Seldom do I post personal notes on the site but the magnitude of this peace project, in our sacred union with Archangel Michael and the Council of Love, calls for it. I am receiving these messages primarily on my COL Facebook page and in private e-mails – please join in – this is our conversation on claiming our birthright of peace and joy right now.

The message from Archangel Michael has been circulated globally, especially due to the tireless work of Luisa Vasconcellos. The channel has been already translated into several languages – this is intended to be a global initiative – and boy are we ready! These notes are in addition to the many comments and heart commitments posted live on FB.

The people here. Are so bored because they understand that game to power on illusion…..

Any way nice to get love from you and your work…

We need that work love for all

Thanks Alot with. Much love

Beautiful Linda,

I promise to slow what feels like a deluge of emails I’m sending you lately – I’m sure your inbox is constantly full!

But I just want to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful Letting Go you so courageously and generously shared. The shaman’s death/rebirth you allowed was on behalf of all – each and every one upon Gaia – and on behalf of all I offer deep appreciation and gratitude.

I attended many home births in my lay-midwifery days (along with my own 3) and, as you realize, the post you wrote about your experience mirrors the death/rebirth brought about through a deep surrender to the process of completely letting go of the past to bring forth the New, free of “the residue of the old.” The deep cleansing of grief clears the way – Hanta Yo! – for a joyous birth!

Reading your post, I saw and felt the crowning of the babe, and the emergence of Nova Being gently easing through the birth canal and into the Light of Nova Dawn – fresh, luminous, with amniotic fluid shimmering like stars upon the skin, followed by the “pinking up” of Love flowing from the heart, throughout the torso, and into the limbs and extremities – anchoring Nova Being fully, from the Heart of One, into the heart of Gaia.

We are each being born anew, in a capacity never yet seen upon this planet and far beyond! Thank you for sharing this birthing experience of Nova Being with us all, and for helping to midwife others through their own birthing process.

Again, my heart overflows with Love and Gratitude for you, beloved sister,


Dear Linda,

Remember the saying from the 60s?…”What if they gave a war and no one came?”  Now is the time for the people to simply refuse to participate; now is the time for us to convert our swords into plowshares.

Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return. Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching and realizing peace.

There comes a time in the affairs of worlds when the forces of disintegration can no longer resist the forces of attraction, when hatred and division can no longer overpower love and peace. There comes a rebound in the councils of worlds, a pushing back from the people which none can stand against or fail to honor.

At this time, the people of Earth will see an outbreak of peace, overpowering all that divided, wounded, and killed. It has been decreed by the Highest that the Earth, after eons of wandering in the ways of havoc and war, shall once again return to the ways of peace. Against the wave of love that is sweeping the Earth, political and military leaders will prove powerless.

The people have gathered in Consciousness and have spoken words in Silence which none can ignore. They say that war will no longer be tolerated on Earth and the heavens have responded. Soon weapons will no longer work on Earth and the time when swords will be rendered into plough shares will be here.

How to prepare for peace? Peace is a condition at the essence of our being which works its way outward and surfaces in universal love and harmony. All we must do is remove the obstacles to its rise and flowering. Peace is a choice and a surrendering. Peace is a determination and a remembering.

Peace is more than a refusal to bear arms against each other. It’s a resolve to allow each his or her fair share, his or her turn, his or her chosen path and goals. Peace is one of the divine qualities and grows in the same garden as they do: joy, compassion, love, harmony, unity all come along with peace like roots of the same creeper.

Now is the time declared from old when peace will again reign on Earth and humankind will return to its original bond of loving kindness with all that swims, walks and flies. The children of Earth shall make war no more. The children of Earth will come together in loving council and restore the Garden of Eden that this planet was, is and shall be.

Never more on Earth shall the guns of war sound. Never shall people scream and die in agony. A new age is upon us that shall see harmony and beneficence restored, never to be lost again. The grand experiment is over and much knowledge has been gained. But the time has come for this blue planet to return to heaven and for heaven to return to Earth.

Every knee shall bend in love to the One. No one shall again be master over another save the One. The endless journey upon which all are embarked to return to the One will again proceed by a straight and open road. All that was crooked will be made straight. Now is the time for the curtain to fall on a world at war and for the curtain to rise on a world at peace.

Dear Linda and All,

I have just declared freedom for Earth Gaia in this moment and saw the Divine Energies and Galactic energies doing the work with this entire planet and All Beings that achieved this result (it is already done) in this moment and now I got back in the car and see your message. Thank you for this and for your bravery to put it out there and for your voice asking publicly to make it so.

Peace to All
So be it
xo Susan Solaris

Hi Linda,

I have been bringing AA Michael’s breath of peace everywhere – to the water, to facebook, to Gaia, to my food, to a funeral and wedding we officiated, to my meditation group, to emails that I send, to my phone conversations.

But my favorite experience so far was today when I told my Hebrew School students about AAMichael’s request. These are 4th-7th graders. I had them breathe in the blue then send it out from their hearts and hands to the world. At the same time we lit candles and did a prayer. The most beautiful energy permeated the room!! All the classes for the rest of the time were so calm which for a teacher is the best gift! Thank you AAMichael!!

This thought also has been with me since  our phone conference Sat. when you said “Peace is so much more…” The Hebrew word for peace is Shalom but it’s meaning is  more than that. It is taken from the root word of shalem which is wholeness, completeness.

Love, xxxooo
Lee Ellen

Blessed Friend Linda,

You are very busy with this unprecedented event of Global Peace but I wanted to share my most intimate feelings.  It has  been so wonderful, breath taking, to assume my role with strength in Michael’s Legion of Peace anchors and facilitators.  I am humbled at such a call and I am undaunted by its enormity.  We will prevail.  Peace or as I like to call it safety is imminent and I am here fully conscious-eyes wide open!!!

Bless You for all of Your support and encouragement.  Working with You and The Council of Love has brought my life full circle. I came from divine birth, through the time of darkness and ‘forgetting’, to the time of guidance from Linda and the Council back to my path and now to facing the great precipice at the end of the loop. Seemingly an uncrossable void between me and full realization.  I kept wondering how I would manage the gapping crevice and then I realized… any way I choose.  With the gifts from the Archangels, the gifts of the Divine Mother, the gifts of the Ascended Masters and the constant reassurance of my Guides the how was put too rest…….. I might fly with wings unfurled, I might lunge like the great cougar, I might float like one of Gabrielle’s  golden bubbles on Michael’s breath of blue or I might find a bridge had been there all the time undetected by my distracted senses.  I suppose it matters not for I might even be carried by my Angels and Guides in the last moments.

Infinite Blessings to all Beings assisting in this Ascension.  It is beautiful in our eyes.
With Adoration, Affection and Gratitude…. I Thank You!!

Humbly,Megann Thomas

My dear Linda,

Just want to share another experience regarding ArchAngel Michael’s plea for peace meditation.

Last evening I decided to go out into my little garden (portal for the City of Light) with my iPhone so that I could access your Utube video to do the meditation right there. The sun was just going down, the evening was cool and it was very quiet and still. As I listened to your voice, suddenly a very strong breeze started and continued throughout the meditation.  My feeling is that it was unmistakably ArchAngel Michael letting me know that he was with me, blowing his blue, powerful yet soothing breeze through me. Hope I’m not being presumptuous but I’m learning to trust my inner voice. And I’m using what you taught us about being co creators and taking responsibility for. such.

