An informative group discussion on our Saturday call with Linda sharing some of the themes that we are working on at this time…

Linda Dillon: What I have been hearing from people…I’m already out there so I was using my fingers so I would remember these three things…purging; memory; Ascension…and what I’ve been hearing from a lot of folks is that there is a major purging going on. I have been seeing this…I’ve had one of the busiest couple of weeks that I’ve had in a long time and not because I’m overbooking myself but because people are in this, what I would call ‘more urgent situation’ and they are purging physically through digestion, through vomiting, through diarrhea, through tears, you name it, any orifice of the human body is being affected. But also is this massive purging of the emotional and one of the things that is so consistent and what Mother Mary is telling us is that…as you know we all thought that the Tsunami of Love is over but we are getting a wave like we haven’t had before and this is her huge implant, not wash, implant of energy within us and within us…and I know Jesus is going to talk about this…us becoming the full embodiment of Love. And what’s happening is where we are in Love, where we are becoming that embodiment of Love, when we’re experiencing more and more Love, there is absolutely no room for anything else. So, all the grief, the sorrow, the pain, the despair, the dismay, the disillusionment, all the ‘dises’, we all know the lists, it’s literally being pushed out of our bodies. And one of the things that I’ve noticed in this latest attunement or gift is that very often when we have talked about clearing we have talked about bringing something up and out and in this situation it is just being pushed out, quite literally, like a tidal wave. So, that’s the first thing. So, if you’re experiencing that just let it come because it’s the Love pushing out anything that is not of your divinity.

One of the things as I was meditating just before we got on the phone is that they have said that we have moved from clearing, to the pause, to the integration, to the pause, and now we are really in the resurrection of the Ascension process. So, if you’re experiencing any of this just let it come and know that it’s your physical body, because all this Ascension ‘business’, whatever you call that…transition, shift, it doesn’t matter what you call it…the whole point is becoming the Love and it just means that anything that is not of that is quite literally being pushed out of your body. So, that was the first thing.

The second thing…

Participant: Can I say something real quick? I was guided to lay on Gaia, I laid on my front lawn for 90 minutes and that was the end of my purging…(the rest was inaudible)

LD: Well, she will rebalance you, she will also help you do the purging because there’s no way around this and it’s not about understanding and it’s not about analyzing, it’s just about letting it go…it has to come up and out, down and out.

The second thing that they wanted me to mention was about memory and a lot of people are also experiencing…you know we have this whole new set-up, what we think of as Ascension symptoms…and one of the things I’m also hearing from a lot of folks is ‘foggy brain’, no memory or spotty memory and a sensation of…I am going to coin this IDS…Interdimensional Slippage…and we have talked about this on the call before. But what has come to me, what Albert Einstein has brought back to me in the last few days or so is that when Einstein originally channeled through me what I would call the real explanation of the qualities or the experience of each dimension which is so different than what science thinks of and even what many lightworkers think of. But I remember when he first talked about the 5th dimension…I hated it!…because the 5th dimension is the dimension of change. Now, when I first started working with Einstein on this the feeling I had is, you know, when you go to one of those older or old fashioned department stores and they have those revolving doors? And the feeling I had when I was in the 5th dimension when he was teaching me this, is I would go through the door and I would see one reality and one experience and then it would be flipping through the door again and I would come back and it would be entirely different and then I would flip through again and I would be back and it would be entirely different and I felt like I was in that whirlwind and I despised the 5th dimension because it was constant change.

So, you couldn’t wrap your hands around anything, every time you looked up or blinked, the whole tableau had changed and that’s why I didn’t like it. So, then as I worked more with him over the years, he taught, ‘well, the 5th dimension is also the place where we are learning to manage change’. Now, there’s been a lot of discussion in the mean while about the 5th dimension and where it is the place of unitive consciousness and enlightenment, blah, blah, blah…and bringing us back to that understanding that the 5th dimension is the dimension of change and perhaps managing change. But things are changing so fast and right now we are in the middle of such rapid change on the planet, within ourselves, within community, above and below, that it’s almost hard to get your arms around it.

So, what’s happening is that we’re getting that revolving door sensation so our memories and our bodies and a lot of that ‘brain fog’ is quite literally, other than what’s directly in front of us in that very moment, we can’t remember anything. Then Einstein started coming back and talking to me about this so, the point is we really want…one of the helpful things, because helpful is not going to be the entire solution because we are in that 5th dimension whooping up the spiral.

So, make sure that you are anchored in the 7th dimension of Love and Christ Consciousness because that’s where you want to live, that’s where the Council of Love has always said we were going and that’s where you want to be. And that will help with some of this ‘brain fog’ and that sensation of being caught, but the other thing, the silver lining…it may be dull pewter from my perspective…but the silver lining of the 5th dimension is also teaching us that we have to be really anchored in our bodies because if you’re not in your body it’s going to be 20 times worse, but it’s also making us focus on the here and now.

The Mother has said that we are in new times and that the whole definition of time has shifted so what this ‘brain fog’ and ‘memory fog’ is doing is really making us focus on ‘all we have is what’s right in front of us in the here and now’ and the rest of it, if you’re really in Love, the rest of it doesn’t matter, so don’t worry about it.

Participant: Linda, it’s not pewter, it’s silver but it’s tarnished so it needs to be shined…

LD: (Chuckle) I was being facetious…it does, it’s actually beautiful but it’s just not my favorite place as you may have picked up…but it’s where we’re going and it’s part of what we’re passing through. So, think of it in this way; you know how I have this thing for the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy…well, honey we’re not in Kansas anymore! So, if you’re having that ‘brain fog’ and memory stuff, don’t worry about it, just really anchor in the 7th dimension, the dimension of Love and feel your feet there. Now, I’ve always said, “Keep your feet in the 3rd, your heart in the 7th, and your crown and your higher chakras in the 13th Octave” but really I want your feet planted firmly in the 7th because that’s where Gaia is. So, that’s more than ever where we really need to be because with the shift of humanity and with all the changes that are going on, really fast, much faster than we realize.

Participant: Many people have asked me what about the 4th and the 6th? Like, why did we jump them or how did we jump them, why are we not ever interested in them?

LD: Oh no, that’s not true.

Participant: Question inaudible…

LD: No, it’s almost like a portal door, the 6th. The 6th dimension is very much where we do an incredible amount of integration. The 4th dimension is the dimension of magic. I think we all love the 4th … so, the 4th is where, and many of us have been experiencing this, I’m saying put your feet in the 7th, but the whole experience, if you’ve read that magnificent book by Linda Dillon, The New You, is to really get to a point where you are having an experience and the qualities of all of the 12 dimensions because that was the Mother’s creation, that was the plan. It wasn’t for us to be stuck in this dimension or that dimension, each dimension has delightful qualities. Some are always in the 11th with the masters, or the 12th which is an integration and grace…it just depends where you like to hang out. But in terms of being anchored on Gaia, and where the collective, where we’re going, it’s the 7th right now.

But it’s fully intended, like a lot of people say, “Well, I don’t want to live in the 3rd and especially the renewed 3rd, not the old 3rd that’s gone, but this new 3rd is this wonderful experience of physicality. Who would want to live without the experience of your physical…well, probably everybody on this call (Laughter)…who would want to live without the experience of physicality? I mean, think about it, this planet is very much a physical experience, the purity that’s coming back with Nova Earth, the purity of the streams and the rivers and the oceans and the mountains, the trees and a gazillion flowers…that’s beautiful.

Participant: What’s in the 3rd if our feet are in the 7th?

LD: But you’re still traveling…you see, this is…the problem is that people aren’t used to…and that’s what that interdimensional image is as well…is that at one moment you may be in the 3rd and then in the 8th and then in the 12th and then in the 7th depending on what you’re working on. So, you glue your feet to the 7th but it doesn’t mean you don’t bend over and go to the 2nd, the 1st.
That’s the thing, too, you talk about people forgetting about people talking about the 4th and the 6th…what about 1 and 2? People don’t even go there half enough and the 1st dimension is critical because it’s the place where the idea of you is born. That’s huge. If you don’t go to the 1st and visit what was the idea when you chose to incarnate the first time, or more recently, then you’re not dealing with the totality of who you are.

And then the 2nd is where you start to assume energetic shapes as you morph into the 3rd and assume what we think of as physical shape. But in the 2nd, I know that my sacred geometry is filled with spirals and circles and diamonds and triangles, those are my primary symbols and that’s what I see when I start to see the idea of Linda morphing in the 2nd.

We spent a lot of time when we did the classes, when we have done the classes and we will again, in the New You, we spend a lot of time really exploring the dimensions and what it feels like to be in the various dimensions. It’s the biggest feeling of bilocation, multi-location, that you’re going to have because you can be everywhere at once.

Participant: That’s the experience I’ve been having, it’s like I’m aware of all these different times and places at the same time, not aware of other times and places in great detail, but just aware of them and it’s like all these little channels opened and trying to get used to having all that (?) at the same time.

LD: And it’s an adjustment, but isn’t it a fun adjustment to be making? And that’s where we’re going is so that if you’re in the 3rd, in the physical realm, it doesn’t mean that you abandoned the 7th or it doesn’t mean that you abandoned the dimension of beauty because you’re accessing everything. And that’s why sometimes…and I’ve had this happen a lot…is you walk from one room and you know you left something on the table, you go to the other room…in my case it’s always to get another cup of coffee…and then I come back and the object that you know for sure was there, but it was in another dimension. And when you’re doing deep meditation or channeling or healing or just having fun, you’ll find that that interdimensional slippage is really common. So, you can’t let it freak you out, you just have to sort of smile and say, “Oh, how interesting.”

Participant: And don’t get annoyed with yourself…

LD: No, don’t get annoyed with yourself because that immediately puts you back into those echoes of the old 3rd. And that’s another thing that the Council is really encouraging people not to do, even though…you know, time is just a construct we have created or has been created for us…but the Mother talks about us being in new times, but one of the things that’s coming through right now is don’t go, especially in the purging, don’t go into the past because when you go and you start investigating, anchoring, or re-experiencing…oh, I have to go through it all to clear it…no you don’t. So, you flip yourself back into the past, the only difficulty with that is that when you flip yourself back into the past you are also reanchoring yourself in the old 3rd and none of us want to do that. So, just don’t go there…

Participant: Thank you for this dimensional slippage thing, I really thought I was loosing it.

