonance”, of what we have ‘suffered’ while trying to anchor for the longer term upon your beloved planet.

Now, let us suggest to you we are going this day to change some of our wording. And through the channel, we have also spoken of the many ways, the many forms of language that we have. And I wish to assure you, all of you, that when we speak to you, we speak to you in Saedor; we speak to you in clarity and from a place of heart-centeredness.

What we mean in terms of change of language: so often when we have had these discussions we have talked in terms of your planet and our ships, our fleets, whether they have been of one ilk or another. We have spoken of our home planets or the various galaxies that we have travelled from.

We would like to change with you that frame of reference. And we would like to say “our planet”. Now we have in the past – yesterday! – so it is quite my honour to be able to bring up this topic for discussion, and that is why I have been pushing the channel for a week now.

But in the past, we have not spoken in this way because there have been those – and we would suggest not the audience of lightworkers/loveholders – but there have been many who thought that we come to control, to conquer, to usurp, and nothing could be further from the truth.

But we love Gaia. We love this mighty archangel who has changed her form into this planet of love, and who goes through this ascension, not by shrugging off all who accompany and occupy her, but by embracing them, by nurturing them, by teaching them, feeding them, sheltering them and showing them the way in which to work and thrive and live and survive in cooperation and unity.

We love this planet. We have loved our home planets. We love our ships. We love your planet and we wish to end, this day, this feeling of separation. So we will say “our planet” and we would invite you, we would encourage you – and that was the purpose of the meditation this day – for you to say “our ships, our fleets, our family, our collective”, so that we begin to anchor in heart consciousness the unity, not only of our missions and purpose, but the unity of our connectedness as one union, as one family, that we share equally – and joyously, gladly – everything we have.

Now, I know there are some that would say, “But Galea, what about the practicalities? We are already over-populated with 7 billion-plus. Are you telling me that we are going to make Gaia endure even greater population? And what about those who exit the planet right now in very large groups? Are you just replacing them?”

Suzi: I wouldn’t ask that.

Galea: No, you wouldn’t, but some have brought it to our attention. This is about establishing unity. Now, there has been a great deal of discussion in the past, oh, several of your years, about unitive consciousness, about Unity Consciousness. But how do we live together?

My beloved friends and family, how do we live together if it is not all “ours”? If your planet is not our planet, if our ships are not your ships, if it all becomes an “ours”? Now, there are many of you that are over the moon [laughing], eager to exchange places on ship, and some of that will take place. But that will also require some remembering or reacquainting with technology, just as we have been learning to adjust frequencies so that we are more stable, shall I say, upon the planet.

So your frequencies will be adjusted so that you will be more stable upon ship. This is what – part of what – because the attunements that St. Germaine has gifted have done a number of things. He is very modest! Everybody thinks that he is flamboyant and extraordinary and speaks grandly, but in fact he is very humble and very modest. So his attunements have achieved a great deal.

One of the things that these attunements and healings have achieved is bringing your frequencies and our frequencies into greater harmonious balance, so that our frequencies upon your planet are not experiencing the same drain, the same exhaustion that they were.

Now when we come in greater numbers – and might I say, with more obvious appearance; no, we physically appear humanoid, slight differentiation; that is simple evolution – but we come, not to take more space. We come in the deepest meaning of respect and peace and harmony, to live in partnership with all of you.

Yes, we bring the offerings of our science, of our technology, of our communication, to assist in the further anchoring in the Cities of Light. We bring these as offerings, the same way you have so many offerings that you share with us. But primarily we come as fellow beings, as fellow interdimensional beings, which is what you are and what you are fully acknowledging now, so that we may thrive and live and ascend as One.

Are we slightly different than you? Yes, but our differences complement one another. Many of the humans – and in particular, might I say, many of the lightworkers – it is improving, but many of them have felt and thought – mental – that they have been stuck upon the planet with limited capacity and resources, and that they have yearned for the stars, for the ships, for Home.

But how we view this and what you teach us, what you share with us: you have the wisdom, the knowledge, the know-how of living on planet, feet on terra firma. You know the joys of physicality. Now, do we know the joys of physicality? Yes, but not on Gaia. We have not grown up as you would think of it walking in the woods, listening to the birds, watching the chipmunks.

