I am at your service! My dream, my desire, my work has been to assist thee, to work with the beings of all ilk, of all frequency, of all vibration, of all rays, of all paths…to work with the humans of our beloved Gaia. Our mission and purpose is to be part of and to assist, to cooperate, to help in whatever ways we can in your Shift, in your awakening, in your expansion, in your Ascension and the full Ascension of Gaia…

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ June 2, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzanne Maresca: Today we will be welcoming Communications Officer, Galea, to the show to continue our Galactic conversations, and we are very much looking forward to the connection. I really cannot think of a more keenly anticipated happening than that of meeting up with Star Family in person. And I want to thank you, Linda, for making these conversations possible until we can all relate directly with one another by whatever means. Good morning!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi! It is my pleasure to be the ‘vehicle’ for these conversations. And you are right, I cannot think of anything that is more widely anticipated and welcomed than meeting with our Star Family.

Suzi: Yes, yes indeed. And that seems to be evidenced by the growing number of followers on the Heavenly Blessings Facebook page. I want to make a note here that we will be discontinuing the InLight Universal Facebook page shortly, and that Heavenly Blessings, Council of Love, CVN and the Golden Age of Gaia all have pages that you can continue to follow our work on if you wish.

Everybody is pretty excited about these conversations and the connection, however we can get it. It’s like we are hungry for it.

Linda: Absolutely. I think it is sort of indicative also that there have been so many more sightings. I think there is probably not a day goes by that somebody on Facebook doesn’t send me a picture or a short video clip of another sighting. It’s not that our Star friends aren’t making themselves known. It’s just a matter of the frequencies, the vibrations, however we tend to think of that – becoming more attuned to each other’s energies that we can really have that full Unity.

Suzi: What that brings up is all the talk lately about the Earth-based space fleets and that if we see a ship… that’s something that I want to ask Galea actually. If we see a ship, what are the chances that it’s an Earth-based one or an extraterrestrial one?

Linda: You are hitting me with something I am not even aware of. What do you mean, and I bet you some of our listeners aren’t aware of this either! What do you mean by ‘an earth-based’ ship?

Suzi: Well, the hidden space fleets that are a result of either stolen technology from captive extraterrestrials or negotiated technology. There is other information coming out from other channels that I just want to have clarity on, because if we look up in the sky and we see a ship… We are told that our governments have these ships that they might use to… not that I want to generate fear or anything like that; I have no concern about this. But basically, if we can get the information that all of that is discontinued and incapacitated, that would be awesome.

Linda: There are a number of ‘portals’, I guess you would call them, portals that are located on Earth that are like space-ports for our Galactic and Intergalactic friends. I know that one of them, for example, is in the Gulf of Mexico – it is a huge space-port located in the upper portion of the Gulf.

So you will see ships that seem to literally emerge from the water or go into the water; the same in Sedona actually. I used to live by Bell Rock, in the village of Oak Creek just as you are approaching, and that is a portal for especially the smaller explorer ships to come on in; that’s where they enter and where a lot of the transfer comes, and then they emerge through Cathedral Rock. But yes, that’s going to be good question to ask.

Suzi: I’ve heard about Mount Shasta and also off the coast of California where things have been seen.

Linda: They are all over the place.

Suzi: So if we can have assurance that these are beneficial ET friends, that there really is a Ring-Pass-Not and that we really do have that type of protection. This will all be good to know.

Linda: Absolutely. Well, I am sure that she has a lot to talk to us about and that the line of communication will be wide open. And I think probably one of the things that is indicative of that is that they have asked – ‘they’ being our Star brothers and sisters and the Archangels – have asked to begin our meditation this morning with an attunement to actually open up our halion chakra point to facilitate closer connection and communication with them.

[Meditation from 7:15 to 17:40]

Galea of Neptune, UFOG Communications Officer ~ Conversations Part 1

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you. I am Galea of Neptune, Communications Officer, Second Tier, yes, Officer of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies [UFOG]. It is my honour, my joy, my pleasure to greet you this day on behalf of all!

