1925205_680609711999220_480533844_n“There is a love in me raging, Alegria

A joyous, magical feeling.”

– Cirque de Soleil, Alegria

The Arcturian Group said recently: “You are ready to be taught from within. Trust this. It is why you came.” (1)

Are we? What could possibly teach us from within? How would it teach us?

In a word? Love.

Love is the great teacher. It hides away from us when we neglect it. It flees to an unknown place when we resist it. No Earthly partner ever played the hide-and-seek game that love plays.

We must attend to love and no amount of wishing it were otherwise, no amount of entitlement or complaining changes the situation a bit. Love is a demanding … lover.

I’ve been stumbling and bumbling and watching to see what happens to love … and love disappears.

Getting this feedback from love is more valuable to me than … well, there is no comparison. I am wed to love. That’s what it amounts to, the same love that gazillions of beings are also wed to. Very loose lover. Universal lover in fact. This divine being is with everybody.

Is there any other power I need answer to? If there is, stand in line. I’ll get to you some day.

When we look inside and find love, the cat is out of the bag. We just bit on some big hook. We’re caught now. There’s no escaping the lure of love.


(1) The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. April 12, 2015. https://www.onenessofall.com/newest.html