Dearest Suzanne, you have watched fox and bear cross your land in harmony with you and your beloved daughter, your cats, your grass, your trees, your field. We have not done that. Can you imagine how excited we are to have you help us adapt to this?

Suzi: Oh, I am feeling it now, and I gotta tell you, there’s not too much that would make me happier than being able to share those things with you and to travel this planet with you.

Galea: To sit around a campfire together.

Suzi: Yes! And there are so many places on this planet that I haven’t seen, that I want to see. I certainly don’t want to be travelling by conventional methods, so let’s make a deal: I’ll show you how to be on Earth and you can help me travel in a very convenient way!

Galea: It is a deal! And it is a deal that we are offering so many. Do not put us in a class or a category separate from your sweet selves. We are beings like you with mission and purpose; slightly different frequency that is becoming closer and closer. And as we join together in these adventures, our frequencies adapt to each other. That is how it is done.

One of the reasons why we have so often apparated or landed in the places that are fairly remote is to have those experiences of Gaia: of walking on water, in water, on air, on rock, on dirt, to feel the air in a different way upon our skin. So we have things, yes, technology, science that we bring to you.

But never underestimate what you are giving us. This is unity. This is our hearts meeting, not as alien cultures but as brothers and sisters, reunited at last in common purpose of Ascension, of transfiguring what humanity looks like, of worshipping the very ground we walk on, because it is sacred.

Suzi: Yes. May I ask – I’m just sure the folks I’m most familiar with feel this way as well. Their hearts are open and really looking for the kinds of relationships that we’re talking about here. I’m just wondering what that looks like because we’re all going to be falling in love with one another – how does that look?

Okay, so here’s the thing. I know that there are people here that are really wondering and kind of hoping that their sacred partner is currently on a ship, and that we’ll be reunited at some point soon. Could you speak to that at all?

Galea: Yes, and yes! [Laughing] Let me explain. Now, another thing, another area that we must approach with – not caution but, shall we say, prudence. First of all, let us preface what we are saying. We’re already in love with you. We wouldn’t have come if we weren’t in love with you! [Laughing]

But yes, you are talking about this interpersonal relationship, and many of you do have your beloved other and have been separated and will be reunited with your beloved other upon ship. And you have made this sacrifice, as have we who have been in service in a different way. But we would not want to ever imply – we are so careful – so we don’t want to ever imply, both on this side and on your side as we transfer to our “our side”, that a galactic-human union is in any way better or superior to a human-human.

It is simply that the range of choices and the new hybrid race become more available. So, for many – and we have many in relationship already, star being to star being – as many humans have human to human and are perfectly matched. But there will be many partnerings for many of you who have been waiting for your beloveds who have been in service on board ship. So yes, that will occur.

But also, simply the family reunions, the friendship reunions, the new friendships, the new circles, the expansion… You are at a point that Mi-ka-el has referred to as “pre-construction”. This is planning in the most earnest of stages as you get ready to truly begin, can we suggest, a new phase of creation: re-awakening the fullness of your – and our – conjointly, our joint creations.

Not as Angelics and Masters and Archangels – that we are not. We are fellow beings – yes, interdimensional, higher-dimensional at one point – but we are meeting in the middle and co-creating in this way what we have all waited for, many of us for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years – for this time that is upon us, and that St. Germaine, with the help of Raphael, with the help of many, with your work and Linda’s work of letting go of these Core Issues that have tethered you to the old third.

So now you are ready, or you are getting ready, or you are past ready. So these unions, these re-unions, are taking place.

Suzi: Can you say anything about… are we looking to this month of September for bigger changes and what needs to happen before? I know you’ll say we’re close I guess, but how close are we to all this? What needs to happen before we can actually have you here on Earth with us?

Galea: This is one of the reasons that I have suggested, that I suggest to all Gaians that we shift “yours and mine” to “ours” because the frequency adjustments are well underway. Can I say to you that our boots on the ground are back on the ground by the millions? So it is already underway.

Suzi: You mentioned in our last show that you’ve been dropping more ships into the Earth’s atmosphere. There have been reports and videos of cube-shaped ships – can you say anything about those?

Galea: The cube-shaped ships – that is a tongue twister, is it not! [laughing] – are often science/exploration ships. But understand also, because this has been a question that we have heard from many of you, and we have a few experts on the ground that know about these variations and shapes, Linda being one of them.