This is something that I have yearned for. Let me explain. My dream, my desire, my work has been to assist thee, to work with the beings of all ilk, of all frequency, of all vibration, of all rays, of all paths. My desire is to work with the humans of our beloved Gaia, this Planet of Love, of splendour, of diversity, of such incredible beauty.

I am at your service!

Suzi: Thank you.

Galea: This is a dream come true!

Suzi: For me too!

Galea: One of the things… where I would like to start in the greetings that I bring forth on behalf of so many this day is our desire to be in a deeper form of unity with all of you. Yes, this entails communication, fellowship in all kinds of ways.

We of the Galactic and Intergalactic Forces, of which there are many, are in what you have termed Unitive or Unity Consciousness. So there is no distinction in the sense of separation. There is a unified joy, respect, honouring, collaboration, cooperation, mutuality in our undertakings.

And our undertakings have been in alignment, oh, for thousands of years. And what is our undertaking? What is our mission and purpose as you would phrase it at this time? It is to be part of and to assist, to cooperate, to help in whatever ways we can in your shift, in your awakening, in your expansion, in your Ascension and the full Ascension of Gaia, the completion of the Ascension of Gaia.

And from that, to assist, to cooperate and to work with the further Ascension of other beings, other planets, other galaxies into the Unity of Love and the higher existence in the realms of Love and the Mother, that others may experience the full dimensionality that is available to Gaians.

We are at your service. Now yes, I know Commander Ashira has recently shared with you our deeper understanding of, shall we say, some of the difficulties or challenges of being upon planet. But let me, on behalf of the Unified Forces and far beyond, express that this slight difficulty does not deter us in the slightest. We have been committed and are committed and will be committed to our Union, to our Unity, and the fullness of that expression until it is done.

So we are at your beck and call. Are there ways in which we modify or adjust frequencies, one of which we have just completed with you? Yes. We’re surprised we did not think of this earlier! But, sweet one, we want to be at your beck and call. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, thank you Galea, and thank you for joining us. It is really lovely to meet you and have this opportunity. I feel like my job is similar to yours and I’m just now realising that as you speak. Facing challenge with commitment is exactly what steadfast lightworkers are doing at this time and it’s not easy for us either. So it’s really nice that you guys understand how it is down here.

If I may, first I would like to find out if you are able to relate anything about your own Ascension to what we are going through. We are told that ascending with the physical body has never been done before. Are there any remarkable similarities?

Galea: There are similarities in so far as we, I… I want you to come to know me so I will speak in the ‘I’ with the understanding that you also know that it is a ‘We’.

Suzi: Yes, beautiful.

Galea: I am in a physical form, what you would think of as a humanoid form. And so, do I embody what you think of as Ascension Consciousness? The answer is ‘Yes’. I am old, even though, as this channel has expressed, I appear in the fruitfulness, in the blossoming of youth. I am no spring chicken!

So our awakening, our expansion to a higher realm of consciousness and love occurred a long time ago – what you can think of as thousands, thousands of years ago. We did not do this in form, although there were a few who maintained a remnant of form. Now let me explain. And I can only speak from this very old memory to share with you from my heart to yours.

We had evolved to a very high level of consciousness upon planet Earth. The similarity would have been during the time of Lemuria, some beginning forms of Atlantis, where the body contained and operated at a very high level of intellect, creation, creativity, but also with an adjunct, a parallel level of very high connection to Spirit, to One, to the Divine Mother actually.

But we wanted more. And we wanted more individually and collectively. We/I chose – and it was not a decision easily taken for our bodies had reached the point which you are looking forward to of being able to maintain a perfection – but I wanted more. I wanted to be in the absolute connection and splendour, the Love of All, to feel the expansion not only with the Mother and her Love but with all energy and creation, with all planets, all beings, all the myriad of life forms and existences. It was my next step.

And so I left by choice – we do not have the same death experience that you do – I left my form to have this experience of Unity, of such expansion, with the desire to then re-anchor back into a new form, but with this level of connectedness and understanding, of wisdom. And that is what I and we did. Now a few beings – and of course, when I say ‘a few’ it means in your terminology ‘many’ but it was not my path – put their bodies, if you can think of that way, in like a deepfreeze and re-entered.