LD: I really felt moved to talk about it because I’ve had a number of people who have told me or just declared that they feel like they’re loosing it and it’s not, it’s just that we have this really interesting case of IDS.

Participant: What’s that?

LD: Interdimensional Slippage.

Participant: You know what, hearing that phrase and you just made such good sense of it I really thank you so much. Could an example be that I could go for days without…the other gentleman talked about being aware of being multi-dimensional, but I’ve had a couple of days where I just wouldn’t decide which way to turn. First of all, should I leave my location and go to another or should I stay put and wait for direction? It was at least two days like that. Indecisive…

LD: And think of what we’ve been talking about in terms of the 5th dimension, that what I’m hearing is that indecisiveness…because people are saying ‘I have some major life decisions to make’…and that’s the other thing that’s going on, this isn’t like little minor things…should I buy a Porsche or a Caddy?…this is like major life decisions…what do I do next? And indecisiveness is still part of that revolving door because you may feel like you’re at a standstill but in fact you’re in that flipping around and flipping around and flipping around because you’re not anchored long enough in either place to choose either/or.

Participant: So, the children that I work with, they can flip with me every second, but the (?) I work with I can just see the hair floating off her head in fight and disillusionment but the teachers around me it’s really hard for them to relate to me, because they don’t know whether to trust me or not or who I am or not, so that part makes it a little sucky, you know…

LD: Yes, but on the other hand…okay, we’re really talking about some big themes that are going on right now…so, two things…first of all, what they think of you is not your problem, we have to remind ourselves of that time and time again, but the other theme that is emerging in each of us, in fact Steve Beckow and I had a wonderful conversation about this yesterday, and I don’t think I’m telling tales out of school because it’s a theme that’s emerging, and each of us in our own ways will experience this…is that there is a theme right now of leadership and responsibility. So, we’ve gone through our clearing, our integration, our anchoring, the pauses, the purging, and now what we’re coming to is more spiritual maturity and I know that we all have a long way to go, but the role of anchoring, we are the human anchors, tools, catalysts, whatever you want to call it, of creating Nova Earth. We’re the human tools in partnership with the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, the Mother, to anchor. And as lightworkers and Love-holders we are being asked more and more to assume this role of leadership.

One of the things before this happened, because think of us, think of us on this call…I know I do a lot of talking but not always…is that we’ve gone through this phase where we know we’re a team and we know we’re a circle and that circle is tight, we are tight, and it’s not a hierarchy and if there’s one thing that the Council has been teaching us it is that we a circle and in the angelic realm and the ascended masters realm it’s not a hierarchy, we’re a circle. So, with that understanding of teamwork and unity and unity consciousness and heart consciousness, we’re now being asked to assume our roles of wayshowers, of gate-keepers, of pathfinders and that is a role of leadership because if someone doesn’t lead the parade and start the movement into Nova Earth, who does?

So, it’s the old paradigm…that’s why I think a lot of us have avoided it…the old paradigm of leadership meant power, abuse of power, control, greed, lust, that’s not what we’re talking about. The real purpose of a leader is to serve and that is coming to the forefront.

So, when you’re seeing the kids get you entirely but perhaps the teachers don’t, is that it’s your being, through your role modeling, a leader. It’s you assuming responsibility, showing them that there’s a different way and perhaps a broader understanding and we’re doing it through Love, not through control, not through being authoritarian, but through simple service.

Participant: The teacher that shares the modular with us, we have two classrooms in each modular, she’s been Director there for 27 years and this is her year to teach and she’s my age and their room looks like it’s been done by the Disneyland people and my room we have pictures of elk on the wall and caterpillars and what-have-you and so she said to me two weeks ago, we have all this curriculum, I do everything by the book (?)… all these wonderful things to do with the kids, stuff, stuff, stuff and she said ‘you follow the child’, she said ‘we have to start following the child’. And I keep hearing in my head ‘ride the wave, just ride the wave.’

LD: And we’re riding that Tsunami wave. The vision they gave me this morning…we’re not at the seashore any more, the Tsunami has come way up and it’s carried us to the top of Mount Everest. Now, it doesn’t mean we’re staying there as if we’re on some mountain high away from people, but that’s how strong the wave is, it’s carrying us right to the top. So that’s how we can do our physical Ascension…ride the wave.

Participant: And I think about these children, they’re small in size but I was told to…we have a world map and have stickers of animals, we have a book of where the giraffes and elephants live and so I asked the kids to come up….(?) They know if they live in Africa, they know if they live in Asia and it’s amazing to me because we’re going to have to (?) Africa, we already are and everybody else because it’s what we came to do and when I look at these faces and they say ‘look we’re sitting in a circle, why don’t we sit in a triangle?’ They’re 3 years old, they’re ascended masters, nobody knows that but me…

LD: Oh, that’s not true…the kids know.

Alright, let’s move on to a meditation and to a channeling. Meditation and channeling posted separately…