Title: Reaching New Heights
Being: Universal Mother Mary
Program: Saturday conference call

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of the infinite, eternal you. Welcome my beloved children, my sweet angels of light, my sweet angels of Love. Welcome.

And yes, I come this day to speak of the Third Wave of my Tsunami of Love for there is not simply rain coming from your skies; it comes from my heart, my essence, my core, my being, directly into yours. Think of the Tsunami in many ways for each of you has unique capacity to visualize. But it also travels upon our umbilical cord, our umbilical cord from mine to yours, for your umbilical chakra is the area and the center, the energy center where you are not only connecting to the Divine Feminine energy but you are also eliminating. It is your chakra, unique, for this process of elimination and eliminating, sweet angels, anything in any realm, in any form, in any vibration; to let go of what does not serve thee.

So, understand my Tsunami does not merely come to you through the front of your body. In fact, many of you are somewhat resistant at times and you cling to what you know…and I do not say that in way of criticism…you do this to help yourself anchor in body, in form, upon Gaia.

So, I also send my Tsunami through the back of you, through the rear of you, yes, through every cell and fiber of your being, through every chakra but particularly, through this chakra of your umbilical so that you may eliminate, and let go, surrender, eliminate, what does not serve you, what is not of the truth, the grace, the purity, the clarity of who you are.

At this time, I beseech you, allow the Tsunami, allow the wave of my Love, of my essence, to lift you up to new heights, what you think of as higher realms, higher dimensions, higher frequencies, higher states of being, because it is where you belong, it is where you have always belonged.

With this Tsunami I bring you, I give you, I gift you, I bless you with increased clarity, increased purity, increased love, increased grace. Why? In order for you to go forward, not merely to ride the wave, but as you arrive in the higher dimensions, as you arrive in the valleys, in the tree-tops, on the top of Mt. Everest, that you are prepared, fully equipped to take action, to step forth in the fulfillment of your mission, your purpose, your plan, yes, it is all within mine but I do not have the desire, nor will I interfere with your fulfillment.

My knowing and my trust of you is complete. You may not know the fullness of your spectrum of your divinity, but dear hearts, I do. So, I give you, I instill within your very core, greater clarity, not only that you will know yourself and the wonder of yourself more clearly, but that you will see and know and understand and be guided in phenomenal clarity of where to step, how to proceed, what is not only not going to divert you but what will take you directly to your heart’s desires, to your highest creations.

The purity I bestow upon you is not simply the purity of spirit; is it the ability to see, to know, to recognize and embrace your purity of spirit? Yes, but it is also the purity of emotion, the purity of thought, the purity of body, the purity of who you are, of action. So that is from the clarity and the purity and the grace of your heart, not in exclusion to the beauty of the rest of you but certainly in the leadership of your heart that you proceed.

My beloveds, so often I have said to thee “We are in sacred union” so there is nothing, no part of my being, of my energy that I do not joyously share with thee. Now, do I temper it? Do I adjust the frequency so that it is able in the physical reality, not merely the esoteric, so you are able to integrate it and then to go forth, further and further and further. Yes I adjust, I adjust every attunement, every gift I bestow upon thee. Is the intensity with which I proceed with these attunements, with this rising of frequency at this moment of my ‘new times’ stronger than ever? Yes. But it is stronger, sweet angels, because you are capable, you can integrate, you can anchor what is being sent to thee, what I am placing in you, in all of your fields, in all of your direction.

I am inspiring you to new heights…that is why I speak of the Swiss Alps and the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas. I want you to know you are not merely in the depths of the oceans, in the Marianas Trench, you are on the top. You are in the North Pole and the South Pole, you are traveling as partner to Gaia. Embrace this. This is my request and prayer. Allow, allow the Tsunami to carry you, to enter you. I am not done! And there is no turning back.

So, come and ride this wave in outrageous, miraculous joy and the knowing of fulfillment. Come and leap into my arms. I am waiting and I am here, I am right here with you, my beloveds.

Come with me. Come!


Channeled by Linda Dillon