I chose to have a new form, and to enter into that form with this level of expanded awareness, so that I would be in body and I would have this knowing. Now, are there limitations to the body? Yes, sometimes, but not in the way that you currently experience in the human form, because in our realm we have the Unitive Consciousness.

So we can go, for example, every day – when I refer to time, I will work in your framework of understanding of day and night, of your current cycle of 24 hours – every day, every night actually, we join in our meditation chamber which is large enough and sacred enough to hold all beings and visitors on board ship, to join back into that collective sea of Oneness. It sustains us; it feeds our body and soul. And then we hold this, we anchor this in our bodies. That is what we want to do with you.

Suzi: Ohhh, believe me, I would like that too!

Galea: You have an open invitation to come to our meditations, and you may invite us. I would be pleased to come to your bedroom, to sit in front of your alter, to go to a mosque, a church, a meditation group – it matters not – a UFO group, and simply sit with you. You may not initially fully see me, but you will certainly perceive us – because I won’t come alone! And yes, if you see a stranger standing at the door knocking, please let me in! [Laughter]

But that has been our Ascension process and that is what we are assisting each of you. This is not simply a collective undertaking. We touch, we engage with each of you.

Suzi: We do look forward to the changes to our bodies and I would love to have some confirmation that we’ll experience that at some point shortly, or will it be many years? I mean, can we look to you for what our future physicality experience will be?

Galea: Now, I have been instructed [laughter] in how to speak with humans, but I can tell you this. And I do not say this… you will never find me coming from a place of desperation or urgency, but having said that, you don’t have long. And I do not mean that devastation or destruction comes to your planet at all. I mean that you simply are within what you would think of as a limited timeframe.

And yes, you will experience, and many of you are already experiencing, these changes in your physicality. It does not need to take long. What bars you from this is you keeping believing that it is going to take a while. This in fact is one of the more simple adjustments. So say “Yes” and let your body morph, dear heart.

Suzi: Oh absolutely, yes yes yes. And I do feel the changes.

Galea: You can witness the changes. Look in the mirror, sweet angel!

Suzi: I do and I have noticed. Well, you know what, that brings me to one question. So are Lightworkers and sensitives being actually targeted to adjust our thought frequencies to leaning towards hopelessness, nothing is changing and all that sort of thing? It’s not the way that I feel, but every once in a while I get a hint that there’s pressure on us to… obviously through the media, but there’s other ways to try to get us to focus on things that are awful, instead of all the great changes that are happening. Can you speak to that at all?

Galea: Are you being targeted? Yes. Now, when we speak of our ground forces and the number of ‘boots on the ground’ so to speak, we are referring to, of course, Galactics who have been stationed in a variety of capacities upon the planet and working with adjustments to the collective and to the individuals.

Are the Lightworkers/Loveholders targeted? Absolutely, because from our perspective – but also, sweet ones, from your perspective – you have volunteered to be part of our ground forces.

Are you ahead of the wave? And yes, we are fully aware because we are also experiencing, slightly differently, but still experiencing the Mother’s Tsunami, Third Wave. But part of that blossoming, part of that elevated consciousness is also the ability to look at what you think of as completely hopeless, dire strait situations, and to within that, to see the Light.

You have an expression ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. Well, in fact, ‘the end of the tunnel’ is us. It is connected to our ships, to our frequencies. And so, do you get to experience, to see, to witness… because the role of Lightworkers/Loveholders is the witness, the observers, not the judge and jury? You have the capacity to maintain that equilibrium, that balance, rather than participate in the continuity of the devastation.

So yes, you are seeing both ends of the spectrum. It is part of what you do.

Suzi: Yes. Can we assume that any fleet members on Earth right now have a specific mission? Are we likely to come in contact with any of you in our day-to-day lives or are your away teams all doing specific and anonymous work?

Galea: Oh no! Yes, there are some who are doing undercover work. Now undercover work, because of the negative nature of ‘covert activities’ upon the planet, has a negative connotation. When we say ‘undercover work’, we simply mean that you get to see whether it is a frequency adjustment, the introduction of new technology or the adjustments to the collective. The bombs that don’t explode, for example, you don’t always see, but you see the results of our undercover work.

But having said that, many of you are encountering us on a daily basis and have been for years! You see us in the grocery stores… we have our favourite spots, you know, because the frequencies are more amenable, they aren’t as harsh for us to attune to. But you see us in a variety [of spots]: you see us in the quiet places, upon the hiking paths, but you also see us in the urban centres, particularly the places upon the planet that are being anchored as future Cities of Light.

So you see us in the post office, you see us in the bank, you see us in the drive-through, you see us in the grocery store, you see us in the movie theatres – you see us everywhere! Look to our eyes, look to the feeling of warmth or tingliness that you experience as you encounter us, or even brush by us.

We are not adverse, particularly with Lightworkers, to engage in what appears to be casual exchange or conversation, the price of tomatoes – one of our favourite foods by the way!

But what is truly happening when we are having these exchanges, if you pay attention with your heart rather than your mental construct, you will feel and know that you are really talking to us. And this is going to become more and more obvious every day. Not twelve months from now, not next month – I am saying every day!

Suzi: Well, that’s wonderful. I have a dear friend who has postulated that we are not going to have face-to-face with you guys for ten years; that would make me very sad and it’s not what I feel. But I would like to ask you, Galea, how you deal with or process this period before contact happens?

The folks that I know and love and the human collective are truly hungry for connection with you, and it could be a bit emotional for us. I have a feeling that you guys are sort of feeling the same way, so how do you deal with that?

Galea: Softly, very softly. And understand – and I will simply speak for my ship, the Neptune – that there are many of us on board that have family, friends, our dear hearts upon planet, both consciously and unconsciously, and that we are waiting that full reunion with. Now many of you, thank goodness, come to the ships at night. And even when you come to the healing ships, there is at least a level of connection.

Do not think for one of your moments that we do not experience emotion, because we do. How do we deal with this sense of separation or of timing, this infinite, irritating question of timing? Oh, we say we practice patience [laughter] but there are times when the impatience rises to the surface, when the emotionality breaks through, when the longing and the tears flow, when we feel excluded because we are not accepted and recognised in our Unitive Consciousness that is already in place.

The yearning is difficult, and sometimes we even in our impatient moments, extend the invitations and say, “Just come home.” But you who are positioned on Gaia are very stalwart. You are so much stronger than you think. And so we settle for heart connection, for spirit connection. One of the things we do in our unitive meditation at night is we connect with you.

But has it been elongated further than we had anticipated? Did we think, our science, did we know that the frequencies could be more adjusted, yes. But the petulance and the insistence of, can we say – and I do not say this in a critical way – but a fragment of the human collective to insist on clinging to the old. They are stalwart as well, and often when we penetrate them, they say “thanks but no thanks”.

Suzi: That’s amazing.

Galea: It is frustrating. But, we are not… Let us tell you this. We have been active for thousands, and particularly hovering above Gaia for hundreds and hundreds of years. We are not going anywhere!

Suzi: Yeah, I get that and I’m not either! Just to switch gears with a kind of a silly question before I get on to the real meaty thing about the spaceships.

Cleaning [laughter] – do you guys have to deal with house cleaning? I’ve just been wishing for a magic wand like Mrs Weasley has in Harry Potter to clean my house that way. I have very little interest in many 3D things these days and house cleaning is one of them. So could you speak to that silly question?

Galea: It is not silly at all. We weren’t particularly fond of it either! [Laughter] Now, our ships are more organic than what you have thought of as your ‘houses’, shall we say. Now your houses are actually – whether it is an apartment or a cabin, it doesn’t matter – are more alive entities than you think of. But part of the human consciousness has not come to a level of understanding the fullness of that.

But when our ships were designed, our science, our understanding of this partnership was brought to bear. So they are self-cleaning. We could not have dust, for example, in the air or on our furniture, or dirty clothes. That would simply not do!