So most of the ships have the capacity – because they are more organic than what you think of as your aeroplanes – they can shift in shape depending on what is required or the frequency. But very often, for example, what you will see in a cube-shaped ship is that they are doing some vectoring on the grids and working with the grids. And so they position themselves in that shape because that is what they are working on and investigating, often mending or adjusting a frequency that has been perhaps tampered with at some point in the distant past.

So they have the ability to change. But more and more of the ships, some of them are looking like a modified infinity sign, those are little explorer ships as well. But they are being seen. Even the motherships are being seen from time to time. So yes, we are making our presence known, and we can gladly say that our presence is being welcomed.

Suzi: Oh yeah, I love that. I’ve been pretty focused on the physical body lately and I just want to find out – and I’m really looking forward to this soon if we can have it. Do you need to exercise or sleep to maintain your form? I’m looking forward to a more maintenance-free form myself. Can we look forward to that?

Galea: Modified, yes. Now, let us talk a little bit about soul contracts. Yes, there are soul contracts that for some of you have included some difficulties in the human form, let us put it that way.

We rest; now we do not always sleep, but we rest because rest is part of the maintenance of balance. Now, for example, my rest I often will take in a healing chamber to be refuelled, for example, because you tend to think of healing chambers as simply fixing this or that. We tend to think of wellness and balance in a much more holistic, or can we say tilted towards wellness framework, and that will change in your reference as well.

But rest is necessary. What you call sleep is a way in which you refuel. So that is going to alter if you choose. There are many human beings, we are surprised, who truly love sleep!

Now, there are also those of you who in your soul contract leave your bodies, your physical bodies, at rest and send yourself off with either a Master or an Archangel, or simply on behalf of the Mother to do a mission or purpose, and that you have chosen – and we would suggest sometimes very wisely – to not remember what is occurring during that time of body rest because much of the work that you have been doing has been very difficult in eradicating the mayhem and the nastiness of the darkness that has plagued sweet Gaia.

So, sometimes you do not wish to remember that you have travelled with [Archangel] Michael, for example, into the heart of the slaughter. And I do not just mean human slaughter; I mean the slaughter of forests, the slaughter of animals, so you understand my meaning.

Suzi: I understand and I can say “thank you”. I remember nothing.

Galea: And you do not want to. So there are going to be… it will be individual direction, let us put it that way, because there are some beings that would truly like to simply be living on air and light and never sleep. But rest, as in refuelling, as in play, is vitally important.

We have no understanding of beings that wish to work 24/7. It is a very strange addiction. And we have been on high alert, oh, for about a year now. This has been the fulfilment of this portion of our mission, and it has engaged many in more work than usual, which has also meant more intense rest, and more intense play.

So we will have a very interesting time adjusting, not only to being upon planet and you being upon ship, but also adjusting to each other’s patterns, preferences, addictions and fixing.

Suzi: I’m trying to get back to where my question was about how we can look forward to our bodies changing. What I’m getting right now is that your healing chambers will probably address anything that bothers us at this point anyway?

Galea: Yes, but there will also be a great deal of emphasis on self-healing. There has been the beginning, and it has been laudable, of many different forms of energy healing, life force healing. Remember that the LaHoChi came from the Pleiadian sector.

So the ability to adjust your own bodies age-wise, disease-wise, DNA – you don’t work with most of your DNA markers the way you are capable of – so there will be an intense period of self-healing and redirection, intense education, if you can call it that.

Suzi: Alright, well, whatever it takes, I want to do it.

Galea: Yes, we have heard this plea over and over again, and to tell you the truth, we are really anxious. Now, I come to you as a Communications Officer, but as a Communications Officer I was taught at a very young age how to adjust my body, but I still go to the healing chambers for that refuelling. But we have battalions of healers who are also, of course, teachers because that is the primary function of a healer is to teach.

Suzi: We are out of time; it really goes so quickly. It’s been a joy and a delight, so thank you for joining us again. Have you got anything in closing?

Galea: Oh, dearest heart, it has been our joy. So we join with you, not only boots on the ground. You have asked a question about frequency and timing. The most important thing that we would ask all of you to do, our beloved brothers and sisters, is to start thinking as we have requested: Start thinking, referring, and living in the unity of “OUR”.

Go with our love, and thank you for inviting me.

Suzi/Galea: Farewell.