Linda what can I say? Again thank you so much for your guidance. It is pure magic!  We are getting there!
Love you, Hetty

Dear Linda,

World Peace! With all the buzz and dates to boot, when I first heard this I was VERY excited. It was short lived though as that old familiar voice chimed in with ‘WHAT??? Look at Reality!’, followed by a seemingly endless list of evidence and data to the contrary and, of course, as to why it could never be. I wonder if you experienced the same?I have a daily quote delivered to my email box each morning and on Sunday, when I began writing this post, it could not have been more appropriate: Many around you want to point out “reality” to you. They say, “Face the facts. Look at what-is.”And we say to you, “if you are able to see only what-is—then you will create only more of what-is…

You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more.”That morning I also awoke with Cat Stevens song Peace Train on my mind. It felt like I was being offered little snips to help me make that leap into imagining the possibility of World Peace BEing a reality. Cat Stevens released Peace Train in 1976. That is nearly 40 years ago and yet, if you read the lyrics below, it feels like it was written for right NOW.Soooooooo, ARE we THERE yet?  Well looking at what is happening on our planet at the moment it would APPEAR we are not experiencing World Peace, no matter which angle one chooses to take. In fact quite the opposite. But I believe the more critical question we need to ask ourselves is: Are we able to IMAGINE World Peace?Everything in form was an idea first. It is an expression of focused thought, individually and collectively, reaching that threshold where it takes, what appears to be, physical form. In this dimension its first projection and THEN perception. So bringing about World Peace is quite literally based upon whether we, as a collective, are able to imagine World Peace as a reality.

So, are we THERE yet? Are we able to imagine World Peace? Well, I believe we are. World Peace is by no means a new idea. It is one we have been entertaining for eons. I liken its manifestation as being akin to an experiment where a bowl of water requires X number of drops of a certain solution for it to change to another colour. You administer the drops and when you get to X minus 1 the bowl of water remains stubbornly the same. In fact as impatience and anticipation builds it probably looks even MORE like water than it did before!!! If you do not know the value of X you might even be feeling disappointed and about to give up.

THEN, one more drop, and VOILA! In a nano second the entire bowl of water is changed completely. And it feels like it took ONE drop for it to happen. Yet, each and every one of those drops over time were critical in allowing what appeared to be a FLASH change. We have been creating World Peace NOW since the beginning with every thought, idea, fantasy and notion of it over millennia. It is a manifestation of our natural state. Inevitable even. So in that respect whether it is realised in a matter of days or even minutes is purely a function of our ability to IMAGINE it being so. It already exists. My sense is that the quality of energy and LOVE on this particular FOCUS right now HAS reached a critical mass. Lets say, using our bowl of water analogy, if X equals 100, we are after the 99th drop!!

Only one more to Go……..I find the best way to IMAGINE something is to CELEBRATE as if it has already happened. This song is full of celebration in the knowledge that we are returning HOME again!


Hi Linda,

The way I think of the peace meditation and effort is that You Can’t Do It Wrong, and also Keep It Simple.  So, throughout the day I think about the french doors of my heart being open and with each intake of breath  I’m pulling in Archangel Michael’s blue breeze of peace into my heart and on the outbreath it is being pushed out my back at my heart chakra and out to the world.  It’s so simple and easy to do it this way for me and I know I can’t do it wrong.

When we connect to who and what we truly are, Peace is ever present.  I was a wannabe hippie in the late 60’s, too young to actually be one, but I would write Peace and Love on everything, and had Peace posters in my room. I wore Peace sign jewelry and decorated my jeans with Peace signs.  Ever since when I see a Peace sign it stirs something in me.  About a year ago my daughter started to give me the 2 fingered peace sign and I’d give it back, is been a daily ritual where we do it several times each day. There is an abundance of Peace all around us, we just need to tap into it, take some for ourselves, and pass around the rest.

With Joy and Peace,


Hello beautiful Linda! 

Upon first hearing Archangel Michael’s invitation to use our innate abilities, the divine qualities, to co-create Peace by Valentine’s Day, my heart opened in such an expansive way. I’ve been weeping tears of Joy ever since!! It is as if his plea has unlocked an original memory from deep within me – a DNA activation. I have always been a pacifist, a peacekeeper; however, I now realize I am much more than that. In addition to Love, Peace is who I am, and is who We are. This call from AA Michael asks us to remember who we are, and why we came.

Yes, it is a most profound honor and privilege to be invited to join in this co-creation. I would also like to point out that it is what we came here for. This is why we are here – to do magnificent work such as this. Indeed, this has become so profoundly clear to me, in these past few days, that I feel as if I have grown at least 10 feet!

The other day, as I was doing AAM’s meditation with my guides, I had an overwhelming desire to participate in it everyday, 24/7. After all, what could possibly be more important? “Well,” I chided myself, “that would be wonderful, but how could I possibly do that with such a full and busy life that has become even more so, now that the period of inertia is over?” My guides came through loud and clear. “Oh, that’s easy – simply utilize your multi-dimensional self and bi-locate, outside of time. You can do this. We will help you.” Hmmm, I thought to myself, perhaps this is one piece of what the Divine Mother would like us to understand about New Time.

So we hatched a plan that has one of my guides joining my multi-dimensional, bi-located self in the meditation for Peace, 24/7. And I am finding that I can keep up with the expanding responsibilities I am taking on lately, while at the same time maintaining a constant Peace vigil with AA Michael – wow, how awesome!!! I continue to consciously tap in several times a day, uniting with the totality of my being in this monumental and divine undertaking, partially because it is such an incredible and privileged experience. I see all of us walking and/or flying across the Earth Mother with Michael’s legions – swords sheathed, shields up proclaiming “Enough!” as his Blue Breeze flows gently through us and is lovingly exhaled, engulfing all Gaians in an irresistible Peace.

How is this going to work? My mental body doesn’t even feel a need to understand. I only know it feels incredibly beautiful, empowering, expansive, and so very, exquisitely natural! So much so, that there doesn’t seem to be any room anywhere within for doubt.

I offer my gratitude to AA Michael for his request to step more completely into our magnificence. I’ve a feeling this invitation is accomplishing much more than we may realize. In answering this call to participate in Sacred Partnership, we are more fully coming to understand who we are. I offer my deep appreciation to each of you, and to myself, for heeding this call – for saying “Yes! We can do this!” And we are doing it, together, in Unity Consciousness. We are, indeed, creating Peace on Earth in New Time.


Beloved Linda….

I seem to be nourished by picturing the crumbling..  the disappearance of all that is false… within & without… via our AA Michael… “dust to dust… ashes to ashes..”  the sound then…  the music..  of that Great, Gentle Divine Breath…  Michael’s … Yours.. Mine.. Ours..  growing exponentially…  billions of portals… through which the magic is bourn.
I also feel now the oh-so-precious Truth of “Rest in Peace”  :))  far, far away from the graveyard….  :))   manifesting in my own Heart/Being…  my within…  & expanding to our dear Gaia…   encompassing/dissipating all sores & pain.. “upon.. within… & beyond” …  enveloping the entire omniverse… :)) until ALL are Resting in Peace….   “In a moment… in the twinkling of an eye..” {Corinthians} … & from Michael:  ” … not just … in the blink of the Mother/Father’s eyes, but in the blink of your eyes.”   (Thank you, dear Jeri, for your deep awareness that Peace is Home.)
Linda and all my beloved family above & below who read this message:  Will you be my valentine?
I love you, Dottie  :))


Let’s get going onAA Michael’s request for peace by the 14th. Every door I walk through I blow his royale blue light saying “enough is enough.” That goes for not only war, but rape, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, murders, underhandedness by political figures and bankers, etc. Go to every ball game found in the world where there are large stadiums and blow to all the people there. Go to the senate and Whit House and Supreme Court. Go to a the governmental buildings, schools, hospitals churches, synygogues, restaurants, theatres, museums, parks, traffic, anything you can think of around the world. Stand on a mountain with a megaphone or a mic and yell it out to the word “Enough is enough.” Everytime you thing of something just do it! When I walk in and out of doorways I set it up so everyone who walks through it will receive the light. It’s so easy and it take very little time. But you must be conscious of it and do it all day long if you can. Do it for the trees and birds and animals who are being abused. And especially the children. The time is now. We are ready. So, let’s do it!!! Sunday night is the Grammy’s. Just think of who many people you can get there and then add those who are watching it on TV! At the very least do the planet as a whole several times a day. “Enough is enough!!!”

Joanna Brock

It’s 4:16 my time.  I am still announcing enough is enough to everyone on this planet.  I have written a blog on Facebook to inspire others creativity.  Sunday night is the Grammy’s.  We can fill that whole concert hall and the people watching on TV with the blue light.  I’ve covered so many places, schools, hospitals, farms, corporations, the White House, Supreme Court Congress, the stock market, all the Walgreen’s and Target and markets all over the world.

We can do it, Linda.  I have asked the armed services in every country  to do it.  That’s why I can’t sleep.  More and more keep coming to me.  We are less that a week away.  Even if we don’t make it we certainly have a good start, don’t you think?   Yippee!  I would suggest to write again to your people.  Keep nudging them to remember.  This is just so big, people don’t realize it. I will take it to the max if I have too.
LOVE, Sweet Pea

My Sweet Linda :
I  just finished hearing our sweet Annas conference call with you and Arc Michael ….I am at a conference and was so frustrated because I want to be at home in a quite environment,….then suddenly Arc Michael made me realize that I was supposed to be hear where there are lots of people and he want this sweet Anna to work here sending His blowing peace energy at the convention center in ft Lauderdale ….I accept his mission and started doing and it is so beautiful to be at the service of Divine Mother and Archangel Michael , so I felt to starting doing on me and to forgive myself …..that my soul is perfection and others and to send that loving unconditional loving peace from Archangel Michael at this center and what ever I go…..It is Magnificence like they said in the call to be here and helping you and the Council of Love….and Archangel Michael…. Archangel Michael Loves for us is infinite and I received with so much loving Gratitude …..Thank you …..thank you…..Angels and my Love to you…. And yes you can post from what you feel will inspire all of us your blog…is really from my heart when I write …..
Angels bless you,

Hello Sweetling: 

I Create Peace, constantly and consistently on all levels and on all dimensions and to all kingdoms. All of the time.

Whether I am awake or asleep, I am creating Divine Light, Love and Peace to everyone and everything in the Earth and the Cosmos.

I AM a Living prayer creating the New Heaven and the New Earth within everyone and all that is. And the entire cosmos works in concert to create more Light, Love and Peace than there was in the beginning — and we thank the Divine within All that is for making it so.  Amen, Amen and Amen.


Hi Linda:

I didn’t know before doing this deeply beautiful peace meditation that the word Peace takes me to the deepest feeling of home. Peace is home. It’s home because it is gentle and deep…and it’s home because it is safe…and it’s home because I can open to love in every moment, with every breath. Thank you Linda and Archangel Michael, I claim Peace for us all now.



My experience so far of just one time with AAMichael’s peace meditation is absolutely awesome!  I transformed  into blue wisps of breath and could travel this way! I will be bringing the peace energy to a cong. related gathering of 200 tomorrow evening and will also have my meditation/healing circle and school students do the actual meditation next week Tuesday and Wed!

Lee Ellen

Dear Linda,

Halleluiah for AA Michael and all ! I forwarded this one to my list of 100, with the suggestion they may want to start singing the familiar song from the 60s: “I’m Declaring Peace” by William Florian –
Website for more info on that song:
Since Feb. 14th is also the one-year Anniversary for the LOVE TSUNAMI, I am also declaring the remembrance of Love for all mankind. The description of peace in Michael’s message surely could not be from just turning off war weapons. It will take the Last Big Love Tsunami wave that awakens the brains to remember LOVE. Bring it on, and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

My Dearest Linda, 
Again thanks for this most timely newsletter today announcing the plea of the Mighty ArchAngel Michael for peace.

1 we owe you such a huge debt of gratitude for being a most clear and loving channel

2 thanks to the technology, the convenience of accessing your u tube video directly from your newsletter is so much appreciated (I have no computer at this time but can access email and Utube on my iPhone)

3 it’s so exciting to have the date of valentine’s day to work towards. This strengthens one’s purpose.

4 I answer your call to stand in Sacred Partnership and union with ArchAngel Michael and hold this energy every single day, more than once daily, as often as I can and more

5 I just listened (and participated) in your Utube video and and sank into or rather was lifted up into Sacred Partnership with ArchAngelMichael and the feeling was like an orgasm that left me no doubt whatsoever. I recommit myself to this work and may I also call it ‘play’ as it is so enjoyable.

6 again my dearest sweet clear channel Linda thank you for always getting up in the middle of the night to do this might work

Peace, love and light to you and to all the world.

Dearest Linda
,  I have learned about you through Gretchen Rainforest Gusky and Blue Beyond (Anastacia) and I wanted to thank you personally for being such a wonderful Angel with messages from Arc Angel Michael and Gabriel. You have given me the understanding I needed for the last few days.

I just listened to your last video and I agree , Enough, Blue Breeze went through me and sent the breeze on to all. So grateful for your videos and thanking God that you are the vessel for our Arc Angels to speak through.

I agree we don’t need to know but rather trust and do the work along side them. You are so precious to so many. Thank you Lord for our Precious Linda Dillon and Thank you Lord for letting her be the one to speak your truth and letting us know what our instructions are.

I am on board, always have been, just didn’t know it till I did. I have always served where needed and it’s great to know that my spiritual power, affirming this next step with all our power will make this shift happen by Feb. 14!!

So grateful, love you Linda. I cried along with you or with Michael, it just took over and then I did feel the blue breeze that you blew out to all of us and my body became relaxed especially my shoulders which have been very super tight. I have a rotor cuff tear that 3 ortho’s don’t want to do surgery on. A dear clairvoyent medical intuitive surgeon, is helping me heal my shoulder but there is so much more to it. The weight of the world, or fear, which was lifted with Angel Michael through your video just relaxed my shoulders more than I have ever felt . So again I praise God for you and am thankful that the Angels, of most high, can speak through you to let us know and guide us, keep us strong, safe and ready to be co-creators with them. I know that this is how it should be. And so bless you and so grateful. love, love Rebecca

Hi Linda, thank you for sharing your latest video with the peace meditation from Archangel Micheal . Linda I’m new to this spiritual stuff I stated to wake up about 3 years ago and ever since then it’s the only thing that resonates with me I know in my heart it’s the right way , my friends and family think I’m nuts . I just have one question Linda I’d like to ask which arises from a comment that was left after your video ” that none of arch angel Michael’s predictions have come through since 2010 ? Do you believe that this is really it that now Is the time February 14th 2015 that we will once and for all achieve world peace . I will say I was a bit let when the ignition never happened last year and the city of lights didn’t appear over the Christmas and I was so conviced they would . I was standing out side my house one night over the Christmas looking up at the stars asking arch angel Micheal for sign that the city of lights will appear and next a flash of light a rely bright shooting star went right across my field of view it was amazing and I said to myself it’s true ! So what I’m rely asking Linda is this going to be it finally no more let downs and peace on earth will manifest . Thank you so much Linda for your work and for arch angel Micheal to talk trough you .

My Response: Many things have come to pass – most of them internal and those who are naysayers will always find a way to place blame (old 3rd) externally. I don’t believe it was AAM through me that said the Cities of Light would appear by Christmas – how can that be when we haven’t anchored peace on earth? If we do our part with this meditation – far and wide and repeatedly every day peace will reign. Are you in?