Suzi: Oh no, it doesn’t do!

Galea: So it is automatic. And it is the same with what you think of as many of your, can we say ‘mundane’ tasks such as food preparation. Are there people who prepare food for the sheer joy of it? And are there people, beings upon our ships that actually eat food for the sheer joy of it, for the camaraderie of sharing a meal? Yes. Is it part of what is required? No.

Suzi: OMG, that is great to hear. I’ve just had this vision of putting my hand on a scanner and the replicator sensing what nutritional needs my body has, and it then producing something in a delightful form that gives me exactly what I need.

Galea: That is correct. So think of it… your closest thing would be a cross between a microwave and a dumbwaiter. And it is not just what your physical body because we address all the bodies. So it isn’t simply nutritionally what you need, because you are also getting that from the air you are breathing, the adjustment of the various compounds.

But it is also what you desire, what you feel like. And that takes into account colours, textures, rays, scents, tastes. So you basically programme… and you can either place your hand on the screen or telepathically do this, and it will give you or send you what you want.

Suzi: I love that. That is very good to hear. I am sure you’ve been instructed to not give any information about timing… We are all getting pretty weary here and we are all really hoping for a break, like really soon…

Galea: Well I can tell you, you will have a break from housework very soon!

Suzi: Bless you! [Laughter]

Galea: I know how to make friends and to win allies! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh, that’s a beautiful thing.

Galea: I would be most distressed if I was told that my duties, which I adore, now included house cleaning!

Suzi: Oh my gosh, we have a lot to look forward to. And so far, at this point, we are going on pretty much sheer faith and also, of course, what information from a daily practice of stillness and meditation… it’s key for me.

Galea: It is key, period.

Suzi: Yes, yes I agree.

Galea: And we are going on faith that you will allow us to fully join, to make our presence not merely known because it is already known and has been known for many years. We are talking about the building of community. We have faith, trust, hope, knowing – which is what you are missing – that our community, our, can we say our integrated, diverse community will be in place very rapidly.

Now, let us speak of these Earth ships. They are not available to harm. They are not available for the abuse of power. Has some technology been shared with the earthlings? Yes. Everything, from technology to higher vibration has been shared – not the fullness of it, but a great deal of it.

But the energies of what you are thinking of as ‘earth-ling created ships’, Gaian ships that are intended to deceive or harm? They are not in play. Now what is in play and what has been granted to the earthlings – and notice I am saying ‘earthlings’ rather than those who have assumed their full citizenship as Gaians – we make a distinction.

But what has been granted to earthlings, and what they are experimenting with and playing with are some of our ‘old technology’, some of our smaller ships, but they are doing it to make the appearance of ships in the sky commonplace. It is part of the plan for the collective acceptance of our existence.

So it is part of the plan. But insofar as these ships and stolen technology, dear heart, we have much better security than you can imagine.

Suzi: I am so happy to hear that. I didn’t feel like we were in danger, but there are messages coming out that say different things and people wonder. So, thank you for clearing that up.

Galea: So let us explain this. Now we have talked about Lightworkers, our ‘feet on the ground’ being exposed to the full spectrum. So the fear of Earth ships doing nasty deeds, and at the other end, the visitation from us… You are seeing the spectrum so that you can dismiss and begin to discern what is of Truth, what is of value and what is not. And when it is not, toss it in the recycle bin. Let it do the spin cycle so that it re-emerges as sheer Light, sheer Love.

Suzi: Oh, that’s lovely. Well, thank you, Galea, so much for joining with us and I hope that you’ll be back again with us.

Galea: I would like to come back and really speak of many things.

Suzi: Yes, that would be wonderful.

Galea: Thank you.

Suzi: Oh, thank you. I Love you, I Love you all and you are so welcome in any part of my life anytime.

Galea: I will be there. Look for me. I am enjoying the foxes!

Suzi: Oh my gosh, me too! Oh, thank you.

Galea: Go with my Love, and I send you all of our Love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon