The 13th Octave, the higher octave outside the realm of 12/12…of 12 dimensions, 12 planes…the 13th Octave is the sweetest, highest, dearest, most powerful gift ever bestowed upon humanity. Come with me each and every day to the 13th Octave, for that is where you conduct all of your sacred undertakings…let me hold up the mirror to your magnificence, let me bring you to the higher octave, and let me anchor your feet in the sweet soil of Gaia…

Let’s begin by relaxing, let’s really go into our hearts. So, feel that energy sinking down from your crown, which is wide open, and pulling up from sweet Gaia and into your heart, into the center of your heart, into the center of your tri-flame, into the Blue Diamond and the Pink Diamond and the Canary Diamond, to the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and the Divine You.

And breathe in that beautiful, glittery pink, breathe in Judy’s crystal heart, and feel yourself going deeper, going deeper into your heart and really anchored there; anchored deep enough that you can have a look around. Deeper. And I want you to look with your heart, reassuring your mind and ego you’ll get back to it later. From the depth of your being and from the depth of your solar plexus, from that bright gold-lemony yellow, the seat of your will, so we’re working with the seat of your will and the seat of your heart, of the Love. Look around your body, your heart, your various etheric fields, your eight layers, and see, feel, perceive, intuit, however it is that you do this, look and see if you’ve buried somewhere or stored somewhere a safety net of doubt; a safety net of doubt because what doubt does, in truth what it does is simply freeze you. But it’s your safety net for your ego that if, by chance, all you believe in, all you hold dear, all the energy that you put into your mission and purpose every day, that if it is all wrong, that you can go to your doubt and say, “I knew it, I knew it, so I am not a fool.”

This is really important! So, take a moment and check out your entire body and if you find it in one place, keep looking, chances are, for safety net, you’ve put it in several places. Go ahead. And while we’re at it let’s look for fear; fear is that cousin, that first kissing cousin of doubt. It’s the fear of what will happen to you if you’re, by some chance, wrong…not if you’re right…let’s look at the fear for being wrong, for feeling ridiculous and stupid, inadequate, incompetent – all the disillusionments.

And stay in your heart, stay in your solar plexus, and breathe. And breathe the green of Love, breathe it in through your nose and bring it right down into your heart, into your tummy, into your solar plexus, fill up your body with that emerald green. Now ask yourself, “Am I ready to let this go? Am I ready to let go of doubt and fear in every nook and cranny that I have stored this in? Are you tired and fed up enough to let it go?” And I can hear your resounding ‘Yes!’

Another deep breath of green. Once again I want you to see our beloved St. Germaine standing directly in front of you. Look into his eyes of blue and see the compassion, the understanding, and the incredible confidence that he has in you. And he’s holding up his torch of the Violet Flame. St. Germaine so easily could take this torch and clear out these pockets of doubt and fears, these specks of dust. But he’s passing the torch to you. Reach out, reach out one more time and accept this mighty torch of the Violet Flame and bring it externally and internally within and without and torch these areas, ignite them, set them aglow. Start the Violet Flame inferno and light and torch those areas where you have stored your doubt, your fear, your resistance, your limitation… now.

Greetings, I am James, James the Apostle of Jesus Christ, savior, son of God. And I welcome you my beloved brothers and sisters, my family, my friends, my colleagues, my circle. I welcome you from my heart and from my field of emerald green.

Yes, it is so seldom do I speak, but I call and I beckon to each of you this day, as memory keeper, as bringer of the future and holder of the now. I have been your guide and guardian to the 13th Octave. Many of you have said, “Oh, no thank you, James, I think I would prefer to go with this or that archangel or this or that guide.” But even when that has occurred I have been the guide that has led the way…it is my job, it is my joy, it is my mission and my purpose, it is my service to the Mother and the fulfillment of her plan and, dear hearts, in the fulfillment of yours.

The 13th Octave, the higher octave outside the realm of 12/12…of 12 dimensions, 12 planes…the 13th Octave is the sweetest, highest, dearest, most powerful gift ever bestowed upon humanity and it has been given to you, it has been given and gifted to humanity over 20 years ago, in preparation for the fullness of Ascension and descension…the anchoring of your totality, of all Blessings and Virtues, of all gifts, of all talents, of all capacities, of all the gifts from the masters and the archangels and the entire Council. It has been the descension of all of this into your form, into your field, into your body.

So, I come this day not only to remind you, to ask you, to plead with you, to beseech you to come with me each and every day to the 13th Octave, for that is where you conduct all of your sacred undertakings, that is where you raise humanity too, that is where you heal, that is where you conduct healing, channeling, teaching.

But I also wish to speak to you of the true meaning of humility. Humility is not denial. Humility is the awe, the wonder, the celebration of your being…not as braggarts, not as ‘better than/more than/less than’, but as your truth. When you sit, stand, walk, talk in denial, you are denying the truth of who you are; you are minimizing the presence of the Mother and Father’s, gifts and essence within thee. How can such presence ever be minimized? Denial is false humility and there is no place when you embrace the fullness of who you are, your divinity, and your place within the Mother’s unfoldment, your place, your role, your gifts.

All of us, the Mother, Michael, Gabrielle, keep saying ‘you are magnificent’ and then you take that and too often my beloveds, you dismiss it. Now, when you are magnificent you can not carry doubt and fear and mistrust and lack and limitation. I remember with my Lord Jesus, my beloved Yeshi, I was in complete Love and awe and I was humbled by his very presence. And there were times when I would compare myself to him and I would feel diminished, I would feel ‘less than’…for how could I ever, possibly…it felt like it would be hubris to think I was on the same level or playing field as Yeshua.

He saw this within me and he spoke to me and pointed out to me my gifts, my emerald heart, my role as teacher and guardian, my promise to continue and be the teacher of his words and the carrier of his Love and the bringer of news, of peace and joy and the full restoration of Love on planet. He knew that his mission would be incomplete when we had this discussion. And it was an honor, it was an honor beyond my imagination to have our Lord say these things to me but also in the saying he awakened the knowing within me, within my heart…not within ego, it never became that…but just in the knowing that I, too, had purpose and service and that when I was long gone and in the form I come from now, to speak to you this day, that I would be the guardian, the original bringer for the 13th Octave, for this blessed gift directly from the Mother.

Now, why am I telling you my personal history? Because, my sweet friends, my family, my circle, the same is true of you; you are guardians to the 13th Octave, you are the holders, the teachers, the channels, the healers, and the bringers of new life upon this beloved planet. You are the bringers and the anchors of new humanity. You are the repatterners, the regridders. You are the servants of the Mother who are the way-showers, the gatekeepers, the pillars, and you have agreed “we will go forth and we will show the way and I will not underestimate the power of this faith and trust and the faith and trust, in all humility, of knowing what I am capable of.” That is why I remind you of this conversation with Yeshua so long ago.

I am your guardian. Come and walk with me again and let me hold up the mirror to your magnificence, let me bring you to the higher octave, and let me anchor your feet in the sweet soil of Gaia. I am with you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 03-07-15
© 2015 Council of Love