Buddhacandle900Compassion is a sweetness and an understanding of what another is experiencing and a sending of Love to aid. What I give you is the power of Compassion that reassures and that allows your heart and your eyes to be open to see where there is human suffering. I give you, each of you, my blessings during this time of Wesak.

Title: Compassion/Wesak
Being: Buddha

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

Buddha: I am Buddha and yes, I thank you for calling to me as I have been calling to you. And there are many of us who can speak about this time of peace and this undertaking of peace, for it is not simply the purview of Archangel Michael, although we all bow to him as we bow to the Mother and Father and One and All.

I bow to the spider and the ant, to the moss on the rocks, to the stars in the sky, and I bow, my friends, to each of you. I have known of the tragedy and the perils of war and the tragedy and perils of separation. And, of course, I have learned not only that these are choices but also illusions. I do not need to explain to you, my friends, because you have come to a place of a knowing of a wisdom that we share; that the only path is not a path of struggle but a path of peace.

Now, does that mean that there will never be an obstacle in your way, an obstacle that you, in your wisdom, have created and placed in the way? Or that the Mother, in her ultimate wisdom, has placed in your way? Or that humanity, in their desire to maintain the status quo, has placed in your way? Of course I does not mean there will not be obstacles. And sometimes you will walk around the obstacle and sometimes you will simply roll it away, sometimes you will even blow it up…St. Germaine can always help you with that!

The journey includes the obstacles that are but nothing…nothing. The obstacles are part of the journey, but the journey is not about the obstacles; the journey is about your service to the Divine Mother. Your journey is about your divine service and your commitment to your sacred self and to each other. You do not live alone on this planet, you never have, and yet the journey is a sole journey. You can only take your journey; you cannot take another’s path. You may contribute, you may minutely participate in another’s journey…and one would hope it would be in a sacred union way, although that is not always the case. But you send compassion, you hold the wisdom, and there are moments where you share the insights and the insights are not based on what you think or feel or your opinion of what another should do. Your insights, your wisdom can only be based on the sacred teachings, the dharma, on the Universal Law, and what you have come to know through your journey.

That is what compassion is: It is a sweetness and an understanding…limited…of what another is experiencing and a sending of Love to aid. It is not doing another’s undertaking; as I have said before, that is highway robbery. And the knowing that as you send compassion you also receive it; you also receive it from me, from Jesus Sananda and from Lord Maitreya, from Sai Baba, from many.

This is a time, in my way, when it is the renewal of sacred vows. And you say, “Why? Why, when I have committed to this path and to the Mother and to the journey, including the obstacles, long ago, why would I need or choose to recommit my vows?” It is a deepening, it brings you to a more profound understanding of what it is that you undertake and your capacity, not only to go forward but to bring many with you…not pushing and shoving or pulling, but guiding.

What you committed to two years ago, ten years ago, one thousand years ago, was one thing, but you are wiser now. You may not always feel that but I assure you, you are wiser, you are more deeply integrated, you are more unified, and in the purest sense of the word, you are more powerful.

The energy that has been released around the planet is the power of leadership as guardians. Yes, as the Mother has said, there is a new breed, ‘Guardians of the Truth’, ‘Guardians of the Path’. It is to gently serve, not through the amassing of riches or followers or adherence or monks, not through the adherence of what used to be known as power. What you are calling upon is the power of One and the power of Love and that is what I give you and it is the power of compassion.

One of the most tragic situations of humans is that they believe themselves, not only to be overlooked or unheard but to be misunderstood, that other humans do not understand who they truly are, that they do not credit them, they do not acknowledge them, that the fullness of their being is not seen, it is misunderstood.

Compassion reassures and the power allows your heart and your eyes, your physical eyes, not merely your third and fourth, but your physical eyes to be open to see where there is human suffering, whether it is because of war or the war within or the war amongst. There is no room for battling tribes, families, communities, sectors, factions; it is all a distraction from the journey at hand. So, in compassion to others and in compassion to your sacred self, use this power to know when to lead around the obstacle, through the obstacle, to roll the obstacle away, because it is illusion. It is simply something placed in your path that you may learn more deeply the truth of who you are.

So, I am going to help you as well and I give you, each of you, my blessings during this time of Wesak. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon